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Klatu Barada Nikto – The Day America Stood Still

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Remember those famous words from the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951) where Michael Rennie who plays the man from another planet tells Patricia Neal, if anything should happen to him, to instruct Gort, the robot “Klatu Barada Nikto” (to keep him from destroying the Earth). This is already after Gort has demonstrated his power to bring all vehicles, elevators, machinery etc. in the world to a standstill by cutting off all ELECTRICITY. I’m afraid that we are going to relive this experience in real life, right here in the United States and our Congress and President are going to see to it with their riduculous new (5 years in the making) Energy Bill. This time it won’t be Electricity that is cut off, it will be OIL, and it won’t be a demonstration, like in the movie, it will be the Real Thing. It will be THE DAY AMERICA STOOD STILL!

They think that extending daylight savings time by one month, making the oil companies buy corn (or whatever) to produce Ethanol, giving tax credits to energy producers, and fixing escalators to remain still when no one is actually on them, is going to solve our energy problems.

We need oil and gasoline now, as quickly as we can get it. We are fighting a War against terrorists who are in charge of the Oil producing countries. These terrorists want to kill us just like they did on 9-11 and in the London bombings and in all the other murderous bombings in Israel, Egypt, Spain and numerous other countries around the world.

According to the keepers of the stats on the Internet the world population is currently around 6.5 Billion, the Muslim Population is around 1.7 Billion or 26% of the world population and America only has about 300 million people. I’m not saying that all Muslims are terrorists and that all Muslims hate America and Americans. Not true at all. But there are enough Muslim terrorists in the oil producing countries to bring America to a Standstill.

There have already been hundreds of articles and books written about the oil reserves in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Indonesia, Libya etc. The terrorists are already in those countries. We are trying to keep them out of the US but the reality is they do not need to be here to bring America to its knees; to hurt America and Americans worse than they did on 9-11. All they need to do is stop the flow of oil to America. Either through political means or through terrorist activity by blowing up the wells, refineries and shipping facilities.

We need to plan NOW for such an event. We must become oil independent or at least not dependent upon Middle East oil. Extending daylight savings time by one month won’t cut it! We should be drilling for oil in Alaska where we already know where it is and the Alaskan people want us to drill. We are AT WAR and We should adopt a War footing just like we did in World War II. If we could build the Pentagon during War Time in less than 16 months and if we could build Liberty Ships 441 feet long and 56 feet wide in 4.5 DAYS during WW II we can find new sources of oil in America NOW, not after “The Day America Stands Still”.

America cannot allow Muslim Terrorists and fanatics to become as powerful as “Gort”!

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