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Kanye West’s Racism

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Friday night according to Associated Press Kanye West burst into a racial catharsis accusing President Bush and white America of racism.

The show, simulcast from New York on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and Pax, was aired live to the East Coast, enabling it to slip by uncensored.

There was a several-second tape delay, but the person in charge:

“was instructed to listen for a curse word, and didn’t realize (West) had gone off-script”

said NBC spokeswoman Rebecca Marks.

Matt Lauer noted that

“Emotions in this country right now are running very high. Sometimes that emotion is translated into inspiration, sometimes into criticism. We’ve heard some of that tonight. But it’s still part of the American way of life.”

Kanye West, a wealthy African American rapper whose recent hit has the profane lyric:

"I'm not saying she is a gold digger, but she ain't messing with a broke nigger"

is no stranger to racial controversy. Mr. West joins a growing chorus by some black Americans that are raising the specter of racism.

Many bogus reports in the media are fanning the flames. For example there was a widely repeated report of massive roving gangs raping children. This turned out to be bogus but it is still being repeated in the media. Then there is the issue of fairness in reporting about looting. Blacks doing it are reported in a highly negative manner, while whites doing the same thing are being reported as survivors. This is seen as an example of white racism by people like Kayne West.

There is another side though. Take Randall Robertson, writing in the radical Huffington Post slog (slander blog), he said:

"It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive. Four days after the storm, thousands of blacks in New Orleans are dying like dogs. No-one has come to help them."

This is of course is a complete and scurrilous fabrication. The National Guard has found no such cases. It has only been a couple of days, not weeks. Anybody who would resort to this would be somebody who would do it regardless.

Then there is another report about the National Guard being sent to kill blacks. This is another complete distortion. The Guard is being sent in to restore order to an area that has descended into udder lawlessness. Police officers have quit in droves out of fear. Helicopters sent in to rescue people are being shot at. The guard, like any police force will return fire if shot at. This is a completely necessary precaution for their safety; and to restore order to the area. In the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, a number of white people were shot for looting, this no different.

Another claim is that President Bush is responsible and that he doesn’t care because New Orleans is a black majority city. The black mayor of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana have known for ages that the sword of Damocles was hanging over their collective heads. They knew it was dangerous to build so much in areas prone to flooding. This is something that should have been fixed 100 years ago.

To lay that blame on President Bush is ridiculous and racist. Despite this certain black political leaders like Jesse Jackson are claiming that:

"Today, as the President comes to Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi for his ceremonial trip to look at the victims of the devastation, he would do well to have a plan more significant than a ceremonial tour,”

"His whole response is unacceptable."

The Rev. Jesse Jackson was also critical of President Bush for not putting more blacks in leadership positions, despite the fact that U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Russell Honore, head of the military task force overseeing operations in the three states, is black.

Another claim is that if only we weren't in Iraq this wouldn't have happened. While the war has greatly drained resources and stretched personnel thin; there is still more than enough Guardsmen and active duty troops that can be deployed to handle the situation. Louisiana’s governor has her states National Guard under her general command, why isn't anybody asking her why she didn't send them in earlier. I guess that wouldn't fit Kanye West's idea of racism.

There has been plenty of bad planning and mistakes all around, blaming racism for a natural disaster that nobody was ready for is plain wrong. This is a time where we all Americans need to put our differences aside and work together, save the name calling for a day when lives aren't hanging in the balance.

Written by John Bill, founder of independent think tank the Jmaximus Institute of Freedom.

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  • what about this needed to be censored? Because it’s unpopular speech in your mind?

  • cordie

    Bush slashed funding for the levees to fund the war in Iraq. The city wanted to reinforce them, but they didn’t have adequate funds to do it. And the response to Katrina when juxaposed against the 9/11 seems worse than slow.

  • Don’tcare

    Exactly what part of this was directed towards white america?

  • Cop Killa

    “an area that has descended into udder lawlessness.”

    must be a side effect of mad cow disease!

  • I never said he should be censored, NBC did.

  • billy

    how dare you call a black man a racist for criticizing white people. what a racist you show yourself to be.

  • Judah Ben-Hur

    To the People who were affected by Hurricane Katrina:

    On behalf of myself and others in the United States of America, we wish to extend our deepest condolences for any loss of life that occurred during this past week due to Hurricane Katrina. And we also understand the loss of property as well and know that all affected will recover. We will stand together as a Nation and help you all at all costs. You all will prevail.

    Judah Ben-Hur

  • BM

    I say good for Kanye (and Mayor Nagin). There is so much scripted bull coming out of poiticians mouths right now, it’s refreshing to hear some real emotion and reaction to such a tragedy. And to echo what some of the overseas press is saying, why did it take FIVE days to deliver aid to New Orleas, when it took half that time to Indonesia? It’s Saturday and the National Troops are rolling in NOW? If you have another reason, other than “George Bush doesn’t like black people,” please let me know.

  • sos

    nothing in the deck but race cards? no mental legs to stand on? black people cannot be racist? yeah, right.

    people make mistakes. this is a new experience and people are doing the best they can to deal. stop the blame game.

  • Bill S

    West’s comments are the result of an uninformed and largely unelightened mind. Only a racist mentality would try to use a national spotlight (designed for the aid of the persons he supposedly cares about)for political fiction. This having been said it is America and everyone has the freedom to make an ass out of themselves on national TV.

  • sos

    the argument that the aid came faster to the tsunami victims is just ignorant. it is a fact that more money has been raised in a few days for new orleans than was raised over several months for the tsunami victims. you should research your information before posting.

  • Garnet Campbell

    Its very sad what has happened to those in Katrina affected region, it IS an outrage.

    West is an incredible artist and I would say his last album was God inspired, but after seeing a few of his interviews and then last nights spectacle, I think the guy is losing it.

    Mayor Nagins comments are truthful, emotional, and designed to make things happen. They were very moving!

    West’s comments dont really acomplish anything. He’s like a little boy making acusations… the sad thing is it will probably cause violent reactions which only leads the situation into further chaos.


    What Would Martin Luther King Do

    Garnet Campbell

  • Kanye West

    Here is what Kanye West was referring too….

  • Jive T

    Kanye was right. Bush doesn’t care about blacks. But Jessie Jackson doesn’t care about whites and neither cares about any other ethnic groups. It goes both ways. And for some of us who aren’t black or white, we’re tired of this crap.

  • Erratic

    Kanye West’s criticisms of president bush are flat out absurd. Obviously there is alot of blame to be thrown around in times like these, however make sure its being thrown at the right people before you open your mouth. It may be easy to say “Oh, well hes the president, it is his fault.” But just because something is easy does not mean it should be done. Bush may not be a great president, not even an average president, but he is man enough to have acknowledged the fact that federal response to the disaster has been terrible. The blame does not fall upon bush, but those who have been placed in charge of these situations.
    The claims of racism by and large are also a load of bullshit. The military came in with orders to shoot black people? No they didn’t. The military came in to attempt to restore a small fragment of order to an orderless world. Why would the military shoot at a black person? Because black people have fired upon them. It’s the same reaction that the military would have if they were fired upon by a white person. These people are beyond afraid. They’ve had to endure conditions that no american – black or white, rich or poor – should face on american soil. Most of the people that didnt leave the affected areas were the poorest of the poor. They’ve experienced nothing but hard times, and this is no exception. It is easy to see why they would resort to looting and violence to survive. It is easy to sympathize with these people. But being able to sympathize does not mean that we should over-look the fact that what they are doing is wrong. The media has shown alot of blacks stealing and looting and all that on television, but that is because the majority of the poor in that area are black. Thats just a cold hard fact that you’re going to have to face. When you see a black person climbing out of a store with electronic goods tucked away under each arm thats not surviving, thats looting. I have seen blacks on the news taking clothing, shoes, and food.. thats nothing more than the human drive for comfort and survival. I’ve also seen whites taking things that aren’t essential to survival.
    Kanye’s accusations are another example of “emotion before thought” activism. There are just plain more poor black people in the area and thats why you’re going to see more of them on tv. Not all of them are stealing, but some of them are. Same goes for the white population.

    The government response to katrina has been poor, but that doesnt mean people that feel adamantly about the subject should just start throwing out blame. My message to Kanye West and others that feel as he does is that: Ignorance begets racism. Your ignorant statements are doing nothing but lowering and weakening the image of black people. Think before you speak.

    I am a real black american and thats how I feel.

  • >>Exactly what part of this was directed towards white america?<< Newsflash - hurricane's aren't directed, and president Bush didn't have control over this one, nor did the KKK or any other white people. Dave

  • Educated black man

    This is to all you ignorant people out there on the web. How many times are you bush supporters going to make excuses for that guy. Part of making mistakes is dealing with the consequences. However being rich and especially white you can get away with b.s. Until white people wake up and share their power(education,money,health care,decision making)with other races this country will continue to be hypocritical,materlistic, and violent. Some people may say you can’t blame white people for everything. Very true but you can blame them for Iraq and Katrina. Next time we want to invest billions into rebuilding a country starts with ours first.

  • Erratic

    A comment on the two photos a couple post above: It is really just semantics, you know? The first picture merely calls the person shown a young man. A better word than looting could have been used, but looting doesnt have to be seen negatively. He is carrying food, obviously it is for his survival. But it was taken without payment. Its all a moral argument. Would you steal if it would save you from dying? If you were to say “No” you’d be lying. And from what I can tell the photos are from two different sources(although they look similar).. So it isnt like the same source is calling the black person a thief, and the two whites survivors.

  • Erratic

    White people didnt start the war on Iraq. America did. The entire country is responsible for not speaking out enough to prevent things from escalating to this point. You may not like the war, but what did you do to stop it? Thats probably a big nothing. That goes for me, and everyone else against the war but did nothing but say “I don’t like the war.” If this war is something that white people want, then why are the only american citizens that you see protesting it on the news white? Bush may be one of the weakest presidents we have had in a long time, but we as a nation have become more and more detached. Hopefully the disaster in new orleans will change that. Speak your mind, but do so with intelligence. You call yourself a “Educated Black Man.” If you really believe you are one, start acting like it.

  • Paul

    This is the worst natural disaster in U.S. history; and one of the top disasters in the world’s history. The affected area is 90,000 square miles – an area the size of Great Britain for God’s sake.
    People forget the magnitude of this disaster. There’s no racism here.
    Also, Bill Clinton was in office for 8 years; he did nothing to upgrade the levees either – so that makes him a ‘racist’ too?
    Gimme a break.

  • Erratic

    I agree with Paul. Lets focus on cleaning up this mess rather than playing the blame game.

    Some of you want to call a natural disaster racism?

    “Gimme a break.”

  • Anon

    Not only black people…he doesn’t care about the poor and middle class either! I agree West should not have done it on a charity show, but it’s no worse than any of the dumb things Bush has said over the past few days.

    Wake up Americans! W is a moron and we’re paying for it. Here he is Tuesday afternoon playing dumb:


    blogcritics? Way to go fair & balanced, retards.

  • Erratic

    I don’t think that just because its not on the republican agenda to bring benefits to the poor/middle class that a president would sit idly and let people suffer. Guess I’m just naive. W is just a puppet. His cabinet has all of the power these days.

  • a white guy with all the privileges

    Right on Kanye West!

    You are right! George Bush doesn’t care about black people…or any people that aren’t rich and powerful.

    It always amazes me when white Americans deny that racism exists. They see it as simply this one-on-one thing where it would be clearly visible to their eyes. But what they don’t realize is that it has existed – systematically – and continues to exist for the life of this nation. They have no comprehension of the depths that the seeds of classism and racism have been sown into the brittle fabric of the United States. Their parents immigrated to this country…while many African Americans ancestors were forced here, their history, culture and heritage obliterated in the process. African Americans contributions to the building of this nation are far greater than those of my white families because they have been here far longer (and are more American then I). Yet when we attempted to right some of the wrongs by creating programs aimed at trying to level the playing field such as affirmative action, the civil rights acts and increased government funding of education, health and housing programs, many white Americans vote (by way of electing their representatives, etc.) to remove those programs soon after they start.

    And to those who would make the ignorant point that “slavery ended over a hundred years ago so get over it”, let me remind you that social and economic slavery wasn’t even addressed until the 1960’s. And even then Reaganomics, the Bakke decision and every other piece of legislation that was aimed at removing the small gains made during the 60’s quickly obliterated those gains.

    While George Bush – who I must say has got to be the WORST, must uneducated, ignorant moron to EVER be president – didn’t cause Hurricane Katrina, he and others in power are responsible for maintaining the culture, society and economy that resulted in this aftermath. And the media, which continues to be the PR arm of this corrupt government, should be taken to task as well for portraying this disaster in the light they have.

    Now what are we as a nation going to do about it?

  • justanobody

    He that is without sin, let them including myself cast the first stone. The powers that be are placed there for a reason. The president may not always be right but he is the president. We have escalated this thing into blaming one and defending the other. some blame bush, some defend him. some blame Kanye, some defend him. Lets all close our eyes on this one, so that we can see no color.just the situation at hand and what each of us can do to come to some type of resolution, ket us come together and reason. Let us let our hearts get in tuned with our head and mouths. We all need help and I’ll be the first to admit it

  • ashamed white guy

    the post by the aptly titled W says it all…racism is alive and well and it is people like he, not Mr. West, who stoke it’s fires.

  • PB

    God Bless KANYE WEST!!!!
    He speaks the truth, and know one ever wants to hear the truth unless it serves them! My comment to the (White guy with the privileges.) Thank You for speaking the truth. Truth always takes real strength!!!!

  • billy

    comment 25 W, spoken like a true white republican pretending to be a black poster.

  • bhw

    The original comment #25 was removed.

  • What exactly is profane about the line “I’m not saying she is a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with a broke nigger?” But Kanye was indeed wrong to say Bush hates black people, Bush hate people who cannot help out his cronnies,it just happenes to include poor black people in NO.

  • noComa

    Kanye is 99% correct. The platform was a little off though. W cares very little about good people, black, white or otherwise. GWB would have been a Grand Wizard (KKK) without a doubt.
    The word is out and the religous class war is on. It’s time to end the coma the right is with the truth and dignity that decent people rely on. I am white and am ashamed of many other whites for their ignorance and utter carelessness while claiming such compassion. It is OPPOSITE WORLD under the republicans and little piggy KRove is in hog heaven belittling good people and cursing the ideals that made America great. I am sick of America for allowing the morons to run wild via political-religious-corporate fascism. Those who support this president are in a damn coma. Brought on by media, entertainment, political doctrine, religion and sheer stubborness. Welcome to Friendly Fascism. Wanna stop them? VOTE and stop buying their crap. research responsible business’ and support integrity. Take no BS from the a-holes.

  • Tom Russell

    One ignorant dumd ass from chicago
    craps on half the population of this country,and is surely, to dam stupid to know that can cost “His peaple” alot of dam money.it’s way past ignorant. jesus help this great land of ours!

  • BillyBob

    Kanye West has more soul in his pinky than Bush has in his whole drug-addled body. I agree w/noComa post.
    Here is my take on this politically: The Right IS in a coma of conciousness. They swallow whatever their puppetmaster feeds them.
    The Democrats are not perfect either. On the positive side, they are typically free-thinkers and live that freedom)unlike the Repubs who wave flags and TALK about ‘liberty’ while practicing none of it. The Democrats in power have ZERO backbone and are too often in bed with the enemy as well.
    I fear a revolution is the only way to change this hell called America right now. I love what America stood for and Hate what America has become.
    I do not subscribe to ANY political party but truly DESPISE the powers that have corrupted good people(Fox News, Corporate Media, most Religion, etc).
    If you want to follow Christ than follow him, not the Religion. It is doing nobody any good. I love Jesus and hate the powers that claim right to his word. This applies to ANY religion.

  • mrBIG

    Racism is alive and kicking. The media has been biased in their reporting and you can blame the editor and the reporters.

    Its obvious that certain race are reported negatively against the other and its also true in regards to its religious belief. This is America guys, the media has its hidden agenda always and cohort with politicians.

    With all the technologies available at the authority disposals, why can’t the Bush administration take pre-emptive measures before the storm?. Bush is too damned good at taking pre-emptive measures against terrorism isn’t he?

    Why can’t he do the same?. Spiritualy he is “dead” that is why. America chose to have a “dead-walking” president.

  • Edith

    Kanye for President.
    I detest Bush and his supporters. They WILL rot in the hell they made. They are the most selfish, pious, hypocritical, uncaring, greedy, uncultured, twisted, sick lot of folks I have seen walk on 2 legs. We need 2 states of America. I can’t live with these morons any more. They are sick, Everything they touch goes to crap.

  • Katrina…

    First and foremost, why, as Americans do we point the finger during this history-turning-event … I mean yes the hurricane did hit, massively, causing unthinkable damage, but, what I don’t understand is why we as Black Americans point the finger to our fellow White Americans motioning that this natural disaster is because of them, no, stop right there all the name calling and pointing fingers needs to stop, thee main problem with all of this is poverty. Poverty, has no color lines, affects whites, blacks, brown, green, purple, what ever you consider yourself as… just because the majority of the population where Katrina hit is mostly all black does not mean we need to start a racial war over something that could of happened to anybody, anywhere, any-color. I do see the concern in our powerful black leaders; our president, Bush, did not respond quick enough, hopefully if it was the flipside and our fellow white brothers were trapped in hell, our president would of done the same within the same time frame he did… Again, I stress what he did was not right, but, lets fix the situation at hand and not batter a racial cry when we do not necessary need one right now… What I propose is a fund, all Americans should donate at least one dollar so we can help our fellow Americans (yes our fellow Americans… this is not a situation when we need to leave our own country to fight poverty, but, in our own homeland… what happened to our security).

