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Killers Hot Fuss – What’s the big fuss?

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This album really disappointed me. On my first exposure, they looked pretty promising on Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago. Indeed, it looks like they now have a hit album brewing in the wake of that performance.

“Looked” pretty promising was unfortunately what it was, though. They sound like nothing. Not “they sound like nothing else,” but that they don’t sound like anything. There’s little or nothing distinctive about this group. They made a slick, emotionless hard rock pop album. The only emotional impact the album had on me was some hint of amusement that such a crass bit of impersonal manufactured corporate product would contain a song claiming, “It’s indie rock and roll for me.”

They don’t even particularly sound like they’re copying some identifiable influence. For some kind of comparison, they might be likened unto a bad Cure record, or maybe generic Creed. Folks, if your record sounds generic compared to Creed, you’re getting pretty far down the food chain.

Being generous, you could claim that most of these songs have melodies. As my brother said on watching their SNL performance, I’ve heard worse. Compared to some ignorant trash metal or crappy hip hop, this stuff might look pretty tuneful.

But these compositions are mediocre at best. They have weak melodies. They have very minimal in the way of anything actually catchy going on here. None of these songs have memorable tunes. They all sound just exactly alike. Indeed, I couldn’t pick out which ones they played on SNL. Might have been any of them. I defy you to sing back a line or two from any of these songs an hour after hearing the album.

I wanted to recommend one of the songs that almost sounded catchy as I was listening to it maybe just twenty minutes ago, just for something to sample if you think you’re interested in this. However, looking back over the song titles I couldn’t even pick out the title. Never mind.

I do note that some song called “Mr Brightside” seems to be a big current hit on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart. I see that there is a song by that title listed in playlist window that I just listened to.

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  • I’m taking the fact that this band are being hyped to death by the British music press as evidence of their inherent suckosity.

    The British music press, always the enemies of good music, love to hype any band that lacks the talent or depth to be anything other than one-hit-wonders. So that they’ll safely fade away to make room for whatever equivalent one hit wonder they hype next week.

  • What sells in Britain, doesn’t necessarily go in the US. While I don’t greatly love the Killers album (it’s reasonable pop-punk fare) they’re likely to consistently do well in the UK. Whether they’ve got longevity in the states is another question altogether…

  • Tom

    Well, thank God, I thought maybe I was the only one for whom this band registered a far-too-strong “been there, heard that better many other times” reaction in me. I file this one lower than another band that garners just about the same reaction from me: Franz Ferdinand. About the only new bands raping the early 80s’ post-punk/pre-newwave sound that have managed to get a good reaction out of me are the Futureheads and Dogs Die In Hot Cars, probably because they’re both stealing out of the same honey pots that I love – early 80s XTC and Talking Heads. Original? Not a bit. Fun? Hell yes.

  • When I saw them on SNL, I thought they were the generic “skinny-tie new wave band” low budget movie producers use when they can’t pay royalties or can’t figure out how to compose something original.

    So is this just a good example of diminishing returns — the New Wave of New, New Wave?

  • anonymous

    Really? I sort of like them. Their melodies are VERY strong, just delicious synth-pop. I know there’s not a lot of substance in it, but they’re only new…

    Honestly I feel bad that the backlash is starting already for them; I guess that’s the downside of getting some hype and exposure. I think they’ve got a lot of talent, and I’m definitely catching a show next time they come to the States.

    But that’s just me…

  • Damn Jim, that’s cold- but they pretty much deserve it. Good one.

  • I mostly tuned into that ep of SNL for Jennifer Garner, but she now totally looks like a guy. Not cute at all.

  • Really? If I find a guy that looks like that, I’ll consider going to bat for the other team.

  • So, Al, you’re admitting you didn’t really watch that ep of SNL? JG was supposed to host, but she has been fucked up by exposure to Ben Affleck, so the pitch-hitting host was Topher Grace, who, you might have mistaken for a winsome girl.

    And if you did, go to the penalty box and feel three minutes of shame.

  • That would explain. I wouldn’t know either one by name or work. I just remember a good looking girl being there.

  • I’ve decided that The Killers’ Hot Fuss is an example of genius engineering in the studio. Whoever mixed it should be applauded as most of it is fantastic and it’s got a fairly unique sound giving identity to a band that could have easily been looked over (going back to the another “skinny-tie new wave band” assessment).

