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Kingston530 Plays Life With Heart, Power, and Soul

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What defines great talent? What makes a song move you to tears or gets your toes tapping? Why do some lyrics stay with you forever and others are forgotten like last year’s Diet Pepsi jingle?

Look up the definition for talent. It says: ” talent; marked by superior ability in the arts or sciences.” Personally, I love the definition Johann Von Goethe gave. He said; “A really great talent finds its happiness in execution.” If that’s the case, Kingston530 is loaded with talent!

The Boston Globe named them “one of Boston’s hottest bands” and they finished top three in the nation at Hard Rock Cafe Ambassadors of Rock Battle of the Bands 2010 competition. They’ve opened for the Gin Blossoms and recently appeared with Creed (Scott Stapp and Eric Friedman). But what makes them stand out, besides their vocal and musical genius, is their fun loving stage presence that could even make Grumpy, Snow White’s pal, grin from ear to ear.


Musical Talent


Their enthusiasm and high energy is contagious and although their music is sometimes compared to the sound of (later) Matchbox 20 or Dave Mathews, no other band can imitate these guys. You can’t help but be drawn in when they play.

Their lyrics are real, based on life and touch the heart and entertain the soul. Take for example their song, “Carry On”, written about today’s dark reality for many Americans who have lost their jobs and can’t find work. It’s a song that speaks intelligently about life and loss and even encourages the listener to keep believing that better days are ahead.

Words taken from “Carry On”: “Everybody’s losing, but it aint like their choosing. She’s gotta pack it up because her notice tells her so. Been living there for years now, but the rooms are filled with tears now.
She tried to break it lightly… it’s time for them to go….Know that (she) is not alone…Find a way…Find a way…Find a way to carry on…Dust off your shoes…Find a way to carry on…”

These boys must have listened to Louis Armstrong when he said, “What we play is life.” Kingston530 plays life with power and soul.Band members,Chris Ferrara, Kevin Sullivan, Will Sibilia, Ben Caccia,Shaun O’Loughlin, will have you leaving their concert wanting more.

They will be cutting their first CD soon, but visit their website www.kingston530.com to learn more.You’ll understand why Kingston530 is synonymous with talent.

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