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Katie Holmes Converts to Scientology: What’s Next, Sex Change?

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Ascendant young actress and Girlfriend of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes (Batman Begins), 26, has announced she’s converting to the Church of Scientology, where she will be, coincidentaly enough, a coreligionist of Mr. Cruise.

The pair have been turning up all over the place, separately and together, professing their love, devotion and career synergy. Just in the last week they paired for the opening of Batman Begins, with Cruise mugging and signing autographs like his hand was about to fall off; Cruise announced his involvement with Mission: Impossible 3, and parodied his own earlier Holmes-related exuberance on Oprah during a Tonight Show visit.

Today Cruise is Tokyo for the premiere of his new film, Steven Spielberg’s remake of War of the Worlds, and Holmes, who grew up with a picture of Cruise on her bedroom wall, is in London promoting Batman Begins, where she said she’s “excited” about her lessons in Scientology, a religion founded in 1955 by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

When asked by Entertainment Weekly if he plans to propose to Holmes, Cruise said, “It’s gonna happen, man. It’ll happen.”

One wonders if the Scientology was a stipulation, and if in fact Cruise is in love with the pliability rather than the person.

But he told EW, “Listen, the thing you’ve got to know about Katie is that she’s an incredibly bright and self-determined woman. She makes her own decisions.”

Cruise’s ex-wife Nicole Kidman was reportedly very uncomfortable with his dedication to the church, contributing to the end of their ten-year marriage.

Here is Beliefnet’s discussion of Scientology, which sounds an awful lot like a more expensive version of Hindu and early-Buddhism to me.

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  • depressing.

  • Eric Olsen

    quite so – is he going to eat this girl alive?

  • It’s interesting that both Cruise and Holmes get very sketchy about how the couple (add quotes there if you want) met. Rumor has it that the meeting took place at a Scientology Center.

  • Eric Olsen

    what’s a good Catholic girl doing at a Scientology center?

  • maybe she heard that scientologists dig plaid skirts.

  • Eric Olsen

    plaid skirt=Theta

  • According to Mike Walker of the National Enquirer (via The Howard Stern Show), the meeting at the Scientology Center was set up by Cruise’s and Holme’s publicists. Thus, the consistent inability to ably handle the common question, “So, how’d you two lovebirds meet?”

  • Eric Olsen

    I’d be happy to meet some young hottie who had a poster of me up in her room – I mean if I wasn’t happily married and everything

  • Mirror mirror on the wall; who’s the fairest of them all?

    I think Tom Cruise and his mirror have hypnotic powers.

    Did ya see his Australian interview? He was down right fussy.

  • EO — agreed!

  • Eric Olsen

    no Brooke, do you have a link?

  • It’s Serious! Tom Takes Katie Home to the Mothership!

  • Todd Fox

    Here is the link

  • I just saw a blurb on VH1’s Best Week Ever, but here’s a link to the transcripts

  • MJ

    Cruise needed a naive woman to brainwash and convert to his own beliefs

    If only she were mature enough to have her OWN beliefs

  • David

    Can Cruise not find a woman shorter than himself?

  • Tim

    It is only a publicity thing. Cruise is totally gay.

  • i think that weird lady from poltergeist is too old for him.

  • Eric Olsen

    classic Mark!

  • The Theory

    I thought “Scientology” was just another term for “Satanism”

  • Eric Olsen

    I believe our Satanic friends would object

  • Maud

    he is ridiculous, and she is pathetic
    and yet they make more money than I will ever see in my whole life !

  • favorite scientology moment: in the movie repo man, when the character “lite” gives otto the book that’ll “change his life”.

    it sure looks like “Dianetics”, but upon closer inspection, it’s “Diuretics”.

  • Eric Olsen

    for those bloaty times

  • Unfortunately, Scientology has proved to be quite a bit more nefarious and dangerous than just a dumbed-down version of Buddhism. A very good overview of some of the problems and abuses that have come from Scientologists can be found at http://www.xenu.net/

  • lne

    gee, from the looks of blog posts, it *appears* that 99.9% of the posts are from males.

    it also *appears* that men are far more gossipy online than women.

    it also *appears* that y’all need to get some kind of a real life, eh?


