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Katharine McPhee To Guest Star On Ugly Betty

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American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee and fourth place finisher Chris Daughtry continue to hand Taylor Hicks his own ass. Bombshell McPhee, whose album comes out at the end of this month, will be playing herself in a guest spot on an upcoming episode of ABC hit comedy Ugly Betty. When asked about her stint on the show by Access Hollywood she said, "I literally found out yesterday, yesterday afternoon… and it was really exciting. America is just so sweet."

Though some are wondering if this singer can act, what many may not know is that was already an actress before her days on Idol. In fact, in an odd twist of fate, she actually auditioned for Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which Golden Globe nominated Ugly Betty star America Ferrera starred in

Katharine obviously didn't get a part in the movie, but I'm sure she's not singing any shoulda coulda wouldas now. The episode is set to air on February 1, a day after her self-titled debut album hits stores.

I'm still quite disappointed her first single is that generic JoJo-sounding "Over It" mess, though I guess it'll probably do well on the charts no matter how much the chorus annoys the hell out of me. "Dangerous" is way better than any of the other songs I've heard from her, and from what I've been told, it's not even on the album. Nor is "I Lost You", which apparently was a Whitney Houston track that she decided not to use on her upcoming CD.

Either way, I can't wait to see my McPhee in action with America Ferrera, Vanessa Williams, and Michael Urie.

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  • Nothlithawk777

    Dangerous IS on the album, but you’re right that I Lost You is not…

  • dubbs

    Dangerous is on the album, don’t worry…here’s the tracklisting according to amazon

    1. Love Story
    2. Over It
    3. Open Toes
    4. Home
    5. Not Ur Girl
    6. Each Other
    7. Dangerous
    8. Ordinary World
    9. Do What You Do
    10. Better Off Alone
    11. Neglected
    12. Everywhere I Go

  • Over It

    Thanks for the Katharine news! I love Dangerous & Over It!

  • Julie

    I agree that Daughtry is riding the charts and doing very well for himself. But when has Mcphee done anything? She’s a celebrity who can sing, just one in a million that does the same like Paris Hilton. She doesn’t touch Taylor in a million years…unless she’s going to have another dress malfunction.

  • Ricky

    In Response to JULIE who thinks PARIS HILTON CAN SING! LOL LMAO!!!!! ROFL!!!

    Ithink you need to get your EARS CLEANED OR FIXED If you think PARIS HILTON CAN SING!! You’ve got BIGGER PROBLEMS!
    NONE of Taylor’s Performances Can Rival Katharine “Da Bombshell” Mcphee’s Interpretation of Judy Garland’s “OVER THE RAINBOW”!!!

    THe Girl Can sing! OH and she’s Gorgeous to BOOT!

  • beth

    Taylor has better things to do than to be a a TV show. I wish Kat and Chris the best, but in a month Taylor will be out there doing what he does best and that is performing for the fans on tour. I respect the fact that you like Kat, but to degrade Taylor in the process is without class. Taylor still is and will always be the winner of American Idol 5. Why? Because he had more personality and more passion than any other contestant. Although, I do like Kat and Chris voices, they did not win the hearts of the voters with their passion, nor did they have the Soul Patrol behind them.

  • Julia

    Better things to do like what? Sit around and think about his flopping album?

    Personality and passion doth not a superstar make.

  • Ricky

    OH PLEASE!If it Was Taylor Guest starring on some crappy show You KNOW YOU and You’re Grey Haired Minions WOULD HAVE BEEN ALL OVER THAT!

    I smell Hypocrisy in the air! and it’s coming from blue haired Biddies with a stench of Ben Gay!

  • renee

    Whan Kat first auditioned, she was adorable. Now everytime you see her, she looks too Hollywood, sexual. What happened to the sweet looking girl we fell in love with? I guess anything to sell a record…

  • Doug

    Taylor’s album a flop? No it’s certified platinum JULIA!

  • Sammy

    Taylor and Chris both have platinum albums already,Taylor’s ass is on the platter? You don’t make sense.

