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The word karma, in its most common and universal sense, means action. In a broader sense as the law of karma, it refers to a cosmic network of cause-effect relationships brought about by our activities, the so-called law of cause and effect.

The concept of karma has found a great deal of appeal in answering the question of theodicy, or the perennial question, "Why do bad things happen to good people?". A common belief is that karma unfulfilled in the present life leads to reincarnation.

The concept of karma has filtered from its Hindu and Buddhist roots to contemporary culture on the fields of entertainment and literature among others, and bad karma is a piece of popular parlance in its own right.

Can you know your current karma status? Can you cancel out karmas you wouldn't care to face? Teachers ancient and modern have sought to define karma in the grand scheme of things. Few things are as certain as the fact that understanding karma is not as easy as it seems!

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