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Kim Jong Il an author too: who knew?

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It’s true: yesterday’s New York Times Magazine story on this bizarro guy, who somehow holds the U.S. hostage, starves millions of his own people to death, and somehow manages to remain in power (I guess a police state will allow you do this if you have enough police), tells of his two published books, both for sale on amazon.com. Guess what? There are THREE now: his latest was just published in August of this year, entitled ” Our Socialism Centered on the Masses Shall Not Perish.”

His two previous books, “Opera: Talk to Creative Workers in the Field of Art and Literature September 4-6, 1974,” published in January 2001, and “On the Art of the Cinema,” published in October 2001, have had mixed receptions. While “Opera” is ranked 1,077,548 on amazon.com, “Cinema” is 8,755! That’s a helluva lot better than either of my books on amazon, I gotta give him that. Wonder if he has his royalties dumped into his PayPal account?

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  • patorik

    whatever Kim wrote, it is still a thousand times better than anything that has come out of a*erica in the past 50 years. your culture is clogging up the world buddy. stop inflicting your arrogant crap on the world.
    up yours

  • mike

    Kim Jong’s books are pretty good, but I’m more of a Hoxhna man myself, especially his “The Titoites,” a searing work of historical brilliance. Nice pictures, too.

  • Eric Olsen

    Yes, surely the world would be a better place if Americans stopped writing, making movies and music etc, and left that up to visionaries like Kim Jong Il. I look forward to the unclogging.

  • “. . . starves millions of his own people to death . . .”

    Which is why he doubled food production and solved the problem of the famine? The famine, by the way, was caused be sanctions manipulated by the US, and natural disasters, among the worst in that country’s history. South Korea also suffered from the famine, but unlike the DPRK it received aid automatically because it was a capitalist country. The DPRK, further, owing to its geographic position, can only produce food during one season of the year, and this is when the famine hit.

    And north Korea is most certainly not a police state. I would suggest reading this:


    Leader Kim Jong Il is a very good author.

  • patorik

    I wrote that a year ago out of boredom, tongue in cheek. i have no special anti american feelings or anti anyone feelings, just was a bit fed up that they appear to have military bases in more than 20 countries. apparently nobody on earth can say or do anyhting right except them. still, it didnt bother me that much until…i recently went to the beautiful wilds of Iceland. everything was blissfully perfect until lo and behold but what shoud i stumble across but an american accent, nay 20 yank accents walking down the street. it wasnt so much their accents, it was what 1 of them was saying….this is the gist of what i heard: “that’s economics for you isnt it!?supply&demand!” Let me tell yu pal, when this breaks the tranquility of the arctic circle, that is a crime worse than a hundred 7/11’s rolled into 1.
    I reiterate what i said a year ago: long live kim jong 11, name me 1 worthy thing that ever came out of the USA! Dont even begin with F Scott Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, Keurac these people criticized everything america stood and stand for. Name me some1 that trumpets america and is respected anywhere on this planet. you cant, because there is nothing of any substance at all.

  • Amerikkkans and Brits shouldn’t say anything about Korea since they made it illegal to travel there so many decades and find out what is going on.

    It’s called having it both ways. Forbid knowledge then talk as if you have any.

  • LOL, there are Kim Jong Il fans on the net. Or is it just that he’s the one guy in North Korea with internet access?