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Karl Rove: Sympathy for the Devil

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I wonder if Karl Rove's son Andrew's pledge name in his fraternity at Trinity University is 'Turd Blossom Junior', or maybe he played it smart and enrolled under a false name. It can't be easy on a liberal college campus when you're the son of the most hated man in America. You've got to give Karl Rove his due. For a nerdy, awkward and superficially harmless looking kid who was abandoned by his father, whose mother committed suicide and who then dropped out of three different colleges, it's quite an achievement by the age of 57 to be more hated than Osama bin Laden, Kim Jong Il and Robert Mugabe rolled into one. You have to wonder what kind of debilitating mental disease his wife Darby suffers from that she would be so unwise as to marry such a monster.

Rove's primary crime after starting his career with a Nixonian coup to take over the College Republicans, has been to be awfully good at getting Republicans elected to prominent positions in government, something which is understandably unforgivable. If Republicans in power are inherently evil, how much more evil is the person who put so many of them there, including our current President? Ultimately, doesn't he bear responsibility for every one of the crimes of those he put in a position to do so much evil?

Rove's successful campaigns include putting Phil Gramm, Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Ashcroft in the Senate, launching the career of Texas Governor Rick Perry, getting Bill Clements elected as Texas' first two-term governor, helping get Ronald Reagan into the White House, and guiding George W. Bush through successful gubernatorial and presidential campaigns. Apparently Rove's fractured college career resulted in having to read Machiavelli's The Prince a few too many times, because he really took the lessons of the Renaissance political theorist to heart, running his campaigns with a remarkable ruthlessness and a willingness to do anything for victory, a quality which has made him very valuable to those who have hired him and reviled by those he has opposed.  Accusations of skullduggery and smears have followed him throughout the years, though none of the pointed fingers have ever been followed up with proof of his involvement, suggesting a real talent for covering his own ass.

Rove has always been looked down on by the Republican elite because he didn't come from the right background, didn't go to the right schools and didn't even manage to graduate from the ones he did go to. He's a bit too plebian and scruffy to get their respect – hence his earning of the name 'Turd Blossom', a Texas term for a flower which grows from a cow patty – but his willingness to get his hands dirty and produce results has kept him employed, and his loyalty to George W. Bush eventually got him to a prominent position in the White House as Deputy Chief of Staff. In that job his role has been as a strategist and hatchet-man, presiding over controversial policy setting meetings on energy and the Iraq War and running damage control on situations like the Plame Affair and Attorney Firings.

The interesting thing about Rove is that there is no evidence that anything he has ever done while working in the White House is illegal, yet he is seen as a force of corruption and deception to dwarf even legendary unscrupulous political operatives like Jim Blaine and even Aaron Burr. He's been called "Bush's Brain" and is portrayed as the ultimate puppet master, working behind the scenes to pull the strings which control the entire administration. The irony is that despite his ability to sell the public on candidates in political campaigns, Rove seems to have have been remarkably inept at presenting his own actions to the public in an appealing way.

Despite actually doing nothing wrong and even being cleared of all guilt in the Plame investigation, Rove's secretive nature and desire to keep a low profile has made him a target of constant suspicion and the subject of paranoid partisan speculation. For example, calling in the oil companies to consult on energy policy looks like a good, responsible idea when you announce what you're doing and make the meetings accessible to the public. But when you do it in secret and try to keep the details out of the press it looks like a conspiracy. Even if exactly the same things would have been said at a private meeting as a public meeting, the appearance of secrecy plays to the worst fears of those inclined to look for conspiracies. The attorney firings is another good example. Clearly nothing illegal could have taken place, given the administration's absolute right to hire and fire employees at will, but the attempt to conceal the reasons why the attorneys were fired and the process by which the firings were executed created the appearance of criminality where it could not exist.

Rove's career demonstrates that the qualities which help you run a winning political campaign may in fact work against you once your candidate gets into office. This is why in most cases the person a politician hires to run his campaign is not the same person he hires to run things and advise him once he's elected. President Bush's tendency to become sentimentally attached to the people he works closely with worked against him with Rove, keeping him around far longer than was wise.