    My two sense ,
    Bryan Christopher

  • light-skinned lemmings

    How dare he accuse Bush of being a racist. I mean, look, Bush had Rice and Powell! well, maybe not… Powell resigned after the WMD fiasco… Condi was taking a vacation on Tuesday, the day after the storm hit. hmm…

    Kanye west must be unpatriotic. We should not criticize our dear leader at a time of national crisis. Especially because things have changed after Sept 11th. We as Americans should stand united behind our president because he is doing everything he can to reduce terrorism. Oh wait, nevermind. Terrorist attacks have now spread across Europe (primarily to our Iraq war allies) and are killign thousands of our troops abroad. hmm…

    Okay, Kanye West should not criticize our president because he has done everything he can since 9/11 to protect us from a catastrophe. I mean, he asked Congress to create a cabinet level department of homeland security that will make coordinating intelligence and disasters more efficiently. Look at how quickly they responded to the hurricane disaster, especially while our dear leader was still vacationing until wednesday! I mean, it only took them FOUR days to move sufficient supplies and troops in.

    Anyways, God bless American and our dear leader. How come Fox news isn’t showing any more stories of that Natalie girl! she so purrty… How come all we see are screen are homeless black people and white people holding guns? I thought Somalia was old news.

  • peter

    hey didn’t you just show your own racist intentions by quoting kanye’s lyric in such an inflammatory way? anyone with a passing knowledge of current black culture and hip hop knows that use of the word, which generally is pronounced nigga in a non-racist context, or “nigger” as you like to put it, is common on most hip hop lyrics, even on social conscious rappers albums like mos def or kanye….you just sound like some bill o’reilly clone who doesn’t know shit about what he’s talking about……fucking reverse racism? give me a break….idiot….

  • OhPlease

    Listen to yourselves! Why is is racism if it’s something you don’t want to hear? There are SO MANY opportunities and grants and special programs and institutions that SPECIFICALLY cater to minorities. There are also THOUSANDS of minority people who have become successful and chosen to share their success with those who choose to take that path. If you sit in your own shit and do nothing but bitch about it, then you remain in shit. If you get up and change the situation, then it gets better. Don’t sit in shit and bitch, take the opportunities – find the opportunities and MAKE A CHANGE. Isn’t that what Martin Luther King said over and over? I’m old enough to remember.

  • light-skinned lemming


    quick question… why would God want to bless a country like America? Why do we assume God is on our side? What have we done in the past 50 years to earn God’s allegiance?

    “I’m not so concerned about whether God is on our side, as to whether we are on God’s side.” – Abe Lincoln

  • “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” -Lyndon Johnson, Democrat, US President 1963-1969.

    I’m going to write my check to the Red Cross for 25 cents with the word “reparations” in the memo field.

    FYI all people (ESPECIALLY white liberals) blacks can be racists themselves, too. Just like anyone else. No one is free to say racist stuff and get away with it. If Tim McGraw got on the air and said “Adolph Sharpton doesn’t care about white people”, he’d be crucified.

    Stop lying to keep all people down just to advance the liberal anti-freedom anti-responsibility agenda.

  • Van Cephus

    John Bill should have written, “Another claim is that if only we weren’t in Iraq this wouldn’t have happened. While the war has greatly drained resources and stretched personnel thin, there are still more than enough Guardsmen and active duty troops that can be deployed to handle the situation.” Van Cephus.

  • Anthony Grande

    The democRATS are the ones to blame for the majority of blacks living in poverty. They have been voting for democRATS for the last 40 years and they are still uneducated and still living in poverty. The democRATS have brainwashed them into believing that the Republicans haven’t done nothing for them, but my question is “What have the democRATS and Jesse Jackson done to help them?”

    Don’t you see the DemocRATS need to keep the poor minorities poor and uneducated so they will continue to vote for them.

    The majority of the offices held in New Orleans and Louisana is held by democRATS. They continuoslly elected to office by the poor minorities who will always be poor if the keep electing them.

    Louisiana has a DemocRat governor and New Orleans has a DemocRat mayor, but the people there are STILL living in poverty. What has the democRatic Governor done to help them? What has the democRatic mayor done for them? Keep them in poverty is what they have done for them. Republicans are not the ones responsible here.

    Jesse Jackson is a great leader. His people continue to live in poverty. If they got out of poverty then Jesse wouldn’t be important anymore, so Jesse likes to see them stay poor and uneducated.

    If I was black I would follow someone like Condy instead of scum like Jackson and the DemocRatic party.

  • You sum it all up quite nicely with the last line of your post: “SAVE THE NAME CALLING FOR A DAY WHEN LIVES AREN’T HANGING IN THE BALANCE.”


  • Anthony, I wish that your theory was that simple. The racial divide in this country spans all political parties, idealogies and social classes. Let’s not forget that this country was founded and controlled by prominent white property owners. I’d doubt that many of our forefathers had a vision of blacks, women and tenants having equal rights.

    We’ve come a long way in guaranteeing the rights of all citizens and on the surface equality is the ideal. The truth is that economic equality is impossible to achieve in a capitalist system. But that doesn’t mean that more of the wealth can’t be shared. You can blame the Democrats all you want. And they can blame the Republicans. The bottom line is that every single one of us who has cast a ballot is ultimately responsible. If we have such little regard for who governs that we are willing to settle for the less of two evils in every election, then we fully deserve where we are.

  • Ira C.

    From someone who is neither Republican nor Democrat.

    IT CUTS VERY DEEPLY when someone shows us an intellectual mirror and we don’t like what we see. Unfortunately, seeing the reflected image for what it is and allowing it to show us what we need to work on to become the Americans we would like to think we are is not what usually occurs. What most often ensues are defensive studderings and rantings in a feebal attempt to defend a stale unempathetic view of what is simply victimized Americans reflecting the sour reality of the present state of race relations in this country, ‘The-not-yet-truely’-United States of America.
    What is just as unfortunate, is the overwhelming number of very bright Americans whose fear and arrogance makes them too stubborn to accept that they may need to amend their way of thinking about people who are different than themselves.

    If you think there is no racism or a race problem in America, SMACK yourself awake, you are not paying attention.

    I would not simply chalk this racism phenomenon up to ignorance. (Indifference, maybe.) There is a curious selective intelligence amiss in which many otherwise very bright Americans willingly block the introduction of open reason when it comes to discussing the subject of race. They instead refer to the way of thinking derived from the environment in which they were reared which in most cases is riddled with prejudice. The prejudice of the comfortable environments where racial jokes find their way into the recesses of the mind and rot, festering over into the areas of the brain that process thought. To their own peril they hold on to that way of thought for dear life. Why? Two reasons. Economics and/or Fear. (Lazyness could be a third.)

    Economics 101; The haves and the have-nots.
    The educated know that for those who have not had the majority of the wealth in this country for the past 230 years to gain any wealth today means that those who have had the wealth would have to give it up. (For the dollar to remain strong globally, we cannot simply manufacture more money.)

    Now ask any wealthy person if they are ready to part with any of their wealth for the stability and good of the country. Try even asking many of them if they have enough money.

    What are all of the wealthiest Americans doing with their money? They are all chasing after Bill Gates trying to be the wealthiest person alive while Bill is trying to remain the wealthiest. Sound logic cannot reason that nepotism is not alive and well today.

    *If you think Gates is crazy for leaving most of his wealth to charity instead of his family, raise your hand.*

    For those of you already contemplating my ethnic background, social class, sex, etc., pay close attention.

    Fear is the most powerful human emotion.

    People fear accepting they might need to change their views of race. People fear and resist changing what they are familiar with, grew up with. If their views need change, it would mean all their friends, relatives and ancestors who taught them or infleuenced them may have also had sour views about people who were different than themselves. Fear that it would mean they would have to stand on the unfamiliar ground of a new way of thought.

    Unfamiliarity scares people to death.

    (And perish the thought that intellectual change of this magnitude might take some effort.)

    There is good news!
    There are many Americans today who are brave enough to break away from the traditional antebellum or defeatist, victimised way of thinking of their family, friends and relative culture. They have a fearless adventurous spirit and yearn to learn about other cultures; in fact, they are insatiably curious about the facinations of different heritages. They have amended their thinking to understand that they are not superior nor inferior to other people or ways of life. They understand that in fact no one culture, no one people, no one belief system is more important than another. This phenomenon of shunning familiar, separatist, arrogant pride for intelligent cross-cultural humble respect is what I call evolution.
    I have a saying…”People who refuse to understand those different than themselves are destined to be left behind while the rest of the world evolves. Don’t be Cro-Magnon.” Have the balls to step out on your own and find out for yourself where truth is.

    As for President Bush, sure he has a lot on his plate. He must balance the MANY soldiers, 18 year old kids, dying every day in Iraq, Afghanistan, Namibia, Timbuktu and where ever the hell else he has America’s kids dying for his lust for more wealth, with the tragedies here at home.

    Everyone should remember, being the President of the United States is hard work.

    Don’t worry though. The presidency is in the fully capable hands of Haliburton and the other Energy Special Interest Exectuives.

    Do you wonder just how George W. would have reacted if the Bush girls were in the Marines? How quickly would he have brought an end to the “mission”? Wonder how quickly he would have reacted if the Bush family hailed from New Orleans?

    Well, for someone who had intelligence of the impending 9-11 disaster and created no plan or mission to thwart it because it would give Haliburton and the other Energy CEO’s cause to go after Iraq’s oil….i mean dictator, I believe the Bushes too may have become ‘casualties of war’.

    Economics will tell you who the real war is between. The MEGA Wealthy Conglomerate of Oil and ‘Specific-Interest’ Executives who celebrated at his black tie and boots parties (the real President of the United States) are on one side, if you need a hint.

    Why are the wealthy unafraid of the unmentionable debt and state of affairs? They’ve calculated and predicted the consequences of these erratic decisions.

    They forsee insurmountable wealth for the rich when the middle class collapses and we soon become another Brazil. A society where the rich are enormously rich, and the poor are very very poor. This is exactly where this country is headed. Is there anyone who can change this? Is there anyone who can mobilize millions and millions of poor and middle class Americans to take back the country and change it back from a renegade capitalist republic to a democracy where the people rule?
    Yes, there are several. Male, female, native, while, black, hispanic, asian… You’ll hear from them soon enough. They all won’t assassinate. The time has come. There are many Lincolns, many Roosevelts, many Kennedys, many Malcoms, many Kings, many Mandelas, many heros. Listen, and you will hear from them.

  • bill s

    Has anyone stopped to consider that response was slow as well during Andrew. Who was president at that time and who were we discriminating against. I mean we had to be discriminating against the affluent white neighborhoods of southern Florida. If the response is not perfect and on time then the president of the united states must be discriminating against someone. Right?

    If you do not perform a function every day then you will be a little rusty. Armchair quarterbacking the situation will not help this round of events. It may provide for better planning for the next round of events. But discrimination, Please! What a load of bs. Has response been any better in the other areas along the coast that are not predominantly black. It is unfortuanate that some people are going to have to be shot and killed to be persuaded to return to lawfullness but harsh language does not seem to be working. In the years that I served in the military we had a resounding order when it came to guard duty. You do not fire unless fired upon. The only people that will be intentionally shot will be the people that have shot first.

    As for the war on terror I am often suprised by the very short memory of the typical liberal. Does not everyone remember the first time the world trade centers were bombed in their basement. A little known figure was responsible for that. His name was Osama Bin Laden. Clinton’s response was to launch 25 cruise missles at a factory in northern Afghanistan and call it a day. If he had taken care of business and done what needed to be done at the time we would probably be in a different world today.

    West’s comments were inappropriate and aimed at increasing tensions and problems rather than helping. Shame on him and shame on anyone, black or white that thinks that the government purposely let anyone suffer based on the color of their skin. The proof is not there. Until you get some proof (I dont mean pics and captions scoured for out of context) then shut up.

  • hi – i’m from Ukraine – i’m very sorry for Orleans – what is hell out there – U.S. is a big country and the goverment can’t help to poor ppl in trouble???? – i don’t understand this – 3, 4 days without any help – something goes bad

  • Ira C. has hit the spike on the head. If you just skimmed through his comment, I suggest you read it twice. He’s right.

    If you think there is no racism or a race problem in America, SMACK yourself awake, you are not paying attention.

    Ira is right. It’s time for those voices to be heard. Katrina, in all her devastation, can be the beginning of something great. By inflicting her wrath, the skeletons in our collective closets have come flying out and sit amongst the fallen trees.

    All week I have been saying that this is an opportunity. I’ll go back to what Great-Grandma used to say to us when we were kids, “Man plans, God laughs.” Indeed, if you believe that Katrina was an Act of God, then believe Providence in all its wisdom was trying to tell us something. Thousands of Americans died this week. Make their lives count. Be inspired and make a difference.

  • Belew

    It was evident that West’s comments were in the arena of group think. Sad. Sad for the millions of people and nations that has stepped forward to help – people that have cried in the safety of their homes as they watch the suffering through the media.

    It’s like a slap in their face. I bow my head in shame. We can do better.

    Before we label this is a black and white issue – let us see where we failed.

    It will happen again – just like the disaster in OKC. We learned what we needed to do to help people.

    We’ve got to get better at this.

  • blackpride

    “How dare he accuse Bush of being a racist.”

    There is no suprise there; Bush is white. The word “white” is synonymous with “racist” these days, incase you’ve been living under a rock.

    If you are white, the finger is squarely pointed at you for causing this terrible tragedy. And don’t give me any of that “I’m only 12” or “I live in Canada” crap, you aren’t going to excuse yourself that easy.

  • Floridian

    The only people in America who are racist are black people – because they continue to throw the race card in the air and make everything a Black-White issue. How is a weather disaster a race issue?
    Last year in Florida when we were ripped by 4 major storms- was race thrown in the mix? No. And during all 4 storms – FEMA’s response time averaged 1 week. FEMA’s job is to follow in after City, County and State governments. The city, county and state governments in these areas had no plan at all to deal with Katrina. They have had no reponse – but no one is casting blame on these governments, only blaming Bush. (Hmm, this in itself, seems racist toward whites).
    Last year in Florida when so many people lost their homes – did Floridians resort to looting, raping and murdering? No, we came together to assist each other, not hurt each other.

  • billy

    The only people in America who are racist are black people –

    that is the most bigoted, racist remark i have heard all day.

  • HoneyNutRaisin

    I’m a black person born and bred in Great Britain, and the underlying tones of the media reporting here suggests that America is inherently racist. I applauded Kanye West for his truthful remarks; the response to this human disaster was suspiciously slow and America, the richest nation in the world, should feel ashamed that “third world” countries like Cuba have offered assistance. The poster using the alias “white guy with privileges” said it all. America, at least be honest with yourself


    Thanks to West for stating what everbody should be thinking OUT LOUD! Correction: Bush doesn’t care about poor people (white or black!) Who’s dying in IRAQ on a daily basis? Not his children or the children of his friend’s!! In fact, he ran away when it was time for him to show up at the National Guard. WAKE UP! He’s been lying to us since he stole the election in 2000. He tricked Americans into thinking we needed a war in Iraq. Just to ensure contracts for his friends! WAKE UP!! It takes five days to get the Gulf Coast? And you are the President of the US! Your Secretary of State decides to go shopping in NYC during a national emergency! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    How can black people be racist? You have to be in power to be racist! One would have to have the ability to cause an retributive action to facilitate racism! Blacks don’t have power in America! If we did I know we would get to the Gulf Coast to help poor and destitute survivors faster! These people could not afford to evacuate themselves! But… FIVE DAYS !!!

  • Paul

    The black mayor new when he said to evacuate the city that thousands upon thousands of his citizens would not be able to afford to evacuate.
    So, he left them all there in the path of the storm..yet of course HE isn’t racist against people of his own color. But if he was white he would be accused of being racist.

    As other posters who are Floridians posted, help was slow in coming there, in some affluent white areas….wasn’t racist then, not racist now.

    Also as someone else posted, the Democrats have done nothing to empower blacks after being elected year after year…so now are they racist too?

    Unreal. At a time to pull together, a few people pull the race card and everything goes to hell. Way to go.

