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Kitten mills are commercial kennels that mass produce assorted breeds of cats in filthy, cramped, and dark cages. As these are typically indoor facilities the air is often filled with ammonia (from the urine) and other fetid smells. These housing conditions result in a host of medical problems ranging from upper respiratory infections, parasites, fleas and burnt paw pads. Additional injuries result from conflicts between cats.

As these are for profit enterprises there is little spent on veterinary care, food, water and comfort items for the kittens. The cats are bred repeatedly by the mill dealers without regard to genetic best practices which result in birth defects and congenital diseases in the kittens, and depletion illnesses in the mother cats.

There are few regulations that govern these operations and most enforcement action occurs where animal cruelty law violations can be asserted. As kitten mills are inside, they are more difficult to locate and to acquire evidence of animal cruelty. Occasionally a state will try to pass legislation to provide relief to the kittens with little success. Sadly, a lot of media attention is given to puppy mills, but many have never heard of these.

Generating awareness of kitten mills is the becoming the subject of animal welfare related blogs.

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