  • Orson

    Yes, but Chris’ sales continue to flourish and grow, While Taylor’s album is dropping FAST. He’s reached a million SHIPMENTS, yes, which is what got his album the platinum status, but he has yet to reach a million albums actually sold–and probably won’t for quite a long time seeing as how his sales keep going downward. Looks like he’s another Fantasia/Ruben.

  • dino

    But to have a platinum album doesn’t mean he’s a total failure does it? A lot of bitter people out there you know.

  • Hugo Sanchhez

    Orson is right.Chris albums continnue to keep on getting higher on Amazon.It actually has gone higher than before,but not taylor’s.Chris’s has allready gone double platinum,but not taylor’s.Lets face it,chris is and will continue to be more succesfull than taylor.

  • dino

    Chris, Kathrine,and Taylor are ALL good. whining about who’s the best is just childish. They wouldn’t put each other down like this. So Chris is double platinum and Taylor is platinum, wasn’t chris’ album out a little longer than Taylors?
    I wish them all well, but Kelly Pickler will probably catch them all at the end. Who knows?

  • Jake

    No one’s whining about whose better. Hush.

    We’re talking about whose SOLD more. NEXT!

  • mike

    It’s too early to decide who’s going to sell more,it’s only been a few weeks and kellie Pickler just might end up on top. Sometimes things take strange turns don’t they.

  • Lee


  • Janet

    Orson,Tayor’s album IS platinum with one million SOLD.Where did you get the idea that it’s one million shipped?

  • Kat

    Personality and passion doth not a superstar make.
    I would love to see Taylor become a superstar, but I don’t NEED him to be. I’ll just continue to enjoy his music, regardless of whether he sells five million albums, or five thousand.

  • Mickey

    Poster #20…If Taylor only sells 5,000 albums, he will not make any more of them cuz no one is going to invest in him anymore so you won’t be able to hear him anyway unless you have a copy of AI6 and replay it over and over again.

  • Kat

    Poster #22–there once was a time when Taylor pressed his own CDs and sold them out of the back of his car. He sold 1500 copies of his first CD, In Your Time, and somehow managed to churn out another one, Under The Radar, as an independent release. So yes, it’s possible for an artist to make music without mainstream commercial success. There are many people who would love to see Taylor fail, but from my standpoint, as long as the man’s music is reaching his fans–whether it’s via RCA-produced CDs or via tape recordings of his bar performances–I win.

  • Mickey

    NOt so fast Kat…1500 copies of these self made albums does not make him a success story that is why he had to audition for AI. And where are these cd’s? Oh my bad…there were only 1500 of them so no one has a copy but 1500 of his closest friends.

  • Kat

    23–I never said 1500 copies made him a success; where did I say that? But this is pretty much the end of the road for my comments. It’s kind of clear from the tenor of your posts that you’d actually LIKE for Taylor to fail, so there’s no point in furthering the discussion. However, one way or another, I’ll be listening to Taylor Hicks in the future. And if for some strange reason he never makes music again, at least not for mass distribution? I’ll be disappointed, maybe a little sad, but you know, somehow I managed to live a happy and fulfilling life before Taylor Hicks graced my television screen…I think I’ll be able to do it again.

  • havingfun

    I wish them ALL well. I bought Chris’s CD. It’s good. I will buy Katharine’s. I absolutely LOVE Taylor’s CD. I strongly encourage you to give it a listen. There are
    5 songs on there that I love so much that I would put them up there with my favorite songs of all time !!! Please, please don’t count him out in your mind until you have actually listened to this CD several times thru !!!

    I do not plan to purchase tickets to see Katharine or Chris. I currently have tickets to three of Taylor’s upcoming concerts ( two are out of state ! ) and will also go to any other Texas stops he adds to his tour (currently Austin is the only one).

    A fact that is not mentioned above – Taylor’s CD has reached platinum WITHOUT a single being released !!! His single “Just To Feel That Way” will be released soon, maybe this week.

  • I have purchased Taylor Hicks’ CD and where I do love several tunes on the album, there are a few I can live without. I’m notably not moved to !!!
    If you know what I mean.