  • Ohcomeoffit…. great great way to go… I agree with everything you said

  • Katrina…
    First and foremost, why, as Americans do we point the finger during this history-turning-event … I mean yes the hurricane did hit, massively, causing unthinkable damage, but, what I don’t understand is why we as Black Americans point the finger to our fellow White Americans motioning that this natural disaster is because of them, no, stop right there all the name calling and pointing fingers needs to stop, thee main problem with all of this is poverty. Poverty, has no color lines, affects whites, blacks, brown, green, purple, what ever you consider yourself as… just because the majority of the population where Katrina hit is mostly all black does not mean we need to start a racial war over something that could of happened to anybody, anywhere, any-color. I do see the concern in our powerful black leaders; our president, Bush, did not respond quick enough, hopefully if it was the flipside and our fellow white brothers were trapped in hell, our president would of done the same within the same time frame he did… Again, I stress what he did was not right, but, lets fix the situation at hand and not batter a racial cry when we do not necessary need one right now… What I propose is a fund, all Americans should donate at least one dollar so we can help our fellow Americans (yes our fellow Americans… this is not a situation when we need to leave our own country to fight poverty, but, in our own homeland… what happened to our security).
    My two sense , Bryan Christopher

  • Jennifer

    I think that the goverment is doing thier best with what resources they can. All this racism stuff stirring up again is crap. They make it sound like on T.V. It’s only the black people that’re down there and being forced to live this way… Well It’s called America.. Yeah, AMERICA… More than 95% of those people down there are AMERICAN born I bet you. Bush cares for Americans, If he didn’t care for Americans he woulden’t be in the office he’s in right now. People need to come together as Americans and forget the color of thier skin.
    On the same page people will always be this way from what has happend in the past, there’re obviously differences in color but not really in anything else…

    For the Mayor, I’m glad he’s not my mayor. They should have back up plans if theyre not going to listen to a mandatory evacuation… That should be part of the mayors job already at hand – knowing what to do and having back up everything for everyone in that town. Also if the people don’t leave what’re you to do… That SHOULDEN’T be his PROBLEM – It’s thiers.

    For Kanye West, You’re rich, you think you can say anything you want… I mean you can being an American and all but you need to watch the context you’re sending out to people.. young children that listen to you… Young children that listen to your music. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one thinking that ” she’s not a gold digger, she just doesnt mess around with broke niggers.” Ehm. What is that… It just reflects bad on you.

    For the FEMA Director…. THATS a HUGE job.. he’s doing as well as he can, I believe…

    For everyone else nothings going to get better if people don’t work together and make the best out of things. Sorry for bad spelling er- subject jumps and computer lingo.

  • I agree. It’s more of a poverty issue than anything else.

  • Kanye Rules

    Kanye West is my new hero.

    You right wing d1cks can cram it with walnuts.

  • Yo SoyElGuapo

    People who consider themselves victims will ALWAYS consider themselves victims and will never do anything to help themselves. It will always be easier to blame others and go back to living exactly like they have been.

    This is the absolute worst thing that the Democrats are doing to the blacks. The preach that they are helpless victims. People, no matter how bad a hand they have been dealt, have to take responsibility for their own lives.

    BTW, If I were black and I saw the films of the black looters I would be dying of shame. I feel very sorry for the blacks who are educated and responsible. They know the actions of the poorest, least educacted blacks paint how people look at them. Why have none of the current black leaders came out condeming the black looters? It doesn’t help them gain votes.

  • Jennifer

    Amen!, Guapo.

  • Yo SoyElGuapo

    To Kanye Rules:

    This is exactly what he wanted.

    Buy his new CD. Buy 100 of them.

    Its not helping the people in N.O.

  • Jennifer

    I can understand food looting though… but not guns, t.v.s, and shoes. – Like I’ve seen.

  • Boy

    Kanye West spoke the truth. Anyone who doesn’t like it probably is of the same mindset as W. When was the last time W reached out to be the uniter he CLAIMED he was. Not once. NAACP visits?? Nope. There is a trend here. For a person who championed an era of ‘responsibility’ this man(W) & his administration ought to be locked up with the worlds most hardened criminals for that is their equal.

  • Jennifer

    Where’s the NAACP helping N.O. higher NAACP is like the *man* these days.

  • Kristin

    One observation that may explain things a bit.
    The smaller the penis the bigger the dick.
    Republicans are total dicks, therefore…

  • Jennifer

    Are you saying you have a small penis Kristin?…

  • HoneyNutRaisin

    What has Kanye West’s admittedly unedifying lyrics got to do with the slow response of the federal government to this human catastrophe Do you realise that it often appears to the rest of the world that the average American is wholly ignorant of the USA’s internal politics?

    To all you posters claiming that the Bush’s administration cares and is doing its best aware that vital measures to protect New Orleans from “catastrophic” hurricane damage were scrapped by the Bush’s federal government and funding for flood prevention was slashed by 80 per cent with work on strengthening levees to protect the city stopped for the FIRST TIME IN 37 YEARS?

    Do you see the images that overseas’ viewers witness of monotonous seas of black faces crying out for food, water and relief, whilst convoys of predominately white “relief” workers or troops sped by, sometimes contemptuously discarding the odd crate of supplies via the open doors of their vehicles. Do you see the destitute pleading with foreign journalist to put pressure on the government to ease their suffering?

    I guess not.

    This incident has exposed America’s hypocrisy at playing world’s police force, “liberating” the people of overseas tyrannies, turning a blind eye to the suffering of its own citizens.

    It didn’t need Kanye West to point it out: the Bush administration’s racism is there for the whole world to see. Few outside the US question it’s prolific existence.

  • SICK

    Blacks are the the biggest racist of all, the double standard is alive and well. You can say anything you want , but if a white person says it, OMG!!
    How the fuck is George Bush gonna know exactly what to do and when??? Let’s blame him that theres 50K poor blacks in new orleans. Always someone elses fault and there always white.

  • Well

    Note to SICK,
    You sound really stupid and ought to read something other than the garbage that fills your mind.

  • KansasChristian

    I don’t agree with Kayne West’s comments nor do I think it was the correct forum to utter such comments. Regardless, the response to the people in NewOrleans was dismas and I believe is due to piss-poor planning on many peoples part, starting with the city of New Orleans, and not due to racism.

    Regarding the generalization that conservatives and white people don’t care, I would like to point out that a special offering collection was taken at my predomitetly “white”, conservative church in Kansas for the people affected by the Hurricane. I imagine over $250,000 will be donated, as well as we have offered our homes for refugees, and we’ll send people and supplies to help rebuild. Although there are many Christans (Pat Robertson) who don’t reflect the love that Jesus would want us to practice, please don’t consider all of us as self-rightous, non-caring, jack-asses.

    I think it is unwise to lump any group of people (i.e. white people, black people, etc.) as a certain way.

  • sos

    back up. take a deep breath. the reality of this situation is much simpler than everyone wants to make it. as long as group A wants to blame group B for whatever group A feels they are lacking (and vice-versa), all groups will lose. accusations are not solutions. when we speak this way, when we continue to use the language of race politics, we are all guilty of perpetuating the divide and conquer strategy of the priveleged and powerful. divided we fall.

  • PissedInAZ

    Turning this hurricane into a racial issue is BULLSHIT! No matter what your political views are you should support our president. Imagine having his job. No matter what the issue is, there is always someone out there who points the finger. Just like comment #62 said, blacks are given more opportunities to succeed in life than whites are. Yet, you don’t hear whites playing the blame game. Blacks are to thin skinned about everything, everything is the whites fault. They need to take responsibility for their own actions. Everyone in the US has the opportunity to make something of their life. Yeah, that means you have to actually get off your a** and do something. There are many blacks who have taken advantage of the opportunities that are given to them and made something out of their lives. Now I know that there are many whites out there who are in the same boat, but they don’t sit around blaming the blacks for their problems. You can’t sit there and blame everyone else for your problems when you are given every opportunity in the world to make a better life for yourself yet choose not to. New Orleans was ordered to evacuate, there were busses lined up to take evacuees out of the area. Why did so many of them choose to stay behind? BY THE WAY, SCREW KANYE WEST AND HIS RACIST REMARKS!! Why can�t we just all get along.

  • sos

    too bad. nothing but hate out here.

  • Jennifer

    AZ – you have a beautiful mind.

  • sos

    oh yes. let’s blindly goose step behind our benevolent leaders. that’s really beautiful.

  • Middle eastern American

    HMMMMM… BET, Miss black america,the united negro college fund,NAACP,Black Caucuses, Black politicians group, Theres even a Black Farmers Org. WTF???
    Lets try W.E.T white entertainment television, Miss White America, United White kids college fund YOU”D BE CRUCIFIED in a matter of days, these groups create division and by the way, Jessie’s Rainbow BS, the only color not in the rainbow is white.

  • Jennifer

    Middle eastern.. Beautiful.. Let’s have Middle-eastern American Televison too… and Middle-eastern American college fund.. I think you’re more over looked or scared of in this society sadly 🙁 but good point. you’re beautiful.

  • SICK

    The truth hurts don’t it .
    Hey WELL GFY………….

  • Jennifer

    We also need white afermitive action… lmao

  • blackpride

    The thing that gets me is all the white people who completely ignore the race problem and try to tell us that it’s our fault for having a culture which promotes laziness, new clothes, and being “gangsta” over achievement and hard work like say, the asians.

    It is impossible for any black person to be racist. And all whites are inherently racist. Anything that goes wrong to a black person can always be traced back to white people.

    That 2 year old white kid you see getting pushed down the street in his stroller with his gold lined bottle and sucky toy? He’s a racist just like that six year old playing in the sandbox at the park.

    I hate that stupid look they give you too when you call them to task on it. I’ll ask the kid why he’s forcing me to carry this gun and rob people so I can afford the bare necessities, like my new gold watch so I can get to my probation officers on time, and he just stares at me with this blank look on his face before crying and running off.

    “The time (six thousand years) ruled by the white race has been the worst of our known history; a time of complete trouble-making, war, bloodshed, and death of both the righteous and the wicked as never before. Therefore, the black nation and our God, Who is the Originator of the universe, have decided to remove the troublemakers from our planet Earth, as there is no way of the black nations getting along in peace with this wicked, grafted race known as the white race. They have flooded the nations with deceit and divisions.” link


    Totally with ya Middle Eastern Guy and Miss Jenn God BlessYa’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks FLA God bless.

  • “back up. take a deep breath.”

    Now there is good advice for Mr. West, who certainly appeared overwrought when he made his unfortunate remark. Thanks, Mr./Ms. Sos. I hope the person labeling him/herself “blackpride” takes those wise words to heart.

  • Jennifer

    He does, Rob’s awesome.

  • Jennifer

    oh lordy im getting tired.. the other black pride guys nucking futs.

  • PissedInAZ

    TO BLACK PRIDE COMMENT 85. How can you say it is our fault for your culture?? How does wearing gangsta clothes and being lazy have anything to with black culture? Since when do we promote that? You are stereotyping and insulting your own race with that comment. To your comment: “That 2 year old white kid you see getting pushed down the street in his stroller with his gold lined bottle and sucky toy? He’s a racist just like that six year old playing in the sandbox at the park.” WTF!! You’re saying that whites are born racist? What does a kid being pushed down the street with a gold bottle have to do with being racist? That kid could Jay Z, Haille Berry, Tom Cruise, Condolisa Rice, Michael Jordan or Oprah Whinfrey’s kid. That has nothing to do with race. They just happen to be born to someone who made something of there life! No one is forcing you to carry a gun or rob someone! How stupid is that. If this was the year 1823 then yeah, maybe that would be true. You can’t continue to blame today’s society for something that happened years and years ago!! Yeah that sucked. But get over it! My grandpa had a cross burned in his yard for being Irish/Catholic, yet he made a successful life for himself and his family on his own. He could have just as easily sat back and blamed the kkk or whoever else was responsible, felt sorry for himself and did nothing, but he chose not to play the blame game and took responsibility for his own life. People need to own up to their choices in life and stop blaming others.

  • Re-read 85. I suspect someone is posting under an assumed persona and playing a role. Few humans, Farrakhan being one of the few, would say or believe something so stupid. I doubt even Kanye West believes the crap spouted in 85.

  • rotten

    the sins of the father have come home to roost

  • Telling like it is

    Do we really care what a black panther/thug rapper has to say. He just cares about himself and not the suffering in New Orleans. One day on the job and our hero president has straighten this thing out while the cowardly Mayor who left his people to die in the street gets to watch and learn what leadership is. My opinion of course.

  • I wonder what anyone does in the heat of the moment, the anxiety of situation. I am not condoning Mr. West’s rhetoric, but I think it was (in his mind) an honest and from the heart rant.

    Has anyone forgotten that we have free speech in America? Remember the old mantra: I disagree 100% with what you’re saying but I agree 100% that you have a right to say it.

    That’s America, folks!

  • This storm will bring tension among all races because that facts are New Orleans is mostly black. With that being said, it did seem kind of awkward how long it took for the government to step in. Pres. Bush was still on vacation touring California back on Tuesday so his response was very slow too. A natural disaster does not cause racism. We just had our guards down even though we knew what would happen if the storm was a category 4 or 5. New Orleans was neglected not because of race but it was neglected to fight a war in Iraq.

  • Odiumnox

    I think that no one should take the thoughts or opinions of musicians/celebrities seriously. The collective ideology of celebrities in general is (however genuine and heartfelt)is ludicrous in the face of common sense. Celebrities today are so far removed from the plight of the common man that their solutions to the problems of the world are improbable. Were talking about people who get anything they desire with the snap of a finger, handed to them on a silver platter. Towns and businesses close down for the likes of these people. “Hey I can get the finest bottled water from France shipped to my Hollywood penthouse trailer in a shade under 5 hours, why cant we wipe world hunger off the face of the planet? Its just so sad!” Yes it is sad but its not like Pres. Bush can pull a Deus Ex Machinas out of his a** and solve every problem this country (and the rest of the world) has with a wave of his hand. People should lay off Bush, after all he only has the well being of 297,072,864 people resting in his hands. Tell me, could YOU do any better and keeping that many people happy? Could you make the USA a utopia for everyone? Could you handle the logistics of getting thousands of guardsmen and rescue equipment under gunfire through 90,000 square miles of ravaged, flooded US soil? Didnt think so. So before you run your mouth saying Bush is doing a bad job, he needs to do this and that and this and that. Remember you have millions of people of different races, religions, moral characters, economic backgrounds, etc. to try appease. And as this whole blog goes to show, it aint f***in easy.

  • Paul

    From another board:
    Time line for those without gray matter.

    Monday storm hit…Monday-night/early Tuesday flood started…By Tuesday evening they decided the break couldn’t be fixed…

    Late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning “Bush” is Briefed!!! Wednesday Morning Bush fly’s back to Washington but First fly’s Airforce One over the Gulf at 1200 feet. He orders/requests the Senate and congress pass an immediate 10.5 bill aid funds…

    He orders Fenma etc to ramp up because so far they, (Fenma, Homeland security, State and Local governments) “Failed” to adequately
    even attempt doing their Jobs. None of then took the BULL BY THE HORN…

    Mid Wednesday all Guard units were called up on Presidential orders something Homeland and Fenma should of already had done, say Tuesday…

    Thursday plans laid and troops moving, note it takes time because of distances.Fenma etc failed to stage and plan with states…

    Friday morning at Dawn Federal troops and Guard move in force carrying supplies too.
    Barely 48 hours after Bush is Briefed…Of the list is the Managers failure to prepare….

    Heck, N.O. superdome and convention center was to be used…Did the locals Plan for toilets that wouldn’t flush..NO! Could they have set up a thousand porta potties inside in advance, YES!

    ,,Could they have stock Water and minute meals enough for a week, YES!

    …Could they have set a couple of Vacuum trucks to empty full Portsa potties, YES!

    …Could they have Put a couple of diesel electric generators in those two places with two weeks of fuel, Yes!!!!

    You see the locals did nothing!!!!!!!!!!
    Could the locals have bussed some out Monday night and Tuesday morning, Yes!!!! Before the whole city was flooded!!!!!

    Could they had a few lights, Yes if they would have set up the generators at the two so called shelters. i.e. the Superdome and the convention center…

    You figure it out?

  • Paul

    Oh yeah, here’s the mayor’s planning for the busses that could have evacuated thousands of the residents BEFORE the storm. When he gave the evaucation order before the storm, he KNEW thousands didn’t have the means to evacuate. Does that mean he’s racist too? Of course not; same applies to everything that’s happening; all EVERYONE – black and white leaders included – are guilty of is poor planning. Where was Jessie Jackson’s help BEFORE the flood, can’t he do anything but point fingers?
    Here’s the busses that the N.O. mayor could have used, the dumb a##

  • JJ

    Bush URGED everyone on Saturday Aug 28 to evacuate!!!!! No one talking about that.

    Bush urges Americans in way of Hurricane Katrina to find ‘safe ground’

    Sun Aug 28, 3:35 PM ET

    CRAWFORD, United State (AFP) – US
    President George W. Bush urged Americans in the way of Hurricane Katrina, raging toward the Gulf Coast city of New Orleans, to find “safe ground” quickly.

    “We cannot stress enough the dangers this hurricane poses to Gulf Coast communities. I ask citizens to put their safety and the safety of their families first by moving to safe ground,” Bush said.

    The president issued the warning from his ranch here in remarks to reporters as a massive evacuation of New Orleans was launched.

    The Louisiana city’s authorities fear a catastrophic hit by Hurricane Katrina on their city of some 1.4 people. Katrina is churning toward the low-lying southern US city packing winds of 280 kilometers (176 miles per hour).

    “We’ll do everything in our power to help the people and the communities affected by this storm. Hurricane Katrina is a category five hurricane,” Bush stressed.

    A category five storm is the highest on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane intensity scale.

    “Listen carefully to instructions provided by state and local officials,” Bush added.

  • In the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, there would have been stocks of food and water, batteries, etc. in emergency shelters.

