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Katy Perry Scandalizes Toddlers

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C’mon, folks, please tell me you’re kidding. Children’s Television Workshop pulled a video—made for Sesame Street—of Katy Perry hanging with Elmo because her outfit was deemed too sexy by parents who protested. I’m sure these same parents never take their kids to beaches or Wal-Mart, places where much more skin can often be seen.

Since all of Katy’s “nasty bits” are under control and under her clothes, where’s the problem? The Sesame Street audience has certainly seen breasts—quite a few of them (a majority?) have been or are still being breastfed.

If Katy Perry’s little dress is too erotic for toddlers and pre-schoolers, what exactly is it that these kids have been seeing and doing that would make them aware of that fact? Or are their mothers, many of whom are not so far removed from their Mary-Kate and Ashley outfits, afraid their kids will want to dress like Katy? Toddlers?

Let’s be realistic. Who’s looking at Katy anyway? Elmo’s in that video, too!

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  • the real bob

    I think Lindsay Lohan turned them down.

  • doug m.

    Agree with the article but since the video wasn’t shown no toddlers were scandalized

  • ted409

    just shows the current paranoia about anything. i so looked forward to a hip population but have now given up hope and just go my own way say to heck with everyone else

  • cc

    When you look past her chest and listen to her music you relize she has no talent and can not sing,she has to have something too fall back on and prostitution seems likely.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus


    You can’t see what the “Hip” have already done to the music industry in this country?!

    So, now you want the rest of the population to be retarded as well?

    Seriously, no one here sees the real issue with Katy Perry on Sesame Street even is she was wearing a business suit?

    I would want my kids to become familiarized with musicians that have actually done something for music… Not this fucking “studio-magic” hack!