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Kobe’s Lawyers Don’t Get It

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Watching the pre-trial motions going on in Colorado, there’s something that’s just crying out to be said: Kobe Bryant and his lawyers are scum-sucking, malodorous, disgusting people, and I hope he spends the next 10 years as the MVP of the Colorado Penal League while dodging rapists of his own in the Eagle County Jail weight room.

Bryant’s defense attorneys have now officially subpoenaed his victim to provide her medical and sexual history into evidence. Their line of defense seems to be that this woman sleeps around, so whatever Bryant did to her is okay. Let’s pretend for just one pathetic second that the “evidence” is accurate – that the girl in question had sex with three different guys in three days before meeting Kobe. Let’s even say for the sake of this argument that she initially went into the hotel room intending for something to happen with Bryant.

It doesn’t matter. At some point, she said no. And no means no. No means no if the girl is a chaste virgin, and no means no if she’s the kind of girl you don’t take home to mother. No STILL means no if the girl’s just finished taking on a football team or filming a porn movie. No means no if it comes from Britney Spears or Britney Skye. No means no. So when she said no to Kobe, her entire medical and sexual history became completely irrelevant. Period. End of sentence. Or hopefully, the beginning of one. Here’s hoping that Kobe Bryant is sentenced to 15 years of sharing a lockerroom with guys named “Bulldog,” “Snake,” and “Blade.”

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  • I tend to think like you, but it is a bit dangerous to write it like this. You are assuming you know what happened. While I am skeptical about Kobe’s innocence too, I am also concerned, based on what I heard about the region’s opinions and reactions to Bryant that he can get a fair trial there.

  • Hey, why don’t you contact the prosecutor and offer to testify? I’m sure they’d love to have a witness who knows that she said “No”.

  • Dalian

    That has got to be one of the stupidest arguments that I’ve ever read. “At some point she said no” How would you know. What if she didn’t say no, concocted the scheme in the morning with the help of some friends after sleeping with a couple of different guys in the days before to piss of her ex. Who knows what happened? Well, I know who doesn’t and that’s you ChristopherStake. Go back to the Nostradamus school of writing and get a clue.

  • Bet you guys think OJ didn’t do it either – just because he’s an athlete and they’re above doing anything like that? Besides, Kobe can play ball, right?

    The first person who saw her says she was dsitraught and disheveled. Medically, there is evidence of forced sex (if the reports that have leaked out are true). She reported it to the police within a few hours, as opposed to taking time to “concoct” a story. There are reports that Bryant did the exact same kind of behavior with a woman in Portland who doesn’t want to press the matter.

    And Kobe – your knight in shining armor – is such a stand-up guy, right? Cheating on his wife, not just on this one occasion but apparently in Portland too? He’d NEVER do anything like this, right?

    And yeah, this is the kind of thing a woman would just make up and invent… because she WANTS her name all over the Net, she WANTS to have her picture all over the tabloids, she WANTS abuse from Kobe apologists everywhere, and she WANTS the repeated death threats that she gets from so many Kobe fans
    (http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=1745738). Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Perhaps all the facts aren’t all in any of our possession – neither mine nor yours. But your faith in athletes and willingness to just believe Kobe wuz framed because Kobe can play ball is quite touching. Hopelesslessly naive, but touching.

  • Eric Olsen

    Excellent points Christopher – I have not been following the actual “facts” of the case because I find the whole too tawdry and depressing, but you are right that there are a lot of people who presume innocence based upon image and skills, rather than taking the facts as they come. This is what gets me about the Michael Jackson apologists as well: they don’t know he is innocent anymore than detractors “know” he is guilty. Both sides should be waiting for the facts to come out and judge the cases on their merits, not blind faith. Blind faith is for religion, not celebrities.

  • Roger

    That’s a tough one. For one I hate a rapist, but at the same time I can stand
    lying, attention seekers. I’m not saying she is, but she’s definately not done herself any favors. She tried out for American Idol (which there is no harm in doing)and is on record as saying “while at the try-outs I fucked a guy who looked loke Justin Timberlake”. She’s not naive, she knew exactly who Kobe Bryant was. She didn’t have any reason to go in to that room. He could have given her an autograph in the lobby. It’s really hard to say. Apparently she has such a screwed up dramatic life and has acted like a slut to the point that it warrants being brought in to court. I’ve been working independently as a private investigator for about four years now and after a while you can spot a master manipulator
    qiickly. In her case she has been (at no fault of her own of course)continually in the middle of some sort of crazy attention seeking drama.

    Unfortunately for the both of them they have all ready been rendered infamous in the public eye. If he did rape her he does need to be put in jail and raped himself. If not she should be labled and prosecuted.