    That was when we expected death to sweep in from the Caribbean any day now…

  • Anthony Grande

    “I’d doubt that many of our forefathers had a vision of blacks, women and tenants having equal rights.”

    Well I don’t know about the other founding fathers, but I know for a fact that George Washington freed all his slaves and wrote that all slaves should be freed.

  • Anthony GRande

    The democRATS are the ones to blame for the majority of blacks living in poverty. They have been voting for democRATS for the last 40 years and they are still uneducated and still living in poverty. The democRATS have brainwashed them into believing that the Republicans haven’t done nothing for them, but my question is “What have the democRATS and Jesse Jackson done to help them?”

    Don’t you see the DemocRATS need to keep the poor minorities poor and uneducated so they will continue to vote for them.

    The majority of the offices held in New Orleans and Louisana is held by democRATS. They continuoslly elected to office by the poor minorities who will always be poor if the keep electing them.

    Louisiana has a DemocRat governor and New Orleans has a DemocRat mayor, but the people there are STILL living in poverty. What has the democRatic Governor done to help them? What has the democRatic mayor done for them? Keep them in poverty is what they have done for them. Republicans are not the ones responsible here.

    Jesse Jackson is a great leader. His people continue to live in poverty. If they got out of poverty then Jesse wouldn’t be important anymore, so Jesse likes to see them stay poor and uneducated.

    Anyone who says Bush is a rascist should get slapped by Condelezza, Colin, and Clarence.

    If I was black I would follow someone like Condy instead of scum like Jackson and the DemocRatic party.

  • Jewel

    I’m so happy what Kanye West said about the president. It took him 4 days to do something because he was so busy on his vacation while our black people was dying. And the sad part is the president fighting those arabs and then feed them the next day. What type of mess is that!!!!!!!!

  • kittygogo

    I’ll take Kanye West’s form of prejudice anyday over Bush’s (I personally don’t see it, I see disdain and hatred for a disdainful, hateful pres., but that’s just me, I guess.). Kanye’s words will never, ever match the slaughter and torture that Bush’s obvious hatred and disdain for others has proven. All the conservatives are trying so hard to place blame on anyone else, but their beloved, extremely flawed pres. Ever heard the expression, the buck stops here? I believe this quote sums up what a pres. is meant to encompass.

    Hey, guys, our pres. is spending too much money on a fake war and letting poor people die on the streets. Can’t you see reality for what it is?

    I want those of you who don’t believe in Kanye’s words, please tell me what I should tell my black 3rd graders (in San Fran – the next big catastrophe waiting to happen) when they ask me if the president would leave them stranded after an earthquake. Perhaps I can tell them that fortunately it is so expensive to live here that the majority of the pop. is white, rich people and we’ll probably get rescued as a fringe benefit. That is what I believe the truth is and if you don’t believe it, prove me wrong.

  • Anthony Grande

    Hey kittygogo (edited)

    People are stranded by a Natural Disaster, not Bush. If a recall correctly I remember Bush calling for a mandatory evacuation of N.O. The people stranded there are the ones who chose to say.

    Ask Condy Rice if Bush is a rascist, Ask Colin Powell if Bush is a rascist, Ask Bill Cosby if Bush ia a rascist, Ask Clarence Thomas if Bush is a rascist,

    YOu should tell ALL your students, not just the black ones, that when the President, Mayor and g
    Governor says leave, then leave.

  • gonzo marx

    which neglects the segment of the population that CANNOT leave..the ill..the housebound..the poor without cars…those caring for the above..

    figures show about 20% of NO couln’t/didn’t evacuate…about what was predicted…

    now..how abotu the fact that a good chunk of Mississippi is flattened…that hasn’t gotten quite as much press as NO…but the devastation if far more widespread…


  • kittygogo

    Oh, OK, Bush just hates poor people, who just happen to be black. That’s way better. Are you gonna give me a list of token poor people who I should consult? (why Bill Cosby?)

    How were these people supposed to get out? Did Bush send in any help for them. Maybe this wasn’t his job, but I don’t think ignoring that there is a huge problem until four/five days later, was an effective leadership tool either. Do you? Or where his rambling lies all a part of his tactical plan that everyone had decided upon ahead of time? Why didn’t Bush authorize airdrops, why weren’t troops standing by ready? Why wasn’t offered help accepted? Why did we pull all-out to effectively save people in a 3rd world country in Dec. and leave people in OUR own country, stranded in a convention center to perish and die of thrist. Don’t tell me the govt couldn’t get in. The reporters got in, no problem. FOX news sat on a fully accesible bridge into the city begging, where is the help? FOX NEWS! Don’t tell me that the full blame is on the hands of these poor, forgotten people who had no means and not enough viable options to get out. That is not gonna fly.

    Oh, by the way, an earthquake is unpredictable. How are my students meant to evacuate an earthquake before it even happens?

  • casper

    4 days!!! FOUR DAYS!!! Kanye West’s criticism were spot on. The so-called “President” waited 4 days to do anything. His actions speak for themselves and Kanye West was calling his bullshit out.

  • Anthony Grande

    “which neglects the segment of the population that CANNOT leave..the ill..the housebound..the poor without cars…those caring for the above..”

    When your life and your children’s lives are at stake you should do whatever you can to leave. Get on a Bush, Hitch a ride, ride a bike and when all that fails use your feet.

    But for your sake lets just say 20% couldn’t leave. What is Bush supposed to do??? What can Bush do???

    “Oh, OK, Bush just hates poor people, who just happen to be black.”

    No, this is a common coservative stereotype. Refer to comment #101

    Bill Cosby does not have a politcal affiliation, but he is a TRUE black activists. He said “It is no ones fault except yours that you are poor, Blacks need to step up and get educated instead of sitting around and blaming everyone else.” He also said “I am tired of seeing young Blacks dressing and talking like they don’t have a clue.”

    Much Better than Jackson’s blame game.

    Please refer to comment #101

  • Six Duece

    It just hit me that Kayne West is right… right about everything he is talking about… listen to his music… take a real look at what’s going on… take a look at how black people are being treated in America, from the outside looking in I do see it… being of a different race I can remove myself from the situation and really analyze our problem. Why are we afraid of what we don’t know. Why are we scared to talk to people in the ghetto, are we really afraid or do we make a worldwide stereotype of every black American. Why is it that when 9/11 hit the President responded quicker than Katrina? Don’t put your life and your problems in, when answering these questions… Why in our history books do we look down upon people with color… when without them America would not be anything like it is today…

  • Anthony Grande

    “Why is it that when 9/11 hit the President responded quicker than Katrina?”

    Because we had a huge risk of it happening again.

    Tell me how we mistreat blacks in America.

    Republicans give EVERYONE an equal opportunity in succedding in this country. It is the DemocRAts that are to be blamed for the continuous poverty.

    Please refer to comment #101 for how the dems are the blame here.

  • kittygogo

    Why didn’t we help these people? Answer the fundamental quesion instead of finding the one nit-picky item like all of you apologists and excusers seem to find. You ignore the major point. Why were these people left by our federal govt. to die and fend for themselves for days on end? They did what they were told if they couldn’t get out and when they went to those places, they sat and waited no food, no water, no help (dying all the while). If the local govt didn’t do it’s job, shouldn’t the fed govt step up to plate? It was the most unfunny, deadliest comedy of errors this country has ever seen. There was full access to the convention center. I saw it on FOX news. Why did our pres. have all of these other pressing matters to attend to, while his own citizens died on TV? It’s not like he couldn’t have known, unless he’s an even bigger moron then he appears (that seems a nearly impossible task).

    Is the excuse, because it’s their fault they didn’t get out, mean that we let them die to teach them a lesson? Please help me to understand why Bush let them die in there? I still don’t understand and have not, even after reading lots and lots of posts on here and news stories, etc…

    If we let people rot and die to teach them a lesson, well, this is not the country that I wish to call mine.

  • Anthony Grande

    “Why didn’t we help these people?”

    How are we not helping these people???

  • kittygogo

    How did we (meaning our govt) help them (I’m talking immed. not now)?

  • JJ

    Response differences between 9/11 and Katrina:

    Strong local leader (NY mayor vs N.O. Mayor) focusing communications, needs, etc

    Communications not knocked out in NyY.

    Power not knocked out in N.Y.

    Geographically isolated damage area in N.Y. (few square blocks vs. 90,000 square MILES)

    No flooding – could get to area immediately

    Potential of imminent additional attacks

  • Anthony Grande

    “How did we (meaning our govt) help them (I’m talking immed. not now)?”

    The State Government of Louisiana did shit to help them.

    The federal government did what they could: Mandatory evacuations 2 days before hurrican, sent national guard to Louisiana from all over the U.S. and also Bush passed bill in congress sending tons of $ in relief to the effected areas.

    But you got to remember this is a NATURAL and UNPREVENTIBLE disaster, bad stuff will happen.

    I say Guiliani should be sent to New Orleans and relieve the New Orleans mayor of his job for a few months. Look at the job he did in N.Y.

  • kittygogo

    I’m talking when those people were dying in the convention center and they were not allowed to leave and trucks did not come in. You are not even worth my time or energy. You spin everything around so it fits in your convenient clean package. This is a disaster – everone involved. Watch your beloved FOX news. Did you not watch them, pleading on that bridge, asking our govt to come in and help? If reporters can be there for days and days, our govt could have also. They are in Iraq, needlessly dying instead. Good day, you poor ignorant fool.

  • Go KanYe

    To the dumb asses who think Kanye did this for cd sales you are as stupid as that comment suggest. He risked everything, cd sales, future appearances hell his whole career. And if you didn’t hear him he criticized himself. How many of you could do such a thing. Hell I only make $50,000 a year and I don’t know if I would have had the balls to say what he said go Ye shake the haters off!!!

  • Judd Heathcoat

    Bush hates white people, too. Look at all the white people in Mississippi who have been without any aid whatsoever for over a week now? I guess the squeaky wheel DOES get the grease.

    By the way, Kanye West grew up in an upper middle class family in Chicago. His parents are university professors. He can relate to the poor people in New Orleans about as much as a poor white guy like me can relate to the celebrity caucasians in Beverly Hills.

    Let’s end the stereotyping and quit playing the race card. These cliches are becoming increasingly boring.

  • Anthony Grande

    Sure, our government can get there, but what are they going to do when they do.

    FoxNews reporters are there, but they can’t get the thousands of people out.

    Don’t blame Bush for this mess, blame the government of Louisiana. They are the ones who had no plan, they are the ones who didn’t repair the dike, they are the ones who let their people live in poverty, and they are the ones who released all the prisoners from the jail after the hurrican, hence the looting disaster.

  • JJ

    to kittygogo post 117.

    THINK for a minute; how easy is it to get a reporter, and a camera man/woman dropped into an area? OK. compare that with the logistics of getting literally thousands of people moved in, into a 90,000 square mile decimated, flooded out city; AND supplies, food, water, etc.
    VERY DIFFERENT. Hey, why don’t you give the N.O. mayor some sh#t, he’s the one who left them there in the city knowing they could not evacuate; told them to go to the superdome and convention center which he had well prepared for them with days of water, generators, porta potties, and security – oh, wait – NOT. Why didn’t he do that????? The city failed it’s people in the first place.

  • I’m not reading all the comments due to time constraints but I say yeah to Kayne. He may not have articulated it as well he as would have liked and maybe it was not the proper forum but if you look at what he said it has more truth to it than anyone wants to admit.
    On the other hand why not blame and question. If not for the media actually doing it’s job and questioning and yes, blaming a lot more people might have died.

  • I just visited Mr. West’s website , no mention of him donating anything. It would appear that he is not too concerned about helping the victims of Katrina himself. Ever notice how those that complain the most about problems, do the least in solving them.

  • Furious

    This is the example of the double standard that allows african americans to do and say whatever they want and it’s ok because of something that happened to them 400 years ago. Give me break. The black mayor told the idiots to leave and they stayed. If I was in a city under sea level with a category 5 storm 24 hours away, I would have left. Black, white, chinese, retarded, in a wheelchair,etc. I would have crawled on my amputated stumps at 2 miles per hour and gotten 48 miles away from new orleans. End of story. Stupid people die every day, walking out into traffic, shooting dope, and other reckless behavior. The people who stayed there with children should be charged with neglect and child abuse. Mandatory evacuation means leave.

  • Caring Virginians

    My wife and I gave from our hearts and donated to the Red Cross last week. She made the comment that she hadn’t noticed that all the survivors waiting to be rescued in New Orleans were black… until the media made an issue of it. When I chose to give, I saw PEOPLE in need. The first negative comments I heard regarding the hurricane Katrina response was from someone who was black.
    Bottom line… racism remains an issue in this country because people continue to point out differences in people because of their color, when there is no difference at all in WHO they are.

  • Natalie

    Come on people. Really. W’s slow reaction to katrina is no different than his ridiculously slow reaction to 9/11. Our true concern should be whether or not the bush administration will turn the blame to the states affected and send them to the big house with Saddam, while they continue the hunt for the real culprid of this hurricane (Mother Nature)!!! Perhaps she is hiding somewhere in the ocean underneath a rock??? We could send in our C.I.A. oceananutics S.W.A.T. team to fish her out.
    Wake up America it is not only the victims of katrina we need to remember in the next general election but the vast number of victims that have emerged and will continue to emerge from the house that bush lives in. Get your chads ready!!

  • Anthony Grande

    Caring Virginians and Furious are two examples of TRUE Americans.

  • Natalie

    You must be a member of the C.I.A. oceanauntics S.W.A.T. team.

  • HoneyNutRaisin

    This from the British Times Newspaper online:

    “As of last night, some 130 Britons were still unaccounted for in the hurricane zone, which stretches across Misssissippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Those who have managed to escape have criticised America’s response to the disaster.

    Gerard Scott arrived back in Merseyside today from a holiday in New Orleans with his wife, Sandra, and their young son. He criticised the US authorities for their “horrendous” handling of the crisis, saying he and other guests trapped in a hotel were offered no help for days.

    He said American police took photographs of stranded people begging for help, and on one occasion urged women to bare their breasts in return for being rescued.

    The Scotts were unable to flee New Orleans ahead of the storm as they had not taken their driving licences with them on holiday, and decided to remain in their hotel after being warned that the Superdome would not be safe.

    After weathering the storm on Sunday night, they believed they were past the worst and would be able to fly home from an airport near New Orleans, Mr Scott told BBC Radio 4’s The World At One.

    “We went to bed on Monday night thinking ‘Fine, not too much of a problem’,” he said. “For some reason, Sandra woke up in the middle of the night and looked out of the back window and she said it was like Venice in America. The flood had come and it was getting higher. It was crisis time in the hotel.”

    Guests and staff broke into vending machines to get crisps and other food, and gathered together all the drinkable water in order to survive the next few days, Mr Scott said. But he said that they received no help from the authorities. “If the American authorities had had their act together at that point, they could have had the vast majority of people out of New Orleans at that time to safer ground,” he said.

    Asked what assistance was offered to people stranded in the hotel, he replied: “Nothing. The only information we got from anybody in authority was if a policeman walked past and we shouted to them out of the windows.

    “The only information we ever got off them was negative: Don’t go here, don’t go there. There was no ‘Are you OK? Are you safe? Have you got water?’.”

    He added: “I couldn’t describe how bad the authorities were – just little things like taking photographs of us, as we are standing on the roof waving for help, for their own personal photo albums, little snapshot photographs.

    “At one point, there were a load of girls on the roof of the lobby of the hotel saying ‘Can you help us?’ and the policemen said ‘Show us what you’ve got’ and made signs for them to lift their T-shirts When they said no, they said ‘Fine’ and motored off down the road in their motorboat.” ”

  • bagalocks


    kanye west has said what so many have felt for a long time. kanye was speaking from his heart..and we all know he’s not far off from the truth. hate is a powerful word, i can’t say for sure if george bush hates black people. but what i do know is he doesn’t think the black race is of value. he has shown us that, whether we like it or not. this is our reality. like most rich people who were half raised, bush is clueless, selfish,&
    heartless to the struggle of the common man. WHY? because he has never been poor and without like most of us. AMERICA! we are in trouble as long as bush is our “leader”. God bless Kanye for taking a stand and speaking out! and God bless everyone..have mercy on us all!

  • R

    Why is it when black people steel a colored tv, liquor, computers, firearms, jewelry it’s called looting. But a whiteman takes water, food for his or her family it’s called survival???

  • Anthony Grande

    If a black person steals food and water it is also called survival.

  • JJ

    Well I heard they are going to get cruise ships to put them on..You know last time that many black people were on boats at one time…they had jobs waiting for them when they got off

  • George

    Kanye west and anyone who agrees with him should rethink their ideas of racism. Last time i checked there was no WET: White Entertainment Television or there was no quota for admission to colleges or jobs for white Americans, or even a white american scholarship. The truth behind New Orleans is that it’s government, which is mostly African American failed to act, and as a result pointed its finger at president Bush, transfering the blame from them.We all hope the best for everyone,so stop blaming and start helping.

  • Marshall

    If West’s comments are so absurd, can anyone point to any example of President Bush addressing an issue of particular concern to African-Americans? Saying that he cares for all Americans doesn’t count. He cares more about Christians than Atheists (he’s addressed Christian groups), he cares more about the employed than the unemployed (he’s spoken to Labor Unions), he cares more about the elderly receiving social security than the young (he’s addressed organizations concerned about social security). So when has he addressed African-Americans?

