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Kids’ Choice Awards: Orange Carpet Interviews

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Spoiler warning: winners named below 

Stars gathered from all networks at the 22nd Annual Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles, where kids get to pick the winners. Some of the categories included Favorite Movie (High School Musical 3), Favorite Actress (Selena Gomez), and Favorite Singer (Miley Cyrus). We saw the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and others on the Orange Carpet. Teen idols were present and adult stars brought their kids. It was definitely an red orange carpet to remember.

Like many celebrities, Miley Cyrus said with fingers crossed, “I hope I don't get slimed” before hurrying off to the awards show. Miley was brought to tears when she won Favorite Singer.

Skateboarder Tony Hawk, also present, has been slimed before. “They asked if I would do a skateboard stunt [A few years ago]. By the way, we want you to land in slime.” He said he'd be happy to do it again.

Sisters Chelsea Tavares (Just Jordan) and Kylee Russell (Jump in!) were some of the first down the carpet. They weren't sure who would win a coveted orange blimp as “they change it up every year” and weren't quick to predict anyone. Chelsea hoped that host “The Rock” (Dwayne Johnson) got slimed, “Just 'cause.”

Andrea Lewis appeared rocking pink tights. The 22nd annual is her first Kids' Choice Awards. She's known for her role as Hazel on Degrassi and her most recent role in Spectacular. She said it was “so much fun [going from Degrassi to Spectacular]. The whole time we were filming Spectacular, we were singing and dancing.”

Like the sisters, Andrea had no idea who would win a blimp. She added, “That's the fun of these awards shows. You can't predict it. Everything is unexpected.” Andrea agreed that the Rock should get slimed.

When asked if she would let someone slime her, she gasped, “I wouldn't want to, because I would be a mess, but I would want to at the same time just to say I've been slimed.”

A fellow Degrassi alumni, Lauren Collins, was seen at the event (walking with Miriam McDonald and Nina Dobrev). She's going to be a regular on the second season of The Best Years, premiering this Friday on The-N, as the character Alicia. Lauren said, “She's quite the character. Very wild.” The show is one of my favorite shows: I'm obsessed with it. But don't worry Degrassi fans, she'll make an appearance on Degrassi too this summer.

This wasn't Lauren's first Kids' Choice Awards, although she hasn't attended in a few years. She was very enthusiastic about being slimed, “Why not? This is what it's all about.”

The majority cast of True Jackson, VP on Nickelodeon navigated the carpet together: Ashley Argota (Lulu), Matt Shively (Ryan), Danielle Bisutti (Amanda), Ron Butler (Oscar), and Robbie Amell (Jimmy). Keke Palmer was seen on the carpet as well. They insisted that “from the pilot table, we all bonded.” They were all new to the Kids' Choice Awards, except Robbie who has been to two previously. Very nice people, I've met a couple of them before.

When asked if they would allow being slimed, the answers were mixed. Matt sighed, “I don't usually have a choice in those matters.”

The lovable cartoon Spongebob, which just celebrated its tenth anniversary, won Favorite Cartoon and the voice of Spongebob, Tom Kenny, talked to press on the orange carpet. “I've never, ever been slimed before and I don't know that I want to be. If my kids could pull the lever, they would be so into it, but I don't know, man. What if it gets in my eyes?”

Sammi Hanratty (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Pushing Daisies) actually wanted to be slimed on at the show. “Tonight's my night, hopefully,” She said. “This dress needs a little something.”

Jerry Trainor from iCarly was the judge for the Burp Competition. “It's a real big responsibility.” His scoring rubric was “sound, smell, volume, smell, and smell.” He said being slimed is “disgusting. I loved it at first, but after the tenth time, I was like come on!” iCarly won for Favorite TV show.

The Kids' Choice Awards was a night of slime, blimps, celebrities, and, of course, the burp contest. There were performances by the Pussycat Dolls and the Jonas Brothers and Dwayne Johnson was a lovable host. Here is a full list of winners. Hopefully, the kids liked the winners!

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