    Their live show, from what I’ve seen on television performances, lacks any audience connection whatsoever. They’re all stiff on stage and play through the album tracks note for note. They’re obviously not the brains behind that operation.

    I guess I like Hot Fuss, but dislike The Killers, if that makes any sense.

  • HW Saxton

    Aaaagh! Enough about these guys already!
    The Killers are from Vegas (indirectly),
    my present home.No one here on the local
    scene could believe it when these guys
    started making waves internationally on
    the UK pop charts.They never had much of a local fanbase or drew particularly
    good crowds.There are waaay better local
    bands in LasVegas.

    I’ve seen them a few times in local bars
    and thought they were awful.They looked
    like some silly Tribute To The 80’s band
    and sounded the part as well. Carruthers
    hit the nail on the head w/ the skinny
    tie remark,as these guys were on The O.C
    recently playing just that kind of part.

    Their live shows are soooo weak as they
    have almost no stage presence to speak
    of. Their tunes are un-memorable and
    boring. They’re just bad enough to make
    it big on a college rock/MTV late night
    level but not quite mediocre enough to
    really make it huge. I’d give them about
    a year or so and they’ll be history.

  • Mroz

    “They sound like nothing.” Are you litening to a RIAA corrupted bootleg? If that’s your response to an album, you should seriously be banned from writing music reviews.
    “…you could claim that most of these songs have melodies”, you said. Just look at the single “Somebody Told Me”. There are very few songs with a stronger, catchier, pop driven melody. It may not be a complex chord progression, but I think chomplex chord progressions in Pop Music died out with Queen.
    Aside from the chord progressions in their “emotionless” songs, they have alot of depth to them. Thats part of what gives them their New Wave sound. The fact that you compare them to a “…generic Creed” demonstrates your lack of music knowlege and comprehension. Creed has been marked as a Pearl Jam rip off. Neither of those bands are in any way comparible to a New Wave band, which The Killers most definatly are. I can’t imagine what you define as “crappy hip-hop” (Celine Dion???) or “ignorant trash metal” (possibly Beck???).
    It’s a shame you judge a good piece of music on how catchy it is, or whether you can remember the title of the song. Just because a band didn’t name the song after the lyrics in the hook (which The Killers actually did do) doesn’t mean that the song is immediatly bad. They are artists, give them some artistic license to name the songs what they would like.
    You have a right to give an artist a bad review if you feel that it is deserving. But you also have the responsibility to verify your complaints and show just cause that this bad review is deserving. You did nothing more than say the music was “nothing” and compared it to bands not even in the same genre. You provided not one bit of valid musical reference and you failed to demonstrate any valuable music knowledge to give us a reason to respect your opinion.
    This band may be overhyped, but I’ve always firmly believed that if there are rave reviews for a record, there is probably somthing worth listening to.
    I’m a strong believer in judging an artist by listening to the whole album, but if you are only looking to sample the The Killer’s Hot Fuss, check out Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me. They are two Pop New Wave hits that work as well today as they would have in the early 80’s.
    Somebody give me a blogging position here before the Blog Critic’s Music readers lose all cognitive fuction.

  • First off MROZ, as to “give me a blogging position here” – Drop Eric Olsen an email. He will likely be happy to accomodate you, at which point I would be happy to see your own counter-review.

    As to making comparisons out of genre, that’s not especially clear cut. “New wave” has very little real meaning as to describing actual music. Plus, the Killers are so generic that it’s a little difficult for me to assign any genre. Creed and the Killers are both indistinguished loud guitar rock.

    If they had anything artistically significant to say, I’d be remembering it, but they just don’t. They aren’t memorable in any signifcant way, and they will be utterly forgotten this time next year in all likelihood.

    Some folks are obviously more entertained by this product than I am, and that’s… ok, as Stuart Smalley might say. However, I have to question the musical judgement of anyone who thinks they are finding “depth” in this utter mediocrity.

    Basically, this band is Cheez Whiz, yucky tasting processed music food. If you’re really hungry for rock and roll, and there are no real records available, then this might tide you over until supper.

    Personally, I’d rather go hungry and save my appetite.

