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Katrina – Who Knew What and When?

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The Times (which for our rabid right wing readers is hardly a “lefty” newspaper before any comments are made here) has this timeline of who knew what and when on hurricane Katrina:

Saturday, August 27

At 10am, the National Hurricane Centre issues a hurricane warning for the “southeastern coast of Louisiana… including metropolitan New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrain.” Forecasters predict that the storm will make landfall a fraction to the east of New Orleans on either Monday or Tuesday.

I have taken this piece of the timeline specifically, as it is important to note that this hurricane warning specifically mentioned the southeastern coast of Louisiana.

Given that the south east of Louisiana was specifically mentioned, on the 27th August, why did the White House, in this press release from the same day direct federal emergency assistance to all counties in Louisiana but the south and south east of the state? See a map here of the state for confirmation of the counties where federal assistance was directed.

It wasn’t until the 29th August, as shown in this press release, from the White House that southern counties were mentioned.

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  • I don’t know how these things typically work, but I would ASSUME that they wouldn’t send FEMA workers directly into the path of the hurricane. Better to set them up on the fringes so that they can move in as soon as immediate danger passes. But again, that’s an assumption on my part.

    I think there’s a much bigger issue here. MUCH bigger, and this is a good find. The Bush administration is clearly stating that the local officials failed to request aid in a timely fashion.

    However… this release shows the President authorizing such aid before the hurricane even hit. If the governor of Louisiana had to request aid before it could be delivered, why was FEMA, under the umbrella of the DHS, already activated and put in motion? Which version is correct?

  • Thank you for your comment legendary monkey.

    From all available evidence (that is from official dated press releases) the governor of Louisiana requested federal assistance before hurricane Katrina struck.

    The White House did respond to that request in a limited manner (as the press release linked to in my post shows)

    I have heard some people claim that the “feds” couldn’t respond until after the hurricane had struck, but from all the available evidence, it appears to me that the feds had full authority to act right from the start.

  • zrsr

    Post 1, First responders will never be put in harms way, assumption correct

    My read is on the early events,like with military tiered alert conditions dealing a “predictable/forseeable”
    event unfolding staging/planning for movement assests and recalls was in motion awaiting execution of orders,thats just the way the system works.

    Read this 2004 FEMA
    National Response Plan


    This is the bible for steps that “must” be met.

    After review I see the need to remove the power from the governors of the given state for FEMA request
    and deligate to the highest ranking military member of that states National Guard or
    Ready Reserve forces within the state under that governor’s jurisdiction.

    The FEMA area director now in N.O. is Coast Guard and is a DHS ranking member,not DOD

    I’ll go as far as blasting the govenor for not ordering/attempting order of a full evacuation of N.O.
    of all non essential people, the mayor is what he is,but the duties entrusted upon him and responsible
    for under NPR plan are failure in a worst case senario.

    Seems American Red Cross needs all the help it can get from events here in Atlanta
    Gods Speed to the fallen