  • MEL

    can you give 1 good reason why President Bush should care..or for that matter why I should care about them??

  • Marshall

    >>can you give 1 good reason why President Bush should care..or for that matter why I should care about them??<< Because he's the President of the United States of America, and they are Americans.

  • steve

    in response to comment 130. african americans were not just taking the means to survive. i.e. food, water. they were stealing everything from jewelry to big screen tv’s. I even saw a woman wading through water carrying several bottles of Tide; while ironically she had no other clothing than what was on her back. people were stealing just to steal. they took advantage of the situation. I hope they pay for their crimes.

  • Marshall

    In response to comment 140, there were SOME african americans taking more than the means to survive. That is an important distinction to make.

    Furthermore, a criminal/theif/murderer/rapist before Katrina was the same thing during Katrina, and will continue to be so after Katrina. It is unfair to associate all of the Hurricane victims with the unlawful few, just as it is unfair to associate every single American business man with those who ran Enron and Worldcom.

  • valintina



    NOAA: August 2005 Update to Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook
    Issued: 2 August 2005

    Realtime monitoring of tropical Atlantic conditions
    Realtime monitoring of tropical East Pacific conditions

    Atlantic Hurricane Outlook & Seasonal Climate Summary Archive

    NOAA is calling for a 95% to 100% chance of an above-normal 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, according to a consensus of scientists at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center (CPC), Hurricane Research Division (HRD), and National Hurricane Center (NHC). This forecast reflects NOAA’s highest confidence of an above-normal hurricane season since their outlooks began in August 1998.

    The updated outlook calls for an extremely active season, with an expected seasonal total of 18-21 tropical storms (mean is 10), with 9-11 becoming hurricanes (mean is 6), and 5-7 of these becoming major hurricanes (mean is 2-3). The likely range of the ACE index for the season as a whole is 180%-270% of the median.

    The predicted seasonal totals include the considerable activity that has already occurred prior to this update (7 tropical storms and 2 major hurricanes). Therefore, for the remainder of the season, we expect an additional 11-14 tropical storms, with 7-9 becoming hurricanes, and 3-5 of these becoming major hurricanes. The expected ACE range during August-November is 110%-200% of the median. These very high levels of activity are comparable to those seen during August-November 2003 and 2004.

    Given the forecast that the remainder of the season will be very active, it is imperative that residents and government officials in hurricane-vulnerable communities have a hurricane preparedness plan in place.


  • steve

    looks like this was a classic display of natural selection. the smart one’s decided to leave. the less intelligent decided to stay.

    also, Nadin made no plans to evac the city. what a failure he is. this was not in his highly taxed, over zealous budget, now was it?…wonder what his slush fund must looks like?

    lastly, how could you not spend the 10 bucks for a bus ticket to evac NO? STUPID! you paid the price!

    start listening to the weather report rather than your new Kanye West CD!!

  • Hard to spend 10 bucks you don’t have. Get it into your head: Yes, there were some who chose to ride it out. But there were thousands who wanted to evacuate but could not. Get a heart.

  • Marshall

    Unless you have been, or are now impoverished and understand the situations of each and every person from Alabama to Louisiana who says they did not have the money to evacuate, what you said was very ignorant and disrespectful of people who died.

    There were indeed lives that were lost because some of those people could not afford to travel, and their pay day was coming up within five days. Whether you think these people should have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps is irrelevant. There are poor people in this country who can’t afford a $10 bus ticket (I’ve never heard of a long distance bus costing only $10, but I could be wrong there), there have always been poor people, there will always be poor people.

    The Government is supposed to protect and help people who cannot protect and help themselves and to sneer at someone who died because they were too poor to evacuate is heartless, disgusting, cruel, narrow minded, and, again, ignorant.

  • And apparently, given much of what I have seen written here and elsewhere, way too typical.

  • honest

    …HMMM, and you say you all aren’t racist? Read the excerpt below, and it sounds like most of the whites replies on this board.

    —by Robert Jensen

    Here’s what white privilege sounds like:

    I am sitting in my University of Texas office, talking to a very bright and very conservative white student about affirmative action in college admissions, which he opposes and I support.

    The student says he wants a level playing field with no unearned advantages for anyone. I ask him whether he thinks that in the United States being white has advantages. Have either of us, I ask, ever benefited from being white in a world run mostly by white people? Yes, he concedes, there is something real and tangible we could call white privilege.

    So, if we live in a world of white privilege–unearned white privilege–how does that affect your notion of a level playing field? I ask.

    He paused for a moment and said, “That really doesn’t matter.”

    …HMMM, white people aren’t racist though, because here is the proof.

  • Uncle Tom

    This John Bill guy is a genius. Hell, I don’t think colored people understand colored people as much as he does. I salute you suh!

  • Buk

    After hearing Kanye’s comments stating that race is behind the slow response to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina I will no longer ever buy or support in any monetary way Kanye West or anything that is connected to him. It’s sad that a talented musician like himself has to stoop so low to try to stir up controversy by bringing up the “race card”.

  • Photo of hundreds of unused school buses in New Orleans parking lot.

  • Sorry, link in #150 is wrong, here is the right one. Click here

  • Xicano

    Kanye West
    was the only during the show to actually say what is really going on.

  • Go_back_2_europe

    Kenya West Rules

  • Kat

    The N.O. mayor had hundreds of busses at his disposal (oops until he let them all get flooded – d’oh) that he could have helped evacuate the thousands of residents he KNEW would not or could not evacuate.
    I love how he points the finger of blame elsewhere; everywhere but at HIMSELF.
    He shares a big share of the blame for letting this situation get this bad/not having plans to evacuate the needy and infirm.

    if he was white, people would be calling him racist as he let all these people suffer.

  • steve

    Nagin should have evac’d everyone long in advance. its much easier to point the finger at Bush.

    marshall, If I were in that living situation, I would have done what I could to make myself a better person. I would have made sure I had an income to support my family. I would have made sure I could afford a mere bus ticket to evacuate myself if my mayor chose not to aid his city. Instead, these people decide to live by the same ol s***, different day mentality. they never tried to better their situation…and were unprepared to pay for the consequences. how long does it take to become educated, to obtain a decent job? not long.

    if you gave the average joe 5 years to make something of himself…im sure he could. these people decided to have the lifestyle they have and they ultimately payed the price for it.

  • J.C.

    “Black people are the most racist people in the world………….not only do they hate whites, they hate each other! Ever see a black man happy for another black man’s good fortune?”

    Chris Rock

  • steve

    someone should organize a Kanye West cd burning. any magazines, pictures, cds would be welcomed. I cant wait for the smell of burning plastic! Kanye West, sleep now in the fire!

  • or a mass Kanye West cd BUYING frenzy. “oi, tower records etc, every Kanye West disc you got, an you better be ordering a bunch more, on account of i got a buncha friends are set to hit this town in twenty minutes.”

    or maybe buskers on every street corner start doin acoustic versions of Diamonds… etc.

  • blaise

    For anyone idiotic enough to blame the POTUS first….

    Yes, that is a picture of some of the 2,000+ schoolbuses that the New Orleans mayor chose not to put into service to help save the many poor people he knew couldnt leave the city. Guess he thought they needed to be washed more than run.

    Anyone that acts like the moronic mayor of New Orleans (who is black) isn’t first and foremost responsible is an asshole…

    That would include Kanye West, who apparently couldn’t come up with a way to blame the hurricane on the Jews. In the interest of being non-partisan, all you K.West supporters can suck it now.

  • steve

    a kanye west buying frenzy, eh? makes me think of sheep lead to the slaughter.

    go ahead, fall victim to this callous, zealot “leader” Let him take you down with him.

    blame all of your problems on DUBYA.

    you have to at least question a millionare’s thought process for still believing “the white man keeps knockin’ him down” after he has made his millions. what a fake.

  • Mike

    I agree with 15

  • Ira C

    wasn’t going for the longest post award (#46). Just felt it needed some clarification. In short, the racism problem in America will not be solved by ignoring it or sweeping it under the rug. And although not every problem in America is a race problem, race problems are the most ridiculous problems and the biggest waist of the precious little time we have on this Earth.

    In fact, the problem is exacerbated when ignorant blanket statements are made about another race; e.g. “they are all racist and oppressive”, or “they all shuck responsibility”. Those statements are inherintly racist and foolish. If the only ones you’ve met are like that (if you’ve met any) then that is where the problem lies. You need to make the effort and go meet people of different race than you. But that would mean you have to care enough about your own awareness to warrant “getting off your a**”…

    Ignorance is not the cause of racism, INDIFFERENCE is.

    Everyone starts out not knowing, but its the ones who care enough to go and find out the truth who evolve into modern human beings.

    Unfortunately, many people would just assume never see a different race person. We can only let those kind rot in their evil-born hatred, and reach out to their kids or their kids’ kids.
    Many more people will leave those archaic ideals behind and embrace co-habitation and co-existence.

    The next goal must be a truely concerted attempt to ameliorate the educational system which is still very laden with unbalanced information and misinformation which perpetuates the ignorance, the misunderstanding of each other.

  • caring people

    Re: comment 124

    Yeah, and maybe if we stop talking about AIDS, that epidemic will dissapear too!


  • steve

    according to kanye, the cia brought that upon society…along w/ crack cocaine. what rubbish

  • Lee

    Learn to count…it took 3 days to react to this tragedy. Tuesday was the first sign of flooding…Friday they arrived in force after the local and state governments broke down..that is 3 days. Stop exaggerating and creating a bigger problem.
    Kanye can criticize anyone he wants when he can back it up, but when it is simply made up out of thin air and has little basis in truth, I have a problem.
    I disagree with those who are saying they were glad to see Mayor Negin get emotional. Part of the problem in N.O. was that everyone got emotional. People rushed helicopters and shot at others trying to bring help which caused that help to be delayed. Negin should lead by example as a city leader and show others how to have grace under fire. I do feel for him, but I think he could have shown better poise which I think he recognized when he apologized.

  • what more can we say? he was right . . .

  • Grace

    What I dont understand is why is it be can send so many people overnight to another country to fight in war and kill people and not be able to send people to a different state to save people’s lives? I agree with what Celine Dion said!!!

  • grace

    I also agree with Kanye

  • Caring Virginians

    Re: comment 160

    Hmmm…last time I checked, AIDS can’t just jump out and get me. Bad CHOICES, bad disease.

  • Lynn

    If Kanye West had his way, the N* word would be the word most used in the English language! Could you imagine what people would think of the President if he used the language of Kanye West in his Stae of the Union Address? And if Kanye had his way the economy would be based on street hustling. So what makes him an authority on anything?

  • When did the “N” word achieve such status. It’s reverse worship, folks. We are so afraid of it that we’ve elevated it to some sick status. Actions speak louder than words. By trying to stop everyone from saying the “N” word doesn’t get rid of racism. It makes it sexy.

  • steve

    KANYE WEST DOESNT CARE ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE. so there. original, arent I?

  • Caring People

    Last time I checked, AIDS was a disease most often contracted from bad choises.
    Anyway, the point is people are different. People come from different backgrounds, different cultures, different lifestyles. Here’s an idea, why not start appreciating our differences, welcoming our differences and learning from them so we can be more well rounded people, like Ira C said. We first have to admit that all races, nationalities, belief systems are equally important. For many Americans, thats the hardest part. We can’t seem to shake off that whole “manifest destiny” thing where we justified slaughtering millions to advance our own ideas with no regard for others.
    Until we change that…it will be tough.

  • Subliminal Minister

    Anyone ever heard of MK-NAOMI (an acronym for Negroes Are Only Momentary Individuals)? This project spawned the Special Virus Cancer Program, the director of which “discovered” the AIDS virus (incidentally, Dr. Gallo also applied for and received a patent for a means of continuous production of the AIDS virus — patent #4,647,773. I wonder why he would need to continuously produce the virus he is supposedly fighting, but I guess NAOMI explains it pretty well). Read up on it. http://www.africaspeaks.com/articles/2005/0101.html

    Let’s not forget Tuskegee, where Black patients were not treated with a readily-available medicine for syphilis, but rather were given placebos (as well as toxic “treatments” like mercury rubs) in order to study the unchecked progression of the disease. These men went home to their families and procreated, passing on the incurable illness to their wives and children in many cases.

    This is the government that suddenly cares about people of color? less than 150 years after they enslaved these same people, and less than 40 years after the end of the Tuskegee experiment??? Is anyone being fooled?

    And now Kanye is a racist for saying that GW doesn’t care about Black people? Look how quickly the phony “food distribution center” was set up to provide a backdrop for GW’s speech on Monday — and then just as quickly dismantled. What about his monther, basically calling the survivors opportunists for not wanting to return to the scene of devastation, saying that the situation “seems to be working very well for them.”

    For those with faith, no proof is necessary — for those without, no proof will suffice.

  • Subliminal Minister

    Hmmmmm (post 10):

    “Only a racist mentality would try to use a national spotlight … for political fiction”

    Oh, like those WMDs? Or Iraq having something to do with 9/11? Or about Abu Ghraib being the result of a few bad apples? Or about no one being able to predict the levees would break?

    As RFK’s character said in the DeVito flick, “I don’t know what you’re trying to prove, Hoffa… but you’re proving it!”

  • Daniel


  • Subliminal Minister

    Actually, Kanye said “I hate the way they portray us in the media.” And expressed an opinion about GWBusch that was his opinion to express. Come to think of it, he also indicated that America is set up to help “the black people, the poor, the less well off, as slow as possible.” Is he wrong on that? I guess all you heard was Black, maybe because Kanye IS Black.

    So — he IS speaking for himself, and using a national forum to do it. Just like Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity do every day. But you’re apparently so angry that a Black person dared to air America’s filthy laundry in front of an international audience that the ability to actually hear what the man said escapes you.

  • Caring Virginians

    Comment 170 was a great post. You are absolutely correct that viewing people of a different class, nationality, race, etc. as equally important is a huge challenege. I hope we make some progress soon.

    I read this today in Randy Fitzgerald’s column in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

    “The guests were interesting. A number of them were Capital One employees (including the bride), and three had been manning the phones for the fundraising concert on NBC a few nights earlier when rapper Kanye West had his say. The “operators” had no access to TV as the pledges came in, so when irate people started calling to complain about the attack on President Bush, the folks answering the phones had no idea what the callers were talking about.

    “We had to improvise,” said one. “I said to a woman who was threatening to take back an earlier pledge, ‘Whatever was said, I’m sure it was a misunderstanding.'” The three agreed that pledges had fallen off after West spoke his piece.”

  • Caring Virginians

    Link went dead. Try here

  • Subliminal Minister

    Mommy Busch says the disaster “is working very well for them.” Daddy Busch was a leader in the eugenics movement, having gone to Congress in 1969 with an overview of a previous session with Drs. William Shockley and Arthur Jensen to talk about Black birth rates “downbreeding” the American population. And Junior eats cake and plays the guitar while thousands of Black American lives are lost and many thousands more traumatized. Let’s not mention bombing the hell out of a country — populated by brown-skinned people — that did nothing to provoke the attack. And the money the Busches spend, which puts them in the position of having a political dynasty in the US, was made from supporting the Third Reich and Adolph Hitler.

    This is the president of the US we’re talking about.

    And we sit on a message board discussing whether Kanye West is racist for saying the the Busches don’t care about Black people. I wonder whether people are really being honest about all this…

  • steve

    dan–you just made my night…great post bud

  • [edited]

  • Subliminal Minister


    Oh yeah, race relations in the US are great. Black people have no obstacles to their progress here.

    America is now the country of the terminally stupid, the insolently apathetic, and the criminally lazy — not to mention big tough guys whose keyboard keys for nigger are worn out. It’s okay though — as Sam Cooke put it, “a change is gonna come…”

    Your fear stinks, [edited].


    I have come to the conclusion that 96% of the American people are so self centered that they can not see the Bullshit they throw out. True Blacks are raseist not all but alot are. Same as some whites why because our mindset and lifestyle promotes this. We have holidays for Race. We have TV for race. We honestly care what the rest of the world thinks about us. Trust me I lived in Europe for 15 years they do not care. Check your Goverment and History. 1st the demodratic party was a southern raseist party. Sen Bird was in the KKK, Strom for SC Dixiecrat then Democrate. Most of the Hollywood eleite are pushing the democrate agenda. Bill Clinton covered sex in the white house with a war in bosina killing people. that was washed under the bridge. True our government is not perfect damn but remember it is still WE THE PEOPLE (RIGHT).

  • Subliminal Minister

    Q: Were Black people racist when they arrived here? Why is race such a prominent concept in the mind of the “average” Black person?

    A: Because whites, who were extremely racist, constructed race as a concept and used it as an issue to benefit themselves — AND THEIR PROGENY — to the detriment of other groups. Through slavery, through the civil rights non-movement, through discrimination, through disparate access to resources, through lynchings, through their organizations and institutions, through their literature, through their “criminal justice” system, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

    Very easy to accuse Black people of being “racist” these days, simply because they are hyper-CONSCIOUS of race. It’s not really the same thing, but I don’t expect many Americans to grasp the difference.