  • Mroz

    “New wave has very little real meaning as to describing actual music.” -Al Barger

    “New Wave: A style of rock music popularized in the early 1980s, marked by the use of synthesizers.” -Dictionary.com

    Sorry to confuse you. I was refering to the widly accepted genre of new wave. It’s a distinct sound and The Killer’s record is filled with that driving synthesized sound. Creed on the other hand is more Alternative Guitar Rock. The Killers base their songs around driving sythesized “NEW WAVE” sounds, while creed bases their songs around solo guitar riffs. If you really feel that Creed and the Killers both have the same sound, you proved once again thay you lack music knowledge and that you shouldn’t be spreading your opinion on it.

    “Some folks are obviously more entertained by this product than I am.” Obviously. I’m not saying you need to like it. Thats your own opinion. I just feel that not only is your reviewing ability poor, you also seem to have no musical experience or knoweldge to even attempt to write a read-worthy review.

    You prove this in your last point. “Basically, this band is Cheez Whiz, yucky tasting processed music food.” I really don’t even know what that means. You’re comparing a band to food? The only similarity is that both are processed. And they both use different meanings of the word.

    At this point I was so baffled by your post I decided to check out your other reviews. I wasn’t suprised what I saw. More proof of your inability to properly write a review… infact… properly write anything refering to music.

    Three more awful musical judgment calls:
    1. The complete ripping of U2’s new album as well as any musical work they have done since 1991.

    2. The comparing of Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello. (ARE YOU SERIOUS? They are two completely different musicians in two uncomparible genre’s. What kind of moron compares two musicians based on a first name? Presley, Costello, and any other music man with any common sense would agree that this article is awful.)

    3. (and this is the worst) You have a top 20 records of 2004 list that takes 20 songs off of 8 albums. You couldn’t make the list a little more diverse? No one besides yourself could ever pick these songs. I did like the Loretta Lynn album, but I would never pick 4 songs off of this album to be in the top 20 of the year. It almost seems like you listen to 12 albums, give 4 bad reviews and make the rest the best of the year.

    Please do us all a favor and stop posting. It would be a shame if someone read your reviews and mistakenly believed they were well thoughtout, valid statements about music.

    What in the world was that 1% of Indiana thinking?


  • Eric Olsen

    new wave all the way, which makes them yet another recycling, but who isn’t? I saw the SNL gig and thought the first song, the hit, deserves to be a hit because it is catchy as a mofo but also because it brought the band alive: hits do that to their makers. The second song was about four levels down and Iwould guess closer to the band’s “true” level: look how many new wave bands were one-hit wonders, from Modern English to Toni Basil

  • Mroz: “Somebody Told Me”. There are very few songs with a stronger, catchier, pop driven melody.

    Seriously? Seriously, ever? This, of all songs ever written, has one of the strongest, catchiest pop-driven melodies? Ever.

    And Al’s right – the term “new wave” means very little, and your definition does little to help your case against him. “. . . marked by the use of synthesizers. . . .” doesn’t really say much of anything, does it? That’s like saying heavy metal is a style of music marked by the use of guitars.

    As for your “three musical judgement calls”:

    1. I didn’t agree with his assessment in every aspect he addressed, but at least Al laid out his argument in a well thought-out manner. The nice thing with a good critic is that if he disagrees with the pedestal an artist has been put on, he can make an intelligent argument as to why.

    2. Costello vs. Presley was for fun and entertainment – you know, a fun little diversion in the “what if” vein. Lighten up.

    3. If Al’s 20 favorite songs were from 8 albums, so what? Unless he imposes a rule on himself of only one song from each artist/album, how is anything about his list wrong? And so what if “no one besides [Al] could ever pick these songs”? Again, the critical reasoning and judgement was sound as to why he picked what he picked. “It almost seems like you listen to 12 albums, give 4 bad reviews and make the rest the best of the year.” Well, I think that’s pretty easy to answer: Al, like most of us here, buys what he knows he’s likely going to at least enjoy, thereby ensuring that much of what he reviews gets at least some positive response.

    Whenever someone criticizes a critic, I suggest they step up to bat and take a shot themselves. Eric’s pretty open to who gets to post here, so why not enlighten us with your wisdom, Mroz?

  • Dawn

    I really like Modern English, thank you very much. And one hit wonder or not, that song has spanned the test of time.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, the song has, I didn’t mean it as a slight

  • Mroz

    Honestly, if you feel that “New Wave” has no meaning, you are also lacking in your musical knowledge. Let’s have a little test…

    Led Zepplin- NOT NEW WAVE
    The Cars- NEW WAVE
    Crosby Stills and Nash- NOT NEW WAVE
    Tears for Fears- NEW WAVE

    I can go on and on defining bands that are considered New Wave, not just by me, but the large majority of the music world.