    I’ve heard McPhee’s first single to be released and I’m thoroughly unimpressed. The song sounds like the Disney teenie rockers my eight year old loves that you can hear performing on the soundtrack of “High School Musical”. Kat may do well within that market.

    I have a feeling that her niche will possibly lie more in the acting venue. She’s definitely an attractive lady and will find success.

  • First – Congratulations to Katharine for using her AI exposure to do what she really wants – act. Kudos to her. That’s what AI is for – exposure. You gotta work it. I was never a fan of her singing, but I know a lot of people do love her so they should be happy, too.

    #23 – “Not so fast Kat…1500 copies of these self made albums does not make him a success story that is why he had to audition for AI. And where are these cd’s? Oh my bad…there were only 1500 of them so no one has a copy but 1500 of his closest friends. ”

    Where are those CDs? Burning up eBay is where a lot can be found. They generally sell between $90 and $300 dollars a piece.

    “Success” has a different definition for everybody. One person’s idea may be selling out arenas and churning out the same kind of schlock that has been on the radio for the last five years. Another person’s may be playing smaller, more intimate venues and playing/singing music that touches people’s hearts and souls.

    As long as each of these singers/musicians is: 1)doing what they love and 2) making a living at it, I’d say they are BOTH successful.

    And yes, Chris’ album has been out longer (3 weeks longer).

  • BooYah

    Ok kids. Let’s get this straight.

    Chris Daughtry and Kat McPhee plug into the corporate music matrix like Lego blocks. They are PERFECT for pop/rock music, pop/rock music radio, pop/rock music charts, pop/rock music awards shows, pop/rock music. Simon Cowell was right – these two are marketable with “a capital K.” Whoopee. They will sell lots of albums that the unwashed masses are dying for, and if that’s what they both want, then they will not be disappointed. (Though I think music is a stepping stone for Kat. She belongs in front of a camera.)

    Taylor Hicks is a different animal all together. Hicks is indie. Always has been. He’s not interested in plugging into the matrix. And he’s most definitely not the pleasant and mild guy from the tv show. He’s the anti-idol. If you don’t know that by now, you’re not paying attention. And that’s OK.

    He’s said all along that he’s making the music he wants to make and if people like it, they’ll like it. And if they don’t, they won’t. But he’s making the music he feels no matter what. Success for him is not about sales reports(though he’s sold somewhere upwards of 700,000 without having released a single). Musical success to Hicks is making the music he feels, and having a bunch of very cool, musically hip people listen to it, watch it, and buy enough of it that he can keep doing it.

    That’s called artistic integrity, and for Taylor Hicks, it’s not for sale.

    These are the kinds of artists I have always listened to and admired. I’m a serious music fan – a connoisseur. What an A&R company, or a record label, or a distributor, or a Clearchannel DJ would like me to listen to is completely irrelevant to my life. I go FIND what I like. These are Taylor Hicks fans. Real music people – both fans and musicians – know who he is. See you at SXSW in Austin!!!

    And that’s the truth. Take it or leave it.

  • Jane

    LMAO @ Taylor Hicks being indie. Yeah, right.

    And maybe you’d have some sort of a point, if Taylor’s CD actually STUCK to his so-called artistic integrity. Instead, he made a bland, generic CD that wishes it had soul, it didn’t get great reviews, and everyone’s forgotten about him.


  • anne

    BooYeh…You got that right.Taylor’s voice is pure and the CD has something for everyone. I feel sorry for radio listeners who feel the louder you scream and the angrier you appear or the more you can shake you a$$ your making music. Jane did you watch the American Music Awards this year? Is that what you call music that is not generic and bland ,if it is PLEASE GOD BRING ON TAYLOR HICKS TO SAVE US FROM IT. Jane have you listend to the CD? If you can’t hear the soul in The Right Place your not pay attention.

