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Keith Richards: drugs aren’t bad, mmkay?

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Onya Keith!

HEALTH and welfare groups have attacked Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards after he condoned illegal drug use on the eve of the band’s Sydney concert.
“I have no problems with drugs, but I have problems with people who deal in them,” Richards, 59, said yesterday. […] A Salvation Army spokesman said last night that he was disappointed with Richard’s comments.
“We regard the comments as very unfortunate at a time when the tide is just starting to turn in the drug war,” the spokesman said.

I love the outrage Keith has managed to whip up among all the anti-drug types. Good grief, what else did they expect? Did they honestly think Keith Richards of all bloody people was going to come over all Mr Mackey-like and say “Drugs are bad, mmkay”? Possibly it was stupid of him to come out and say that, but frankly anyone stupid enough to do something just because a rock musician says it’s OK probably deserves whatever happens to them; and at least, unlike many people who go on the anti-substance abuse wagon, he’s not being a hypocrite about it…

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  • And for how many decades now have we been told “the tide is just starting to turn in the drug war…”?

  • JC

    God bless Keith Richards. Will the last honest man out please shut off the lights…