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Kanye West Joins the Twitter Universe

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On Wednesday, July 28, 2010, at roughly 12:00PM EST, Kanye West officially joined the Twitter family. (My, oh, my! What a difference a year can make!)

In spite of his previous aversion to (and public dismissal of) the uber-popular social networking site, it appears that in “five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes” Kanye West has morphed into a Twitter junkie – averaging roughly three tweets an hour!

Kanye West's Twitter Profile PicFourteen months ago, on May 12, 2009, Kanye publicly bashed the site for being “irresponsible and deceitful to there [sic] faithful users,” after a fake account bearing his namesake garnered more than one million followers. Adding further sting to his infamous ALL-CAPS statement, Mr. West noted that he was far “too busy” being creative in his studio lab than to worry about what was going on in the Twitter universe.

So why the sudden change of heart? Has Twitter changed that much – for better or for worse – in the past year? While the answers to those questions are up for debate, one thing is for certain: the infamous super-producer has cashed in his popularity check and become one of the site’s most popular users overnight – literally.

It goes without saying that Twitter offers quick, free, and personalized access to the hearts, minds, and social networks of countless millions. But how many people, in 24 hours no less, can have more than 220,000 people voluntarily “follow” their every digital move? Well, for now, the world has revealed one person: Mr. West, of course!

By the week’s end, Kanye’s Twitter account will undoubtedly amass a following of one million plus – especially if a fake one, which was the source of his ire in 2009, secured over one million “followers.” Staying true to form, the REAL Kanye West will not stand for any less.

For an artist, like Mr. West, who is known as much for his provocative public outbursts as for his prolific musical output, Twitter is the perfect medium to share unreleased music, advertise upcoming projects, and solicit feedback from fans. In addition, the site gives him a powerful soap box to stand upon – without fear of censorship.

It is obvious and apparent that the global anticipation for Kanye West’s arrival on Twitter was sky-high. By nightfall, “#predictingKANYEtweets” became one of the site’s trending topics. That being said, be sure to “follow” Kanye West today, and prepare to be the first to hear his latest (and most twitterific) “I’ma-let-you-finish” quotations.

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