  • Ann

    Tisk! Tisk! Tisk! All this wrangling, and chit-chatting, and hub-bub; it’s like the blind-leading-the-blind. I say to myself: “These people refuse to open their eyes to a harsh truth, which, simply stated is:

    “You can fool some of the people some of the time;
    You can fool some of the people all of the time;
    BUT: You CAN’T fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Believe me people, TPTB(the powers that be) that are behind American Idol do not fool everyone, and they most certainly do not fool me. To say that Taylor Hicks is the “anti-Idol” is to hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head. Not so much because he is against the “Idol Powers”, but, vice-a-versa, they are squarely against him; or shall we say they underestimated his appeal to the public. They can’t wrap their arrogant, uppity, controlling, money-hungry butts around the fact that, indeed, Taylor IS the winner of their own show (he’s the AMERICAN IDOL); not Kat, nor Chris, nor Kellie, nor anyone else from season 5; and it stings like hell for them, especially Simon Cowell (ouch! can ya say “bruised ego”)

    Be that as it may, what’s done is done; like it or not, the public spoke(voted), and Taylor won. This brings me to the point of my posting, it’s called “Album Sales Scheme/Scam”. There is no way under God’s heaven that Chris sold the amount of CD’s that is being purported; IT’S A SCAM, and it’s easy to pull-off (I’ve done my homework folks) The saddest part of this is that this “falsifying numbers” was backed-up by TPTB.
    They have risked their integrity, and even the life of their own show (when all this is revealed to the public), just to prove a point.

    If you think I’m just kidding, you’re wrong. Take a look at the American Idol homepage and see if you can find anything about Taylor, who is the reigning American Idol. I believe that the top ten idols were all talented, but for TPTB to stoop this low is unforgiving. For an example of how this scam works, just google “record sales inflation scheme” and see how Jay-Z’s label was slapped with a lawsuit for fabricating numbers reported to SoundScan in order to propel his CD up the charts. IT’S DISGUSTING!

  • Connie

    #31- Ann
    Thank you for putting this out in the open. It is exactly what I have suspected all along.
    Whether some people want to believe it or not, I did not see any evidence that Chris had such a large fan base or had gained so many fans as to sell 40,000+ albums a week.Thank you for the info. If one has been paying attention, there have definitely been signs of the TPTB being against Taylor. As you said, it is DISGUSTING!

  • BooYah


    As I said, “If you don’t know Taylor Hicks by now, you’re not paying attention. And that’s OK.”

    And it really is OK. There’s no need to fight about it. “Peace, everybody.”

  • BooYah

    Ann –

    I’m sorry, I disagree. 19E (American Idol) is promoting Chris, Kat, Kellie, etc., because they are 19E properties. The company has an investment in these singers.

    Taylor Hicks, on the other hand, outwitted them on yet another front by getting himself out from under the 19E contract, and signed with private management before he even won the show.

    They may hate him, but it’s got nothing to do with music. It’s because 1) he beat them, and 2) they can’t profit from him in the way they want to.

  • BooYah

    Ann – also, I completely believe that Daughtry sold exactly as reported. And um … in my world, who cares? (I also don’t care what Beyonce sells, btw.)

  • Ann


    While I respectfully hope that we can “agree to disagree”, I will say this in response:

    If you think that they have had no say in Taylor’s career thus far, I would suggest you think again. While it is true that Kat and Chris and Kellie are managed by “19 Management”, this management company falls under the umbrella of “19 Entertainment” which is now a very diversified company that has many subsidiaries. If you go to Wikipedia and look up “19 Entertainment” you will see Taylor’s name listed as one of their clients.

    They all signed a recording contract with “19 Entertainment” but unlike the others, Taylor is not being managed by “19 Management”, he is being managed by “The Firm” (which is a management firm that believes in giving the artist it represents more “artistic/creative control”) a business model that shifts power back to the artist, and the focus back to the music itself.

    They are not all signed under the same record company and label within the SonyBMG Music capsule:
    Taylor: Arista/JRecords
    Kat: RCA/19
    Chris: RCA/19
    Kellie: BNA/19

    By no means is he free from any input from SonyBMG
    of which Simon Cowell has an invested interest in, and Arista/JRecords of which Clive Davis is C.E.O., or 19 Entertainment which was founded by Simon Fuller; they also have an investment in Taylor as well as the others.