    Of course, using the word nigger wipes away all this unpleasant fact-based talk, doesn’t it?

  • steve

    im sure there are just as many racists blacks as there are whites. Its frusturating when they are so quick to throw the race card, or blame white people for their problems. some extremists blame white people for the position they are in now…that they have “always kept the black man down.” very untrue. I wish people were different.

  • Subliminal Minister


    You are right. It is true that all White people as a group have done nothing to, as you put it, “keep the Black man down.” However, it is also true that the actions taken by a sizeable segment of the White “race,” historically and currently, have had the effect of “keeping the Black man down.” If you read back over some of the previous posts I’ve made on this board — and check out the facts for yourself — you must agree that this also is true.

    I too wish that Americans — as a single group of people, not hyphenated cliques — could get beyond the massive issue of “race.” But my mum used to say “the only way out is through.” In other words, we can’t deal with the issue by skirting the issue. Only honest dialogue can change what is otherwise likely to be an unpleasant future for everyone. Are people from all sides willing to engage the topic honestly?

    If so, can anyone honestly tell me that the criminally slow and disorganized nature of the rescue effort was not in the least tinged by race, even if only via the “class” linkup?

  • Geroge bush has sent 60 BILLION dollars for aid to katrina… SO FAR. I think that is far from racist. And how about this, bush does not control media. Media editors DO. I seen a picture of white people with bread and soda, I seen a BLACK with a case of soda and a garbage bag containing god knows what. All blacks do is cry and complain, and try to get in the spotlight for anything trying to overpower the disaster. When the race war starts, That will stop all BS. Remember, this will always be the end result as whites grow increasingly tired of the black remarks.



  • Mexicans are overrunning this country, taking all the government subsidies. The blacks had better figure it out, and soon. There are millions of mexicans coming in yearly, blacks can only reproduce 6 at a time. Looks like the blacks will be a minority for life. Call me racist. I don’t care. WERE ALL RACIST…. NEXT…

  • If it was not true, why do black neighborhoods always look like hell??? Because they have NO PRIDE. Why are the BLACK STREETS, the ones always blighted and the ones the cops never go down alone?? Because they have NO PRIDE. They rape and murder and steal because they HAVE NO PRIDE. THE SANFRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE HAS NOTHING TO COMPARE TO KATRINA. THERE WAS NO AFFIRMATIVE ACTION OR FEMA OR FOODSTAMPS OR GOV AID OR DISABILITY IN THE EARLY 1900’s. SO DON’t TRY TO COMPARE.

  • This is all a dead horse, Kayne sold 3 million more records by saying that, now he is sitting pretty and his contribution was nothing to victims. He has betrayed the blacks and the whites and now will be famous forever because he IS an opportunist, like the looters and murderers and all other terrible people. He took the telethon and used it for ill gotten gains by saying controversial stuff and promoting himself instead of his cause.

    He is a dying breed and his last minute lash out proves his desire to stay in a spotlight not deserved. I am taking my kayne west cd’s and sending them to the white house for them to do as they like. Kayne West, you just lost a fan.

  • Subliminal Minister

    In an non-racist country, should the number of Mexicans vs. whites vs. blacks even make a difference? Yet all you non-racists (got-nigged, no less!) mention the influx of Mexicans and other Hispanics as if it were a “threat” to Blacks, or someone else.

    No honest takers, I see. Sad, but predictable. As far as Kanye West, who gives a damn? The issue is about whether what he said had any truth to it. Whether you are a fan of his music or not is (or should be) irrelevant.

    Just as I have to take on faith that not every white person is a racist redneck bastard, you have to take on faith that not every Black person is what you claim them to be.

    Or you can keep talking “race war,” and open a can of worms that you surely cannot finish. Think you are stretched thin now…?

  • Subliminal Minister

    Oh — help, I must say I agree with your take on most rap music 100%. The lifestyle that it glorifies, and the behavior it elicits from its fans, is a wicked culture in the extreme. However, I’ve heard rap that does none of these things, and insteads tends to impart a desire to learn the real truth about a lot of things — for instance, what the Civil War really was (and still is) about.

    But that’s not up for debate here. We are talking about Americans, who most likely never jacked a car, or stole a TV, or raped a white woman, or whatever it is you think Black people do with their free time. Americans who are dying while waiting for negligent aid. If they were white, would it have been the same? Why should it be different, because they have darker skin or not enough money in the bank, or both? Are you saying that these factors should make a difference?

    Personally, my sense is that people themselves should have been ready for the worst. Not the people without means in NOLA, but people of goodwill around the country, who should have gone in and taken care of our own. The first perimeter established should have been ours. The first command post, the first food distribution point, the first reports from the scene, all should have been ours. Fuck waiting for someone to do something for us we are not doing for ourselves — particularly one as dishonest and double-dealing as the current administration.

    I guess you know who I mean when I say “us,” right?

  • Subliminal Minister

    correction: the above was not to help, who was no help at all. Rather to the author cited:

    I seen a picture of white people with bread and soda, I seen a BLACK with a case of soda and a garbage bag containing god knows what

    a BLACK, eh? Sure he wasn’t a Mulatto, Octoroon or Quadroon? Anything but a person….

    BTW, that’s what the rest of white America saw too — a BLACK with a bag containing “god knows what.” As well as other BLACKS turned away from aid by the national guard and local police, penned in and drowning like rats.

    I saw people — mostly Black but others as well — without help from authorities, doing what was necessary to survive, only to be criticized in so doing by those who have the luxury to talk from their keyboards.

  • Subliminal Minister


    Ummm… by “his people” do you mean Black people? And if so, why is that term separate from America in your sentence? Aren’t “his people” Americans, too?

    But that’s what this whole thread is about, and your answer is pretty clear.

  • Subliminal Minister

    Kanye West said:

    1. He doesn’t like the way news media covered minorities during Katrina; and

    2. The slowness of the federal response can be explained — at least in part — by race.

    The responses that statement evoked:

    They rape and murder and steal because they HAVE NO PRIDE.” — GotNigged–at–aol.com
    Mexicans are overrunning this country, taking all the government subsidies. The blacks had better figure it out, and soon.” — help–at–aol.com
    It’s sad that a talented musician like himself has to stoop so low to try to stir up controversy by bringing up the “race card”.” — Buk
    This is the example of the double standard that allows african americans to do and say whatever they want and it’s ok because of something that happened to them 400 years ago. ” — Furious
    Do we really care what a black panther/thug rapper has to say.” — Tellingitlikeitis
    looks like this was a classic display of natural selection. the smart one’s decided to leave. the less intelligent decided to stay. ” — steve
    Shame on him and shame on anyone, black or white that thinks that the government purposely let anyone suffer based on the color of their skin. ” — bill s
    You can’t sit there and blame everyone else for your problems when you are given every opportunity in the world to make a better life for yourself yet choose not to. — PissedinAZ

    Yeah, Kanye was WAY off base.

  • So, you think that a pack of racist idiots who haven’t voted once in their lives and are probably 14 years old, are setting policy for the Bush administration?

    The fact of the matter is that the Republican Party has a 152 year history of opposing racism. It was the founding principle of the party. The party would not even exist had it not been for a desire to oppose slavery. Opposition to racism and support for racial equality is the one thing which has been in every party platform for all of those 152 years.

    Modern Republicans may believe in racially neutral and equal policies rather than racial favoritism, but that doesn’t make them prejudiced against anything but unfairness.


  • Subliminal Minister

    Taken in the spirit intended, Dave. However — without debating Dem vs. GOP — the Republican party has been hijacked from the inside. (so has the Dem, but you mentioned the GOP). Beyond which, the current frontman is at best hopelessly incompetent, and at worst intentionally murderous.

    The Busches are irredeemably racist. The proof of this is readily available to anyone who cares to do their own research. Who is William Draper, and what is his connection to Busch, the military industrial complex, and Planned Parenthood? What does this have to do with Nazis and eugenics? What prompted Busch to warn Congress of the dangers of “too many Black babies” in 1969? How are the attitudes of those in power then reflected in the policies and public opinion of today?

    Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Independent — the biggest hoodwink is history is going on under your noses. Seeing it requires some critical thought.

  • >>Taken in the spirit intended, Dave. However — without debating Dem vs. GOP — the Republican party has been hijacked from the inside. (so has the Dem, but you mentioned the GOP). Beyond which, the current frontman is at best hopelessly incompetent, and at worst intentionally murderous.< < Hijacked from the outside, by disaffected Democrats, perhaps. And the key point is that even THEY aren't notably racist. Their issues are entirely different and have nothing to do with race. >>The Busches are irredeemably racist. The proof of this is readily available to anyone who cares to do their own research. Who is William Draper, and what is his connection to Busch, the military industrial complex, and Planned Parenthood? What does this have to do with Nazis and eugenics? What prompted Busch to warn Congress of the dangers of “too many Black babies” in 1969? How are the attitudes of those in power then reflected in the policies and public opinion of today?<< Utter bullshit. Back to infowars.com for you, reactionary nutbag. Dave

  • ac

    to comment 17 you make me sick

    mr educated black man

  • steve

    ill stand by what I said. it wasnt racist by any means. there were dumb PEOPLE who decided to stay for katrina…they were black AND white. so yes…these people were complete morons to stay for katrina…a fine example of natural selection. katrina, although bad, weeded out some of the feeble minded.

  • mz lady

    I think many white Americans take the easy way out by denying the fact that racism exist on as large of a scale that it actually does. For the most part, we believe ourselves to be good and moral individuals. So if you were willing to admit to racism, you would feel morrally obligated to do something about it. Uncovering racism would drastically change the lives of the those who benefit from it the most. So denying, or refusing to investigate allegations, keeps your conscious clear. You don’t think that people in positions of power know how deep racism stems. I believe racism played a great part in the rescue response for the victims of Katrina. It would be ridiculous to accuse Bush for the storm, none of us control acts of nature. But blame can be placed on those who could have acted faster and didn’t. It may not seem like a time to point fingers, but it is. This ensures that people are never treated in this manner again. Americans have stood up to say that we won’t except this treatment toward our poor and underpriveledged. And I would encourage all Americans to jump on that bandwagon.

    And it bothers me that there are those who believe many victims stayed out of choice. It may be easy for you or I to get to safety. But many people had no way. Some us can’t imagine not having money to get away and take our entire families, not having transportation, not having family or any place to go. I know I can’t. It’s arrogant to believe everyone is as fortunate as we are.

    I think Kanye is right in his belief. But I would take it a step further and say this country as a whole don’t care about blacks, minorities and underpriveledged people. When he said it didn’t surprise our people. We were wondering how long it would take for rest of the country to realize that. It may have been a little unorthodox the way the message was presented. But it came out loud and clear. Now what are we going to do about it? And I’m not one of the black women who blame whites for our every downfall. We have to stand up and take responsibility for our future. But we need a fair chance to do just that. It’s hard when your past was stripped from you, your resources are few, and there is a foot on your neck.

  • Elegence

    Man look he spoke what he felt the same comments u make at hom with ur family about situations BUT yes he choose to do this on TV u may ask why i believe that is was because we listen to his music we support him we are his FAMILY and he told us what he felt So you know what is is over stop talking about it because it is done he is an artist and that is what he felt kanye west has inspired me and what i feel about Busch had alwas been the same we do seperate ourselves and look we are doing it again

    God Bless You All

  • Craig Bogstein

    First off, Kanye himself is racist. Listen to the words on his cd. If a white person said what he says he would be labeled KKK, probably sued and condemned by the liberal media. He was studdering, sounded unitelligent and I thought he was going to cry like a girl during his feminine-like speech. It’s very easy to use President Bush as a scapegoat to get himself more publicity and get his black panther views across national television. White people stood together, had pride in their neighborhod, and worked together to save themselves and the people around them. Blacks robbed each other, raped little boys and girls, and acted like they were in the jungle.



  • No one you know.

    George Bush’s delay in dealing with Hurricane Katrina victims largely stems from the fact that the Republican party cares LITTLE for the environment, save for situations where it serves as a source of profit for them.

    Kanye West is a racist piece of trash. He’s a diluted little cry baby, and he’s no better than Dubya. I wouldn’t take a Kanye West CD if it was given to me for free. I agree with those who said he was an opportunist. He is.

    It’ll be a cold day in hell when people stop throwing their little “Minority” cards on the table, and look at the big picture.

  • No one you know.

    Great link [on anti-white racism-ED]… check it out.

  • Subliminal Minister

    “Diluted” means adulterated, something mixed with something else to mitigate its potency, like “diluted hydrogen peroxide solution.” I think the word you all seem to be looking for is “deluded,” related to delusional.

    Here’s an example to help you with proper usage:

    It is delusional to think that, fifty years after police, fire hoses, national guard, etc were trampling peacefully-protesting Black people because they were Black, official government policy is suddenly color-blind, and that no preferential attitudes — the law of the land until the 1960s — come into play in official decision-making in 2005.The Ivoronics in this thread are hilarious. However, the point continues to be missed. Black people die in disproportionate numbers in the aftermath of a natural disaster (due to their socioeconomic standing, which in turn was precipitated by the 400 year leg up whites got), and you all converge to say Kanye West is a racist for mentioning the obvious racial component.

    I wonder if any of you think that NPR is racist for saying essentially the same thing. Or maybe YOU are the racists for applying one standard to “mainstream” sources like NPR and another to black, black Kanye West and others who noticed the same discrepancy.

    Sorry for all the big words — I must be diluted to think the folks here will understand them.

  • reader of history

    Wanna treat yourself to some REAL old-school racism ? Peep this :

    A lesson to be learned

    The most important lesson, for those who have wit enough to learn it, is that niggers are by nature savages, and that nature cannot be changed by window-dressing or persiflage. No one doubts the unalterability of inherent instincts in other animals. Chimpanzees, for example, may be taught to wear clothing, understand commands, ride bicycles, smoke cigarettes, and even to act as nursemaids to children (if well paid for their services in bananas). They recognize that they must be obedient to their masters, but everyone knows that if bands of chimpanzees were free from control, they would behave with the ferocity you may have glimpsed for a moment or two if you watched the National Geographic’s video-tape about them, filmed by Jane Goodall.

    The simple fact is that all pure-blooded Congoids and most other niggers are innately savages and can never be anything else. First-generation mulattos, the result of miscegenation, a crime that would be stringently prohibited if tender-hearted humanitarians had any sense of pity, are almost invariably savages, but may inherit some White instincts and thus be condemned to suffer an incurable schizophrenia throughout their wretched lives. In quadroons occasionally and octoroons frequently the White elements may dominate and produce individuals capable of civilization instead of mimicking it when expedient. A few, indeed, are highly intelligent, as witness Lawrence Dennis, who was one of the victims of Franklin Roosevelt’s premature attempt to begin ruling by terror in imitation of his model, Lenin, and his fellow conspirator, Stalin. A rational and compassionate American, however, would have thought it pathetic that so intelligent and courageous a man as Dennis had to be almost childishly proud that he could entertain acquaintances in the Harvard Club, aware, of course, of the indelible genetic blot on his being.

    With the stated exceptions, niggers are savages and you should understand that you can never understand them, except as you understand cheetahs or cuttlefish, by observing their behavior. All missionaries and other gospel-venders pretend, and simple-minded ones actually believe, that niggers can be transformed by dousing them in holy water and giving them sips of Jesus-juice, but that is sheer nonsense, as No�l Hunt puts succinctly, “A white man can no more think like a black than he can think like a bee.”

    Like all anthropoids, the savages can be taught patterns of behavior by persons who have authority over them, and, since they are capable of speech, they are more adaptable than chimpanzees. They can be taught to speak a recognizable English, wear currently fashionable clothes, drive automobiles, and perform almost any simple act that will win them a reward–even one that is deferred for some little time–and to avoid performing acts that will certainly be punished, sooner or later. (This is a marked difference from, e.g., dogs, who, as you know, must be rewarded or punished at the time of the act, for there is no way of communicating to them the meaning of a deferred reward or punishment. The same is true of chimpanzees.) Under competent supervision, niggers can perform useful work, and many can be taught to perform tasks that require some continuous attention and a fairly high degree of skill. Many, like all domesticated animals (especially dogs and horses), can become attached to their masters and take pride in serving them. And our enemies can teach them to yell for unearned rewards and privileges that White nitwits think themselves obliged to bestow on what they imagine the savages to be. And it is likely that, as has been verified by observation of American Indians, the Congoids’ nervous systems perceive pain and pleasure in ways that differ greatly from the comparable reactions of Aryans.

    Savages are incapable of civilization, for the same reason that tigers are incapable of becoming vegetarians. Savages, however, being innately treacherous, have a well developed capacity for simulation when it is to their advantage to employ it. Some anthropologists believe that the savages could, if left alone, evolve biologically and become capable of founding or inwardly appreciating a civilization in ten thousand years or so. Under coercion, they might develop a sense of civilization more quickly, perhaps in two or three thousand years.

    If our race finds it profitable or otherwise worthwhile to impose a measure of civilization on savages, it can bestow on them great benefits, according to our scale of values. But you must always remember what Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952 for his efforts to improve conditions in Africa, learned by bitter experience and stated clearly in a memorable passage of which an American newspaper, if we had any instead of the Jews’ liepapers, would continually remind its readers:

    ‘I have given my life to try to alleviate suffering among Africans. There is something that white men who have lived there, as I have, must have learned and know: that those people are a sub-race.’

