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Kansas Legislature Overrides Governor, Allows Concealed Guns

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A day after the Kansas Senate voted 30-10, to override Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ veto of a conceal carry gun bill, the House did the same.

Voting 91-33, gave supporters of the measure seven votes more than the two-thirds majority necessary.

According to the Topeka Capital Journal:

The new law takes effect July 1, but it isn’t yet clear when the first permits will be issued. The law will permit U.S. citizens 21 and older living in Kansas to obtain a four-year concealed-carry permit issued by the attorney general’s office.

Legislators’ action capped a decade-long debate, which saw Kansas remain part of an ever-dwindling group of states that didn’t allow residents to carry hidden weapons. Only Illinois, Nebraska and Wisconsin are still on the list, and the Nebraska Legislature is considering a concealed weapons measure.

“It proves the determination and persistence of the NRA and our members in Kansas. It’s been a nationwide effort that’s gone on for over a decade,” said Chris Cox, of the National Rifle Association, the group’s chief lobbyist at its headquarters in Fairfax, Va.

Sebelius became the first Kansas governor to have a veto overridden in 12 years. She vetoed a similar bill in 2004, as did her predecessor, Republican Bill Graves, in 1997.

In her veto message Tuesday, Sebelius cited oppositions from law enforcement officials and business leaders, questioning whether the measure would make Kansas safer.

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  • Wow, Kevin. That’s some great news from Kansas. You got the news to me before the NRA and that’s an accomplishment.


  • Jet in Columbus

    Just think, when he leaves office, Vice pres Dick could do a “Bang up” job as their Senator-of course Hillary might call him a copy-cat…

  • Jet –
    Senator for who??? Kansas? We have two Republican Senators already. one who is looking at running for president in ’08.
    and what does the VP have to do with concealed carry anyway?

    Dave –
    way cool….I love breaking news.

  • Jet in Columbus

    Oh for crying out loud, since one of your senators is planning to run, you’ll need a replacement, and who better than someone who’s not afraid of guns?

    I’m beginning to see that when I try to joke with anyone right of center on this site, I’ll have to label my jokes so you all know when to laugh.

    … and Dave Nalle can’t figure out why I wouldn’t feel comfortable, if I became one of you as so many have suggested.


  • Cheney isn’t from Kansas, Jet.


  • Carlos

    Gun control laws are a joke–their major effect, ironically, is to deprive law abiding citizens from being able to legally carry guns to protect themselves, while criminals do not have to worry about such concerns. Parts of Irvington and Newark, NJ, are lawless urban wastelands where thugs and drug dealers kill indiscriminately while I, and other law abiding citizens, cannot carry guns because doing so would be in violation of the law.

  • Real gun control is hitting the target.


  • Jet in Columbus

    Two points-Hillary Clinton wasn’t from New York.

    Though Cheney was a senator from Wyoming, he lived in Texas and had to reestablish his Wyoming residency to ger around the president and vice presidential candidates residing in Texas.

  • Jet, I believe Dave would have no problem with you becoming a blogcritic; he’d possibly edit you fiercely but that would only make your resulting work all the stronger.

    Of course, that would mean you’d have to have a blog that everyone could see and you’d be a little more out there in the world.

    Maybe that might have something to do with your lack of feeling “comfortable”?

  • Jet in Columbus

    Why thank you Chris

    … but of course that’s only my opinion

  • Carlos, with all due respect, gun control laws are keeping your ass from being shot off by your nearest and dearest.

    No control at all? You want your neighbor to sport an Uzi? You want some 14 year old carrying around an M-16 (is that right?)

    My brother was a cop for 12 years, 4 of them undercover going after druggies. He was against most gun control until he discovered that the vast majority of people can’t shoot bad guys in their houses.

    Of course, everyone says, “I can shoot the mother fuckers,” but the reality is that most people freeze up and wind up getting shot by their own guns.

    And then there are the charming stories of little boys and girls killing each other with daddy’s gun because the moron forgot to lock it and take the ammunition out.

    You want to go kill Bambi, fine, I like venison. But there’s a reason the U.S. is murder central in the (he says laughingly) civilized world. It’s called guns.

    By the way, I’s movin’ to Kansas where I can buy me a Magnum something something, the most powerful handgun known to man. And concealing it’s going to make me a chick magnet given the size of the barrel. Yahoo. Ain’t America great?

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Dave Nalle

    Mark, my neighbors ALREADY sport uzis. Well, fully automatic AR-15s and AK-47s and the like. Uzis are kind of useless for anything but spraying a crowd of Palestinian rioters.

    Several of my neighbors have Class 3 licenses as collectors and others have what I suspect are formerly legal but modified assault rifles.

    And frankly, I’m not worried at all. It keeps the cougar population down and no one is crazy enough to try to rob anyone around here. The sound of automatic gunfire in the morning every saturday (our designated firearm practice day) is reassuring.

    Oh, and while a .44 Magnum is touted as the ‘most powerful handgun in the world’, good luck concealing the enormous mother in any effective way. It’s also less powerful than several other off-the-rack pistols, most of which would be even harder to conceal.


  • Jet in Columbus

    Just to be on the safe side, after reading the above, I think I better stop arguing with Dave for a while

    How appropriate that this is comment 13!!!

  • Now Jet, I didn’t say that I had any fully automatic weapons mysel. I think they’re for people with erectile disfunction. I prefer my guns heavy, single-action and with real gunpowder and the attendant smoke.


  • elija walker

    AKs, AR’s, UZIs, my goodness all this controversy about owning a worthless piece of steal and (gasp) now being able to hide the motherfucker from the psycho down the sreet who’s probably sharpening his machette so he can chop your head off anyway so you don’t need to worry about him what you should really worry about is darryl sits on the porch all day doesn’t work drives a lexus and seemingly every down on his luck loser (crackhead) in town his best friend and just how many homes have been broken into Meat. six or seven the last week? besides the thing the old guys signed there was a war on what was it……the constituition says we can have guns to defend ourselves so a thorough screening process to weed out the dead weight and let the strong survive