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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang; Dave Chappelle’s Block Party; 16 Blocks: Region 1 DVD Releases for June 13th, 2006

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This week, two of my favorite films from last year's Toronto Film Fest show up on DVD. And considering that I saw two Best Picture nominees back-to-back at that thing (Capote and Brokeback Mountain), that's saying a lot.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Let me explain to you why you have to go buy this DVD right now. It is one of the funniest, cleverest flicks I've ever seen. It may become one of my favorite films of all time. Writer/Director Shane Black (the guy who got underpaid for writing Lethal Weapon and overpaid for writing Long Kiss Goodnight) creates the script he was born to write (and gets robbed of a Best Original Screenplay nod in the process). Robert Downey Jr. turns in a performance that should have gotten a nod for the narration alone and plays off of Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan beautifully. It is a meta-noir, meta-action flick, but none of those terms really do it justice. Again, we have to turn to a dialogue snippet to give you some idea what you're missing.

Perry: Look up idiot in the dictionary. You know what you'll find?
Harry: A picture of me?
Perry: No! The definition of idiot. Which you fucking are!

I rave about it in detail and put it at number two on my 2005 Ten-Best List, (right behind Munich, which is great, but not nearly as funny). Extras are slim, but include commentary by Black, Downey, and Kilmer.

Dave Chappelle's Block Party (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

My Toronto adventure began with Kiss and ended with this. You don't need me to champion Dave Chappelle, but you should know this film is just as funny as you'd expect (and given the poor box office, people didn't know what to expect). But it's also an excellent concert film. Basically, it's one-half fantastic hip hop acts like Mos Def, Kanye West, and…wait for it…The Freakin' Fugees! – and one-half Dave Chappelle being Dave Chappelle. Both halves are worth the price of admission.

Extras include featurettes and (hip hop hooray) extended music acts.

16 Blocks

Either Mos Def really loves movies with the word "block" in the title or this is just one huge coincidence. Here, he co-stars with a scruffy-looking Bruce Willis (seriously, he looks like Scruffy the Janitor on Futurama) as a witness who has to be escorted from the jailhouse to the courthouse (that's right, 16 blocks) before that guy from Hack can kill him.

Extras include deleted scenes and an alternate ending, which I haven't seen but I must assume involves some sort of party on one of the blocks.

The Pink Panther (Special Edition)

Yeah. This happened.

Lots of extras in the special edition, including eleven deleted scenes and a Beyonce performance so spectacular it gets its own commentary track.

The World's Fastest Indian

Anthony Hopkins stars in this acclaimed telling of the true story of a man who MacGyvered up his motorcycle and set a land speed record. Extras include commentary from director Roger Donaldson, along with his documentary on Burt Munro, the real-life inspiration for the film.

Nothing else from Toronto in the long list this week, but District B13, which I also saw there, is in theaters now.

100% Live a La Tour Eiffel

16 Blocks (Full Screen/Widescreen/HD DVD)

2005-06 Patriots Run to the Final Four

28 Aniversario: En Vivo Desde Houston

Adam Sandler Collection ( Big Daddy/ 50 First Dates/ Mr. Deeds)

Against the Wall

Age of the Psychics

Ahi Viene Cascarrabius Vol. 2

Algiers/Strange Woman

Aliens from Spaceship Earth

All Aboard Rosie's Family Cruise

Allume Le Feu-Stade De France 98

American Experience – A Midwife's Tale

American Experience – Streamliners – America's Lost Trains

American Experience – The Orphan Trains

American Experience – Transcontinental Railroad

Amor Propio

Anger Management (UMD Mini for PSP) – Dubbed in French – English subtitles

Anne of Green Gables:Trilogy Box Set


It's Splash! With tweens!

