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Kanye West Is A Thief! Sentencing Date Unknown

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Kanye West is well known for a number of things, good and bad. The good that he's known for is the music. He's quite talented and touted as one of the best hip-hop and pop producers around today. Kanye will definitely go down in American pop culture history and the story of hip-hop for all to see.

Kanye West Drinking Alcohol with Girlfriend Amber at 2009 MTV VMAsThe bad that he's known for, unfortunately, seems to continue snowballing by the day. It was just a month or so ago when Kanye named himself "The New King of Pop" since Michael Jackson's untimely death. How tacky, to say the least.

But King Kanye is also known as a great rapper, performer, music producer, and trendsetter. People aren't just following this guy on Twitter, you know. Millions of guys also followed him back into pink shirts, remember?

And then, of course, there's the music. The delicious, old-school-meets-new-age- punk-pop-something-or-other-head-banging music that we can't seem to categorize, but that continues to take the world by storm. I guess this explains, in part, why so many have put up with West's outlandish shenanigans for so long.

Kanye West Steals Taylor Swift's Moment.Kanye is also known for his musical greatness, that's for sure. Additionally, most of us are aware that Kanye has been a recurring thorn in the sides of many. This is due largely in part to his inappropriate (by most accounts) and rude outspokenness. Who can blame an intelligent man for having an opinion, really?

But it looks like this time Kanye has gone just a bit too far. Last week at the MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) at Radio City Music Hall in New York, sensational country chanteuse Taylor Swift was ever-so-graciously saying her thank-yous. She won the award for Best Female Video for her ballad, "You Belong to Me," up against such musical greats as Beyonce for "Put A Ring On It."

Well, lo and behold, up jumps Kanye like a madman! He takes the stage, rudely snatches the microphone from young Taylor Swift like a thief in the night, stealing this young woman's moment, and begins yelling. He then says to 19-year-old Swift, "I'm really happy for you. I'm going to let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time." West is basically insinuating that Beyonce should have won instead of Taylor Swift! TO HER FACE! Let's also remember this young woman's age. She's just a kid.

Rapper Kanye WestHow rude is that? When does it end? When is it no longer okay to just do and say whatever one wants to? It's high time for Mr. West to stop this madness. We've all put up with his grade school misbehavior for far too long. We've laughed. We've giggled. We've enjoyed the publicity stunts. But hey, now it's tired. It's really tired.

When you step on the feet of kids like Taylor Swift and rob them of their precious moments, during which we should really be celebrating their accomplishments, it's time for someone to step up and say, "Stop! No more!" Where's Kanye's mentor? Is there no one close to this guy who cares? This isn't cute any more.

The folks in the audience, by and large weren't having it and took every available opportunity to boo Kanye each time his name was mentioned thereafter in his absence. I'm almost afraid to type his name now for fear of a mass walk-out by an Internet flash mob!  Oh yes, West got ghost after acting a fool obviously. We now know that he was asked to leave the event, at which time he went home and wrote the following remarks on his blog, at KanyeUniverseCity before they were swiftly removed by someone from his camp:

Kanye's Blog post apology to Taylor Swift

People get tired of such ignorance. Beyonce is such a lady. She displayed tremendous grace, style, and class later in the evening when accepting the highest honor of the evening. She took home the Video of The Year Award for "Single Ladies."

The most beautiful and redemptive thing that could have happened regarding this whole mess happened when Beyonce accepted this award. She graciously invited Taylor Swift back onstage to finish what she started earlier. Now she would be able to thank her colleagues, family, and friends. What a lovely time to be alive. Check this out for yourself. It's truly beautiful!

By the way, her hubby Jay-Z and fellow R & B singer Alicia Keys tore it up at the show's end. What was Lil' Mama doing? She's a great dancer, don't get me wrong. I just didn't know she was onstage until the very end when it was time to take a bow. Can anyone fill me in on how she snuck onstage without anyone noticing? Do tell. Whenever I can hear Alicia Keys twinkle on those piano keys and sing, I'm happy!

This Kanye thievery will not overshadow Janet's tribute to her brother Michael, who I just happen to adore. She came out dangerous! Lemon slices, please! Now in the brief aftermath, Kanye has issued an apology to Taylor Swift for his part in all of this mess during an interview on the premiere episode of the all-new The Jay Leno Show on September 14.

In the interview, West also stated that he's never taken any time off and plans to do just that. This may be just what he needs — to go away for a while, take a break from all the flashing lights, and pull himself together.

Kanye West appears to be a very talented, yet tortured, narcissistic soul. He has robbed one too many! What say you? Weigh in on this one. Let’s talk about it.

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About Leah Jewel Alexander

  • “Are we actually STILL talking about this?”

    This coming from the guy STILL talking about Springsteen and the Beatles. Let people talk about what they wanna talk about

  • Jordan Richardson

    Taylor Swift is not just a kid. She’s 19 frickin’ years old.

    Christ, you’d think Kanye murdered someone…

  • Are we actually STILL talking about this?

  • zingzing

    yeah, he is.

    you’d have to be deaf not to hear it.

  • Maddy Pumilia

    “He’s quite talented.”

    No, he’s not.

  • ‘Tiz

    Leah, I agree. I think it is High Time that rudeness be checked at the door. People are thinking that it is OK to act a fool. Well… it AINT! Keep rolling, Leah. Love you work.

  • Thanks for your comments. I’m still a great fan of Kanye’s musical genius. I think the key here is to separate the person from the actions. We should all be afforded as much.

  • sideshowRaheem

    “It was just a month or so ago when Kanye named himself “The New King of Pop” since Michael Jackson’s untimely death. How tacky, to say the least.”

    Um, Kanye never said that. The quote you are referring to was from a satirical article that a bunch of blogs mistook for a serious interview. Kanye made no public statement claiming he was the new king of pop. If you’re gonna write an article attacking the guy at least have your facts straight.

  • I must say, B4 I was one of the odd balls always trying to defend Kanye and his ego! I always thought that he had supreme confidence that just came across somewhat overboard. BUT NOW, I think he’s just a …. Do I really need to go on?

  • You’re so right. This beckons the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

  • It’s interesting how some people, even with the fame and fortune their talents bring them, manage to stay grounded and healthy, while others go totally ballistic. I think it says something about the entertainment industry in general; an industry that produces that many breakdowns, meltdowns and showdowns cannot be considered function in a healthy fashion!