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Kabbalah Explains Unconditional Love

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First of all, what is love? Everyone thinks that it exists in our world. We want to feel it, and possibly, we are even ready to love somebody. But what does the notion of “love” mean? Scientists have not discovered it yet, but now they are beginning to see that genes determine everything; that there are genes that determine a person’s inclination towards theft or murder for instance. Perhaps there is a love gene? If someone does not have this gene, then can that person be held responsible for not being able to love? If everything depends on genes? What is love? What does it mean that I love someone or something? I love what brings me pleasure. This is clear. If something brings me suffering, I hate the source of my suffering. I draw closer to someone I love, I desire to establish a connection with that person, to be together. But the moment I discover that possibly, this is not so good for me, I start to cool off and move away. Love is a sensation of pleasure from an object that gives me pleasure. If I am a desire to receive, then I must look for someone who gives me pleasure. How can love exist between two human beings? Baal HaSulam explains that for this to happen people have to be similar in their properties. The universal law is in effect in the entire universe, in all the worlds, including ours; it is called the law of equivalence of form.

An excerpt from a special lecture by the Kabbalist Michael Laitman at the Point In The Heart center in Tel Aviv.

Here is a link to the full Unconditional Love lecture: http://www.kabbalahgroup.info/eng/srm_unconditional_love.php


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