Armored Trooper Votoms, Stage 3 – Deadworld Sunsa


Bad Seed: The Truth About Our Food

Beavis & Butt-head – The Mike Judge Collection, Vol .2

Before the Fall

Beniamino Gigli: Ave Maria

Bercy 92

Bercy 95

Better & Better Series with Elizabeth Hepburn Volume I: Pre-Surgery Healing Programs for Patient and Caregiver

Better & Better Series with Elizabeth Hepburn Volume II: Post-Surgery Healing Programs for Patient and Caregiver

Better & Better Series with Elizabeth Hepburn Volume III: In the Lap of Luxury

Betty Grable Collection, Vol. 1 (My Blue Heaven / The Dolly Sisters / Moon Over Miami / Down Argentine Way)

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

The gloriously tasteless Russ Meyer classic comes to DVD for the first time not bundled with its namesake (which also comes out in a special edition this week). Tricked to the hilt, but should be worth it for the Roger Ebert commentary alone (he, um, wrote this flick). Full review of the movie.

Big Booty, Vol. 4: Jump Off

The Big White

Bob Brozman's Guide to Roots Guitar Styles 1 & 2

Born in Flames

Boys Be…, Vol. 3 – Autumn

Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding Comprehensive

Breastfeeding Intensive

Celebrators of Becoming

Cemetery Man

Cheers – The Complete Eighth Season

Chespirito, Vol. 3

Chris Brown's Journey

The Cincinnati Reds 1975 World Series (Collector's Edition)

Coach – The First Season (Limited Edition)

Coach: The First Season

Cocktail Lounge Classics

Cold Sweat/Chino

Comedy Central Represents

Coming Undone

Contemporary Keyboardist

Convict Women

Cowboy Bebop Remix, Vol. 6

Crackheads Gone Wild: New York

Creation for Little Sprouts Volume 2: God Made Things in Outer Space, Flying Animals, and Water Animals

Creation for Little Sprouts Volume 3: God Made Land Animals and People

Da Vinci Hoax (Full Sub)

Dalai Lama: Harmony in Diversity

Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir

Dance with Lisa: Red Hot Salsa/Hip-Hop Cardio

Dave Chappelle's Block Party (Rated/Unrated/Widescreen/Full)

Dave MacKenzie Live at the WC Handy Blues Fest

Dead Zone – The Complete Fourth Season

Death Clique

Death in the Air – Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Death of a G

Dentist the Menace

There are no details available on this flick, but if it's even remotely what I imagine (a horror flick about an insane dentist), I have to give it Title of the Week because, come on, that's genius.

Dharma and Greg – Season One

Die Screaming Marianne

Digital Viz-A-Viz Classical: Feel the Thrill


Divergence Eve: Complete Collection

The Dolly Sisters

Dora the Explorer – Animal Adventures

Down Argentine Way

Dragon Ball GT Volume 11-15 Box Set

Earth Minus Zero

El Amateur

El Concierto De Caesara

El Jaripeo

El Penalti Mas Largo del Mundo

Elemental Gelade – React (Vol. 1 + Collector's Box)

Elemental Gelade – React (Vol. 1)

Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations – Dr. Leonard Horowitz

An Empty Bed

End of the Spear

Part of the Christian renaissance of films targeting a holy audience post-Passion. This one's based on the true story of some missionaries in South America.

Esta Noche No

Esther and the King/David and Goliath

Face the Music

Fantastic Children, Vol. 2

Farscape – Season 4, Collection 1 (Starburst Edition)



Fingerstyle Bluegrass Guitar

Fishnet Fever

Fist of Fear, Touch of Death/The Real Bruce Lee

Folk Songs: Instrumental

Folk Songs: The Instrumental Version


For the Record

Forty Shades of Blue

Indie darling with Rip Torn as a Memphis rock legend and Dina Korzun as his muuuuuch younger girlfriend.