    ‘They have neither the intellectual and mental nor the emotional abilities to equate themselves or share equally with white men in any of the functions of our civilization.
    I have given my life to try to bring to them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must preserve our status: whites are the superior, and they the inferior race. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equal, they will destroy him and all his work.

    And so for any lasting relationship or any benefit to this people, let white men from anywhere in the world who would come to help Africans remember that they must continually maintain this status: you are the master and they the inferiors, like children that you would help or teach.

    Never fraternize with them or accept them as your social equals, or they will devour you, they will destroy you.’

    The indisputable facts that Dr. Schweitzer courageously stated, sacrificing the favor he had enjoyed from our enemies and their dupes, were, of course, known to the World Destroyers when they began their gradual and cleverly accelerated work to stir up the savages by telling them they had “rights” they must assert, while at the same time paralyzing the minds of the American boobs by convincing them they had a Christian duty to deny themselves something they wanted in order to subsidize and pamper the “underprivileged” savages. In a nation that was already suffering from the egalitarian psychosis and had given the savages the “right” to vote, the work of calculated subversion was easily carried out and not even noticed by the boobs who are to be herded to extinction.

    (Taken from commentary on the LA Riots by Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver, but equally applicable to the Katrina looting).

  • reader of history

    Here is some more racism culled from the net, of the soon-to-be “new school” variety…golly, is this nurse one bigoted, small-minded person, or what !

    Although I’ve always lived in the South, I’ve always prided myself in being kindhearted and open-minded where racial issues are concerned. As a nurse, I have cared for many people whose skin color, ways of thinking, culture, etc. are different from my own, and I’ve delivered good care regardless.

    Recently, however, in the aftermath of Katrina, I’ve had a few experiences which have jaded me. As a result, I’ve reflected on many interactions with blacks, and I’ve realized that most of them have treated me more rudely, shown less respect, and offended me more than persons from any other race.

    As a volunteer nurse for my local Red Cross chapter, I spent several days working in triage centers and running clinics in my city’s shelters. All of the clients my coworkers and I cared for were black. They had all been rescued from the Superdome. Not all, but the VAST majority of them were rude, demanding, loud, quick to criticize their FREE HEALTHCARE AND FREE MEDICATIONS, and were, in general, pains in the ass. There were a few clients who were elderly and poor, but had been productive citizens in their earlier years, and they treated the healthcare staff with polite respect. Too bad there were just a handful of them, though. The rest of those folks were just trash.

    In an effort to provide quality medical assistance, the nurses were instructed to screen all persons for any injuries or health problems. A local physician wrote prescriptions, and a local pharmacy donated a week’s worth of free medications to these people. Once the word got around, the assholes bombarded the nurses with, “Oh, I take Vicodin every day for my bad back,” or “I have migraines and the only thing that helps is Demerol,” etc. Yep, God bless anyone in our town who really needed prescription narcotics that weekend. The blacks just about cleaned Walgreen’s out. I guess when you’re accustomed to half-assed street drugs, pharmaceutical-grade narcotics must seem like heaven. The only catch? Red Cross requires shelter nurses to keep narcotics locked up so the trash won’t trade them for blowjobs or whatever. When the blacks found out about that policy, they became enraged and threatened the VOLUNTEER nurses! What assholes!!!

    At one local church-run shelter, the trash allowed their little monkeys to run amok, knocking holes in the walls, writing on furniture with the crayons and markers that had been donated to them, etc. God forbid, however, if one of us “redneck bitches”, as we were called, tried to mitigate this behavior. Suddenly, crackhead whores would spring to life, warning us to leave their chirren alone.

    In an effort to extend Southern Christian Hospitality (and probably to salvage what the trash didn’t destroy of their Family Center) one church “adopted” several shelter families by funding several months’ worth of rent, providing furniture, etc., and moving them to local apartments. I could not believe what generosity this church extended. What made the biggest impression, unfortunately, was the ungrateful attitude the refugees showed in return. Instead of gratitude, they complained that they didn’t like their apartments, thought they should have received more spending money from the church members, you name it. To top it all off, after a couple of weeks’ worth of living off of the backs of volunteers who provided every comfort and necessity imaginable, the moochers left the church Family Center in a state of sheer filth. Despite there being several large garbage cans in the shelter, these subhumans left food crumbs, empty chip bags, shreds of paper, half-consumed cans of Coke, cigarette butts (even though no smoking was allowed inside) – you name it – scattered all over the floor. The flooring had to be replaced in the gym because of these leaches and their trashy ways.

    Now most of these scumbags want to stay in our community. I guess volunteering wasn’t enough. Now I get to sign over more of my paycheck and pay more at the grocery store so these ingrates will be cared for in perpetuity. Since they breed like rats, my kids can support the next few generations after I’m gone.

    Today, I got a call to help set up a Red Cross clinic in a shelter for those fleeing Rita. I went reluctantly because the last few weeks has left me pretty pissed off. When I arrived at the shelter, I was not surprised to find that the evacuees were not white, and most of them appeared to be pretty poor. Immediately, my fellow nurses and I noticed how well-behaved the children were, and they appeard well cared-for (unlike the ringworm-covered monkeys from last week). The people seeking medical attention were so polite – sometimes apologizing for “bothering” us, and then expressed gratitude as though we had just donated a kidney or something. When walking around the shelter, one would overhear evacuees expressing appreciation for the volunteers and their efforts. The sincere, polite nature of these people was humbling. Again, these people weren’t white. But they weren’t black, either. They were Mexican-Americans. They were hard-working, law-abiding, productive citizens. How sad it seems that they, too, must support a subhuman species which will gladly live off of their backs and violate them.

    Enough is enough. We’ve been politely paying a debt to a race that ought to be thanking us for their current standard of living. The true victims of racism are the whites.

  • Ira C.

    From someone who is neither Republican nor Democrat.

    IT CUTS VERY DEEPLY when someone shows us an intellectual mirror and we don’t like what we see. Unfortunately, seeing the reflected image for what it is and allowing it to show us what we need to work on to become the Americans we would like to think we are is not what usually occurs. What most often ensues are defensive studderings and rantings in a feebal attempt to defend a stale unempathetic view of what is simply victimized Americans reflecting the sour reality of the present state of race relations in this country, ‘The-not-yet-truely’-United States of America.
    What is just as unfortunate, is the overwhelming number of very bright Americans whose fear and arrogance makes them too stubborn to accept that they may need to amend their way of thinking about people who are different than themselves.

  • Caring People

    …one nation under God, indivisable with liberty and justice for all…

    The only thing ironiclly funnier is:

    … in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…

    haha! how naive were we?

  • Bingo

    ..This disaster is to chows how divided are the americans and how weak are they….in faith and in hearts….Americans all are Hypocrytes and will remain untill they fall….Im African and I can see that even America can be Like africa if it continues to be this way…This is how africa has been and its now..Lotsa blame and shame and it continues to suffer and suffer …There fore u Americans if u want to Live one day this kinda life we live in Africa then continue they way or the path u guys have taken..Black white yellow and bullshit…Now as an African and an Educated one i can see that America is a real fake Nation thats wat i can say.. and im sorry to say its actually dying ..For God sake! Have a look….As an Advise and to remian as a symbol of Civilization u better cut the crap and talk about the Disaster help the victims and the nedy thats all..coz ur lips can extent as long as u like.

  • Jarvis

    First off I support Kanye for speaking his mind.. I may or may not agree with him completely but anyone saying that the Federal Aministration couldnt be prepared for the disaster just wasnt paying attention. All over the news was the worst case scenario for a full week before the storm. Even Bush himself stated this could be the worst natural disaster in decades. He stayed at his ranch for 3 days after the storm before he up and did something useful. Those who ask why they didnt up and walk out of the city when they couldnt afford rides should realize that lots of the people left behind were single mothers who couldnt lug everything for their child, elderyly people that didnt have the physical capabilities, or people that simply would not have anywhere else to stay during the storm if they had left the city. Also those trying to flee the city on foot across the only left bridge were told to turn around and go back into the city or be shot by the military. These are facts that you can find below. Also I tend to believe it was more of a class issue like many people, but regardless of it being class or race its a complete discrimination of a whole mass of fellow American People that I am still very upset about. You cannot tell me that if this was Manhattan in a similar state it would take that long to get a response and aide to people. I think Kanye probably had more to say and could have conveyed his message more clear but anyone could tell he was nervous and emotional when he tried to speak his mind on national television. I would probably have been just as shakey if not more. This is just my opinion on the matter.. on a side note not regarding Kanye at all.. I think more people should hear this broadcast about the day after Katrina from This American Life.. Its insightful. thisamericanlife.org/ra/296.ram

  • Jasmine

    WHAT? He was critising George Bush, not white people- by assuming that you are a racist and a bigot- Kanye is Black and therefore has a right to use the Nword alright? You should be glad that African Americans have the word for themselves and not to be used for white extremists in the 50s. It was non-Blacks who derived the word from Negro to make it a bad word- it is racial identification and African Americans have got it back to use themselves- wouldnt you prefer Black people used the word rather than White extremists? And in what part did Kanye critise all white people- nowhere! You are on BUSHS TEAM and have taken the truth badly- You cannot take that Black men have power and are now able to speak against the wrong actions of a White Government.

  • Kanye West said that President Bush doesn’t care about the poor, the disabled, the elderly and blacks. Why is this a racist statement? President Bush and his fan club of GOP lackeys who are his “base” have done everything possible to eviscerate every social program and safety net for those unable to economically fend for themselves. How do you pull yourself up by your bootstraps when you don’t have any boots? Just go get a job that pays enough to support yourself and your family when nobody will give you chance because you live on the wrong side of town, are not “in” with the “right” clique, over age 40, female or black? Classism, racism, ageism and sexism have ALL ensured that certain groups get more chances, more opportunities and more privileges than others – without merit. Rather than admit that this is a gross social injustice in “the land of opportunity” which needs to be rectified, those who are more fortunate would rather play the “blame the victim” card because admitting they have had unfair advantages would mean they would be made to feel liable for those less fortunate.

  • Jenny

    Whoever wrote this, you seriously should consider therapy. Personal attacks not included? You just personally attacked an entire race? What else would I expect from a page that contradicts itself entitrely and demands that from another race which is can’t even do itself and that is give respect. I am WHITE and I am big enough to ADMIT that we have priveleges that have been imbedded within the simple color of our skin for centuries. This article is a biased, one-sided view from a frustrated white person who is on the DEFENSE. Why? No one is accusing you of anything. When Kanye says George Bush doesn’t care about Black people he didn’t say you don’t or all whites don’t. Stop generalizing! If you think you are doing no harm, why must you even write this? This is a obvious attempt to cover up your own resentment toward the black race for finally being given respect in this country–and that only happens sometimes anyway. You can’t say a thing about what it is like to be another race if you have never been in their shoes. I don’t claim to “get it” entirely either, but you clearly need to take a step back and THINK about how ridiculous this argument is. You seem to have no concept of what is going on in life. I suggest you stay out of the hood and PLEASE stop with the tired defensive white man thing. It is a walking stereotype.

  • First off, Jenny, your right you don’t “get it”, I am white and have been married to a black woman for 15 years.

    George Bush is not one of my favorite Presidents, but to say that what happened in N.O. is because he hates black people is stupid. He hates all poor and middle class American’s. Also the Mayor and Governor need to share the blame.

    BTW he is only President to have so many blacks as top advisor’s, Clinton’s were illy white.

    It really amazes me the depth of the ignorance of the American public. People seem to think being an actor or singer somehow gives you profound wisdom and enlightenment, it doesn’t.

  • There is nothing wrong with being racist, as long as you are the good kind and not the bad kind.

    Bad racists hate other races, sometimes to the extent of wanting to see them destroyed. This category includes rightwing extremists, who advocate destroying a race by genocide, AND left wing extremists who advocate destroying a race by multiculturalist miscegenation.

    Good racists value racial diversity, and respect the right of every race and culture to be preserved. They deplore the destruction of native non-white cultures by the West (primarily the United States) which tries to impose its values through economic pressure and paternalistic military intervention. And they decry equally as much the attempted destruction of the Nordic race by blacks, arabs, orientals, etc. who do not remain in their own lands, and instead engage in their own form of unwelcome intervention though mass immigration and interbreeding.

    Isn’t it interesting that liberals who applaud this destruction of the white race, are the same ones who are so fanatical about making sure that every last fucking sub-species and variety of life on this planet is preserved from extinction EXCEPT when it comes to the highest life-form of all, the human species!

  • hate 4 racism

    Black people cry so much about racism when society has turned around and there’s really no racism whatsoever. They’re just mad because they can’t get everything for free. Also because our frickin ancestors made mistakes. Get with the program you frickin kids, we’re not like that anymore. Plus, what’s the frickin deal with BET, BLACK Entertainment Television.. . . .that’s a bit racist if you ask me. Now if there was a WET, WHITE “” “” then all hell would break loose and so many black people would be crying racism. Yes I know there is Country Music Television, but its not frickin named WET. If you ask me it’s black people who are racist today, not white.

  • Kanye = Racist

    Hip-hop star KANYE WEST is advising his white counterparts that they can only use certain slang terms when they’re out of style for black people.

    The JESUS WALKS rapper – who recently charged that US President GEORGE W BUSH “doesn’t care” about African Americans – believes that certain slang words should only be able to cross racial barriers when they’re no longer in style for black people.

    He says, “I think white people are allowed to say ‘bling’. They are allowed to say old-school black slang, like ‘hottie’ and ‘homie’.

    “Actually, I do not think that (white people) are allowed to use slang until it is at least a year old. If you say a slang word too early, it’s like you’re trying to be black. So as long as the slang is a little played out, you’re all good.”

  • Kanye = Racist

    He doesn’t want white people to use terms blacks use. Hmmmm. Sounds racist to me….
    That’s exactly what it is. His statements indicate that he asserts that one race has a superior or exclusive culture. The foundation for almost all forms of racism.

  • Adama

    Kanye is correct,the Caucasians have always stood for naught but evil, even in their laws, their doctrine of life and worship, and their society is evil, and you cannot change it. Look who is and has been in control of the world? And, now look at the bad state it’s in. Only one race of people can account for that and it’s the caucasians.

  • Antonio

    I am so sick and tired of the same old there is no such thing as racism bullshit, Blacks and hispanics are just whinning babies who live in a benevolent country that has always loved them to death, that white men are the real people who are suffering from Affirmative action and welfare(when they are the main ones on it), and the only racists in America are Jackson and Sharpton. Katrina took place because of decades of segregation in New Orleans, legal shoving of blacks into vulnerable areas where everyone new they would be dead when the big one came. Of course curruption in the city leadership did not help, but the government sitting on its ass and letting people starve to death for 4 days on a roof when China, a third world country, was able to evacuate 600,000 people for a tsunami(there where 400,000 total in New Orleans) is beyond disgusting. How is Canada able to arrive before the world`s most powerful and benevolent(haha) nation? With Bush turning down aid from Mexico, Canada, Cuba and Europe and refusing to do anything himself what more evidence do we need that he DOES NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE? He is not a racist, the only think West got wrong was that he does not care about white people either, most of the soldiers dying in Iraq are from trailer parks, but if this shit would have happened in Wyoming or Maine the Bush would have been the first sitting president removed from office the very next day. Instead because its only black people the American right trashes all of them and blames them for it(when have they ever taken responsibility for ANYTHING at all) calls them lazy because they had no means to leave the city and paints them as criminals for looking for food to eat and shooting at the helecopters for leaving them for dead while they removed the white tourists. The whites of course are not ¨looting¨, just trying to survive. I hope this serves as a lesson to all people of color, stop asking for reparations, they`re not comming ever, get off of welfare the government doesn`t give a rats ass about you, and get off the guilt trip; do not try to make immoral people feel sorry for slavery, indian genocide, theft of 4 states from a sovereign nation, police brutality, brutality against migrant workers, the butchering of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, both Koreas, Congo, South Africa, Cuba, Phillipines, Argentina, Chile or Iran and then claiming God told them to do it and He`s on their side, it won`t work. Take heart in knowing that the same American right is by far the most despised group of people on planet earth, everywhere I have gone(including white countries like Uruguay, Argentina and Europe) have told me what a horrible thing Bush did to let thousands of his own black people die like he did, I guess they just want handouts and like to play the race card for fun too, right? Don`t you hypocrites ever call me your ¨fellow American¨ever again and demand that I go to Iraq to defend your freedom and right to sprout bullshit at my expense, the whole world is sick of you and will breathe the biggest sigh of relief when you are gone. Cheers

  • Cameron

    I hate to say it, but scrolling through the various comments that have been posted, most of it is mass-generalisations.

    “Caucasians do this”, “Blacks do that”. It’s as if many of you assume that one persons ethnic background determines their point of view on life.

    When one person has the viewpoint that skin colour or ethnicity determines what he or she is able to do/say, that is racism. When race is the sole divisor on what someone can or can’t do, that is racism. I respect Kanye for his willingness to express his feelings and viewpoints, however I am disgusted by so many of his comments.

