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Katie Couric – Reports from Iraq Day 1

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So our number one female anchor, Katie Couric, goes to Baghdad to help us to better understand the nature of the war. Get real! She went to boost her ratings and save her job.  Don't think anybody really expected groundbreaking reporting when CBS sent Katie Couric to Baghdad, so no one was disappointed.

However, she made a comment in her Day 1 report, Greetings from Iraq that was disturbing, inappropriate, and insensitive:

Its ironic that I was in New Orleans last week, which seems like nirvana compared to Baghdad. You can’t help but wonder if this place will survive, much less thrive. Meanwhile, all U.S. and Iraqi soldiers patrolling the streets have my renewed respect and appreciation. One-hundred-and-ten degrees with full-body armor and heavy uniforms. I don't know how they do it. But they do, and we should be grateful.

New Orleans as nirvana? You must be kidding! Ask the people of New Orleans, many of them lost everything. Nirvana – not even close. They would like many of us find the comparison between New Orleans and Baghdad inappropriate and insensitive, especially coming from someone like you, a pampered rich white journalist.

Again, from our pampered CBS anchor:

I don't think most Americans understand what the Green Zone is, and many people feel those who live and work there are so cut off from whats happening in the rest of the city that it is like living in a bubble. I guess that's why the author of a recent book on the zone named it “Imperial Life in the Emerald City. Our living conditions are hugely luxurious compared to what most Iraqis experience. We've taken over a house rented from a wealthy Iraqi entrepreneur; it has air conditioning, multiple televisions (which makes sense, of course), and a pretty spacious kitchen.

We understand the concept of the Green Zone. We have looked at enough rich houses in the suburbs with the fancy cars in the driveways to understand the concept of a green zone.  

Katie really thinks that she is going to learn something new here:

"I'm anxious to talk to General Petraeus, to other top military brass, to some of the soldiers, and to Ambassador Crocker to get a better handle on the political situation."

I am sure that you understand that nothing will be learned here! Oh well, Katie is on her way to Syria.

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  • daryl d

    she’s so damn perky!!!

  • Katie Couric is not a bubblehead, but she plays one on TV.

  • bliffle

    Why would anyone at anytime pay attention to that TV bubblehead?