There has been a dismaying effort on the left to demonize and dehumanize Rove beyond anything which is appropriate based on his conduct. Rove has given them plenty of material from which to stir up controversy, but very little of substance to follow through on. It almost makes me wonder if Rove's role in the White House was to distract attention with trivial pseudo-scandals which could never go anywhere, but drew attention away from other activities of a more nefarious nature.

Rove is now on his way out, and few seem sad to see him go. Republicans are breathing a sign of relief and hoping that the partisan attack machine will become a bit more civil with him gone. Democrats are claiming victory and promising to contiue to harass Rove as a private citizen in revenge for his supposed outrages while in the White House.

For me Rove remains an enigma. He has always radiated an aura of peculiar innocence and exuberance which seems totally at odds with the public perception of a machiavellian mastermind. Despite the massive level of personal attacks and verbal abuse loaded on him in the media and in the blogosphere, he seems to have sailed through it all and remained cheerful and self-assured. He has been called every name imaginable from traitor to devil and even been compared with Josef Goebbels. This sort of partisan demonization and dehumanization of political opponents has become more and more common in recent years, and Rove himself has been guilty of it in political campaigns. It's childish and offensive and lowers the quality of political debate, but it has become a mainstay of the angry left's culture of perpetual outrage. The irony is that in attacking Rove they become more and more like Rove, despite the fact that having his example to look at they ought to know better.  They are what Rove has made them, and by their actions they legitimize him and become part of the Wrestlemania style of politics he symbolizes.

Rove has resigned, but I doubt he'll disappear from politics despite his claim to want to spend more time with his family. The truth is that he's achieved all that he can working for the Bush administration, and really stayed long beyond his usefulness. He's more at home in the context of a political campaign, and I suspect that's where we'll find him before much time passes, staying well behind the scenes so that his negative public persona won't interfere with his effectiveness. Remember, Rove is still relatively young and still has years of mischief in him. If your hatred of Rove is what keeps you going, you can look forward to a long life, unless all that pent-up rage causes your head to explode.

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About Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • Here’s a link to the enigma

  • Nancy

    That he hasn’t been convicted of anything, or that no evidence exists to pin blame to him, doesn’t mean he’s innocent. You can be guilty as sin, and be just as guilty as the one who pulls the trigger, yet nothing connects you – legally, mind – to the murder. As you yourself [Dave] stated, he’s awfully good at covering his ass.

    His guilt lies not in his ability to get Republicans elected, any more than Carville is guilty of getting Dems elected; it’s the WAY he gets them elected: the dirty tricks, the lies, the slander & libel – all of which have reached new lows under his aegis, & given politics & those associated with all things political an even nastier name & association than they already had, which is quite an achievement – NOT. He’s like a human slug, sliding his way along, leaving a trail of slime behind him where ever he goes, & leaving everyone & everything he’s touched the worse for it. That he has smeared the good names of good persons – of BOTH parties, especially Cleland, a decorated triple amputee of Vietnam, a war he himself was far too cowardly to fight, along with his patrons, Junior & Cheney – is especially unforgivable.

    Maybe he couldn’t be convicted in a court of law, Dave, but the miasma of utter ruthlessness, corruption, & indifference to who or what he destroys en route to his goals, is shameful, hateful, selfish, evil. No – none of them actionable; but none of them anything any decent human being would do or think of doing, yet you seem to regard it as business as usual? Maybe we ought also to be questioning YOUR ethics (or lack thereof?) as well, that you’re so willing to turn a blind eye to this sort of thing, see it as “the norm”? Because, Dave, THAT is the real crime here: a hardening & lowering of standards to the point of non-existance, just as TV has lowered the standards so that violence is an American norm, ‘way beyond what it ever was. See the thread of bulletproof backpacks for little kids. That is the legacy of Karl Rove. He should rot in hell with his bloody buddies, Bush & Cheney.

