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Kelly Clarkson Artist Of The Month On Music Choice

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First she was America’s favourite Idol then she was America’s favourite rebel, while simultaneously being Clive Davis’s least favourite person. But whatever Kelly Clarkson is to you, for the month of August she is the Artist of the Month (AOM) for Music Choice (MC).

After being signed to RCA upon winning the first series of American Idol, Kelly, the small town girl from Burleson, Texas, achieved superstar status when her first album Thankful went double platinum in the US. After a few stumbles — anyone remember that terrible film From Justin to Kelly co-starring Idol runner up Justin Guarini (blech)? — her career was on track with a second studio album in 2004 Breakaway this time going 5x platinum and cementing Clarkson in the American consciousness.

kellyclarkson1During her extensive European tour to support her newly acquired fan base, Clarkson began writing for her third studio album My December. The controversies started even before the official release of My December, with less-than-inspiring ticket sales leading to Clarkson dumping her management and signing with Starstruck Entertainment who canceled the planned arena tour opting instead for smaller, more intimate venues.

Then Clive Davis, head of Sony/BMG made it an open secret that he was deeply unhappy with Clarkson’s new album and demanded that she make significant changes to it before release. When Clarkson refused she reportedly said that Sony/BMG weren’t obliged to release the album. Clarkson recently apologised to Davis, saying that the feud had been “blown way out of proportion” by the press.

Now after the furor surrounding her third album My December, Clarkson talks candidly to MC. In several interviews she discusses her new musical direction, as well touching on celebrity status, love and work, and $1 beer. As always with MC’s AOM, Kelly will be answering her fans' questions in a candid and unedited Q&A as well as taking viewers on a unique journey through her video library. Blogcritics is pleased to bring you an exclusive one minute clip of what you can expect see as part of Kelly Clarkson’s Artist of the Month profile.

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  • Lee

    I haven’t forgotten From Justin to Kelly. It was a cute movie and Justin was in it. Sorry; but, Justin is and always been my favorite idol. He was what the show was all about for me.

  • jgssf

    How about featuring Justin as Artist of the Month?
    He has always been my favorite entertainer and after his critically aclaimed independently produced and released smooth jazz cd “Stranger Things Have Happened” he is about to release a new cd with a new band with original songs he has written,that will be funky,soul,pop,r&b.
    There are some sneak previews of some of these wonderful new songs that Justin and his band recently performed in concert on You Tube.
    Justin looks great, sounds great and always gives a wonderful interview. How about featuring him and giving fans the opportunity to hear what he says and enjoy the new music!
    And check out his http://www.justinguarini.com website for more!

  • kim

    im sorry…justin who?

  • Erm…

    Haha!! Justin Guarini.

    I agree that he is a great singer – and well done for his albums. But Kelly has got to be the ultimate Idol!!!

    She definitely deserves to be artist of the month.
    Many of the songs on the latest album are more than grammy worthy!! Chivas,Sober,etc.
    It’s a shame she isn’t up for a VMA.

    Sorry – but she did nothing to deserve a certain person from Sony/BMG undermining her album before it was even released!!!

    Nobody was given the chance to listen to it – he managed to convince everyone that it was bad before it was released.

  • I’m sure Kelly is thrilled to have such devoted fans.

  • Greg

    I,m sorry, but Justin doesn’t have a very unique
    voice, style, or range.

    He got where he was because he was cute and charming – not talented.

    Kelly had, and has all the talent. I like My December even more than Breakaway, and think Kelly will do just fine with whatever she does-
    the woman can sing anything!

  • ian

    Breakaway doesn’t hold a candle to My December. MD is such a mature offering from a growing artist full of real-life connections. It didn’t sell well because normally, quality music aren’t appreciated by the public.