  • aw man, that surely-next-to-libellous headline made me laugh the hell right out. I presume i got it… Maybe i’m reading something else there…

    Regardless, what is most certain is that i almost bout a copy of Dianetics or whatever in a charity shop the other day. the main thought in my skull was – how in this town has read Hubbard?? and more than this, maybe they might wanna get together for a night of Battlefield Earth-viewing hilarity.

    Haha, i can’t help smiling just at the thought of that knowledge machine. What a wonderfully fucking stupid motion picture.

  • and i jsut remembered – part of my pitch to my ex with regards why she should most certainly get it on with yours truly, is that i would, without thinking twice, convert to catholicism right this second.

    Folsk do it all the time. maybe this ain’t all that different?

  • Greg

    “listen to them, children of the night, what music they make….”

    Looking at that pic above of Cruise and Katie – is he kissing or going in for the bite on the ol’ jugular ? Bet they honeymoon in Santa Carla…

    Where’s Van Helsing when you need him.

  • k

    funny how so many people comment about how he’s going to eat her alive and poor katie! truth of the matter is, he supposedly had a list of young hollywood girls he was trying to ‘date’ or use for publicity…but none but dear little katie accepted. What does that say about the wholesome catholic girl? That she’s publicity hungry and would rather live a sad fake life than a genuine one.

  • k

    funny how so many people comment about how he’s going to eat her alive and poor katie! truth of the matter is, he supposedly had a list of young hollywood girls he was trying to ‘date’ or use for publicity…but none but dear little katie accepted. What does that say about the wholesome catholic girl? That she’s publicity hungry and would rather live a sad fake life than a genuine one. Who is more pathetic?

  • Lientogy Rulz sez xenu

  • LRH

    “The organization [the Church of Scientology] clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and the bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder LRH. The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background, and achievements.”

    – Judge Paul G. Breckenridge, Jr., in his October 16, 1994 ruling against the Church of Scientology in the case of the Church of Scientology of California vs. Gerald Armstrong, Los Angeles Superior Court case no. C 420153. The full text of Judge Breckenridge’s decision can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/2xk6t

  • Dawn

    How did they meet?

    Tom called her publicist and arranged a meeting. Duh!

    Can’t he find anyone shorter than he is?

    Yes, but I don’t think Tom Cruise would be caught dead dating “little people” – you know, that whole image to uphold thing.

    Scientology is a total scam, a sham, I’d rather drink Jim Jones koolaid in the African desert than spend 100K to sit in classes while they tell me I need to live a more “pure, egocentric” existence.

    What a couple of knuckleheads – can’t wait until this one fizzles out – right after their respective movies make millions.

  • As fraudulent as the entire saga seems on the surface (and the same to Brangelina) it is nice to see celebrities have the same bullshit lives the rest of us do when you strip away the millions. Relgious affiliations (and lacks thereof) have both strengthened and brought down countless marriages and relationships.

    They are both still a couple of nipples.

  • Scientology may be a scam, but it did win L. Ron Hubbard his $50 bet with Robert Heinlein.


  • Eric Olsen

    I know next to nothing about Scientology other than what I read to write this post, but the name alone — “Scientology” — sounds like a religion made up by a sci-fi writer and cracks me up.

    Oh yeah, it was.

  • The Theory

    Nalle- that bet is legendary. haha. does anyone know what happened to Heinlein’s contribution to psuedo-relgion?

  • Katie can look after herself. As far as how they met, it’s not hidden at all. He said on Oprah that he made up a reason to have a meeting with her basically as her as a ruse.

    You know, Scientology has an actual “Celebrity Center” in LA.

    Thanks for the link to the Australian interview.

  • Maybe we should all thank L. Ron Hubbard for making up a religion and attaching it to the word “scientology.”

