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Konami Gamers’ Day 2007 Release List

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Konami just wrapped up its Konami Gamers’ Day, dropping a huge number of titles it will be publishing in North America in 2007.

Products Konami projects for 2007 release:

Video Game Division:
Brooktown High Senior Year – Sony PSP – spring 2007
Finally, a full-blown dating/social sim is given a chance in the states. Based on a senior year at a fictitious high school, players can make friends with a variety of cliché school cliques and search for “that special someone.”

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles – Sony PSP – 2007
Perhaps Konami’s biggest title dropped at the event, Chronicles not only brings Castlevania to the PSP for the first time, but also finally brings Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no Rondo to North America.

Reworked to implement fleshed-out three-dimensional graphics, the 2-D title chronicles Richter’s adventure to save his love from Dracula in the title originally released in Japan on the PC Engine. To even further update the game’s look, playable characters Richter and Maria, and other characters featured in the game, are being reworked by the renowned Ayami Kojima. Konami is also promising game play and audio enhancements to the title as well.

Completed stages can be returned to for rare items, different paths and higher scores and through extended play, gamers can unlock the original versions of Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night to potentially make Chronicles a pure, unadulterated orgy of classic 2-D action.

Coded Arms Contagion – Sony PSP – March 2007
The original FPS Konami IP for the PSP returns in Coded Arms Contagion. A new cybernetic crisis arises and its up to players to use their fancy-pants future weapons and hacking abilities to prevent cyber-terrorists from having their way.

Dance Dance Revolution Universe – Xbox 360 – February 2007
Konami’s first DDR effort on the 360 is detailed in our preview and interview with project lead Jason Enos.

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party – Nintendo Wii – 2007
But, wait, there’s more news sure to illicit dance fever for those who can’t get enough DDR. Using your feet just isn’t enough for Konami, as Hottest Party tosses in the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to bring players new modes and four-person multiplayer in this music title designed exclusively for the Wii.

A “Friendly Sync” multiplayer mode matches up how well couples can dance in synchronization and an updated battle mode promises to put a spin on going toe-to-toe. Free modes and workout modes will be updated to utilize the new features, which will be set to “hits from the past four decades.”

Death Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom – Nintendo DS – Spring 2007
Death Jr. and Pandora need to clean up another mess, this time at the school’s science fair. The touch screen comes in to play as using it unleashes a number of new moves at the characters’ disposals.

Dewy’s Adventure (working title) – Nintendo Wii – 2007
The producer of Elebits steps up again to produce another original title for the Wii. Players will use the Wii Remote to control and manipulate terrain as Dewy, a tiny droplet of water, rolls around a number of different environments that span six stages.

Dewy can also transform into ice and mist to solve a variety of different puzzles. Much like Elebits, Dewy’s Adventure is slated to contain an edit mode, which can be played with one or two players.

GoPets – Nintendo DS, PC – 2007
Combining aspects of virtual pet and social games, GoPets creates a community of virtual pet owners, who create, raise and train different virtual animals. Players can take their pets online and interact with other owners around the world.

Hellboy – Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PSP – 2007
Melee combat ensues in Hellboy, based on comics from Dark Horse Comics, with voice actor Ron Pearlman resuming voice-overs from his 2004 Hellboy movie casting.

Konami is promising a deep combat system of quick and charged strikes, weaponry, counter attacks and grapples in context-sensitive mechanics as Hellboy faces off against a Nazi plot on the PS3 and 360 versions. The game boasts a little strategy through the brawling, however, as enemy squad captains that command squad members, providing them moral and confidence, pace the AI of the enemies. Online modes will allow for co-op plays through the game with someone on a different console.

The PSP version will feature a re-worked, original visual style to represent the game’s comic nature with new game play elements built around episodic play sessions. Remixed levels, special combat areas and new objectives and abilities will set the PSP version apart from its console brethren.

Honeycomb Beat – Nintendo DS – Spring 2007
Konami surfaces with its own portable musical puzzler in a title developed by Hudson. The “music-enhanced puzzle game” will feature touch-screen game play and more than 200 puzzles.

Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits – Nintendo DS – 2007
This portable compilation will feature more than 12 of Konami’s classic arcade hits in original and remixed dual-screen forms with the option for wireless multiplayer.

Lost in Blue 2 – Nintendo DS – 2007
Konami’s survival adventure game moves on to part two as a new helpless pair finds themselves washed up on a deserted island. Searching for a way off the island, player’s will not only have to fend off the island’s dangers, but also manage their natural needs such as food, water and sleep.

Lunar Knights – Nintendo DS – February 2007
Konami’s spiritual successor to Boktai is handily detailed in our preview of the game.

Kororinpa: Marble Mania – Nintendo Wii – Spring 2007
In another title developed by Hudson, players get their chance to relive the days of Marble Madness on the Nintendo Wii. While the game is probably going to be devoid of evil Slinky monsters, tilting the Wii Remote will roll an on-screen ball as players try to manage it through a number of mazes to reach each level’s exit.

Time Ace – Nintendo DS – Spring 2007
The DS will take to the skies with Konami’s three-dimensional flight combat game, featuring more than 18 levels that span eight historical eras. Not only will players fly in aircraft of the present, but also the past and future.

Wing Island – Nintendo Wii – Spring 2007
In order to keep the family aviation business running, players will take flight to complete a number of jobs around Shell Island. Formations can allows players to control groups of planes as they dust crops or fight fires while using the Wii Remote.

Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 – Xbox 360, Playstation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS – February 2007
Konami’s latest iteration of its long-running “football” franchise is detailed in our preview of the game.

Toy and hobby division:

Music Mania (working title) – PC online game controller – music genre – 2007
Konami Kids Playground – Pre-K games for the PS2 – edutainment genre – 2007
Track & Field – TV plug and play – sports genre – 2007

Mobile division:

Gradius Neo – shmup – available now
Pirate Poppers – action – 2007
Professor Fizzwizzle – puzzle – 2007
Silent Hill – action – 2007

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