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Kid Rock arrested for assault

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Jerry Campos is my zero to hero of the week. Jerry lives in Nashville and works as a DJ @ Christie’s Cabaret, a local strip joint. Jerry was working his shift the other night and apparently Kid Rock and some friends were in the audience. Jerry must have said something nasty over the microphone about one of Bob Ritchie’s (Kid Rock’s real name) friends and the K-Man came right up to the booth demanding an apology.

Like any great Strip Club DJ, my man Jerry told the balding rap star to fuck off. Well I guess that wasn’t the type of atonement Mr. Ritchie was looking for and scuffle ensued which resulted in Bobby boy being arrested for assault. Look for the lawsuit coming later I’m sure.

As a DJ in the same situation night after night, I can honestly say nothing like that has ever happened to me yet. Guys love to watch other guys get their balls busted, especially in front of naked women. But it’s like a comedy show: if you sit in the front row expect to be picked on, especially if you act like you’ve never seen a pair of tits before.

Depending on what type of club you work at, the amount of ball busting the DJ does is up to him and management. I’ve worked at higher class clubs where there is no horseplay and I’ve also worked at the clubs with a roadhouse atmosphere. The latter is the most fun. But I’ve often wondered if one of my jokes might anger someone to the point of confrontation. If it ever does, I hope it’s a washed up celebrity like Kid Rock so I can sue him for a couple G’s.

I think the closest I ever came was telling Eric Moulds of the Buffalo Bills to “mind his own business” when he questioned me about my discipline one of his favorite French girls. OK, that’s not exactly telling him to “fuck off” like Jerry did, but Kid Rock wasn’t no 6”2, 210 pound black guy with a posse behind him. But I digress. So the next time the DJ tells everyone in the bar your dick is so small even the Chinese guys are laughing at you…take it in stride.

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  • dan

    Your a clueless loser DJ that has so little music talent you have to play discs at strip clubs. Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!

  • RJ

    Kid Rock is balding???

  • I liked your article, and I’m glad to hear what you said to Eric Molds, since he’s a really asshole. (I’ve met him personally.

    DAN: How can you say that about any DJ at a strip club? He gets to spend every day at work with tons of hot naked girls! That sounds like fun!

  • I’ve already remarked as to how Campos is a total loser over at my site Soulfish Stew. I’m not saying it was right for Kid Rock to take a swing at the dude, but sheesh all he did was break the DJ’s glasses. Campos is just trying to get a big settlement out of Rock, which is what it appears you would do in the same situation. At least Kid Rock worked hard to get to the “washed up celebrity status” you have bestowed upon him. Suing for something like this is lame as hell.

  • Dan, and i suppose your’re composing symphonies are ya?

  • Eric Olsen

    as a club, mobile and radio DJ for, um, years, I have had a few situations:

    I was jumped from behind, knocked down and punched in the mouth loading up my truck behind a frat house at USC.

    had my toe crushed by a deranged “artist” at an off-site frat party

    fell backwards over my equipment and into the water on a harbor cruise party

    was VERY close to the perimeter of action when a fight broke out between members of the Raiders and Rams at a party in Santa Monica

    I have never DJ’d at a strip club — too many hours, not enough attention on ME — though have known quite a few who have.

  • kristen

    hey, kid rock is innocent

  • Eric Olsen

    were you there?

  • That was a wonderful piece! even as a fan of Kid Rock, our author makes a wonderful, mean spirited, funny, and concise case for why the Kid got put in jail.

    good writing Mike G!

  • JayneDee

    Balding: Afraid so. I saw his show the following evening at the HOB, and yes, I saw some scalp. (Sorry Bobby, you know I love you, but truth is truth.)

    Washed up? Nope. Hot as ever. As a DJ, if KR is in your club, would you not show at least a big of respect? Come on guys.

  • Jb

    Just another punk trying to get a few bucks from a celebrity.

    He should be grateful Kid rock even came into his club where he was dj’ing.

    This is the thing that happens in all fights. If you win and beat his ass you dont want any charges pressed and want it left alone. If you lose or get embarrassed then you want cops, and you want to sue.

    This guy Campos smells more like a pussy than the sofas in the backroom at the club.

  • ed

    moulds is an asshole…what do you mean “one of his favorite french girls” he’s gotta pay for it? pretty sad

  • maradoddo

    kid rock’s innocent

  • Chopard

    Kid Cock is poser who must be real insecure about his image because he has to scream out his name in every song he does.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Pointing out why Kid Rock sucks is like pointing out why Rolling Stone Magazine sucks…..

    It is a moot point.