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Kicking the crap out of evil in pink pleather pants

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I’d just like to say, I appreciate the female fantasy role that Buffy The Vampire Slayer represents.

She pouts, she has trouble with her relationships. She has the sexiest “Watcher” that could be imagined (Giles! Baby!). She has a wardrobe better than barbie.

And yet she kicks the crap out of evil! Personally! With actual kicks and punches and backflips.

She even KILLS the bad guys.

This wouldn’t have happened 20 years ago.

I love Buffy.

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About Murphy

  • There’s a new issue of Slayage out (#8) with an article about my favourite character Willow, and my second favourite, Spike.

    What with the series ending in May, why, oh, why do we have to endure nearly a month of repeats.

    And of course, there is Angel. Yeah, Faith! Now, there’s a Slayer who kicks ass and takes names. I so loved the recent eps with Faith, and now she’s on her way to Sunnydale.

  • Becky

    I couldn’t agree with Murphy Horner more! Buffy is total and competly kick ass. She is the only person I know who can kick ass and look awesome at the same time and boy can she pick guys or what I mean Angel then Spike talk about hot!!