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Kim Jong-Un Speaks to His People

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Kim Jong-Un, Kim the Younger, has spoken to the assembled people of North Korea and to the world for the first time since his ascension to office became a forgone conclusion following the death of his father, the cavalier Kim Jong-Il.

The new leader of North Korea was confident and relaxed in his 20 minute speech, which proceeded a lavish parade, including tanks, military equipment, and goose-stepping soldiers.

North Korea has a large and disciplined military keeping at least those who participate from feeling the pangs of hunger and poverty felt by much of the population. The parade included a replica of an intercontinental missile, similar to the missile that attempted last week to place a weather satellite in orbit.

The young leader, believed to be about 28 years old, well schooled in Switzerland, pledged to continue the militaristic nature of the North Korean nation. He said that the North, “Won’t be bullied by its nuclear-armed enemies. The days of enemies threatening and blackmailing us with nuclear weapons are forever over.”

Kim’s father spoke only once to the people of North Korea. Kim the Younger is reminiscent of the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in that he is outspoken and conveys his positions clearly and without fear or hesitation. The Young Kim, dressed in the usual dark suit worn by North Korean diplomats, didn’t hesitate to acknowledge that a nuclear test is in preparation.

Kim Jong-Un invoked the need for unity among the North Korean people. The parade, the celebrations, and the missile launch are a call for optimism for the future of communist North Korea, solemnity at the death of Kim Jong-Il, and celebration of the rule of Kim Il-Sung. Young Kim said he will aggressively pursue economic growth to improve people’s daily lives. The pattern established by  Kim Jong-Il was to improve the national economy by employing modern technology. The Younger called his country, “Kim Il-Sung’s Korea.” Kim Il-Sung was the founder of the nation of North Korea, and is still revered as a deity by the people. It is said that Kim Il-Sung will always be the supreme leader of North Korea.

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    In an odd turn of events experts from more than one agency have noted that the trailer used to transport the missile (above article), or “replica of a missile” as many believe, must have come from China. These experts suggest a violation of sanctions by China. Wendell Minnick, a reporter on Asian military developments for Washington based Defense News says the size of the vehicle “represents a quantum leap forward”; and suspects that it is unlikely to be of North Korean origin, owing to its technical sophistication. He construes China as the probable source.
    Pieter Wezeman arms transfer expert with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute noted the technical implausibility, but said there was not a likelihood of intentional violation by China.
    These conjectures tend to increase the “loss of face” of North Korea, and that reproach might be at the source of the outcries. In addition it is not clear whether these suspicions would remain in the event that the missile being transported was simply a much lighter hollow shell.
    U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said China has provided repeated assurances that it is complying fully with U.N. Security Council resolutions sanctioning North Korea. “We take them at their word,” he told a news briefing in Washington.
    United States military analyst Richard Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center near Washington calls the trailer a product of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) for export to North Korea. Fisher cites that alignment of the sixteen wheels would necessitate a sophisticated on board computer system which the North Korean probably have yet to develop
    Experts: NKorea missile carrier likely from China