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Kid Rock on Letterman

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I thought Kid Rock used to be some kind of Rock ‘n’ Rapper, but apparently he fancies himself a modern-day Skynyrd/Allman Brothers style southern balladeer nowadays. Unfortunately, the guy couldn’t carry a tune in a six-pack cooler and he comes off sounding like something from Open Mike night at a biker bar. I’d be hard pressed to come up with another person with less talent of any identifiable kind who has been allowed to become famous.

Dr. Dave

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  • I couldn’t agree with you more. I with that white-trash piece of sh*t would drink himself into misery, or at least stop putting out music.

  • Yes, Kid Rock is off on a different direction. I saw the Letterman thing and thought “hhhmmm…”. I recently watched Crossroads on CMT where he does a country/rock duet performance with, oh heck, who was it?, I think it was Hank Williams Jr.. I was wondering if that was gonna take to him. It did. I have no problem with it. Kinda nice someone is going that direction nowadays.

  • Vern Halen

    He rode in on rap’s coattails, which was the easiest way to sneak in at the time. And he had a midget – that was his schtick. Apparently, it worked, because he’s now a fixture in the music industry. But would this have worked on American Idol?

  • He’s talentless. A few of his songs are okay, but most are complete garbage. Sadly, he’s from Detroit, so he gets mentioned a lot when Motown’s list of musical greats are listed…

  • Hopefully you all missed the ridiculous rendition of “God Bless America” that Kid Rock performed to begin game 4 of the NBA championship. I’ve long considered him my least favorite “artist” of any genre, and this certainly served to solidify my view.

  • You fools. The guy was 20 years old when he arrived on the scene. He’s a real musician and enjoys a wide varity of music. The rap/rock thing was hot 6 years ago and that gave him his break.

    You telling me the duet with Sheryl Crow sucks?

  • ryan

    Yes, the duet with Sheryl Crow sucks. A real musician is someone who can play an instrument. That doesn’t translate to real talent.

  • sean

    check the pamplets of his last 2 lps he plays lead,rhythm,bass,slide,lap steel,pedal steel,banjo,organ,piano,mellotron,synteisizer,decks,percussion and he plays drums on the live version of my name is rock in which he plays all his bands intrumwnts in a 10 minute jam- if that not talent, then what is, just cause he dislike what he says or because “was” a white rapper don’t say he doesn’t have any talent I have a cover of zeppelins rock n roll which his my dads fav song and he says kids versions better and he thought kid rock sucked before that now he likes him and he’s almost 50

  • HW Saxton Jr.

    Did anyone see this cretin on Willie’s
    last special trying to upstage Jerry
    Lee Lewis??? PATHETIC!

  • “Hopefully you all missed the ridiculous rendition of “God Bless America” that Kid Rock performed to begin game 4 of the NBA championship. I’ve long considered him my least favorite “artist” of any genre, and this certainly served to solidify my view.”

    It was horrific. Worse than the Rosanne Barr incident in San Diego, IMO…

  • Christiana

    I attended the Kid Rock/Puddle of Mudd concert last night, June 26, 2004, in Indianapolis, Indiana. I will have to say, I am not a country fan, or a fan of Kid Rock, but he put on one hell of a show. He had so much energy and really got the crowd into the music. I was very impressed by his talents and how many instruments he can play. He played the guitar, keyboards/piano, turntables, and drums-and all very well. His voice is also excellent. His set was very long, but it was an incredible show, even if you aren’t a fan.

  • Jay

    Yeah, The premis is simple. Dont base your opinion of any preformer based on a few 3 minute blips of their work. If you havent seen them live, then dont flame them. And what’s more, dont flame someone for not being a musician, then define a musician as someone who plays instruments, when the person you’re flaming plays almost every instrument in the rock world. Especially when it would only take 30 secconds to look online to find out you’re wrong before making an ass of yourself in public. That’s just bad politics.

  • but The Wildhearts also have a midget (or at least they did at Distortion a coupla years ago), and are so much better…

  • superman

    kid rock couldnt suck jerry lee lewis the killers balls

  • rockstar

    What is wrong with you people. Kid Rock is as real as it gets. Do you not feel like listening to several genres of music daily. Run DMC, Hank Williams, or the Stones. If you have the TALENT to perform across boundries then why not? He does not hide his love for rap or country or rock n roll. He is one artist I look forward to hearing his latest effort. Go buy a Creed album losers.

  • Stevo

    I’m not sure what the problem is for many of you. Is is the fact that the guy has an ‘I don’t give a sh**’ attitude and pumps it out on his own unique level??? For those of you who criticize his musicianship, go see one of his shows. If anything, his act is ENTERTAINING and isn’t that what it’s all about??? Check your attitudes at the door and sit back (if you can stay seated;bet you can’t) and enjoy his show…

  • kidrock fan

    for people who claim they dont like Kidrock,you sure take the time to listen to his music.He is one of the best,and has many talents.Singers dont have to stick to the same type of music,you idiot haters.Eat your heart out!!!

  • kidrock fan