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Kabbalah The Only Real Solution To Global Poverty (Message to Bob Geldof)

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I hope Bob Geldof and the Live 8 VIP’s, celebs and participants will take a moment to digest this important information expressed by kabbalistic sages in many different forms throughout time. We are the first generation on earth to have all the necessary conditions for progressing to the next stage of human development:

“Whatever the results are, the final result must come from a feeling of justice and equality in each and every person. In a situation of equality and fair distribution someone can earn ten times more than someone else, but the distribution of such a salary will be received by the public as fair and equal, and no one will contest this. The feeling of justice and equality in the final situation is the solution for the human race, there is no situation better. The big answer, that will revigorate the nation and bring salvation to it and the world, will be an answer that comes from the feeling of holiness that will pervade, any other situation brings war, killing and destruction, and all the evil in the world. As long as humanity does not provide a solution for equal distribution it will go through many sufferings. And in the end it is the sufferings that will bring it to agree that it is better to reach equality and justice rather than die. When humanity agrees to equality and justice as the ultimate solution another question will arise, namely what is the best way to implement these values?

Ba’al HaSulam (the author of the commentary of the Zohar) directs his words over and over again to the same explanation, that even if a person determines out of his own good will to be in justice and equality, his desire to receive will not allow him to actually implement them. In order to establish a system of equality with just distribution a person must correct his will to receive. He must first correct his desire. Correcting the desire will allow man to live in justice and equality. The correction is only possible to attain by the light that restores man to his ideal state. The correction is only possible if the justice and equality come from an equality of form with the Creator. In these conditions man attains the world beyond, and justice, equality, security and success in this world.”

Words of foremost kabbalist Michael Laitman, PhD, broadcast live every day from Israel on www.kabbalah.info.

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  • Get a grip. The only REAL solution is for everyone to love each other and live in peace and harmony – and that ain’t happening.

    Live Eaten is just a concert now – people won’t remember it for the help – they will remember it for the memories.

  • Temple, you mean Live Aid wasn’t just a concert?


  • Nop. I dont know about here – but in England it pretty much took over the whole country for a few weeks before during and after.

    And there was a very real need that had been on UK TV for weeks and weeks – the plight of the Ethiopans. There are still needs out there – but they haven’t been part of the national consciousness and the groundswell of “this is for a cause” support won’t be there.

  • Time has passed, man, and Live Aid is mainly known for that dreadful Christmas song now.

    Live 8 will rock, but beyond that? Tie a red string around it, baby, ’cause it’s done.

  • And I say this as a man with a dorky One.org wristband on his wrist right now.

  • Well, I hope it achieves a greater meaning. I think I woke up (more) cynical.

    – Temple

  • Most of the money raised from Live Aid actually ended up in the hands of the dictators that are running Ethiopia and the other African countries, and I doubt a dime of it got to the people in need. I hope this version does better than that. I hope Zeppelin reforms too!

  • channah meydan

    Temple Stark-Agreed.Human disaster is now just an excuse to put on a big show where famous mucisians feel like giving something and the audience wants to see it. All in this process are acting out of the desire to receive. There is no “love” here just ego…How can anyone even begin to contemplate helping humanity when we only serve ourselves??? The hidden wisdom of Kabbalah is a method to help a person find “true love” and only then can we unite with each other.

  • Whatever works.

  • chris

    phew, I was hoping to get the rights words, Thanks Josia!!!! will send them to some important newspapers here in the UK…and some tv channels

    time for people to wake up and get a grip …
    thanks again

  • There is a story to be told about Ethiopian Jews and the struggles they have had in the last thousand years. The Jews of Moses’ time are still wandering in the desert, awaiting their Messiah to release them from human captivity. They reside in Ethiopia.

  • Debbie

    We are all wandering through the desert! The only hope for all of humanity is to look to the upper source. When we pray to G-d to change our nature from receivers to givers, when we are able to give in order to please our Creater and not our own egos, then all of humanity will be saved. We are living at the time of the Messiah. We simply have to open our eyes to begin to see.