  • Amrita, your link just brings up a blank page.


  • Never mind, the page eventually loaded. It just has so much advertising and popups that it’s hellishly slow.

    I think your link does illustrate my point pretty well. It’s a good piece of smearwork in the Rovian tradition. Get a disaffected former staffer, ask him leading questions, and then play up and spin the responses to get what you want. Classic stuff.


  • Nancy, what you’re saying isn’t that much different from the point I make in my second to last paragraph. However, dirty tricks preexisted Rove by a couple of thousand years of politics. They’re nothing new. Remember when the Romans spread the rumor that Carthaginians sacrificed living babies by burning them alive in the bellies of giant brass Moloch statues?

    And no matter what Rove has done – and IMO most of it was pretty much business as usual – no one forced the left to sink to the same level, but they have done so and with a degree of enthusiasm which is troubling.


  • Baronius

    That Cleland race was brilliant. A legislator is not automatically right on defense because he’s served. Good for Chambliss for not backing down. Someone should take Kerry and Murtha down a peg too.

  • How DARE you say such things, Baronius. I’m sure MCH will be along in a bit to reiterate the Starship Troopsers coda of government for you.


  • Baronius

    Haw! That made my day, Nalle.

  • REMF


    Now why doesn’t it surprise me that you’d take the side of a draft-dodger over three combat vets…

    Could it be something to do with the words “feather” and “flock”?

  • Baronius

    REMF, I’m taking the side of someone who is right over someone who is wrong.

  • REMF

    “For a nerdy, awkward and superficially harmless looking kid who was abandonned by his father, whose mother committed suicide and who then dropped out of three different colleges, it’s quite an achievement by the age of 57 to be more hated than Osama bin Laden, Kim Jong Il and Robert Mugabe rolled into one.”

    Actually, the real achievement was how he was still able to dodge the draft after dropping out of college three times.


    “Rove’s primary crime after starting his career with a Nixonian coup to take over the College Republicans, has been to be awfully good at getting Republicans elected to prominent positions in government, something which is understandably unforgivable.”

    Bullshit, Nalle. Rove’s primary crime was engineering the sliming of John McCain’s patriotism.

  • Nancy

    I can’t tell whether you find the Rove tactics against Cleland good or bad,B. Are you admiring it or censuring it?

    The point is, no, the left doesn’t have to sink to that level. But they wouldn’t have – or the sinking would have been a helluva lot slower – if Rove hadn’t plunged straight to the bottom.

    Of COURSE I know dirty tricks is nothing new, ferchrissakes. I mentioned Machiavelli & Sun, didn’t I? But I thought from all your former arguments about why we shouldn’t sink to the level of the Iraqi insurgents, that we were supposed to be taking the high road? Or have you changed your mind about high roads?

    BTW – while I may not agree with your assessment of Rove, I thought the article was very well written & I liked it. You did bring out a lot of salient points & good info. You write good, as they say. Even if I don’t always see to eye w/you, I like your writing style.

  • Baronius

    Nancy, I didn’t see all the Chambliss ads. I’ve heard that some crossed the line, but everything I saw was just good, solid campaigning.

    I admire the heck out of people who’ve served their country. But I’ve always hated bullies. Cleland, Kerry, Murtha, and REMF are bullies who use their military records to silence criticism. I say, no way. Defend your beliefs on their merits, not on the merits of actions you took earlier in your life.

    It’s not unfair to bring up a candidate’s voting record. Cleland wasn’t running for Best Vet. On a side note, I recall that McCain was one of the people who criticized Chambliss’ ads. McCain is another great example of a politician who coasts on his military record. McCain’s condemnation makes me more inclined to support Chambliss.

  • Baronius

    Note – If I just broke the “no personal attacks” policy, I’m sorry. Feel free to delete the offensive portion.

  • It’s a slippery slope to start calling political opponents evil. But many of us are embittered by the presidency of a man who did not earn it, is not worthy of it, and has done so many awful things and so few good things in 6-plus years…so we blame the guy who helped put him there. Rove’s pandering to the religious right is unpleasant to behold, and the Plame case and the dismissed-attorneys affair are both pretty ugly. But not criminal.