    If he hadn’t, by now there would probably be an academic specialty calling itself that. Thousands of students would major in it and thousands more would take the introductory courses to fulfill their degree requirements.

    At least this way, nobody can use their federal financial aid money on it. Not yet, anyway.

  • Eric Olsen

    as it stands, I guess there are worse places for egocentric people to blow their money

  • Would you all be so cavalier about another person’s religious beliefs if they were, say, Jewish or Catholic?

    Sorry, the slamming of certain religions reads like bigotry to me, and I have to speak out against it.

    That said, I must admit to experiencing a shiver when news came that Kate (what “her man” insists upon calling her because it supposedly makes her sound more grown up) Holmes had announced that she was converting to Tom Cruise’s religion. Not because the religion is Scientology, but because it appears she is deferring to “my man” on every level. I’ve also heard her deflect attention from her own film to “her man”‘s flick. Surely the team behind Batman Begins can’t be thrilled about this. Is a childhood crush worth losing one’s own identity?

    One more thing: Many women — myself included — are taller than their spouses. Get out of the dark ages.

    In fact, I am no fan of Tom Cruise, but I give him credit for two things: one, he gave two kids a loving family despite divorce, and two, he isn’t limited by that societal bullshit that says the man has to be taller.

  • Eric Olsen

    the post IS about her malleability, and I don’t think anyone was making fun of his beliefs, but about the preposterousness — from the outside — of Scientology, a religion created by a science fiction writer 50 years ago.

    I realize all religions appear preposterous from the outside

  • I agree with Eric. I don’t think anyone is mocking the sincerity of his beliefs. I know for my part… I am just mocking him. She does not rate enough with me to be mocked. And it’s not because I am sexist. It’s because she was not on the A-List before these rumours started.

  • Really? Re-read the comments — that’s where I see the hateful stuff, not in the post itself, which indeed appears to share my concerns for poor Ms. Pliable and her lord and master, Cruise the Controller.

  • HW Saxton

    IMO,I think that calling Scientology a
    “Religion” is stretching things a bit.
    Whatever works for you to get yourself
    philosophically and spiritually right is
    cool by me. Que Sera sera and alla that.
    But this was started by a Sci Fi writer
    a half a century ago and everything I’ve
    read and heard about it seems to point
    more towards a “Cult” than a “Religion.

  • H-Dub,

    But is it any skin off your back if it’s called a religion? What’s your barometer of what is and isn’t considered a religion?

    The IRS doesn’t consider it tax exempt (which actually works out, because all the people in it are celebrities who have enough money anyways) but some other countries do. They have churches, and I don’t think they’re waiting for a mass suicide so they can ride a passing comet.

    Lastly (and I haven’t had a venue yet to say this) but Katie Holmes’s parents live in my neighborhood. Nice house.

  • And Christianity was started by a carpenter.

    What is a cult?

    a particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies

    a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.

    a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols

    Some are considered wacky, others not, but they’re all cults — and the word in and of itself does not necessarily connote something negative. Any religion is a cult. Some are just bigger and more popular than others.

  • Nancy

    Well, I don’t have any inhibitions about being politically incorrect and making fun of their beliefs. They’re wacko. If you’ve ever read the book (‘Dianetics’), it’s got more holes than one of J. Lo’s dresses. That plus scientology’s track record for targeting ultra-wealthy entertainers for recruitment (they’d love to get at people like the Bushes, but Old Money is pretty impervious to their advances, and usually has the big bucks tied up in trusts so weak-minded family members can’t write those kinds of checks), not to mention their record (and convictions) for threats & violence against anyone or any organization that disses them (they were even threatening to take out the IRS at one point), tells me this is NOT an up-&-up sect; more like a quasi-pseudo-philosophic-self help version of the Mob.

