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Killed By Her Own Kindness

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Article here:

Three hurricane evacuees were charged with capital murder Saturday in the strangulation of Betty Blair, a 77-year-old church leader, mother of three daughters and the widow of former Pasadena school board President Robert “Bob” Blair.

Jimmy Hoang Le, 18, Stephanie Jacobo, 18, both from the Beaumont area, and Roosevelt Smith Jr., 43, of Louisiana, were charged with murdering Blair during a robbery at her Pasadena home Friday.

An active member of St. Pius V Catholic Church, Blair had been helping the three by paying them to do odd jobs and yard work on her property.

Read the rest of the article. If your blood doesn’t boil over in rage, there must be something wrong with you.

This is just the sort of crime in which the death penalty is unquestionably justified. An elderly woman who had opened up her heart and her home to help some people in desperate need is repaid for her kindness by being slaughtered by the very people she was helping! Horrifying…

My only lament is that the death penalty is too quick, too painless, for these villains. Bring back the rack!

Killing an adulterous spouse in a fit of rage is one thing. Such a crime must be punished severely, but at least it is understandable in some sense. But the premeditated murder of the one person in the world who was willing to aid you in your time of need? Rational human beings lack the capacity to comprehend the mind of such fiends.

It is in society’s best interest that they be removed from society, permanently.

[Of course, the suspects are innocent until proven guilty…]

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  • Russ

    What would Jesus have done ?

  • “It is in society’s best interest that they be removed from society, permanently.”

    Of course, a couple of life sentences would do that too.

  • Man has such noble potential. Too bad not all can resist the temptation to do wrong.