Franco Corelli: Corelli In Concert

Frasier – The Complete Eighth Season

Frat Party 2 pack

Frente a Frente, Vol. 2

Fun With Dick & Jane (2005) & Mr Deeds (2pc)

Gallagher – The Sledge-O-Matic Collection

Genshiken – Premium Collection

Georgia Mass Choir

Getting Played

Gidon Kremer: Mozart Violin Concertos 1-5/Sinfonia Concertante in E Flat

Gilgamesh, Vol. 7: All Fall Down

The Gipsy Kings

The Golden Age of Cartoons: Aesop's Fables

The Golden Age of Cartoons: The Complete Adventures of Cubby Bear

Good Neighbors – The Complete Series 4

A Good Woman

Grandpa Tuvia, Vol. 3: Bible Stories

Green Street Hooligans

Just in time for the World Cup, watch Frodo throw down with soccer hooligans.

Guardian of the Realm

Happy Gilmore (HD DVD) – French subtitles

Healing Celebrations – Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse

Hear That Train A' Comin'

Heaven Must Wait

Hemplands Conspiracy

Hilde's Journey

Hip Hop Kids: Hip Hop Homeroom Math

I Want a Hug Too with Yehudit Ravitz

Ice T: Action Pack

IGPX – Immortal Grand Prix, Vol. 3

In Dudu's Kindergarten, Vol. 6: The Voices of Children

In Dudu's Kindergarten, Vol. 7: The Sabbath

In Other Words

Iron Man Magazine Presents: Swimsuit Spectacular, Vol. 7

Iron Man Magazine Presents: Swimsuit Spectacular, Vol. 8

Iron Man Magazine Presents: Swimsuit Spectacular, Vol. 9

Iwo Jima: 36 Days of Hell

J.J. Cale – To Tulsa And Back: On Tour With JJ Cale

Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Jimi Plays Monterey/Shake! Otis at Monterey – Criterion Collection

John Fogerty: The Long Road Home in Concert

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Widescreen Edition)

Kitten In A Cage / Girl From Pussycat

L.A. Story (15th Anniversary Edition)

Forget The Pink Panther. This is the Steve Martin that we should be celebrating. Unfortunately, this 15th Anniversary Edition doesn't look particularly well tricked-out.

La Casa de La Zorra

Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp

Land of Words, Part 1

Last Exile (Vol. 1) – English subtitles

The Last Time I Saw Paris/Father's Little Dividend

The Legend of the Wu-Tang: The Videos

Legends in Pinstripes (Babe Ruth The Life Behind the Legend / Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio / The Definitive Story of Mickey Mantle)

Life on Mars/Peru's Mystery in Stone

Little Steps: Baby Animals

Little Steps: First Words, Sights & Sounds

Little Steps: Letters, Shapes & Colors

Little Steps: Little Scholars

Little Steps: Tales of Learning


Live in Belgium


Long Road Home: Live at the Wilte

Los Polivoces, Vol. 2

Los Videos

The Lovers' Exile

MacGyver – The Complete Sixth Season

MacGyver continues its slide into full-bore cheese this season with fewer spies and more environmental/social issue eps, including a classic in which that chick from Blossom has a drinking problem.

Man of Miracles: Sathya Sai Baba

Man with the Golden Arm/Suddenly

Mantle – The Definitive Story of Mickey Mantle

Mars Daybreak, Vol. 6

Medium – The Complete First Season

Another one of those shows that, when I first heard about it, figured must suck, but have since heard good things.


Mindy Mylrea: Interval Express/Action Packed

Mindy Mylrea: Slammin Sports Training/Partner Medball Training

Miracle Healers

Mitsuko Uchida: Mozart Piano Concertos 13 & 20

Monterey Pop – Criterion Collection

Moon Over Miami

Moro No Brasil

Mother Teresa

Mozart: Mass in C Minor/Ave Verum Corpus/Exultate Jubilate

Mulberry – The Complete Series

Music Box Biographical Collection

My Blue Heaven

Mystery Woman: Snapshot

Neil Young – Heart of Gold

Critics loved this concert film directed by concert film vet Jonathan Demme (Stop Making Sense) and starring, well, The Man.

