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Kim Mathers Arrested

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Kimberly Anne Mathers, ex-wife of rap phenomenon Eminem, is facing charges of cocaine possesion. Mrs. Mathers, now famous for being “dissed” by the real Slim Shady on his last record, was arrested on Tuesday June 11th on “a routine traffic violation… Mathers was driving a white Cadillac Escalade, and was initially pulled over by officers for passing a stationary emergency vehicle without leaving a lane between her car and the vehicle, as is required by Michigan law.”

Eminem’s latest, “The Eminem Show” is available in stores now.

-quoted material from: CFOX.com

– more: GetYourOJ.com

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  • anonymous

    I think she should’ve been more careful.

  • louise benson

    is that all kim does is take drugs isnt she famous for any other reason no wonder she takes drugs the girl dont no what way to turn why dont every body leave her alone then she may get some where i mean give her a break i think she has done the right thing letting marshal look after halie at least halie isnt around drugs it would be terrible if she was.

  • i think kim should get help to stop hdoing drugs. im glad that halie isn’t around her mother.

  • louise benson

    kim is not going to get no where being dissed all the time leave the idiot alone as long as halie isnt with her she needs help.

  • Misty

    I think Hailie should stay away from her mom, she is a fuckin crack head!

    Marshall is the best father ever!

  • peacemama

    Kim is out of rehab and back in the eminem household full on…. Em is stupid and will never learn when it comes to his so called first lovveeee…

  • lostangel

    leave her alone… come on, don’t say that eminem is the greatest father, that is just bullshit, what Kim needs is to focus on her kid, she has problems, and she made a bad choice, we are all humans, how’s really fucked up is Courtney Love (Cobain), now that is someone that really don’t deserve her kid… Kim is just confused… she needs some help, we hope she get’s it…

  • And I hope America gets better grammar programs in their public school system, focuses less on what celebrities are doing and more on what their war mongering President is up to.

    Since you know Kim so well, tell her I say hi and I hope she’s doing well at home with Marsh.

  • eminem is the best father ever for hailie kim needs help big time good thing hailie has a good father eminem.

  • charlie

    i think that E is not stupid for takeing her back in as he was the one that drove her into dippretion and gave her reason in her mind to take drugs. he knows her better than anyone so how are we to say that he is doing the rong thing, he did marry her afterall and thats what marrage is about!!!!!

  • charlotte

    This is a message for jason.Thanks for saying that because it’s what i wonted to say and it’s about time somebody did. There are more things to worry about than the coments that are being made on this site. some of the people in here are writeing as if eminem is actualy reading them, its pethetic

  • victoria

    eminem is the best thing for hailie eminem would do anything for her and a girl needs her dad am glad there all back liveing together

  • kaie

    i think kim is a great person, shes just hanging out with the people. and em is a great dad, i see him with halie and hes great with her and kims other daughter laney, peace
    p.s. em does read these just to let u know,,,

  • i think em is doning the rite thing giveing halie her mommy back i think laney is happy for em and halie love you guys

  • heyy i alos think kim needs some help whan she gets mad

  • help my.please.HELP YOU….

  • I’m probably marshalls biggest fan and was inspired to rap coz of him… big success! well he is a good father and shouldn’t have to put up wit all the s***, he loves hallie and kim so big respect to him, Listen closely to the song Mockingbird and you’ll understand the s*** he’s gone through

  • blahh

    Okay. Its not fair.

    Sherr she did it and that was completely terrible,
    But she had so much pressure.

    So much that she had to do.
    So much she had not to do.
    So much she had o pretend wasnt happening.
    So much that really was.

    I feel bad for her.
    Because I know that she would do anything to just take it back.
    I bet she wishes that it never happend.
    and maybe if her life were just a little brighter.

    She would NEVER do it again.
    and i bet you.
    She really doesnt even want to do it any more.

  • cameron

    i love kim, i dont know y.
    i love marshall too of course.
    well, i hope kim forgets da drugs and dedicates her life to her daughter.
    c ya!
    x x x

  • lexie

    Eminem IS a good dad.and no matter how much
    or how bad he disses Kim,he could never REALLY HATE her because if it wasn’t for Kim,Hailie wouldn’t even be here in the first place,and I think we can all agree that Eminem loves his daughter more than life itself.I just hope Kim gets her life straightened out,atleast for Hailie’s sake.

  • You do realize I wrotw this in 2003 and that you should go outside and play and stop reading it because its almost 10 years old right?

  • EminemGurl

    i luv eminem and i think that people need to understand him better. Kim needs help now and back in 2003. Hailie is happy with Marsh and so is Laney. Laney is his niece not Kims other daughter. But the gurls were always happy with Em and they still aree. i hope kim gets the help she needs and deserves so thet her baby gurl doesn’t ever have to feel like her momma wasnt there. b-cuz if kim culd have always been there for the girl….she wuld have. hailie needs to know that even though her momma is crazy sumtimes…she still luvs her. and ppl need to stop making hailie feel like her momma is bad and stupid and a low life….she may be those things but hailie needs 2 luv her mom. so stop being negative. cuz hailie is a good girl and we dont need to make her feel bad about herself or her momma. IM ONLY 11 YEARS OLD AND I GIVE BETTER ADVICE THEN U PPL DO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jay

    I remember taking her ( or someone with a strong resemblance) to a drug house off of chambers years ago. She left her jacket in the car and said she would be right back. Never seen her again after that. She got me for about 40 bucks.