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Keeping aBreast of the Janet Jackson row

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CMU reports:

A survey by Billboard found that 65% of people reckon Janet Jackson’s
breast-revealing routine at the Superbowl was intentional – with only 35% accepting the incident was a complete or partial accident. The majority seemed to think the whole thing was a pre-planned publicity stunt.

Elsewhere in Nipplegate news – that Tennessee woman who was suing Jackson,

Timberlake and the TV networks because of the stress the routine caused has
withdrawn her lawsuit. Reporting that she had received hundreds of letters and phone calls of support from concerned parents, Terri Carlin says she is holding back on her legal action to give government regulators a chance to make amends – presumably hoping media regulator the FCC will slap sufficient fines on everyone involved to ensure Janet et al don’t get the last laugh.

Of course she might reconsider when she hears rumours that Jackson is planning to add an extra song to her forthcoming album all about the Super Bowl show. Her producer Jimmy Jam told reporters at the Grammys: “We’re
finishing up these last four or five songs, you never know – something may slip in there. Whatever’s happening in her life tends to be what she writes about. It’d be kind of interesting to see what her feeling is about it.”

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  • ben

    i like her breast there nice

  • I believe the lawsuit was withdrawn because the lawyer feared having sanctions imposed on him for filing an obviously frivolous action, not because of anything Carlin is saying. But, the lawsuit has served its purpose of getting publicity for them. Ironic, isn’t it? Jackson and Timberlake wanted publicity. So do the people piggy-backing on the incident.

  • Anna

    u know, i think that it was for publicity but who knows what the scandalous act will do for their record sales? it could not only boost them but cause them to go lower. This act was supposedly accidental but ironic how janet just happened to be wearing a nipple ornament, and did not act too surprised when the incident happened.. not to good of an actress if you ask me..-Anna

  • Ga-ne-sha

    Hey, boys and girls, I am getting frustrated with finding out what you think, if anything. Respond.

  • Shark

    Her producer Jimmy Jam told reporters at the Grammys: “Whatever’s happening in her life tends to be what she writes about. It’d be kind of interesting to see what her feeling is about it.”

    Janet’s official web site announced that she’s including a version of THE WHO’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” on her new album.

    Music by Pete Townsend
    Lyrics adapted by Janet Jackson


    I was dancing on the tube, little children saw my boob,
    and the morals that they worshiped—quickly gone.
    And though marketing spurred me on
    they sit in judgement of all wrong,
    and they decided the lawsuit stops the song.

    I lost a cup to reveal my constitution,
    degrade myself for the new revolution,
    smile and grin at the monkeys all around,
    whip out silicone and play
    with TIVO it never goes away
    and they’ll get on their knees and pray.
    They don’t get fooled again.

    The change it had to come, my boob knew all along,
    it was liberated from the fold, that’s all.
    And the world looks just the same, and history ain’t changed,
    ’cause the bustiers were all flown in the ratings war.

    He ripped my bra and your family aside,
    no class will exist to be left half alive,
    I got served papers and smile at the sky,
    though I know that the hypnotized always buy….

    DON’T YA!!!

    No Platinum on my shelf
    looks any different than myself.
    And the ads will be replaced by and by,
    and the parting on the left
    was by a white boy on the right,
    and the boobs have all grown longer over night.

    meet the new ho.
    Same as the old ho.


    Should be awesome!

  • David

    No puns my babe
    No puns
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    Feelin’ that same old way
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    Freaked out for another day
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    No puns to be alone
    In love with somebody else
    Well maybe go out, maybe stay home
    Maybe call Mom on the telephone
    Well c’mon, well c’mon
    C’mon c’mon
    Now Ron, I say Ron
    C’mon and lemme hear you tell em
    Lemme hear you tell em
    Now I feel
    I say lemme hear you
    Tell em how I feel, yeah, my man
    No puns to be alone
    It’s no puns to be alone
    Hang on
    Don’t you lemme go
    It’s no puns to alone
    To be alone