    Still, defending the disgraceful campaign against Max Cleland is unconscionable. Putting his picture next to bin Laden and Saddam in an ad…should have been laughed off the air…but it worked! This may say more about Georgia than about Rove, but as Chuck Hagel said, the ads were “beyond offensive to me.”

  • Baronius

    “putting his picture next to bin Laden and Saddam in an ad”

    Handy, have you ever seen footage of this? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Arch Conservative

    “That he hasn’t been convicted of anything, or that no evidence exists to pin blame to him, doesn’t mean he’s innocent.”

    Oh it doesn’t?

    Then why have so many clintonistas told me that becasue Slick Willie and Bessie the cow have never been convicted of anything, or had hard evidence to pin them down, they are in fact innocent of accusation that has been thrown their way?

    Every leftist fuckwit and his mother is chomping at the bit to get a piece of Rove or talk smack about him and they will all tell us how lack of evidence or convictions means you’re innocent if you’re a fellow leftist but means the mountains of evidence just haven’t been discovered yet.

    Fuck that.

  • Baronius–

    I believe I saw footage at the time, but I don’t immediately know of a source. Wikipedia has some material on this, maybe they have a link.

  • Dave, haven’t you written something about rumors of KR being gay? It seems his father or stepfather was gay, and maybe the rumor-spreaders got mixed up. This only becomes relevant in the context of Rove’s orchestrating anti-gay-marriage sentiment to increase Republican voter turnout. Ugly stuff, that.

  • Baronius

    Handy, Wikipedia has a link to an ad, the only ad I can find on YouTube. It’s tough, but I’ve seen tougher. It doesn’t show Chambliss next to Saddam and bin Laden, and doesn’t question Chambliss’ patriotism. If that’s the ad that Chambliss whined about, it only confirms that some ex-military believe that questioning their policies is forbidden.

  • Handy, there have been constant rumors that Rove is gay despite being married and a father. I’m originally from DC and people there claim to have seen him coming out of gay clubs in my old neighborhood around Dupont Circle. Now, this was years ago, but the rumors persist. As I’m sure you know, there are lots of gay Republicans who keep it under wraps and in some cases – Mark Foley – they are the most outwardly religious and intolerant. It’s a kind of defense mechanism.

    As for Rove, I’m convinced that any position he takes is entirely cynical. I didn’t want to go into this in the article, but although he’s clearly pro-GOP, Rove’s first loyalty is to himself and making money. Working in the White House makes him more marketable as does winning campaigns. If winning a campaign required him to be gay he’d probably come out of the closet.


  • Actually, the real achievement was how he was still able to dodge the draft after dropping out of college three times.

    He didn’t really. He was declared 1A right at the end of the war while the lottery was in effect and then the war ended before his number came up.

    Bullshit, Nalle. Rove’s primary crime was engineering the sliming of John McCain’s patriotism.

    I think you’re confusing McCain and Kerry. He impugned Kerry’s war record – which a bright 6-year-old probably could have done. McCain he slimed with a bogus black lovechild.


  • Ironically, Rove has done more damage to the reps than to the hapless dems who already were self-destroyed (and they just keep on doing it!)

    Rove has created enough revulsion and distaste toward reps that it could even overcome the keystone dems inept fumbling in 2006 (led by the useless and nitwitted Rahm Emmanuel).

    Being mean and unscrupulous alone does not make one Machiavellian. There must be some intelligent plan that results in a useful outcome.

    If John McCain were half the hero we all hoped he was, he would have challenged Rove to a duel after the 2000 SC primary and put a bullet through his head on the grass in front of the Washington memorial. Not a jury in the land would have convicted him. But McCains nerve failed and now we have a rep party and a USA almost destroyed by Roves rampages.

