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Ken Lay on 60 Minutes

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So, Ken Lay (of Enron fame) was on 60 minutes tonight explaining why he is totally innocent. He took one of the most successful companies in America and drove it into the ground. How powerful was he? Well, President Bush used Enron’s planes to campaign in. Anyhow, several folks are in jail, and nearly every single employee lost not just their job… but their entire retirement. See, Enron had the folks invest their future only in Enron. Ken Lay was the head of the company, the big cheese, CEO.

I could go on and on about this gentlemen’s evils, or why he should be beaten to death by the thousands of empoyees whose future he robbed. I won’t though, because I am above that. So tonight dude said he was totally innocent. Yup, he pulled the Gary Barnett defense (I had no idea my students were raping and boozing and assaulting and embellzing school funds to get high school kids hookers and keggers). At which point in time, the 60 minutes person (some brand new guy) guy went for the perfect Gary Barnett offense (aren’t you culpable then for having no idea what goes on inside your own organization?).

The moral of the story is this: Ken Lay is super guilty for one of two reasons. Either he completely orchestrated the hiding of all that debt which destroyed the company’s value by over estimating profits and offshoring huge amounts of debt to conceal it from Wall Street —- OR —– He should be fired for his huge and powerful company completely falling apart under his watch while he had no idea what was happening. Either way, the Gary Barnett defense doesn’t work… and Ken Lay is an asshole

Ok, one last thing. I don’t want to hear a single stupid comment like ‘Why do you Democrats hate success?’. Seriously, that concept is so tired and so wrong. I love success, I am successful… and a great benefactor of capitalism. What I hate is people who take advantage of others.

I leave you with this image >

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  • RJ

    The image ain;t workin’ for me, bro’…

  • RJ,

    My favorite Republican! I knew you would turn up. In fact, I was quite tempted to title the last part (about being a Dem) to you. Sorry about the image problems, I am working on them now.

  • Shark

    Each time Lay was asked a direct question about his guilt, he looked away, blinked, etc.

    ie. No eye to eye on those answers — a dead giveaway for an amateur liar.

    Ken Lay’s overall effect on me?

    I’m reconsidering my opposition to the death penalty.

  • Shark

    In the above comment, the words

    “Each time…” [Lay was asked…] were converted to some sort of alien-symbol speak.

    Sorry. Twasn’t me, folks.

  • See, this is how Martha made such a strong come back. By using inside information (which any of you would have done) she mitigated and minimized her losses on one stock trade. No one was screwed, she simply saved herself a good bit by getting out early.

    and she served time!

    Whereas mega-asshole fuckface dickhole Ken Lay has ruined thousands and thousands of lives and futures… and dude is walking around doing TV interviews. Here is my favorite quote from last night’s interview:

    (voice over) These days Ken Lay is worth only about 20 million dollars, which he fears he may lose to lawyers fees and civil suits.

    Dude has no remorse or shame. He has no sense of accountability. Even if he was completely innocent of the monster financial wrongdoings… dude could have said ‘sorry’.

  • FCS

    Poetic justice rears it’s head and NOW THE DUDE IS DEAD.

    Kenny Boy died today in Aspen CO.

    This man was far worse than any common criminal. His lying and fraud, and his total incompetence ruined the lives of tens of thousands.

    He ruined families, former employees of Enron committed suicide, lost their homes, their retirements, got divorced, and the general public lost BILLIONS of dollars in worthless Enron stock.

    His attitude in court only showed him to be an arrogant unremorseful scumbag.

    I feel not a single IOTA of sadness for his family now that he is dead, as he spent hundreds of millions of dollars on them that he never should have been given, in shameless & vulgar displays of self aggrandizing waste. He probably ferreted away millions in offshore bank accounts, all the while claiming that his legal defense had left him penniless, yet his property holdings and still lavish lifestyle at the time of his death prove otherwise.

    He was a liar, fraud, and thief of the American public, and extremely close to this crooked corrupt Republican administration. If only a similar fate would befall all those in the administration and the corporate world who defraud ordinary Americans everyday, making themselves, their friends and family richer, and who are also just as crooked, corrupt and evil as Ken Lay, then JUSTIC WOULD BE DONE.