    I understand that these reviews are people’s opinions, and they are welcome to them. But when writing a review, you have a responsibility to your readership. Can you imagine what would become of Blog Critic if a writer just started pumping out useless comparisons and bogus best of lists. What if I wrote an article a day comparing Eminem to members of the rock and roll hall of fame based on their ability to rhyme? What if I wrote an article on the best 20 songs off of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band? What does this provide to the community that reads the review looking for some sort of insite? If you want a chance to rant on nosense, maybe Blog Critic isn’t the right place for you. Get your own blog.

    Saying a song’s depth is based on its melody and saying a song is bad because you couldn’t remember the hook are both horribly inaccurate ways of judging a piece of music. Not to mention comparing music to a food product which is just insane.

    Al feels that Creed and the Killers sound the same. Can anyone agree with that? The bands are so unique from each other. Their music structure is different, their chord progressions are different, even their sound and instrument choices are different.

    You may not like either band very much, but you have to respect their abilities to write a pop song, and accept the fact that they sound nothing alike.


  • Eric Olsen

    Creed is post-grunge and very derivative of Pearl jam, for example; the Killers are early-’80s new wave all the way: I hear the Knack, Joe Jackson and Devo, among countless lesser others

  • Dawn

    To be completely honest, I like the Killers, and mainly for the reasons that they are being vilified: new wave derivitives.

    I mean let’s face it, has any music before or after New Wave been as eclectic, interesting and ranging in depth and emotion as much as the entire genre of New Wave, that includes acts as diverse as Joy Division to Lloyd Cole?

    You will have a hard time telling me there has.

    But then again, I am an 80’s person who had enough sense and taste to avoid hair metal and Top 40 from the moment I could make a choice.

  • The Theory

    Al… thanks for your review. Their SNL performance sparked my interest, but you’ve pretty much convinced me to NOT BOTHER.

    And I totally support your comparisson to Creed. I use the Creed comparisson a lot to bands that sound nothing like them because of the IDEA behind them… tasteless, generic, half-assed crap.

  • I don’t think The Killers sound like Creed, but I guess there’s a comparison there in their respective un-originality.

    When I first heard them I thought they sounded like Duran-Duran. And I like Duran-Duran as much as the next guy, but I don’t need another Duran-Duran, ya know?

    That was alot of “Durans.”

    They’re ok, I think they have a pop presence, but no staying power. I also saw them perform live and thought they were terrible. I was sorry for people that paid money to go see them.

  • Just for Shitz ‘n’ Giggles (you remember their hit single, right?) I pulled out my first edition copy of “The New Music” by Glenn A. Baker and Stuart Coupe, which provides an overview of “new wave” circa 1980. Here’s their list of “New Wave” bands they are tipping to make it big in the upcoming decade:
    Nervus Rex / The Elevators / The Mo-dettes / The Korgis / Willie Nile / The Inmates / The Skids / Fingerprintz / The Ruts / The Undertones / Bruce Woolley / Jules & The Polar Bears / Robin Lane & The Chartbusters / Joan Jett / The A’s / John Hiatt / The Models / U.K. Subs / The Roches / Moon Martin / The Sinceros / The Scooters / Tommy Tutone / Martha & the Muffins

    So, when you’re praising what is essentially a marketing category for a commodity like “The Killers”, remember, this too, shall pass.

  • Mroz

    -The Theory

    The idea behing creed is “tasteless, generic, half-assed crap”??? Is that their mission statement?

    You talk about the “Creed Comparison” like it is a widely accepted music term. Trust me, it’s not a valid way of comparing or describing music. Especially in this case. Not to mention that you agree with this comparison after not listening to their album.

    This is a perfect instance of AL’s inane music review causing damage. “Their SNL performance sparked my interest, but you’ve pretty much convinced me to NOT BOTHER.”

    It’s a shame that someone was detered by a review so unfounded.

    I’ve been reading some past posts by Al. I truly believe he is the worst posters on this site and he lowers the quality of Blog Critics.

  • >>I’ve been reading some past posts by Al. I truly believe he is the worst posters on this site and he lowers the quality of Blog Critics.

