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Kill Bill: no spoilers, just adulation

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I just saw Kill Bill, and can safely say that my review title would be: “Film Critics: Shut the F*** Up!” It was great. Great. Obscenely great. I had to smoke a cigarette afterwards, if you catch my drift…that amazing. I would have happily stayed in the theatre and watched it four more times.

I don’t see where all the negative reviews are coming from. Just because Quentin Tarantino spews verbiage like a speed freak with an espresso IV drip during interviews (and has an ego the size of Texas) doesn’t mean that you have to automatically hate everything he does on principle. Yes, the violence made Reservoir Dogs look like a Hello Kitty lunchbox, but that was the basis of the plot, people! Deal with it. It was stylized, artistic, graceful… as graceful as spurting blood and shed limbs can be, anyway. And Uma. Uma. Uma. Uma. I would bear her children and scrub the nursery floor with my tongue afterwards for Uma. Is is 20 February 2004 yet? Is it? is it?

This was the best film since Secretary, in my films-of-the-past-year book. Depending on how the second part turns out, it may end up on my permanent top ten. Run, do not walk, to your nearest super-large-screen theatre and see this movie.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Shannon, your enthusiasm is infectious!

  • jadester

    i can’t wait to see it!
    it’s in two parts?
    Kill BIll is one fo those films where you can see the trailer in the cinema and even just on tv and you KNOW it’s gonna be good, and that there’s gonna be critics callnig it crap because they’re trying to be different

  • Already I’m waiting anxiously for Matrix 3 and LotR 3, and now on top of that, I’ll probably see this film within a week or so.

    Three unfinished films at once? Argh!

  • san

    No, Eric, Reservoir Dogs is infectious. It must be because Tarantino keeps making it over and over and over…

  • Kill Bill was #1, raking in approximately $8.1m.

  • Eric Olsen

    San, I know what you mean about R-Dogs being his uber-film, but I liked Pulp Fiction SO much more than RD, which was just too brutal, relentless, not funny, and gave me both a colon cramp and a headache.

    This one sounds brutal but stylized, which is more my style than brutal and realistic.

  • san

    Eric, yes. Pulp Fiction was more like John Woo meets Woody Allen. R-Dogs was almost too much to watch. But complaining about having to be called Mr. Pink: *that* was funny.