    So, while I don’t totally disagree with you, because it is business first with these head honchos, I firmly believe they wanted to “stick-it-to-Taylor”, which makes it very personal and unfair; not to mention illegal by skewering those sales numbers of which you have no interest in, but, believe me, the above mentioned companies LIVE for those numbers.

  • BooYah

    Thank you Ann. Good response.

    I was simplifying for brevity. I agree with everything you say. I agree that Taylor is not entirely free of 19 Entertainment, or (certainly) Sony/BMG. If he were, his debut album would have had some very different stuff going on. And he wouldn’t have performed “Do I Make You …[have positive feelings about my accomplishments]” a single time since the show’s end.

    But he did beat them. He didn’t shut them out, but he came out with a higher score than they did. What I said was “they can’t profit from him IN THE WAY THEY WANT TO”.

    But the fuller discussion is, I hope, instructive for some, and appreciated.

  • CG

    Wow! Ann, you’ve definately opened my eyes and your post makes so much sense. You explained a lot. Thanks!

  • BooYah, you speak many wise words. Taylor has always stated he wanted to do music his way. That’s why he wanted to win…and that’s what he’s doing. It doesn’t matter what Idol and their management do or don’t do for him anymore…Taylor is taking care of himself, have no doubt there 🙂

  • This is a good discussion I think 🙂

  • CG

    Great discussion. I’m learning (and sharing to others) so much information. It all makes so much sense now.

    Kudos to Taylor for “beating the AI system”. I am more impressed with him now than before! And I was reeaaallyy impressed before.

  • CG

    Hey Gypsee, it’s CG or GC (the other one) if ya get it:)

  • MJC

    ANNE – Re: Message #10, Feb. 10, 2007

    I am coming in late on this topic. Anne, I certainly appreciate your very insightful comments concerning CD sales, shams, and etc.

    First, I am not a Chris Daughtry fan. I would like to know how it’s possible to prove that his CD sales figures are faked? What would be the purpose in that? To encourage sales or what?


  • hicksfan7

    I realize my comment on this Taylor Hicks / Daughtry / McPhee discussion is a little late….

    I just gotta say – it seems that Katherine’s goal (towards her own idea of success) is just to LOOK HOT at all times. Too bad about the rest of her “talents”.

  • Ann

    MJC; In response to Post #13 of Feb. 16, 2007:

    It would seem a great deal of people are “coming in late”, or are “slow to catch on” to this VERY IMPORTANT topic of “CD Sales Inflation scheme”. I suspect, the real truth is, that most have entertained the thought, but choose to bury their heads in the sand, including some of those in powerful positions in the music/radio/television industry; (afterall, it’s politics with them, and it’s “who you know”)…everybody knows that saying: “it’s hard to crack a nut”, many of them work in cohoots.

    News of this nature is kept very hush-hush by the ties that bind, it could be a potential bombshell if uncovered, so they have “covered” all their bases (interpreted: meaning they have carefully orchestrated and planned a certain Idol’s career from the very day that Taylor won the title of American Idol.) They never intended to give Taylor ANY real backing; in fact, their intent was the opposite, which was to pimp the Idol of their choice through:
    a. inflated/skewered CD sales
    b. radio payola (airplay boost)
    c. VH1 Video
    d. Featured AI Swan Song (Home)

    It CAN, and I believe, WILL be uncovered. I believe that what is done in darkness, shall be brought to light. Read these articles to see how
    a scam can be perpetrated
    without being detected.

    Katharine will be just fine, because they are looking out for her as well, but it’s totally unfair to Taylor to let this whole saga be written off as “he just didn’t fit, or make the cut”, when in reality, it’s a set-up to make him appear unsuccessful as an artist, and to attempt to make themselves appear that they were right all along about who should have won.

    Some say, “the competition is over”; I say this has nothing to do with competition, because Taylor WON that competition/contest hands down; but it does have everything to do with “ego” and the flexing of the powerful industry muscle. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Daughtry fan, or a McPhee fan, or a Taylor fan; if only it were that simple. The issue at hand, I believe, goes deeper than that, much deeper. There are career’s at stake here, this is a serious matter; they are trying to make(Daughtry) and break(Taylor), that simply cannot, and should not be tolerated, and most certainly, should be investigated.