  • Eric Olsen

    what is a “dangerous cult” and what is a legitimate “nurturing religion” is certainly the critical question and one that is open to much debate and interpretation

  • Nancy

    IMO, any organization that wants your money and control of your mind or your life is a ‘dangerous cult’, so that includes just about all the Christian denominations, some Jewish ones, and possibly Muslims, altho from what I understand, they’re a lot looser about requiring monetary support from their flocks. I don’t know enough about Buddhism, animism, and other more exotic (to me, at least) groups to say anything about them.

  • bhw

    I’m not too fond of Scientology. A guy who graduated in my college class got tied up with them, gave them every dollar he had, and then jumped off a building. You might say that he had problems that he brought with him to Scientology, which is possible, of course. But the “religion” bankrupted him and contributed to his problems. If Scientologists really wanted to help him, they’d have done it for free.

    Plus, his parents said that he changed *after* joining Scientology, not before.

  • L

    religon explains one’s beliefs as to why we are here. I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of a cult is except to get everyone to act in the same particular way. Religons don’t have everyone act the same way but there are morrals and behaviors that are followed. Like you shouldn’t steel, kill, have sex with different species. Cults sometime encourage beastiology, suiside. Sometimes cults can be mistaken for a religon, but you cannot call a religon a cult when there is a belief in a higher being of power like God.

  • L

    And Christianity does not make people pay money for anything. Yes an offereing plate is passed around and smoe churches maqy get carried away with wanting you to DONATE charities or starving kids in third world countries but you do not lhave to do anything you don’t want to. The only thing you have to do to become a Christian is to ask Jesus to into your heart. Might sound a little different if you are not a believer but people who become Christians generallly become happier. People who join cults gernerally do not.

  • Nancy

    I will interpret your comment to mean that you are not referring to organized religion/christian churches as such, but simply what is involved in becoming a christian per se. On the other hand, those roped into membership or even just attendance at a church are endlessly panhandled for money, and it ain’t for starving 3rd-world kids, either. I’ve never been in a christian church where they didn’t immediately have their hands out for donations for this, that & t’other thing that had nothing to do w/charity. On the other hand, I’ve been in many Jewish synagogues where money was never mentioned, even indirectly. Which leads me to comment, that for people who supposedly follow a religion founded by a guy who spurned money, wealth, and power, christians sure do spend a lot of time and effort on laying up money and precious things here on earth. And not for feeding the poor & sheltering the homeless, either. One look at most christian churches tells you where most christian priorities lie.

  • Yep. In my years in Catholic and Protestant churches, I have seen all manner of shilling — and too many people digging deep so as to avoid the pressure-filled tactics too many clergy employ to open congregants’ wallets.

    Folks are still using the word “cult” as insult. Which is OK; one of the definitions of the word has that negative connotation. But most of its definitions are neutral — and all religious faiths fit the bill of these.

    Let’s cut to the chase: “Is Scientology dangerous?” appears to be the question. I can’t answer that, but being a Christian, I know Christianity can be dangerous to many people. The same can be assumed for all faiths. Conversely, many people are helped or have their lives enhanced in some way by Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. I can only assume the same is true for Scientology. We hear horror stories and we hear salvation stories. bhw’s friend obviously and tragically was harmed, at least in part, by his Scientology experience. Tom Cruise and others say they have benefitted greatly from theirs. Mileage varies and people will opt for what works for them.

    As far as Kate Holmes, I can only hope that whatever decisions she makes are hers, not “her man’s.”

  • Eric Olsen

    well said, Nat, I agree on all counts

  • Scientology defined: Xenu evil interegalactic dictator who ruled hundreds of worlds across the galaxy 75 million years ago was overthrown, his followers were subsequently put in volcanoes on earth and blown up with atom bombs..now thier souls reincarnate into us as body theatans causing all human misery…sound crazy..thats scientology. Now you have to pay them to use E meters to “audit” these thetans out of you. Have fun Katie and Tom.

  • Eric Olsen

    L. Ron figured all that out for himself, did he?

  • My best friend is a Jewish Scientologist. My kid’s babysitter is a Catholic Scientologist.

