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Artist: Keith Thompson
Title: Long Time Coming
Genre: Dance-House
Label: Waking Monster Media

Keith Thompson collaborates with some of the best DJ’s/Mixologist in the dance/house industry to create his latest recording Long Time Coming.

Normally I dismiss this kind of music, viewing it as nothing more than some music biz folks doing something interesting with their technical skills trying to fill the void of not being a competent musician. Well, in many instances that is so, but in this case, what you hear is the soulful and funky vocals of Keith Thompson with a good mix of genres folded into one style. Dance and House is the name of the game here, and it’s some of the best you can have playing at your own house party. There is not a doubt in my mind that Thompson is a great talent, a vocalist that can carry his own weight with or without a lot of background music to supplement what he does best. He did happen to gather some great talent for his vocals to find their place amongst all the pulsating repetitive sounds that house music offers the dance enthusiasts.

Thank God for this man’s vocals otherwise I would have been bored to tears just listening to this music, it does tend to get redundant after a few songs, however Thompson knows how take monotony and turn it into something entertaining and thought provoking, particularly on the X-Rated track “Face Down,” what a wake up call that was! There were two tracks that really caught my ear…the lead into the album “In What,” which has some fine groovin’ sax that gives it a cooled down jazz feel and “Uhuru Bang,” the biggest departure from the format of this album than any other song. It is very catchy with a funky beat that really pleased my ears, it was very different and a nice transition into something entirely different. This CD gets an A+ for sound and production value, a huge factor for this type of music, especially if you happen to be a DJ that wants to turn on the crowd.

If you are into dance, trance, and house music you will eat this one up, if not, this will give you something different that you are not accustomed to, and that was the biggest attraction to me.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
July 14, 2004


01. In What (5:18)

02. The Rhythm Of Life (5:10)
03. Living On The Frontline (5:06)
04. Africa In Your Veins (6:16)
05. And Now It Seems (5:15)
06. Safari (Interlude) (1:38)
07. Without U (6:03)
08. It’s On (5:05)
09. Face Down (6:42)
10. I Found Lovin (4:52
11. Dig My Roots In You (5:17)
12. Uhuru Bang (4:53)
13. Long Time Coming (5:02)
14. On The Beach (4:32)

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