  • You may have a point about the harm Rove has done, but I was reading the papers today and yesterday and my observation is that the more mainstream media isn’t nearly as negative about Rove as the blogosphere and some of the TV/cable commentators are. I think maybe the harm Rove did may really be more in the mind of those who would hate the GOP anyway.


  • wewillburyu

    Karl Rove is the political genius of our time. His timely resignation from the Bush Administration now is tactical. I think he is planning to covertly help elect Mitt Romney to Office in 2008.

  • buddhanarchist

    “not actually doing anything wrong” in the Plame case? Are you kidding? It was verified that he was the one who outed Plame first– despite the fact that he covered his tracks well, this is not “not actually doing something wrong”. What a softball piece. The very admission that his goal was to create One Party that would last 100 years is reminiscent of Hitler’s promise os a “Thousand Year single rule”. How is a goal of using the American political system, to create one monolithic and all powerful party anything but completely un-American and totalitarian? The author seemingly does not fathom that Evil can be done without breaking the law. that ethics and morality can be transgressed through adroitly tip-toeing through legal loopholes and ass covering. Anything but a completely damning condemnation of the Pattern that emerges from Roves behavior is to disavow a responsibility to defend the essence of the Constitution and Democracy. Shame.

  • “not actually doing anything wrong” in the Plame case? Are you kidding? It was verified that he was the one who outed Plame first

    Verified by who? Not by Patrick Fitzgerald. In fact, Richard Armitage was the primary leak.

    What a softball piece.

    Actually, it’s a balanced piece. I covered the positive and negative aspects of the story. If you prefer something more partisan there are at least 4 other left-slanted Rove articles on the site.

    The very admission that his goal was to create One Party that would last 100 years is reminiscent of Hitler’s promise os a “Thousand Year single rule”.

    Oh come on, that kind of thing is just hype which every politician says to motivate the followers about how great the party is going to do in the election.

    Anything but a completely damning condemnation of the Pattern that emerges from Roves behavior is to disavow a responsibility to defend the essence of the Constitution and Democracy. Shame.

    Rove would say that promoting the republican party IS the best way to defend the essence of the constition because the democrats have no interest in doing so.


  • Egbert Sousé

    “Karl Rove is the political genius of our time.”

    With all both have been through and accomplished, I would give the slight edge to Bill Clinton over Rove. Much tougher to be on the front line than hiding in the back. If Rove helps get the next guy elected Pres, he will pull into the lead, but if Hillary wins, Bill is a lock for the title as he undoubtedly will have had a role in her victory.

  • But if that happens will we care, living in the new socialist America, deprived of most of our rights and with most of our income seized by the state?


  • Nancy

    Dave, Hitler said that promoting the Nazi party was the best way of defending the Aryan race & German culture/lifestyle. That didn’t make his policies or actions any less vile, that he believed it was true. So with Rove.

  • But if that happens will we care, living in the new socialist America, deprived of most of our rights and with most of our income seized by the state? [referring to an HRC presidency]

    That’s right, Dave. Hillary, Barack and me are all commies and we’re comin’ to get ya.

    The next time you’re about to accuse another blogger of writing ‘inflammatory claptrap,’ please remember that you write sentences like that one, often, when you talk about Democrats.

  • Baronius

    “the more mainstream media isn’t nearly as negative about Rove as the blogosphere and some of the TV/cable commentators are”

    Dang it, Nalle, that leave a tough choice. Either the MSM completely missed the story, or bloggers are overreacting. I don’t know which is more common.

  • troll

    …and here I always considered Ivins pretty lefty educated mainstream in a loud Texas kinda way – she’d undoubtedly be spinning like a dervish in that ol’ cramped box in response to such apologist claptrap

    btw – I hear that Rove had the KGB poison her

  • moonraven

    The Bush Gang is waxing sloppy sentimental over the exit boogie of Porgy Pig Rove, but a critical mass of reprobation had accumulated in the past year and the point now is to figure out a way–short of declaring martial law–of keeping Republicans in the Oval Office–so Porky had to go.

    He will be postcarding from exotic spots like the Channel Islands, the Caymans, and Midland, Texas….

