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Critics are having a hard time grasping this movie, or so it seems. Part of it has to do with the fact that, like The Matrix Reloaded, this movie doesn’t end. It just stops and taunts you to wait for the next volume.

Let me first say that there is a critical difference between how Kill Bill is portrayed in television ads and what the movie actually is. The ads that I have seen on tv rip all of the light, humorous parts for the general public consumption, which is understandable seeing how 99% of the rest of the movie is not suitable for television. Still, I am sure that there are a good many people going into Kill Bill expecting a slapstick comedy.

Especially with a title like Kill Bill. I mean, seriously, I am sure Tarantino has his reasons for the title, but to me, your normal pop culture teen, it sounds horribly cheesy. But then again, our culture isn’t used to such a blunt explanation of what the movie will be about.

Basic Storyline

It’s simple. “The Bride”, as we shall call her, is at her wedding, pregnant – it is ambushed and everyone either killed or left for dead. Killed by former allies. She is in a coma for four years and wakes up with no husband, no baby, nothing but a burning anger to get revenge against the five people responsible.

And so a blood bath ensues. Here, the first volume, two of the five people meet the wrath of The Bride’s sword. In addition to many other clueless dorks, henchmen, and so forth.

The blood and gore is over the top, above and beyond the realm of reality. When someone’s arm gets cut off, blood refuses to squirt out a few minutes, instead it sprays like a water hose on full pressure – same when a man’s head is decapitated, or when someone gets his gut ripped open. Blood blood everywhere…

Despite a simple plot (kill and revenge), Tarantino is able to throw different elements at us to keep the movie moving. When following the background story of one of the murderers, Tarantino reverts to the Japaneese style of animation, which is a really elegant touch. He also splits the movie into chapters, like a book. This allows him to shuffle the sequence of the movie from the normal yesterday-today-tomorrow line. However, through the use of captions he effectively keeps the viewer up-to-date as to where in the scheme of things he is.

Don’t see this movie if the sight of blood makes you feel ill. I cannot stress it enough. Don’t see this movie if you don’t like the concept of getting mindless revenge. If you don’t like seeing a movie without any morally rewarding subjects. It’s just kill kill kill…

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  • Most critics love Kill Bill with the qualification that they think it’s kind of empty — you know, feast for the eye, famine for the brain.

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    I want the ring tone of the whistling from the kill bill movie. Can you help me, I’ve tried everyone?!