    Of course, if you assume all the BS you read on web boards is the “ultimate truth” about Scientology, you’d say “OMG, how could that be!!”

    Answer: Because most posts on web boards like these are NOT the ultimate truth.

  • mimi

    Has anyone seen the Steve Martin movie “BOWFINGER”…it has a wonderful take off on the cult

  • Dee

    I doubt your friend is a Jewish Scientologist (not possible) and your kids babysitter is a Catholic Scientologist?

    First off, you know the religion of your kids babysitter? Man, that’s pretty FREAKY SICK.

    Scientology is as much of a religion as say, a duck is a reptile. It’s crap. Even L. Ron’s own son said basically, “my dad’s a lunatic, and I don’t believe a word of scientology”

  • Eric Olsen

    interesting: my kids say the same thing all the time

  • Yeah, I hear that from my daughter all the time.

  • noname

    “…you cannot call a religon a cult when there is a belief in a higher being of power like God.” That is a quote from L. L, you obviously have done no research into this subject AT ALL. I mean, listen to yourself. So ALL cults that ever existed never had a believe in a God or gods? Surely you jest.

    Also, it’s funny you should all believe bhw’s story because it is a story printed all over the web (and I believe in the infamous article in “Time” magazine). It’s the same story as a kid in college who jumped out of a window holding $171 dollars in his hand. His parents said as soon as he became a Scientologist he “changed”. I couldn’t prove it, but it’s pretty obvious he’s lying. He just read the story and is saying he knew the guy. Can we put two and two together?

    As far as the actual issue goes, you all use the word “convert”. In case you don’t know, the core meaning of the word “convert” means to change from one thing to another, thus in religion converting means to change from one religion to another. So far I haven’t read anything so far that says Katie gave up Catholicism.

    It is also said in Scientology that you don’t need to give up your current religion to become a Scientologist. Obviously there might be some conflicting beliefs but that is up to you to sort out.

    Thus, unless you can actually, and kindly, provide me a link where Katie says she is no longer a Catholic using the word “convert” is erroneous. Please do your research next time, guys.

    Also, why exactly do people care about this crap? I don’t. Why am I here then, you ask? I just saw this link and was curious. Yeah, I’m curious but I don’t actually care. This girl, or should I say, lady, is a grown adult (26 no less) and can make her own decisions. Brainwashing or whatever other term you use to describe her unself-determined actions regarding Tom Cruise and Scientology is nothing more than speculation done by someone with nothing better to do than make crap up off the top of their head and read sleazy “news” sources known as tabloids.

    But quite a sad commentary on the world we live in, isn’t it?

    By the way, I would like to say Nancy made some very good points, actually intelligent ones. See, she actually shows she did some research. And, no, she did not promote Scientology so don’t try to play the “she’s obviously a Scientologist” card. More speculation.

  • noname

    I might also add this relationship is no more a sham than Nick and Jessica’s marriage. At least this pair is not making a reality show about their (soon-to-be) marriage. God, that show makes me sick, but that’s another story. I’m done.

  • Um, Mr. NoName, I know you have to attack those who say anything critical about the CoS, but your attack on bhw is without foundation. She happens to be a person of truth and integrity, so if she says her college friend ran into serious trouble after joining the church, I believe her. Are you insinuating that all of the stories are not true? If so, you impugn your own credibility.

    If the CoS works for you, that’s great. But do accept the fact that many people disagree and that many others have had negative experiences within your church. Accepting this does not diminish your successes.

    As for TomKat, I hope they are happy, but their relentless media show was worse than 100 seasons of Newlyweds. Thank the goddess they’ve given the public show a bit of a rest while he films Mission Impossible 2.

  • noname

    Natalie, like I said, this is a well-published story. She, or he, practically told the story word for word: friend in college joined the Church, friend spent lots of money and the Church kept asking for more, parents said their son “changed” and whatnot, friend jumped out of a window clutching $171. Do you need it spelled out for you?