    Watch this space.

  • Lum.py

    Nice to see something at least somewhat balancedl on rove with all the rage that’s been circulating this week.

  • Nancy

    Actually, Dave, check out a summary website of all the national editorial cartoons. I would say they’re pretty much in the same groove as us bloggers regarding their assessment of Rove & his actions. Start with Dave Cagle’s website, http://www.cagle.com. It should start to clue you in that, outside of the BushCo apologist news media you obviously resort to, no one else has a kind thing or good word to say, think, or draw about him. From there, go on to the most recent editorial comments in all – ALL, not just the right-wing – national newspapers. Not very kind, either. Maybe you’re just a tad out of touch, Davie boy? Out of step with 99.9999% of the rest of the nation, perhaps?

  • Clavos

    I’m in the .0000000001% who don’t care…

    There’ll be another Rove along, bye ‘n bye.

    There always is.


  • Baronius

    Actually, Clavos, that’s an interesting question. There’s a lord of the underworld in every pantheon. With Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby, and Rove gone, will all the hatred be heaped on Cheney, or will there be a new Satan for liberals? Do you bother writing in a new villain for the last few chapters?

  • Trix : Rabbit :: Rove : everyone

  • Mr. Sussman, you lost me. “Silly everyone — Rove is for kids!” Is that what you’re saying?

    Oh! Maybe… I think it’s starting to dawn on me now. You’re saying everyone never gets Rove, just like the rabbit never gets Trix. Except where it’s literal with the rabbit, with us it’s figurative. We just don’t “get” Rove. In other words, we fail to understand the core of his soul. We fail to perceive the sensitive artistic temperament that really drives all his action.

    Or wait. Maybe you’re saying we’ll never get Rove in the long arm of the law sense. “You’ll never get me alive, copper!” Is that it?

    Help me out here, Mr. Sussman. Explain the joke. Dissect the frog, that we may all gain enlightenment from its destruction.

    Or, you know, not.

  • Nancy, as a group cartoonists seem to lean pretty far left. I’m not surprised they hit heavy on Rove.

    As for the rest of the MSM, the New York Times ran only one editorial bashing rove – that’s about 3 less than we ran here on BC. The post was a lot more focused on DC and ran 3, but they weren’t nearly as negative. On the whole the TONE of the MSM is not as hostile. They may not like Rove, but they seem to undertand and accept what he is.


  • SAT analogies are a portal into your own soul, Victor. Look within.

  • moonraven

    Latest dogmatic drivel from Dave: As a group cartoonists seem to lean pretty far left.

    Like the Tower of Pisa?

    From which angle of vision?

    Dumb, really dumb, Dave.

  • moonraven

    For the GOOD news now:

    Garrison Keilor said it best in his piece “Good Riddance Turd Blossom”, reprinted today on the CommonDreams site.

  • Nancy

    Thanx for the reference, MR. Interesting website. Even more interesting are the comments on the various commentaries.

    “…cartoonists lean to the left….” ?! Jesus, Dave – you are really reaching. Oh well: none so blind as those determined not to see.

  • Hate Politics

    What is so funny about this article is that no comparison was made as to the SCORCHED EARTH POLICY used by the CLINTONS and Carville, this was far worse then anything ever done by ROVE. Just to bad the left wing nuts keep denying the truth….They hate ROVE because he is so much smarter then all of then put together, which don’t take much to be smarter then a SOCIALIST. Rove actually stood up the the SOCIALIST DEMS. To bad they cannot see the the truth but that usually takes Liberals at least 40 years to see they have been used and abused by there own party


    PLAME was a lame witch that was never truly “OUTED” by anyone. Armitage was the one that leaked her name, but she was NOT COVERT IN ANY WAY, and she got her low-life lying husband the job to go drink tea in Africa and lie about NIGER and the yellow cake……..But then again why would LIBERALS BELIEVE THE TRUTH. IT’s all available in the 9/11 report and clearly shows Him Lying

  • Nancy

    It would seem from a casual glance at the mannerisms, that #46 & 47 are actually the same writer, under two different names.

