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Karzai:”Your troops, my control”

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It is understandable that Hamid Karzai wants to know what’s up with the US troops inside his country…after all, they are in there and taking controll of stuff…and stuff…

It is also understandable that he warn clearly against any prisoner abuse by U.S. troops, especially after it was discovered that some of the Abu Ghraib alumni were in Afhganistan before being transfered to Iraq.

However, to demand complete control over U.S. troops? Whoa, buddy, whoa.

Hours before flying to Washington for talks with the President Bush, Afghan leader Hamid Karzai demanded greater control Saturday over American military operations in his country and called for vigorous punishment of any U.S. troops who mistreat prisoners.

“No operations inside Afghanistan should take place without the consultation of the Afghan government,” the told reporters.

Yeah? Maybe you should get your own troops, so they can conduct all the operations they want that will be in accordance to your government and your needs. While American troops are there, they will continue to conduct operation orders coming from their Army, not from your unstable government.


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  • RJ

    Well, the US can’t very well just leave Afghanistan. And Karzai knows this. So he’s playing a strong hand…

  • one with no name

    Karzai wants American troops to behave as the Afghan police behaves… like drunk thugs.

    Lets not forget, it was the Afghan police that killed 17 people while they were protesting about that Newseek/Guantanamo/Koran thingy. This is their idea of riot control… shoot to kill.

  • Ahh, as President Bush says, countries like their sovereignty…

  • False headline as usual. Consultation and control are not the same thing. The American military could work more closely with the government of Afganistan, without having to give up control over even one American soldier.

    In fact it would be a good strategic move for the United States to more clearly show respect for the sovereignty of Afghanistan. What better way to prove America has no imperial ambitions than to treat our allies as if they were really allies, and not merely subjects of an empire?

  • mustafah

    Looking back on Karzai’s demand it shows that he was well aware of what the U.S. planned to do. DISENGAGEMENT from Afghanistan. After handing “peace keeping” over to NATO, Afghanistan has slid back into civil war once again with suicide bombings wreacking havoc all over the country. But most americans don’t equate afghans as equal human beings so it doesn’t matter that more Afghans have died as a result of U.S. intervention than sepetember 11th. The U.S. had the oppurtunity to create an army and it gave up. The streets are patrolled by ruthless troops of warlords. The U.S. had the power to stop this. They didn’t. The U.S. had the power to end the world’s heroin problem. They didn’t. The U.S. had the oppurtunity to rebuild. They didn’t.