    Anyone who agrees that Morrissey sucks can’t be all bad. (Even if he does have a blind spot regarding Black Sabbath)

  • Dawn

    While I don’t think Al is the worst poster, this post may possibly be the worst 🙂

  • Mroz

    Alright… he may not be the worst poster… But his frequency of bad posts is off the charts.


    And reading back, the one on Cobain seems to be even worse than this one.

  • Just because Al doesn’t agree with the groupthink of most mainstream music critics, and doesn’t like many of the overrated artists other people seem to worship.

    Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of Al Barger’s politics! I still think he’s a frothing wingnut in that department.

  • Eric Olsen

    Mroz, that which you disagree with does not constitute “bad.” “Bad” means poorly written, poorly argued, poorly substantiated, poorly defined. These things do not apply to Al, although I disagree with a fair number of his musical judgments and have said so freely.

  • The Theory

    >>The idea behing creed is “tasteless, generic, half-assed crap”??? Is that their mission statement?

    i sure hope so! otherwise they’re totally inexcusable.

  • In the “if it hasn’t been done, it should be department”, charting pop groups should be forced to produce Annual Reports, just like publicly traded companies, with a mission statement, and so on. They could sell them at shows.

    Why has the music business so resisted market forces? Of course, most of the projections for the year ahead would be variations on “to have a good time, all the time”.

  • “Our mission is to make lots of money, and blow most of it on cocaine”.

  • HW Saxton

    Yo Mroz! RE: New Wave. There is no such
    thing. It is a catch all term for the
    small minded to use when they’re trying
    to lump disparate bands together under
    one umbrella. The usage of the term is
    lazy and reveals an utter lack of any
    real insight or knowledge about music of
    any kind.

    THERE IS:Garage Rock,Ska,Power Pop,Rock-
    A-Billy,Synth Pop,Noise,Art Rock,Surf,
    Hardcore Punk,Pop Punk,Alt.Country,C & W
    R & B,Funk,Death Metal,Prog Rock,Soooul,
    Speed Metal,Glam Rock,Hip-Hop,Dancehall,
    Girl Group Pop,Black Metal,Folk,Techno,
    Jazz(& all of the myriad sub genres that
    jazz can lay claim to)Blues,etc,etc,etc.

    But “New Wave” don’t mean sh*t dude.

  • Eric Olsen

    HW, my meticulous friend, I don’t disagree at all that “new wave,” especially at the time, became a catchall category for that which did not fit elsewhere and wasn’t punk. BUT from the perspective of 20-25 years hence, there is a new wave sound of the mind which is peppy, poppy but edgy at the same time, with some burbly or stabby synths in there as well. Something like that is the lingering sound of new wave and that’s what the Killers sound like to me.

  • HW Saxton

    I agree with you Eric.There’s definitely
    a certain type of sound that’s intrinsic
    to many of the bands that people refer
    to when they use the term “New Wave”.

    For what it’s worth (apparently a multi-
    disc deal,intl.acclaim” and a hefty $$$
    advance),The Killers do have that sound
    down to a science.

    I just don’t really dig the pigeonholing
    of music (especially by people claiming
    to be knowledgeable and/or a critic),or
    literature,art,film & anything else that
    you may care to add the list.I just had
    to get my 2 cents in.

    By the way, I thought Al’s review was as
    heartfelt, honest, correct and to the

    The Killers do have that sound down pat.
    The 80’s redux or whatever you may care
    to call it. Nostalgia for the Gen X’ers.

  • Eric Olsen

    a lot of artists, probably all the great artists, transcend categories, picking and choosing and transforming, so I agree with you as well

  • HW Saxton

    Eric, This may be a little off subject
    here but…

    C.C.R,who are one of my favorite bands
    of all time,managed to chart on Country,
    Pop and R & B stations back in the 60’s
    & 70’s. With all of the influence that
    they had on todays music scene, it seems
    like CCR or rather John Fogerty,I should
    say,would be championed by todays spate
    of Country artists from the Alt.Country
    guys to the current Nashville scene.

    Yet,nothing.I find this strange & a bit
    sad as well.Hell,if Toby Keith (or some
    one like that) were to re-record “Lodi”
    or “Bad Moon Rising” today I think they
    would have a HUGE hit on their hands.
    Just like Hank Sr. & Chuck Berry’s best
    songs, John’s best tunes have a timeless
    feel and relevancy that only the best
    writers can manage to pull off.