    To say that a white man cannot say a particular word, on the sole basis that he is white, is awful. Should the tables be turned, and a white man tells a black man he can’t say a particular word because of his skin colour, there would be mass uproars. Racism is all around us, and there aren’t many people out there who aren’t guilty of some form of racial discrimination. Kanye has used his influence and status to openly deny a particular skin colour saying particular words that black folk often use.

    A black man says “nigga”, and it’s accepted. A white man says “nigga” in the same context, and chances are he would get his head knocked off. But in saying that, again, most of us are all guilty of some form of racial discrimination, sub-consciously or not.

    As well, my opinion is neither “pro-republican”, “pro-democrat” or any of the likes, I am merely a 17 year old from New Zealand. And for the record, from an outside point of view, many people don’t have a high opinion of the US, for the simple fact of these problems presented. It’s about time you stopped wallowing and adressed problems directly.

  • Linda

    A lot of whites need to get their heads out of the clouds. Stop acting like racism does’nt exist. The idea that we are all treated equally and all is right with the world is ignorant and pure garbage. A lot of whites dont want to admit that rasicm exist because they want to maintain their so called consience. If one admits these atrocites exist they would be compelled to do something about it. So by not admitting it they hope it will all go away. How can something go away that is kept alive. EVERYDAY whites look down on blacks just for the color of our skin which we cannot control. Even when a black person made something out of him or herself, we are always looked down on. No matter what blacks accomplish it will be overlooked by the color of our skin and linked to negative sterotypes. In other words a sucessful black man through the white man’s eyes is only a dressed up slave in a suit. No matter what we do or accomplish, we are reminded of what we are to whites, nothing.
    This is essentially why some black dont even bother to try to make it, just to be around whites who dont like us anyway. I personally do not agree with this but I understand why a black person does’nt wish to comform to a society that hates them so deeply. Yes racism exist because whites wont let it go, by hating us everyday you keep it alive. Hurricane Katrina proves what I’ve been saying all along, in our time of need we left to die. The fact that it took 6 days for the government to respond is a an absolute disgrace, but at he same time it shows what they think of us.

  • Cameron

    Linda, fair points.

    But..again, your views are in the context that every white man thinks the same. In the context that every white man wants to oppress black progression. In the context that if someones skin is white, they won’t be accepting of black culture. That’s bullshit.

    Yes black people are often repressed. Yes there are people out there who think skin colours equals division. But on the contrary, it is the same for both “people”.

    White people get oppressed as well. It happens to everybody! For example, I love hip hop and rap music. I went to a party with one of my best friends the other month, and I was thrown out (literally) because I was white. Then one guy proceeded to yell “fuck the white man” and threw a beer bottle at me. This happens every day, to white and blacks. Don’t act like it’s only one skin colour getting oppressed.

    And yeah, racism does make me sick.

  • Linda

    Cameron I did not say “every white man thinks the same”, read closely. I said a lot of whites, they are white people out there who are not at all racist, and it has been this way from this beginning of slavery. There were white people who helped, black escape through the underground railroad during slavery. I am very aware of this, so do not take what I said out of context.
    Now the fact that you were attacked at the club was very unfortunate, but that racist incident was exactly that, an incident. It ended there, the black experience is not an incident it is an EVERYDAY thing. Yes you were attacked, but you will not be prevented from getting a job even if you are qualified, you will not be followed when you walk into a store, you will not be judged merely by the color of your skin, etc. Rasicm against blacks go WAY deeper than an incident, it’s a way of way of life. So dont play this me too game, trust me you dont want these problems. So dont claim them when you clearly have no clue. Be content being who you are, and be grateful that was something you can walk away from and not something that follows you everyday.

  • Cameron

    “In other words a sucessful black man through the white man’s eyes is only a dressed up slave in a suit. No matter what we do or accomplish, we are reminded of what we are to whites, nothing.”

    You may have said in previous comments that only some whites do this, but you failed to do so there. By excluding that, you give words a whole different meaning.

    Also, by no means was that “incident” isolated. It was a direct result of someone having the viewpoint that they shouldn’t have to respect someone else, based on their skin. It was not stemmed by alcohol, and it was not a one-off thing, it is directly arrtibuted to particular people’s way of thinking. Those people that did it are well-known in town for beating up white people and yelling racial slurs.

    “Rasicm against blacks go WAY deeper than an incident, it’s a way of way of life.”

    Yes. That’s darn true. And it’s darn awful as well. But racism against whites is no different. Racism is racism. Full stop. If racism against 1 colour is viewed as a more relevent or frowned upon act than racism of the other colour, then that’s defeating the purpose of anti-racism itself.

    “So dont claim them when you clearly have no clue. Be content being who you are, and be grateful that was something you can walk away from and not something that follows you everyday.”

    On the contrary. I may have white skin, but I have Maori roots. Maori is the black race of New Zealand, just the same as African Americans are to the United States. I know more about my ancestory than most full-blooded Maori’s do, and i’m proud to believe in what I am and what I have come from. And yeah, funnily enough, I get given a lot of crap for that as well, from both blacks and whites. So no, don’t think I have no clue about what i’m talking about.

    Any form of racism is interolable. To oppress someone has no positives, as really we are just hurting others who are just like us, humans. But racism will never be stamped out if there continues to be the notion of “one side gets it bad, the others have it sweet”, because it doesn’t matter who you are, or what colour your skin is, there are people that will look down on you for it.

  • Linda

    Cameron you still dont get it, as I said before and will say again stop claiming something you dont experience EVERYDAY, be content with who you are. The following are a number of oppressions againsts blacks that you cannot and wont ever have to identify with. They stem from the beginning of the blacks in america untill today, beacuse as I said before we deal with these things everyday.

    1)The Murder of Amadou Diallo: An innocent african immigrant, shot 41 times the back in NY by 4 white “officers” who got off with no punishment, and showed no remorse.

    2)The inhumne dragging of James Byrd a black man walking on a street in Texas who offered to give directions to white passengers driving by. Instead he was tied to the back of their pickup truck while alive and dragged for over 2 miles to his death. One of the perpetrators got off and the other got a slap on the wrist.

    3)Emmeet Till a 14 year old black boy who was savagely beaten, shot in the head drowned and killed for so called whistiling at a white woman. This young boy who had a speach problem was taught by his mother to communicate by whistling to express himself. The two men guilty of this and who openly admitted this where aquitted on all charges. They got off scott free and showed absolutely no remorse, neither does the family till this day.

    4) Amado Diallo, an innocent black man in NY, was rounded up and brought to a police station, taken to the basement of the police station. While there, he was beaten while a broomstick was shoved up his rectum repeatedly all the way to his intestines and vital organs. The “officers” all got off, only 1 was suspended, as if this is a punishment. As a result Mr. Diallo has medical problems that will effect him for the rest of his life.

    5)Over 400 years of slavery, this says it all where this topic is concerned. The sad thing about this topic in particular is that blacks are told to get over it. Yet the Jews can talk about the holocaust till kingdom come, have memorials, movies, countless documentaries without salt being poured on their wounds by telling them to forget get over it.

    I can go on with the countless atrocites of the black experience. Show me where these incidents happened to your people, YOU CANT. If you even attempted to you will come up short. Other whites dont want these problems so why do you?. Read “White like me”, author Tim Weiss. He gets it, maybe now you will. I dont have the energy. Stop your whining and be happy and grateful for who you are. Your coming up short trying to gather information or prove you have been oppressed. Give it up!!

  • Cameron

    I’m not denying what blacks have been through.. It’s no secret, African Americans have gone through more in their existance than one would think humanly possible, and yeah, it still happens today.

    And no, I won’t be content and grateful for “Who I am”, because unlike other people may want me to think, what I am and what I believe goes deeper than my skin. Just bcause i’m not black doesn’t mean I can’t help fight for the cause they are rallying behind.

    And please, no not refer to me as “you and your people”. The whole concept of humanity is not to divide into people, we are all the same. What one goes through, human nature should allow others to experience their pain also, despite physical differences.

    I may be a kid. I may be white. I may not live in the streets of Compton. Hell i’m not even an American. But I come from a country with strong racial values, where people are proud of who they are, and despite oppressions on both sides, we seem to co-exist pretty darn well.

    New Zealand didn’t become a boiling pot of races mixing together by holding onto racist values. Maori’s still held onto their traditions, but in turn still welcomed white people onto their Marae (A house of prayer). Whereas over there, white people sure as hell aren’t welcome into the back alleys.

    Racism hurts. And maybe I haven’t been through nearly as much as you and your families, friends and such have. But don’t discriminate against me because of that.

    Just finally, when you ask “other whites don’t want these problems, so why do you”. My response is simply because we are all human. Your problem is my problem, because hopefully we both share the same intent of trying to make things right.

  • Michael

    Yeah, this story is terrible and a classic indicator how ignorant white people are when it comes to matters of race!

    An enlighted person of race would have rationally and reasonably weighed the burdens and benefits of the statements uttered by West. As ignorant person of race would have cocmposed this “story!”

  • daryl d

    “Racism,” or accusing people of racism, has become a huge industry these days. Just ask a race pimp like Jesse Jackson who wouldn’t have any money if this so-called “racism” didn’t exist. Kanye is nothing but a no-talent idiot.

  • Dan

    Linda #227: “I can go on with the countless atrocites of the black experience. Show me where these incidents happened to your people, YOU CANT. ”

    It’s actually very easy.

    1) Channon Christian, 21, her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, 23, were both abducted by blacks. Newsom was shot, then burned, and his body dicarded along railroad tracks in Knoxville Tenn. Channon was taken to a crack house and used as a rape toy for several days before being shot dead.

    2) In White Planes, NY, Phillip Grant, a black, hid in the stairwell of a mall parking garage. He pounced on his victim, Concetta Russo-Carriero, a white woman, stabbing her twice in the chest. She later died. “All I knew was she had blond hair and blue eyes and she had to die,” Mr. Grant told interrogaters, “If I’d have had a gun today, there’d be a lot of dead white people on the streets of White Plains.”

    3) In Covington GA, Lanny Barnes, a black, intentionally ran over two white sisters and their 3 small children with a car outside of a Mcdonalds. He struck the five, hit the restauraunt, then backed up over top of them again. McDonald’s worker Ryan Boldman-Snyder was outside on a break when the attack happened and said the driver was “smiling the whole time.” Avery Nicole King, 2, later died from the injuries.

    4) In Lockhaven Pennsylvania, Shonda Walter, a black woman interested in fulfilling a gang initiation requirement, bludgeoned an elderly white man, James Sementelli, with a 10-inch hatchet 66 times. The prosecutor said that after Walter first struck Sementelli with the hatchet, he asked her why she was doing that. “Because I can,” the prosecutor quoted Walter.

    5) In Wichita Kansas, two armed black brothers, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, broke their way into a house where 5 whites, 3 men and 2 women were sleeping. After forcing them to strip naked they spent a harrowing night forcing them to engage in perverted sex acts with each other and repeatedly raped the women. After alternatingly driving them individually around to all the ATM’s in the area they were rounded up and the 3 men placed into the trunk of a car. The men drove to a field and made all 5 kneel naked in the snow in the 17 degree temperature. Then they put bullets in their heads. One woman survived to testify.

    These are just a few *recent* events. There are many, many, many, more. Most of the time, and in all of these cases, there is a blackout in national news coverage. Racial violence between white and black is almost always black on white.

    Tim Weiss is a pathetically misguided, psychological perversion.

  • Jessie Ryan

    this is obsurd! and i am about to take some action up in this piece.. im not standin for some racist white people sayin stuff about MYYYYY heritage. HECKIE NAH!

  • Fraz

    It shows what sort of people the black are! they eat corpses!

  • Cha cha

    Why does the stereotype that blacks commit more crimes exist? Geez man, do a little research. It’s a sad fact, but it’s a fact none the less. While the direct percent difference doesn’t seem like much, remember, blacks only comprise 12.8% of USA It’s discouraging, but it’s fact.

  • James

    “Even when a black person made something out of him or herself, we are always looked down on. ” Ugh, your whole post complains about keeping racism alive. With comments like that, you’re the type of person who keeps it alive. Anyone who is in constant belief that everyone looks down on themselves because of skin color is bringing the racism on themselves. Jimi Hendrix was one of the best guitar players to ever grace this land. Nobody cared that he was a black american. The guy was an absolute genius with a guitar. Need to change the mindset in order to fix the problem.

  • m

    Kanye is the one who is racist. he thinks all white people are against him and are racist. Listen to his lyrics, then decide whether you think he is racist or not. He’s a dick and ill never buy one of his albulms

  • I totally agree with the educated black man(name fits perfectly). It makes no sense that America responded to 9/11 faster than they responded to Katrina and they saw Katrina coming before it even hit. I’m a Black female teen living in a society that stereotypes me as being a gang-banging thug that will be pregnant by the time I’m 16. And why is it that when we want to see a movie that shows African Americans in good light we have to make it ourselves. The reality is that our society has a lot of false accusations and stereotypes toward African Americans as with a lot of the other minorities. I’m half African American and half Hispanic and most people I meet automatically assume that either I’m straight ghetto or my parents jumped the border. Now I’m not saying that I agree with everything that Mr. West stands for but I do agree with a lot of it. Kanye West is simply stating the opinions of minorities all over the world but the only reason you listen is because he is in a top spot right now. Blacks only make up 12.8% of the US yet they are the most segregated against. Now those are fatcs and me being of the African descent is sick of the bullshit. Now I’m not balming everyone but the black race. We do have things we can works on to(Like eliminated the “n” word)but just like I take responsiblity for my actions you take responsilbility for yours.

  • MS


  • erik

    Black people can be just as racist as a white man can be.

  • It’s as simple as black and white.

    Check out the news footage on the floods in the midwest. You see people in Iowa filling sandbags to reinforce the levees. People who care about the community, not waiting for the government to come help them out. Where’s Sharpton and Jackson at? Why are they not giving fiery speeches about how bush doesn’t care about white people? The answer is very clear.

  • yeah, very clear that it does not matter what color you are, your President is out of touch with everyone!

  • Mark

    Thank you for writing this, couldnt have been put better. Jesse Jackson is a no good racist son of a fucking bitch who can suck my dick. Thanks again.

  • coonkillerforhire

    thank you for bringing up the floods in the midwest. this is a very old subject on all levels. but any educated individual can clearly see the difference from white culture to that of niggers. Poor white people in the midwest, a huge natural disaster area, did not act the way these black did in katrina. they did not think it was the governments job to pick their lazy asses up and stop mother earth for them, or come swoop in and take all of them away to safety. these midwestern poor people lost everything, but did not blame the govt and shoot at them when they came to help, toby keith didnt go on tv and say george bush hates white people. these people tried their hardest to either protect their homes or get out, with less warning and help then these fucking worthless animal niggers. Plain and simple, Kanye west should be killed, and the government should send all of these lazy hand out niggers back to africa. they so used to being given free money, free education and everything that come with affirmative action that they actually thought its the governments job to come and get you to safety. everyone knew daysss ahead of time that katrina was coming. so sit there on ur stoop waiting for the storm, then blame bush and the government for it taking everything. ghetto culture is the death of society. no good comes from it. just violence and poverty and overpopulation stemming nothing of use. take advantage of everything this government does for you poor worthless lazy niggers. if u can go to college for free, go. dont sit home and sell drugs and kill each other and blame the man for ur hardship. u get free money every month, free education, so go to college and make something of yourselves. dont fucking make more lazy nigger babies, the “man” is no black, actually a half black muslim terrorist. so start behaving and act right and use the resources the govt gives u, dont listen to worthless niggers like kanye west.

    terrorists said theyd get us from within, now they did, cause every uneducated nigger voted for the nigger. way to go

  • Jane doe…

    I think what he sid was true in every aspect and if cracka’s don’t like it then you can go and enslave another race ok?

  • caster

    all i can say is nobody cries like the bm

  • whiteguy

    how many more times does this fool have to open his mouth for you idiots to stop defending him, he is racist, why are you defending that he is, did you see the vma’s, black people are more racist that white people are anyways just the facts of life

  • karyn

    i used to love kanye, but man i’m not black… i know he won’t like me 🙁

  • chicago

    i hate jesse jackson too!!! Ugh

  • zingzing

    you people are idiots.

  • badass fuker

    first off kanye is one stupid son of a bitch just looking to get in the spotlight. that a boy kanye, your not smart enuf to to know that you can’t just blame one person for everything that happened there but you managed to play the race card as well. then you get up on stage last week and show everybody just what a racist you are. nothing against blacks, you guys definitely have your hardships, but it’s not gonna be gettin better for ya when you have idiot’s like kanye using racism as a forum to promote theirselves. Ultimately I think it makes it that much worse!!!

  • Hoddy

    This comment billy is so closed minded. Racism works both ways you ignorant doosh, just because whites are the majority, doesn’t mean they should be blamed for everything.

  • johnson

    1 min ago For everyone who defends Kanye i assume you really like his music or you are black. It is absurd for you to defend such an ignornat human while he rips Innocent Taylor swift, rips George Bush which is easy to do but to say he “hates black people!” Kanye needs to get a grip. Black people were not the only people affected by Katrina. They were the ones you seen on tv because they chose to stay behind and steal, rape, and murder. If they werent commiting crimes they were sitting on their racist asses and complaining about what they dont have. So if you rally behind Kanye and think he is a leader you are being misled. People like Kanye West are the reason they came up with the n word in the first place.