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Kofi Annan Connection to Oil-For-Food?

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Memo Suggests Oil-For-Food Link to Annan (Hat-tip: Roger L. Simon)

The committee probing the U.N. oil-for-food program announced Tuesday it will again investigate Secretary-General Kofi Annan after an e-mail suggested he may have known more than he claimed about a multimillion-dollar U.N. contract awarded to the company that employed his son.

The e-mail describes a brief encounter in which officials from the Swiss company Cotecna Inspections S.A. discussed its bid for the contract during a summit in Paris in late 1998. Through his spokesman, Annan said he had no recollection of such a meeting.

Anyone else find it suspicious that Annan would have “no recollection of such a meeting.” Personally, I hope this sends another wave of calls for Kofi Annan to step down. The United Nations needs a new leader. They need a fresh start. If they want to have any meaningful role in helping the world towards a more peaceful, democratic place, they are going to have to fix their problems within. How can we trust Kofi Annan to keep the world’s most dangerous regimes from crimes when, at best, he cannot keep his own organization in check, at worst, a criminal himself. Some might say that this is hyperbole, but we are talking about crime that allowed Saddam Hussein to pocket the oil-for-food money and starve his people.

Kofi: Step down.

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  • RedTard

    Just another example of the Republican trying to take down a successful black man. You seem to simply forget about your leader Delay’s continuous and blatant disregard for ethics. I guess now that your done with Michael Jackson it’s on to Kofi Annan in a neverending attack cyle. In the 21st century e-lynching has become the new tool of the racist right wing smear machine.

  • Marcia L. Neil

    Time and time again, the phrase “consider the source” is misused and misdirected. This should not be an international controversy, because the phrase “oil for food controversy” was elicited during a telephone call-demand strategy operational here in the peninsula city of San Francisco, CA. The phrase refers to the local mass-transit system and the use of personal income to buy oil for food rather than to buy oil for an automobile — a tenancy issue which re-flects positively upon the city’s electric bus system. Why and how its sense was diverted from such reality after diversion to the United Nations employee/resident population is anybody’s guess.