    Stick to one name, you spineless sneaking moron. Stand behind your views instead of trying to create multiple personalities.

  • I’m so sure you’re right Nancy that I’m not even going to bother to check the IP addresses.

    As for his views, it’s nice to see someone standing up for Rove, even if he’s some sort of lunatic with an identity problem.


  • barbarabow

    No matter what your political persuasion, all of us should be concerned with Rove’s efforts to politicize all levels of government, (in violation of the Hatch Act) and disenfranchise voters, particularly minorities through vote cadging. These are one party rule, Stalinist type tactics.

    Please ask yourself, if these actions can be taken in service to one political party, would I willingly give the same tools/powers to the party I oppose? It reminds me of how eager some conservatives were to support Frist’s so called “Nuclear Option” to end the filibuster until the Democrats became the majority. Please don’t be so short-sighted that you can’t see that the system of checks and balances serves all of us! Rove’s attempts to create a single party state is what I most deplore and I would deplore those actions if taken by any politician, no matter which political party they claim.

  • Nancy, well spotted #46/47 did indeed come from the same computer.

  • moonraven

    Too bad Chris doesn’t notice that when Nalle posts under his multiple clones.

    Different strokes….

  • Too bad moonraven can’t tell the difference between reality and her fevered imaginings!

  • Nancy

    The M.O./style was as plain as the nose on Ringo Starr’s face; no particular sleuthing required, I would have had to be blind not to notice. But thanks, anyway. I do wish Eric would make & enforce a One ID rule….

  • moonraven

    Obviously, he won’t–or he would have busted Vox Populi Nalle and a few other of his pet cloners.

    This bird wrote the book on reality, pimple brit.

    Being in touch with reality is when you don’t work for free to put profits in somebody else’s pocket just to satisfy your napoleon complex.

    Have a great day at Waterloo.

  • Captain America

    I think this was a well expressed and thought out article; however, I disagree w/ the premise that one who plays dirty tricks should not be subject to the wrath of his own game. I also resent the notion that it is the only “liberals” and “democrats” who have gone out of their way to demonize rove. I despise hillary clinton and the democratic party as much as I despise the bush administration and the republicans. I don’t distinguish between the two parties and I consider hillary to be nothing but dubya in drag (two families running the country for 24 consecutive years is un-American by definition, IMO), but I personally will not be happy until the rove suffers on a personal level. His resignation means little to me because the damage he did to our nation is already done. And I do take that personally. Maybe now that he’s no longer officially in the employ of the White House, Bill Maher will finally step up and out the guy, which I believe will cause him no end of personal suffering. Of course, this is not because there is anything wrong with being gay, but because there is something wrong with intentionally living a lie so you can properly pander to your homophobic political base. I believe rove hates himself because his mother killed herself after his stepfather (whom, by the way, karl was raised to believe was his biological father) came out of the closet and divorced her. This self-loathing nature has manifested itself in his deceitful and abhorrent political tactics, which, in turn, have made this country significantly weaker than it was before he got his man (rove, in the 70s, has gushed about how handsome he thought dubya was) in the White House. And he has protected the bushes’ interests w/ the saudi royals and bin laden family who attacked us on 9/11, which makes him, IMO, an enemy of the American people. It was dubya himself who proclaimed that “You’re either with us or agin’ us in the war on terror.” Well, if dubya is going to literally hold these guys’ hands, then I’d have to say that he and his allies are against America. For as much as I hate rove and the bush administration, I still hate them less than I hate the bin ladens. The bin ladens attacked us directly; the bush administration let them get away with it.

  • On the one hand you’re saying that Rove just did whatever he was told by Bush, but on the other hand you’re trying to hold him personally responsible for those actions.

    My argument would be that Rove is just a very good tool and that you should target the tool weilder rather than the tool for your primary criticism.


  • Zedd


    Best article yet. You “Nalled” it!