  • MJC


    Thank you very much for your comments. Quite naturally, I am stunned by these events. I am a fan of Taylor’s no doubt. Since this investigation is on going and I know it is because of an ABC article which appeared on their website, with the Atty Gen. (video) and they show the groups or artists who are being investigated and one was Maroon 5 and that group is under Clive Davis and Entertainment 19 umbrella. What do you make of this? I would think this has nothing to do with anyone but the ones mentioned here…such as Chris D. and Katherine…because those two are being given FULL advantage, especially Chris D. I have reviewed the play lists for hundreds of radio stations and one in particuliar in the area where I live, spun his CD 78 times in ONE day. Now what does that say about that? VERY scary. I would appreciate your response to this, your very knowledgeable. THANKS.

  • Celeste

    ahem, go McDaughtry!

  • FoggyMountain

    I’m so happy to read this discussion. I’ve felt for some time that Chris’s sales numbers were inflated. It just didn’t set well deep within my soul,and, I felt that something was horribly wrong someplace, but, just couldn’t put my finger on it.
    It now seems that Taylor is outsmarting them again by selling copies of IYT at his concerts. They have no stakes in this album. How I admire that man! They wanted Chris and Kat all along to be #1, and, #2 as evidenced from a very little known fact that Clive had both of them attend a pool party with him. Why weren’t Taylor or Elliott invited? When he refused to sing the first song they handed him for the finale, they knew they had a tiger by the tail. Roar!! You go Taylor. Yet, I feel sorry for Chris and Kat if they are indeed pawns in this game 19E and AI are playing. To some extent Taylor is too, but, is being thrown under the bus by them.

  • Sugar&Spice

    Ann, is it possible that they may also be deflating Taylor’s numbers to make him look like a failure and, now with all the negative media saying he is broke, and a fake idol. Could it be tptb are behind this as well?

  • chocho

    Kat is not mananged by 19 at all. She has a contract with 19 Recordings. Her manager is Guy Oseary. Other than that I find the theory interesting because outside of a couple AI fans, I don’t know anyone who even knows who Daughtry are much less owns the album.

  • Anonymous

    This has been an interesting read…I am a fan of Daughtry and Kat but I’m not sure so much inflation is going on for Katharine, not yet anyway. I think she is valauble to RCA because she is glamorous and gets endorsement deals, magazine covers and is basically reached a point where she is a household name. Quite unusual for an Idol but Katharine is the epitome of what an American Idol should look like and sound like so it makes sense as to why she will always be backed up. She’s like a pop verison of Carrie…and RCA wants her to be a big pop star for them.

    I do think Taylor got the shaft…he’s sort of being swept under the rug…I don’t think he’ll be invited back this season. I’m not sure what the deal with Chris’ sales are but I know a lot of people are suspicious…

  • onegoal

    Katharine might not have sold as many albums, but shes being marketed in the media very well. I think its her overall cute personality, her charming looks is why the media and press is crazy over her.

    I agree shes the prettiest girl Ive ever seen in my life.

    Nick is VERY lucky to have a chick like her. Wow I wish I had a girl like that.

    Oh Mcphee!!

  • onegoal

    Katharine might not have sold as many albums, but shes being marketed in the media very well. I think its her overall cute personality, her charming looks is why the media and press is crazy over her.

    I agree shes the prettiest girl Ive ever seen in my life.

    Nick is VERY lucky to have a chick like her. Wow I wish I had a girl like that.

    Oh Mcphee!!

  • onegoal

    I also forgot to add I dont post as much anymore, because a source told me Kat thinks Im a freak, and I creeped her out on her myspace.

    Btw I was watching a show on Dr. Phil. It was about people obsessed, stalkers. Well the one girl they had on there she was all over Jayz emailed him like 200 times, called his office all the time ect. Anyways Im not like that, Im just a big fan, but i can see why she wouldnt like the stuff I said about her so thats why I backed down.

    Here is the dr phil episode.

