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King of “Brown” Comedy, Russell Peters, to Appear in San Francisco

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Russell Peters will be in San Francisco on January 14, 2006, to amuse the audience with his overt mockery of all ethnicities – none are spared! A Canadian-born Punjabi, Russell specializes in ‘accent-centric’ comedy, especially the eastern Indian accent (or should I say “accents”? There many regional accents based on which part of India people come from). Peters has turned his gift for mimicry into a successful act that has allowed him to perform all over the world.

Peters has created a strong, consistently funny routine that pokes fun at everyone. No culture is safe, making him one of the best international comedians around. By making fun of everyone, Russell Peters is able to incorporate his philosophy that the world is shrinking, cultures are merging, and we’re all going to end up, not white, black, brown, or yellow, but beige.

This thought-provoking style of comedy makes Peters an entertainer worth watching!

Russell Peters’ current tour schedule is available via his website. Video clips have yet to be added, but many are available through other sites.

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  • He’s hilarious! I saw and met him a few years ago. Lots of swearing in his act, so beware if you are thinking of taking mom and dad.