    Do you think it’s John’s political views
    that have held him back? It certainly is
    not lack of talent or influence. If the
    “New Country” crowd could revive Jimmy
    Buffett’s career then J.C Fogerty ought
    to welcomed like a conquering hero.Just
    a thought.

  • Mroz

    “Bad means poorly written, poorly argued, poorly substantiated, poorly defined.” -Eric

    Although AL may not be a poor writer. His arguments are indeed flawed, poorly substantiated, and obviously poorly defined. Even you, Eric, have admitted that there is an identifiable genre of music known as New Wave. You have also admitted that this sound is most definatly not Creed’s sound. So how can you say that Al is properly defining the music he is reviewing and making valid arguments.

    I’m not arguing that The Killers Album is amazing. I’m arguing that Al’s review is just plain bad. Poor logic, bad comparisons, and poor arguments to back his points up.

    “They have very minimal in the way of anything actually catchy going on here.” -This is pretty much Al’s best point. Good way of judging a song… “catchiness”. Another example of how you don’t know what you’re talking about Al.

    I have made a ton of other points on why Al’s review is an awful judegment of a piece of music. Just read my other comments above.

    All I ask is that you keep these awful reviews on Music to your blog. If people want to read pure unfounded rants about a new release, they’ll know where to find it.

  • Ah, the purity of our precious bodily fluids, that’s the most important part of our music.

    If people want to read pure unfounded rants about a new release, they’ll know where to find it.

    After all, given what straight-edge taught us about living on brown paper and string, purity from derivative, marketing driven rock music is what we all want. Never mind joy, banging ‘chunes, style and kick-ass beats. Just a slot to stick a dildo into.

  • Tim- Black Sabbath is alright. They had about a good best-of album that makes for some occassional downmarket pleasure. I can go for a little “Paranoid” now and again, and I definitely will get on Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” from time to time.

    Also, thanks for the “frothing wingnut.” I like creatively worded slams. “Frothing” pleases me.

    The meaninglessness of the “new wave” label can be seen nicely from just the list of bands so identified in this comments column. I’m a big fan of the Roche sisters, and it’s just silly to call them “new wave” and really silly to try to put them in a genre with Joy Division. And what is it that makes Tears for Fears “new wave”?

    Mroz, I delight in a good critical argument, but I’ve got little patience for your shrilly hostile and authoritarian tone. Blogcritics IS my blog. It’s been home for years now. To discreetly paraphrase Richard Pryor, I live here. You’re the African-American that’s visiting.

    Plus you can’t seem to grasp the concept of a very simple metaphor with the Cheez Whiz.

    The Theory gets exactly the point about Creed- bland corporate music-food product. Likewise, the Killers. I suppose I could try to pick apart the minor differences between them, but it’s Coke vs Pepsi. No, rather, it’s RC vs Sam’s Cola. It all runs together. Crap is crap. [My apologies to the good folks at RC and Sam’s Club for besmirching their respectable products with a comparison to these crappy groups.]

    Also, your inability to see the relationship between the two Elvii shows again the limitations of your musical knowledge and imagination. E2 did NOT pick that name out for himself at random. The ghost of E1 hangs over his whole career. Also, E2 has numerous songs in recognizable E1 styles.

    If you’d actually READ the E1 vs E2 pieces, you might have picked up some insight on some of this. Perhaps you should take a break from your lame attempt to muzzle me, and study some of my work. You might learn a little something.

  • There is a problem with reviews, and that is that they are always biased. Always. There’s no way around it. To AL, the Killers have little redeeming value. He doesn’t hear strong melodies and doesn’t think it’s catchy. That’s a valid review, it addresses musical components of the album as he experienced them. The trick about reviews, as they WILL be biased, is to find a reviewer that thinks along the same lines as you do. Mroz just shouldn’t read ALs reviews anymore, as he obviously thinks about music differently.

    We read a review mainly to make a decision about purchasing something. I would encourage “The Theory,” who said he wasn’t going to bother to buy The Killers based on ALs review, to read some other reviews before making a final decision, especially if he was interested after seeing their SNL performance. AL is only one opinion… alot people like this band.

  • If you really think you need to hear this, download it from the net or get it from the library, cause you’ll be kicking your own ass later if you actually spend money on this.

  • Michelle, “a lot of people” also like “a lot” of crap – witness the Billboard Top 10 for proof.

  • So he shouldn’t read any more reviews just because you happen to personally agree with AL?

