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King Kong Giveaway!

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On December 14, Kong is king! Check out early reviews right here at Blogcritics!

kong.jpgThe film, starring Jack Black, Naomi Watts, and Adrian Brody, is helmed by acclaimed director Peter Jackson (the Lord of the Rings trilogy), and has already been nominated for several Golden Globe awards. How’s that for great buzz right out of the gate? But forget awards — bring on the giant ape!

King Kong, for the uninitiated (do you live under a rock?) is the story of an amazing beast and his tragic clash with civilization. Director Carl Denham (Jack Black) sets out to make a film in on a “lost” island, and instead finds a world like no other.

Trailers are available at the official site. Also, check out the production diaries, available online, or in an awesome new box set. Recreating King Kong was Jackson’s lifelong dream, and the journey from beginning to end is as thrilling as the completed film! This is a rare look into a project of passion with one of the world’s top directors, and has something for everyone, from the film and effects geeks to the most casual fan.


Answer the questions below by sending an e-mail to enter the contest and win a hat and a t-shirt! Do not leave your answers in the comments — they won’t be considered.

1) In the original (1933) King Kong, how big were the models of the giant gorilla?
a) 24 inches
b) 18 inches
c) 12 inches
d) 4 feet

2) European scientists were credited with “discovering” gorillas in what year?
a) 1901
b) 1823
c) 1847
d) 1717

jackblack.jpg3) How many official (U.S.) versions of King Kong have now been made (excluding sequels)?

4) How much did Fay Wray make while working under contract for Universal?

5) Would you be more likely to accept a marriage proposal from someone dressed as:
a) A giant banana
b) A giant gorilla?

Come on… a contest should be fun, or what’s the point? Well, besides the free goodies. Send in your answers quick, because this schwag won’t last forever!

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