    And in case you haven’t figured this out by now, people lie on the internet….

    On another topic, I REALLY must disagree with you on the Tomcat vs. “Newlyweds” issue. Come on, they had exposure, what, 1, 2 months? This “Newlyweds” B.S. has been going on 2 years plus. Furthermore, rather than showing a show or clip here or there as did Tom and Katie, this couple starred and still star (I believe) in a reality show an hour long every week, which is then re-run about 5 times a day. And that’s JUST what they did on their show. They also did and still do all the TV interviews, red carpet attendences, magazine articles, etc. And even still, Tom and Katie are SEPARATELY more talented than Nick and Jessica combined. They only made that show because they wanted more money and their careers were in a slump. I mean, what were they doing right before that show first aired?

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t dislike the media coverage of Tom and Katie, but at least they’re (well, everyone agrees Tom is at least) genuine. Nick and Jessica are just dancing for MTV.

  • noname

    Also, why does Dee say there’s no such thing as a Jewish Scientologist?

  • noname

    Also, in regards to L and Nancy’s comment regarding Christian churches asking for donations, have any of you ever heard of a little place called The Vatican? You don’t even need to look to Italy in fact. Just look at some of the older churches here in Amerrica. They’re quite impressive architecturally and in terms of luxury. How do you think those places got built?

    I’ve also said before that I think it is VERY unfair of you to attend a church and not give any money to it, even if it’s entirely voluntary. If you’re a practicer of a religion and do it on your own time at your own house or whatever, fine. You don’t need to give any money to them. But when you go to a church that a group of people spend their time to maintain and carry out various services there, they should be rewarded, or rather, given some sort of monetary exchange. I’m not saying they deserve to be rich; they just deserved to get something back. If you don’t want to give, stay at home then. Don’t be a freeloader ’cause no one likes a freeloader.

  • Eric Olsen

    I agree with you that it is only fair to help defray the costs of operating the church you attend, Mr. Name, although the Church o Scientology seems to benefit more than most.

    And re Jessica and Nick vs Tom and Katie: I would say Tom’s PR campaign surroundign the release of War of the Worlds was the moral equivalent of a reality show

  • Right you are, Eric.

    Mr. Name, obviously our mileage varies on the TomKat issue.

    And of course some people lie on the Internet. I imagine some of those some people are Scientologists.

  • noname

    O.K., regarding this Tomkat vs. “Newlyweds” issue, come on. Tom Cruise’s PR a reality show? He was promoting a movie, not creating a whole show about how he has to clean up Katie’s dirty laundry. Seriously, the Newlyweds are way worse.

    Also, I guess I can understand your view on the Church of Scientology benefitting more than the Christian Church (used as a general term), but please explain why you think the Vatican somehow shows less of the Church’s wealth. How much you think just a single marble column they have on the front steps is worth?

    Furthermore, this isn’t to be deragatory (so don’t take it as such), but generally Scientologists have to and do spend more hours in church than Christians (not counting staff). That’s just the way the religion is set up. That’s all I’m saying. So it would make sense if a Scientologist donated more money to their Church than if a Christian donated to them. Once again, I’m just stating a statistical fact here, so don’t yell at me for saying one religion is superior to another or that I’m disrespecting Christians, because I’m not.

    Natalie, yes, people do lie on the internet and some are probably Scientologists. However, some liars are easier to spot than others, including this bhw, as his/her story is the exact one “Time” magazine published. I mean, let’s use some common sense here.

  • KYS

    Has anybody heard about these two lately?

  • hollz

    i wish shed wake up and see that this stupid religon is a sham, she is being brainwashed and he is using her because know other girl is stupid enough to convert to his so called`religon` and i think thats the truth!!

  • Hollz

    1 more thing katie should make her own choses and i hope tom isnt doing them for her this cult or whatever it is is the most stupidest think i have every heard of-katie i hope you know what your getting yourself into!HAVE FUN!
    who agrees???