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Klout is one of the newest players in Social Media. Klout is a Social Media aggregator, meaning it analyzes your Facebook and Twitter profile from which Klout collects all your likes, your tweets, your friends that retweet your tweets, your posts and the comments you make. Klout is collecting your interaction with the blogoshere. The more friends and followers you have and interact with the higher your Klout Score. This is based on a Score from 1-100.

Klout has 16 different types of influence. Director of Klout Marketing Megan Berry explains via this post and webinar what the Klout Score truly means.  Having a higher Klout score also brings benefits to you.  Engaging with your fellow Facebook and Twitter friends on a daily basis will bring you perks through Klout, such as discounts and free products.  For example, Klout and Joint Juice have teamed up to give key influencers a one month supply of Joint Juice plus a bottle to prepare the juice in this month. 

Why would anyone care about their Klout score? Klout can be used to help better your Social Media Footprint so potential sponsors view you as an expert in your field.  According to an article in Technorati Klout has signed up over 2500 business’s to provide upgrades, perks, freebies and other goodies to Klout users that have a higher number, generally over 50.  This gives the Work At Home Mom a more even playing field with the social media heavy hitters because they are frequently online connecting and engaging. 

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