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Keeping a Dream Journal Helps Induce Lucid Dreaming

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Today I am going to talk about my secret key to inducing lucid dreaming, which is to keep a dream journal. At first glance it may not make sense how these two things would fit together. A dream journal is for recording the dreams you have at night that you have no control over, while the act of inducing lucid dreaming is to actively participate in and create your dreams. But the truth is that dream journaling is part of why I am so successful when I actively induce my own lucid dreams.

I believe there are three main reasons that dream journaling has been a big part of my lucid dreaming success. The first reason is that journaling makes my conscious mind pay close attention to the act and state of dreaming. This focus that I put on dreaming every morning when I wake sends a signal to my brain that dreaming is an important part of my life and is one that is worth the time and effort it takes to record and analyze. Every time you make a journal entry it helps you to remember your dreams with more clarity and detail and the more you remember your dreams with such vividness, the easier it will be for you to create new ones with the same amount of detail when you induce your lucid dreaming.

The second reason dream journaling has helped improve my lucid dreaming is that it records my emotional anchors from each dream. The dream is no longer just a set of pictures that ran through my head; instead it is a real story with emotions and drama, happiness and sorrow, all feelings that elicit real emotions from me as I record them. It is very important that we make an emotional connection to our dreams because without one, lucid dreaming is almost impossible – without this it becomes just another task that we are seeking to accomplish instead of a real goal that we have value and emotions attached to. Like everything else in life lucid dreaming is easier to achieve and attract into our lives when there is emotion involved.

The third reason dream journaling is vital to my lucid dreaming success is that it helps be to see the patterns in my dreams. For example, if for a few nights in a row my dreams are turbulent and choppy and leave me feeling restless, then I can analyze what is the event or stressor happening in my life at that time. Do my dreams take on this feeling every time I am under high levels of stress? When I am going through a transition? When I have some unmet desire or need? Once I can see and analyze these patterns, it helps me to understand whether I am in a good place to attempt lucid dreaming or if I should wait for a problem or situation in my life to pass first. In the end, dream journaling is great for many reasons, but I believe it is vital for anyone who wants to actively induce lucid dreaming.

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