  • Mroz

    The last thing I will do is stop reading Mr. Borland’s reviews. I’ll be here commenting on each one of them until he takes his “work” back to Culpepper.

    As much as the internet is a marvelous tool because it gives everyone the ability to voice their opinion, it is also a curse as many of those voices are poorly thoughtout, unfounded, and do nothing but polute the pool of good useful information.

    This may have been your “home” for years now, but its time to move. Blog Critic has potential and should not be brought down by poor reviews.

  • Mroz – apart from Mr Barger’s political views, to which he is also entitled, if blokes like you are going to demand that no critic provide an unfavorable music review, you’ll end up with a very boring, bland set of views on blogcritics. You are equally entitled to post your own review – I look forward to reading it(mail Eric). I personally like at least one song of the Killers.

  • Dawn

    Far be it from me to defend Al, or his sorry and generally poor taste in music, but he (like Eric stated) writes well and contributes often – those are the benchmarks for being a Blogcritic.

    But don’t let that discourage you Mroz from becoming a Blogcritic, it’s the best defense against the Al’s of the world only posting mean and cranky reviews.

  • i actually like the Killers AND Creed.

  • …i’m also kidding.

  • oh geezuz, i forgot: i actually do like that song “Higher”.

  • Mroz

    Everyone might like Creed if the band wasn’t played out in our brains before our ears heard them.

    Also, I don’t knock people for negative reviews. There is always going to be good and bad work. His poor opinion of the music is perfectly acceptable. But his poor justification of his opinion as well as his poor analyzation of the work is most definatly unacceptable.

    Just as a music critic hopes his work will help raise the standards of the music and work we listen to, I hope to raise the standards of Blog Critics.

  • this seems like a good time to dredge up an old post of mine: The Nasty Review(er).

  • If we’re going to start dragging up bad reviews, here’s one of mine.

    It was very cathartic writing that one, after wasting my money on a truly terrible record.

  • Dawn

    Well to be fair, it’s only appropriate you do a search on my name, close your eyes and click. Chances are good, a crapper is out there waiting for you.

  • The Theory

    half of my reviews suck.

    the other half are bloody genious, though, if i do say so myself.

  • HW Saxton

    Mroz, So great savior of all critics in
    Blogland, when you gonna put up or shut
    up? Time to walk it like ya talk it,man.

    I can’t f’ing wait to see you “raise the
    standards of Blogcritics”.U serious kid?

    PS: Al didn’t put ya up to this did he?
    Maybe as a way of garnering more traffic
    to his site? An East Coast VS West Coast
    thang or sumpin’ like that ?

    Enquiring minds are semi-curious.

  • HW- Thank you for giving me credit for being devious enough to come up with such a plan. Maybe I should take the credit.

    Note that as a candidate for student body vice-president at Ball State in the 80’s, I made a big point of clutching a copy of Machiavelli’s book in our official slate photo for the paper. Of course, as a highly amused poli sci professor pointed out, if I really was Machiavellian, I wouldn’t do such a thing. Or would I?

    If someone from my crew anonymously pops a cap in Mroz’ punk ass Tupac style, will you still think it’s a put up?

  • henry_b

    I (along with 99% of non up there own ass and in there own little world North Americans) will take this review with a pinch of salt along with most of the brainless follow up comments.

  • Eric Olsen

    oh yeah, well we know how to spell “their”

  • Henry, we might take your criticism more seriously if it consisted of something more than saying that I’m a big doo-doo head for not liking this lame piece of corporate product.

  • I don’t get the mindset of some people (including far too many critics) who believe that anyone who dares to disagree with their subjective opinion is an idiot.

  • HW Saxton

    Al,RE:Comment#59. No,I wouldn’t think
    you were just frontin’ if one of your
    boys did bust a few caps in Mroz bitch
    ass.I’d be the first to give ya props.

  • santori

    They remind me of Romo. I liked Romo.

    Anyway, any group which name-checks T-Rex is alright by me. Though more need to listen to Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • I like The Killers album pretty well, though it’s not magnificent. It’s a decent record, though, far as I’m concerned. And I particularly love Mr. Brightside.

    But it’s interesting that you thought they were interested performing live on SNL and sucked on the full album. I’m the other way–I think the album is decent and I thought they were horrible on SNL. As I said, I love Mr. Brightside on the album but when they played it live, it sounded horrible and boring. Seems production is key with these guys, at least for my ears.