    His success will unfortunately encourage politicians to seek out others like him. I predict that the Dems will make the attempt and it will be much too late to try and implement Rovian tactics. The public will be all the wiser and weary of the maneuvering, and it will backfire. As usual, they wont be able to pull it off.

    Lets face it, his biography would suite any diabolical, muwaaahahaha cackling villain, in any B-movie.

  • The Dems have their Rovians waiting in the wings, or they can always hire the totally amoral and non-partisan Dick Morris again.


  • Zedd

    Dick Morris is no Rove. While he has proved to be a formidable Svengali, he lacks the “creep lurking in the shadows” factor which puts Rove in a distinct category so far.

    I suppose what makes Rove so adventurous is that has nothing to loose. He’s just happy to be invited to the party. Whom I fear are his children. Imagine the snooty factor combined with that pedigree. YIKES, danger Will Robinson!! Poor things, if they happened to turn out normal, they will forever bare the burden of their father’s image

    Morris is a product of public schools, he attended the best in NY then went to Columbia, he’s a columnist. Not creepy by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe slimy though…

    Seriously, I get both of their pragmatic approach. I totally get their ability to remove themselves from the message or the messenger and simply focus on the goal. They have to be highly practical people, born intuitive/perceptive types. I admire their ability to zero in. That quality is lacking in our culture. I admire their ability to create, and I get it. Just as many of us in our youth admired the shrewed and laser precise Machiavelli and got him, they along with Kissinger (Lord Vader) have become his reincarnation.

    We naively expect the warm and fuzzy from politics yet what it is and has been for quite some time is a maneuvering of images. Lincoln as you know didn’t grow up in that little log cabin. We also are offended by the game, when the qualification criteria of the person holding the post involves the ability to get things done by convincing people to do what you want with as little upheaval as possible. In other words politicians have to be political in order to be good politicians.

    What is icky is when a person who is not really political, tries to be, a la Hillary. She is an idealist who wants badly to win and has sold her sold to the devil, the same was true for Kerry…. Bill on the other hand is born for the post.

  • Egbert Sousé

    “not actually doing anything wrong” in the Plame case? Are you kidding? It was verified that he was the one who outed Plame first

    Verified by who?

    By Matt Williams of Time this morning on MTP:

    “Look, Karl Rove told me about Valerie Plame’s identity on July 11th, 2003. I called him because Ambassador Wilson was in the news that week. I didn’t know Ambassador Wilson even had a wife until I talked to Karl Rove and he said that she worked at the agency and she worked on WMD.”

    Novak’s column came out on the 14th. Three days later. On MTP last month, Novak also stated that Rove confirmed it after Armitage told him, which while not illegal certainly shouldn’t have been done.

    So it’s either two reporters on different ends of the political spectrum lying or Rove.

  • Morris is a product of public schools, he attended the best in NY then went to Columbia, he’s a columnist. Not creepy by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe slimy though…

    He’s a columnist now, but he has been a strategist and could be one again. In fact, in the last couple of years he’s consulted on campaigns for several foreign politicians and is working on the campaign of a Kentucky gubernatorial candidate for 2008.

    As for creepy, how can you beat lying in bed with a hooker while talking to the president on the phone while he’s getting oral satisfaction?

    I think it beats Rove that when he was consulting on Clinton’s reelection campaign Clinton didn’t even tell his own staff he had hired Morris because he was afraid they’d be outraged.


  • Egbert. I believe that if you check the records, Rove did not in fact tell Williams that “Valerie Plame” worked at the CIA. He said that Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA. Not the same thing. And he did so in the context of explaining why Wilson was picked to go to Niger. The prosecution’s determination in the case was that this was not any kind of intentional revelation of Plame’s covert status because she was both not referred to by name and also not discussed in any context outside of the Wilson mission.


  • bliffle

    Now we have the resignation of AG Gonzalez, claiming that his worst day was better than his dads best day. I assume he’s talking finances, since it’s hard to believe his hard-working dad was any more venal.

    Well, after all, money is the most important.