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Katrina Is A Partisan Issue — And Here’s Why…

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Two years ago we were told we needed to attack Saddam so one of our cities wouldn’t be destroyed. One of our cities was just destroyed. And it appears that many more lives could have been saved, and many things protected, if there was more funding for infrastructure, more devotion to protective efforts, and more National Guardsmen here at home to do their actual job- guarding our nation- rather than deployed in Iraq.

And before you start pounding away on your keyboards calling me a moonbat I think August Pollak sums up the issue pretty well.

I don’t think anyone in the White House caused any form of weather – contrary to certain suggestions, the President is, in fact, not God. But the lack of priorities from the White House – and for that matter the media and the culture that supported it in general – is a major factor in the discussion of the events of the last 48 hours.

It is a fact that many people are suffering and need to be helped, but to sit back and buy into the idle chit-chat of the right saying this is no time to talk about the politics behind this catastrophe is along the same lines as shutting people up by calling them a traitor for questioning the president’s motives.

P.S. I can sit here as an educated person and question my president, and at the same time open my wallet and give the American Red Cross my credit card number, it’s called multi-tasking.

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