  • mite

    Ann, is this all based on a hunch? Perhaps Jay-Z did do this but that doesn’t mean RCA is “inflating” Daughtry’s sales. You have no way of knowing that “there is no way under God’s heaven that Chris sold the amount of CD’s..” Is that all you’re going by? Where’s the concrete evidence? You know what I think? I think you’re talking out of your ass.

  • Onegoal is a freak.


    Will you please stop posting in any Katherine McPhee thread you see on the internet?

    We saw the insane postings you did on her Wikipedia entry. You are a freak.

  • hi kathren in ur fan love ur eyebrows

  • Katatonic

    I’m a Katharine McPhee fan. I don’t have any interest in any other Idols so I don’t spend any time on websites having anything to do with the other idols. I just wish that the fans of the other idols who don’t like Katharine, would treat her the same way – just stay away from web pages about her. It is unbelievable the amount of time Katharine’s supposed haters spend on her. I wish you would all just go away – spend your time on your idol, ignore Katharine. Everyone will be so much happier. Why would you want to focus on something that is so negative for you all the time? Person before me is a great example of insanity.

  • Elizabeth

    Dear Ann,
    I recently found the post in speech marks below on another website and it seems to relate to things you have mentioned. I agree with your last posts. However the saddest thing to me is that the deed has been done and nothing can change the fact that the media believe the hype that surrounds an artist who is heavily promoted. Some artists and two Idols (not the winner Taylor) are pushed endlessly at us in the media. I’m so tired of the copy/paste media articles that are constantly comparing cd sales by both artists and pitting them against Taylor

    I recently read this on Splash which may explain a little further why it ‘appears’ that Taylor is a ‘failure’ since he ISN’T part of this clever ploy.

    you will find this post at Number 1177

    ” Let me get this straight after wading through the comments here, which seem like a poor attempt to divert the focus away from the issues here. This is a report saying Chris Daughtry is the best selling artist from 2007, right? Weeding out the idiots on here was easy but the information I got from those that could hold a conversation seems to be this. Please correct me if I’m wrong as I am only reporting on things I have deduced from here;

    1. Articles linked here have reported that Big Record Labels are supplying boxes of free cds to some Big Retailers
    In return the Big Retailers at some level scan the cd through several times to increase the cd sales numbers reported to Soundscan.

    2. This trick is used to gain or maintain high cd sales of a labels particular favored artists numbers in the charts each week.

    3. The Big Record Labels WIN because this maintains the image that their favored artist is more popular, seemingly tricking the general public into buying that persons cd because it ..” must be good, look at its high sales !”

    4. The Big Retailers WIN because they have boxes full of free cd’s to make a profit on and they also scan the cd again when it actually gets sold, I assume, again increasing the sales numbers.

    5. The Big Record Labels are part of Umbrella Music/Ent Companies who make up the biggest shareholders on the Board Of Directors of the RIAA.

    6. The RIAA are the people who give a cd its gold/platinum status.

    7. In effect the Big Record Labels have the major say then, in who gets the Gold /Platinum certification !! That is why it is in their best interests to find a way for their favored artists cd to ‘seemingly’ have the most sales.

    8. From another source it seems the same Big Record Labels or their Umbrella Music/Ent Companies have also been involved in Payola or Pay for Radio airtime and fined $12 million dollars.

    It has taken a while to co-relate this information but it certainly makes sense as to why many cds stay up in the charts for weeks if that is what is happening.

    Seems like this must be known but nobody speaks up because they are all making money from it!!

    I guess if it’s fixed don’t break it, ha,ha,ha !!!!!! John CA”

    If you notice as I have, that all the other Idols have slipped down the charts yet two ( one former Idol and one that didn’t win ) remain constantly midway in the top 40, their numbers fluctuating and rising according to what is happening with sales that week. The possibility of anyone maintaining the numbers that they are both selling each week is just not credible. One has had their cd out for well over 88 weeks and the other at 35 ?

    I adore Katharine and feel she has been abandoned.
    I believe Taylor has been set up to ‘fail’ hugely
    by who people who did not want him to succeed.

  • pete

    I really feel sorry for the Taylor fans who have created every conspiracy theory to explain his failure.