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They’ve very graciously established this website so that Earthlings can learn how to communicate properly in the lingua franca of most intelligent life in the universe.

The site offers everything for the aspiring Klingon, from study resources and pronunciation guides to an email discussion group and eGreeting cards.

“Happy birthday,” by the the way, translates to “qoSILj DatLujaj.”

[via Lisa Napoli in yesterday’s New York Times]
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  • Finally?

    “In operation since 1992, the Klingon Language Institute continues its mission of bringing together individuals interested in the study of Klingon linguistics and culture, and providing a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas.”

    They’ve been around for quite a while 😉

  • I interviewed a guy from the Klingon Language Institute and he informed me that they hat re-written parts of the Bible in Klingon, as well as various works of Shakespeare.
    These folks are really smart.

    Jack E. Jett

  • When will they release the translations for all our fav Christmas tunes? There isn’t much time left?
    Ohhhh, if only Bing could have sung White Christmas in Klingon!
    Ploch Toach!