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This from Brave News:

Vocalist KELLY KEELING (MSG, JOHN NORUM, BLUE MURDER), who recently completed a tour of America with THE GEORGE LYNCH GROUP, has issued the following message at his official website (www.kellykeeling.com):

“I’ve been in Georgia for a few days after a few weeks off at Pacific Beach in San Diego. Nice place to end the Lynch/ Malmsteen tour. No place better than La Heina, Pacific Beach.

This band is sounding very good. I’m talking about my new band that will do the summer festivals and tour, which is all set. I get to hang with The Allman Bros., Poco and Judas Priest among others during this festival. Festive… I’m looking forward to it. We’ve been rehearsing like crazy. The first shows are in May, check the “Tour Dates” page for dates. Thanks to Sandy and Mark at Serge Entertainment for all your help with the tour!

I will be accompanying Erik Norlander and Co. as well for West Coast and European dates as a guest along with LANA LANE and as a member of a three piece band, ROCKET SCIENTISTS (I’ll be doing fretless bass/keys and vocals). The Norlander work is in the process of idea delivery so stay tuned for definite dates. Tour dates will be on my “Tour Dates” page for these concerts when they are scheduled.

I believe there will be a few more dates with George Lynch as well. We’ll see about that. I hope it happens. What a blast that tour was! Jeff, Marten and George, it’s a great band! Dates will be in Europe if it does happen around September. You never know because everyone is so busy. We managed to squeeze an album out called Furious George. Check it out.

I heard the new Dokken album. Wow! Very good! Classic! Don is a soldier. I feel blessed to know him, much less write and record with him. HE is such a great friend and a trouper. The vocals are great! The band is great! Jon Levin is great, as are Barry Sparks, Wild Mick; you know… the best!! It’s just great songs and with Wynn Davis… we finally have a great mix. The last album suffered because he was too busy to mix. Thanks for doing a fantastic job, Wynn!

The album will be released in July on Sanctuary Records. Rarely have I seen anyone do one-take vocals this damn good. I did harmonies here and there and produced a few of Don’s vocals, the good ones of course. ;o) What a treat!

In short… or longer, I am home admiring Rufus Wainwright’s new CD. I’ll have to get a copy!  Marius did an excellent job! It’s very inspiring from a producer/songwriter’s performance point of view, as I will be producing again very soon. Marius, if you read this, let’s do lunch again and write the second verse.

Oh, my album! I have heard the new mixes the label did. It’s half mine and half theirs. We are having serious talks about it. All I’ll say for now is it looks like a September release. It’s very good… will be very good. Tour to follow as said earlier.

Goodnight America and the world! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I hope to see you all on tour. Please request my album in every record store and radio station when it’s released in September. Download a song if you must to hear Carmine, Vinnie, Kerry Livgren, John Norum, Roger Daltry, Denny Laine, Don Dokken, Shane Galaas, Mitch Perry, Chuck Wright, Ken Mary, Wayne Hammerly, Ryan Hammerly, Michael Hodgson, Wayne Findlay, Pat Regan and ME. It’s a great album! It took me a lifetime it seems. As I said, download if you must, but go out and buy it, please. I gotta pay my label back for the years of ridiculous eccentricities that has delivered an eccentric record. I hope you enjoy it.

Bless you, wherever you are! KELLY.”

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