    The ten thousand dollar question. When is it rape? If it starts out consentual and then 30 minutes in she says no, how quick (in seconds)should you pull out in order to avoid being labeled a rapist?

  • Roger

    Let’s hope she’s not being untruthful. When that happens it makes tough for the real victims that are raked over the coals everyday and never lead a normal life again.

  • I am not a fan of Bryant. I am certainly not an apologist. You assume that the girl said “no” at some point. This is in poor taste if you ask me. I would say that the whole thing looks bad, and Kobe is already guilty of bad judgement for cheating on his wife. Whether she said “no” and he is guilty of rape will be determined. If I were to place a bet, I would also predict that she said “no” at some point, but you can’t just say it as fact.

  • Hello Craig et al –

    Thanks for the logical counterpoints – or at least cautious discussion. I’m assuming she said no, that’s true… because after two weeks of investigating, the DA chose to prosecute. Generally, DAs prosecute only when they think they have a case. (Ask Marcia Clark or Chris Darden about the career impact of unsuccessfully prosecuting a celebrity.)

    Also, if this were a case where she changed her mind afterward, one would expect some sort of extortion, some sort of blackmail or an “I’m going to go to the cops if you don’t…” There’s no indication of that. Within 24 hours she’d reported to the police, and everyone else who saw her reported her upset and telling the same story.

    OF course, Craig, you’re right – I wasn’t there, and I can’t definitively say that she said no. But the DA apparently believes she did. She made no effort to get money out of him, nor had she sought the spotlight – we’ve had no Barbara Walters interviews with “I Was Kobe’s Victim.” She’s shunned the spotlight, in fact.

    Roger – I agree with you, I hope she didn’t make anything up. But I have to say, I’ve had fist hand experience with a very dear friend who was raped… and after seeing what she went through, seeing the guilt and the shame and the disbelieving looks in the faces of those who think she must have asked for it or said yes at some point… it’s very hard for me to believe that most women would make something like this up. I know it happens – but far less often than actual cases of rape.

    And I’d also have to think that any phony story would have shown through as phony during the DA’s investigation. He wouldn’t have prosecuted unless he was pretty darn sure that he could get a conviction.

    Anyway, my .02. Have a good night.

  • Very good points Christopher. I am not offering this as a rebuttal because I have no idea, but wouldn’t this be a banner case for a prosecutor whether (s)he could win it or not? Anyway, this will be very interesting as it unfolds.

  • Roger

    This by all indications is a very articulate and even cunning female. This girl has been in the middle of drama for years. She needs to be watched closely. She is smarter than most. I’m sorry but after skip tracing criminals for bail bondsmen to investigating bad parents (the worst) I can all ready tell that this girl is very grandios and confident. She thinks she is smarter than everyone around her. Drama and games is the story of her life. If Kobe decides to plea to a lessor offense or is vindicated then the flood gates will open. Then you will see self serving publicity interviews and lawsuits. I would be shocked if she never files any civil action regardless of the outcome of the criminal proceedings. No reporter at this time in any jurisdiction is allowed to pursue an alleged victim of a violent crime especially in Colorado(other than Attorneys)in a criminal proceeding until the case is closed. Even then some states have passed “right to privacy acts” for victims and families.

    I too have a friend who was raped in 1996 by her former boyfriend because she left the bastard. He served six months on a lesser included offense/a Class-A misdemeanor. 1 count of sexual battery. She is still the same old friend, but she has changed dramatically in her inter-personal relationships. I will say this, he got the shit,along with a couple of teeth knocked out of him in a KROGER parking lot one night…

    Maybe God is sending them both a message. I don’t want to see anyone innocent go to jail, but just as importantly I hope she has an air tight case for the sake of all the victims of sexual predators. Especially Kids!

  • Roger



  • Why should we know that Kobe Bryant is the (currently innocent) accused, while we are supposed to not want to know who the accuser is??
    Is this fair to Mr Bryant?? I think not!

    The accused is innocent until proven guilty, so why release the accused’s name but not the accuser? Is this really legal? Moral?
    (and don’t claim the “rape shield law” protects the accuser unless you can quote it to me where that is said)

    I Believe Kobe!

  • Wow! Ditto what Craig said. You can’t possibly know what happened, Christopher. Neither can I. All we can do is weigh the evidence offered at trial. . . and our weighing doesn’t count. There are adequate grounds to consider Bryant a suspect. He had motive, means and opportunity. But, beyond that, this is going to be mainly a he said, she said case. There’s no reason to compare it to the Simpson case unless you are implying something I would expect from another Barger.

  • Listen up again you christopher, if you knew anything about this trial why dont you testify. ill use your words, lets just assume you know something, lets just assume you know nothing. If it wasnt kobe up there you wouldnt be using those strong opinions. unless youre a lawyer shut the hell up