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Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List

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This is the best reality show that follows around a celebrity. Unlike Being Bobby Brown, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List is one of the reality shows that makes a celebrity look better.

Kathy Griffin is a stand-up comedian. Her biggest role was her four year job on NBC’s Suddenly Susan, starring Brooke Shields. Kathy is also well known for her recurring part on Seinfeld. She’s also had guest appearances on ER and Mad About You. Kathy considers herself to be on the D-List, the bottom of the Hollywood Celebrity barrel.

The reason why this is such a refreshing show is that Kathy doesn’t hide anything. She lets the cameras see everything. Her emotional moments and some very embarrassing moments. Kathy could have just said, “No! You’re not showing this.” But she doesn’t. It shows what life is truly like on the D-List.

The series has had some great moments. The most memorable one was Kathy’s fundraiser. She worked for months to get big name celebrities to appear. The biggest one that showed up was Ray Romano. Ray only showed up for 15 minutes, but Kathy was more than happy that he just showed up.

Her endless promotion of her DVD, Kathy Griffin: Allegedly, has been a big part of the show. On one of the episodes she goes to a store in New York for a DVD signing. 11 people show up. It was very embarrassing for her. But her talk of the DVD on the show has worked. It’s #61 on the DVD sales charts at amazon.com. On Netflix, it’s on very long wait to rent it.

One of the better moments of the show was when Kathy appeared on Jay Leno. She was very excited and had lots of plans for the show. After the show Kathy was seen getting into the limo crying. She was in tears because Jay Leno made a rude comment to her and embarrassed her.

Kathy isn’t the only person on this show. Her husband Matt is just a wonderful person, especially having to deal with all of Kathy’s neurotic behavior. He’s been seen putting weights in his pockets to get Gastric Bypass Surgery and selling DVDs outside of Kathy’s stand-up shows. Kathy’s parents are also a hoot to watch. They aren’t as outspoken as she is, but you can see where she gets her humor from.

It’s a great reality show. One of the cream of the crop. This isn’t even a guilty pleasure show. It’s just a great show to watch and you don’t feel disgusting afterwards. Watch this show! You won’t regret it!

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  • i have to admit that it made me laugh out loud several times.

    it was particularly funny when they popped up the labels for her gay friends.

  • Joe

    Kathy Griffin is one of the funniest ladies in the world. It really is disappointing that people don’t give her a little more recognition because she is fantastic.

  • Kathy is a riot: a good deal funnier than many comics or so-called ones. Here’s hoping she jumps to the A list real soon.

  • I get the feeling that Kathy is happy on the D-List where she can snipe at the A, B, and even the C Listers.

  • emmarose

    I think because she is not clasically beautiful or tall she’s always had to work harder than the gorgeous women which sucks because she has 10X their personality. I do like seeing her great parents, pretty cool husband, and awesome house she lives in. She’s obviously made some money to live in that house. It’s gorgeous!!!

  • Baba O

    Kathy Griffin can’t even qualify as a has-been; she’s a cut-rate never-was. She’s also as phony as a $3 bill and uses people like they’re Kleenex.

    She’s had her fifteen minutes, plus extra five because, like a slow-motion train wreck, she’s hard not to gawk at – as painful as it may be – if for no other reason than perverse, morbid curiosity.

  • MM

    Never liked Kathy before viewing her special “Kathy Griffin is not Nicole Kidman.” After snorting coffee through my nose several times, I had to pay homage to her. The Oprah routine…OMG I almost wet my pants. Thanks for the grins, Kathy…

  • Puff

    She can dish but can’t take it. Jay leno made her cry cuz he doesn’t think she’s pretty? WAHH!

  • ok..so i really dont understand why people who don’t like kathy griffin would take the time to post rude remarks about her..seriously, if you’re not a fan of kathy griffin, dont take the time to post mean things about her. what’s the point? its so stupid! I love kathy griffin, I lover her show, her bravo specials and especially seeing her live!! I got to see her in Minneapolis, Minnesota two nights ago..I almost wet my pants like every two seconds..kathy is without a doubt REDICULOUSLY, laugh until you cry, pee your pants hillarious! she is TRAMENDOUSLY talented!! She’s so stunningly gorgeous so screw Jay Leno, he can go to hell.. She looks GREAT in whatever she wears, I dont know why she’s ever on the worst dressed lists.. I love her, she’s amazing!

    kathy’s biggest fan ever,
    Jessica lowry

  • peg b-CNS,PSY..

    Hi Kathy–Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your comedy especially the Iraq piece, that was terrific. I am married 38 yrs. & we are expecting our first grandchild in March 2007 & are comtemplating moving to California or keeping our two homes, that would be one in Ma., & Florida. I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychiatry (Masters prepared with prescription priviledges)and I am equipped to be a “Life Coach” I enjoy using humor in my practice and it works very well. I would really enjoy meeting you & discussing the benefit of humor regardless of what circumstances people happen to be in, I hope to hear from you soon, my e-mail adress is (see initial page) —-Thank you so much, Peg B

  • Julie Powell

    Love your show Kathy…Also, sorry for your recent divorce situation but I hope the money goes to the much needed hair root growth on the top of his head.
    I can recommend a place off Rodeo and he can go in the back gates. Hee Hee!!!
    Sorry he stole but I am curious to know why didn’t he just ask if he needed money?

  • Conan Obrien

    That’s a fair call puff. She can dish it but she can’t take it. In the same episode she is crying/being offended by jays comment she said tommy lee looks like 5 miles of bad road… Well she looks like 10 miles of bad road.