Norman Granz Jazz in Montreux 75

Old School Soul

One Night Only Live

One Night Stand: Caroline Rhea

One Night Stand: Earthquake

One Night Stand: Jim Norton

One Night Stand: Louis CK

Panda-Z – The Robomination, Vol. 6

Parc Des Princes 1993

Parc Des Princes 2003

Piel de Otono

The Pink Chiquitas

The Pink Panther (Special Edition)

The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 4 – Swingin Pink

Pique Dame

Platinum Comedy Series: Best of, Vol. 2

Pleiadian Connection

Posture, Get It Straight!

Prime Time Divas

Prince of Pennsylvania

The Princess Bride – (Buttercup Edition/Dread Pirate Edition)

This isn't the first special edition of this classic. I know because I own one. The new stuff here appears to be the packaging (one for the guys, one for the ladies), plus a Dread Pirate Roberts mockumentary, a trivia game, and a booklet called "Fezzik's Guide to Florin."

Project: Valkyrie

The Quiet Earth

The Rat Pack Collection (Ocean's 11 / Robin and the 7 Hoods / 4 for Texas)

Rev. James Cleveland

Ride or Die

The Rockford Files – Season Two

Room 6

Rush – Replay [3 DVD/CD Box Set]

Salsa Piano

Sasquatch Science: Searching for Bigfoot

Season #5

Seu Jorge – Live at Montreux 2005


She Man & Sins of Rachel

Shipwrecked in Oslo

Shorty the Pimp at the Player's Ball


The Sisters

Sky Dancers, Vol. 2: The Sky's the Limit

Split Second

St. Louis's Finest

Stargate Sg-1 Season 1 (5pc) (Rpkg)

Stargate Sg-1 Season 2 (5pc) (Rpkg)

Stargate Sg-1 Season 3 (5pc) (Rpkg)

Stargate Sg-1 Season 4 (5pc) (Rpkg)

Stargate SG-1: Season 5

Stargate Sg-1 Season 6 (5pc) (Rpkg)

Stargate Sg-1 Season 7 (5pc) (Rpkg)

Stargate SG-1: Season 8

Stigmata and the Prophecies of Fatima

Suits on The Loose

Sunday Driver

Takacs Quartet with James Conlon: Encore with James Conlon

Taking out the Trash/Faces in the Trash

Tenjho Tenge – Round Seven (Vol. 7)

Terror Storm

Tetsujin 28, Vol. 5

Texas Ranch House

That Man: Peter Berlin

Thinking XXX (Extended Cut)

This Is America, Charlie Brown


Tropical Playero

Tropics of Love: Intimate Sins

Tropics of Love: Naomi's Secrets

True DVD Magazine: Southern Lifestyle and Culture

UFO Secret: Alien Contacts – The Best Evidence

UFO Secret: The Roswell Crash – The Best Evidence

Una Gira Romantica, Vol. 2

Underground Doctors

Unknown Force

Unknown Powers

Valley of the Dolls – Special Edition

Verdi – La Traviata / Anna Netrebko, Rolando Villazon, Thomas Hampson, Helene Schneidermann, Salvatore Cordella, Carlo Rizzi, Salzburg Opera (Deluxe Edition)

Vermilion Pleasure Night, Vol. 1: Optic Erotica

Videograffiti: The Definitive

Vol. 2-Mundo Fantastic De Caricaturas

Wagner – Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg / Bernd Weikl, Siegfried Jerusalem, MariAnne Haggander, Hermann Prey, Graham Clark, Matthias Holle, Horst Stein, Bayreuth Opera

Waiting for God – Season 1

Walker, Texas Ranger – The Complete First Season

We Are England

What If

What's Going On

Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?

World of the Unknown

The World's Fastest Indian

Yaji and Kita – The Midnight Pilgrims

A Year Without Love

Yogobica: Advanced

Yogobica: Intermediate

Zatch Bell!, Vol. 4

Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman, Vol. 4

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