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Kaspersky 2010 — Even Better Than Its Predecessors!

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So, now you are in 2010, all set to face new challenges. However, when it comes to online security and threats related to it, there is nothing more reliable than Kaspersky. The good thing is that now you can also lay your hands on the latest version of Kaspersky – Kaspersky 2010!


Like other versions, it also promises to provide you with top-level security. Let’s take a closer look at what Kaspersky 2010 has to offer.

The very first likable thing about Kaspwersky 2010 is that it works effortlessly on 32-bit and 64-bit systems. You should have Windows Vista, XP, or Windows 7 to make it run properly. In standard antivirus detection and removal tests, it has performed well and protects Internet browsing, emails, and IM communications from spam and malware that threaten the integrity of your data.

The combination of some basic and advanced tools makes Kaspersky antivirus an integral part of most PC security systems. It is worth mentioning that this software comes with Kaspersky BitHunt, which is proactive malware protection system and identifies most email-borne malicious programs. It comes with a bi-directional firewall, which is quite strong by the way. Many users have found it to do well against phishing and network attacks. Not only does it help blocking spam, but it also helps in filtering the content before displaying it, and also provides users with better parental control. Since this software has a combination of standard and advanced technologies, it seems like a right option to protect your PC from malware, keyloggers, botnets, spyware, zero-day attacks, and other complete threats.

So there are many benefits to using Kaspersky 2010 for home users, but what about business users? Business users may also want this software as it is a simple way of avoiding investing in other hardware or software for better security. While, it bears mentioning that Kaspersky 2010 is still a pricier option compared to others such as Norton, its usefulness comes into focus when business requires high level of protection. The good thing is that it offers different solutions to business users in the form of Kaspersky 2010 Business Space Security and Kaspersky 2010 Enterprise Space Security. Business users have reported that Kaspersky 2010 Enterprise Space Security is a good way of protecting all types of devices, including smart phones, workstations, servers.

The bottom line is that Kaspersky 2010 is better than its predecessors.  It is easy to install and runs on all types of computers and networks. Also, the protection is guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement. On the downside, it comes with a hefty price tag, ordinary interface, and some other issues like rootkit scan takes some time and virus database updates are little slow to download. These aren't dealbreakers considering the protection, though, so if money is not your issue, check out the latest version, Kaspersky 2010.

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