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“Kids Are Alright” DVD Release Date Set

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The Kids Are Alright is both a solid documentary about The Who during their years with Keith Moon (who died a year before it was released in 1979), and a perennial 1970s midnight movie. Unfortunately, as John Albarian, who the DVD’s producer has written on its Website, the film needed massive amounts of restoration work to bring it up to snuff before it could be released on DVD.

But that release date won’t be too long now, as Albarian writes, on the Weblog he’s been keeping about the film’s restoration process:

today Pioneer will officially announce that 9/30/03 is the release date here in America, you’re hearing it here first though. Not long after that they will release it to the rest of the world, though I am not sure exactly when. Today also marks my last day with Pioneer. After producing nearly 70 discs for them over the past few years, it will be a bit sad to go but I’m looking forward to some other great projects in the coming weeks as I will be working for myself, yeah! I would like to personally thank all of you for writing in to the site and offering so many amazing suggestions and sharing your stories about what the film has meant to you; I especially enjoy all of those I-remember-the-first-time-I-saw-The-Kids-Are-Alright stories. So many of you have offered up your personal items to be used for the discs and have been a great source for fact checking, I really appreciated it.

I am very, very pleased with how the discs have turned out. The sound is remarkable and the picture is beautiful. Roger gave a really fun and funny interview and Jeff Stein’s participation really made the special features something, well, special. One of my favorite parts of the disc is definitely the multi angle feature. This will let you see up to six different angles from the Shepperton show. The “moonie” cam is hilarious. Being able to watch JUST Keith play for 11 minutes straight during WGFA couldn’t be better for someone who used to play the drums like me. Too funny. Maybe you wouldn’t think “the OX cam” would be as exciting as, say, “the Pete Cam” but when you choose the alternate audio stream that is JUST John’s bass line, you’ll see that it is. This is my other favorite part. Of course, Jeff’s commentary is another one of my favorites. He offers up some remarkable stories that none of us has ever heard before making it well worth the price of admission. Oh then there is the new Who Are You studio mix in 5.1 that is great. The 32-page booklet is also incredible. Well you get the idea, it is all really cool.

As I’ve said before, 2003 is really shaping up nicely as a great year for music-oriented DVDs.

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