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Kabbalah Explains Arab-Israeli Conflict

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If we study Kabbalah we can effectively alter the balance of powers between good and evil, and change the management of the worlds so that war will go unnoticed. Kabbalah explains the collision between Jews and Arabs by analyzing the overall structure of creation. The outer part of the soul is called Gentile, and correlates to the gentiles. The inner part is called Jewish, and correlates to the Jews, the Hebrews (from the word Ivry – i.e. to cross over), meaning those that have crossed over the border of this world and entered the spiritual world.

There are always struggles in man’s soul between the outer, corporeal, egoistic part, called Gentile, and the inner part, called Jew. The Arabs – who are fighting the Jews – are in fact inside me. They are my own attributes, my own nature, which I must defeat inside me, and at the same time defeat it in the flesh. We will become Jews in the full sense of the word only when we defeat the Gentiles inside us, meaning when we are corrected. But this is not our current state; it is our future one. If we were corrected today, we would not have to fight the Palestinians. Shalom (peace) comes from the Hebrew word Shlemut (wholeness, completeness). Peace and understanding are attainable only if the good completely rules the evil and evil serves under the good. In our corrupted state we cannot picture the possibility of using evil forces in such a way that they serve the good, in order to come close to the Creator, to his attributes. But all it takes is to change the way we use it, i.e. the aim. Surprisingly enough, people who suffered personal tragedies do not wish to hear about supreme forces or the Creator, though that is precisely where their pain came from. But the truth is that it is troubles and pain that direct us to spirituality. It is impossible to escape that odd contradiction.

Words of foremost Kabbalist Michael Laitman PhD from Israel in an excerpt from An Interview With The Future (free e-book on www.kabbalah.info)

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  • Inappositely phrased, except for the line “Peace and understanding are attainable only if the good completely rules the evil and evil serves under the good.” and that evil and good are both inside you – Heaven and hell exist within us.

    This comes close to the law of cause and effect, by a whisker. Both good and evil are essential to the universe – neither can dominate the other, like destruction and rebirth.

    If your truth comforts you, that is good, but not necessarily the only truth.

  • La la la, kabbalah, la la la, nutcase, la la la


  • RJ

    Is this Madonna?

  • godoggo

    This is not just weird, it’s evil.

  • godoggo

    …occurs to me that if you change a couple of words in my previous comment, you’ll have Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now.

  • gentile is his outer part, jew is his inner part, he’s also got an inner arab and has to fight the gentile within! what a loon!

  • Sorry I missed the fun – just woke up here in Tel Aviv – ok – Dave cracked me up the most so far – that’s some serious copywriting going there and I can see from your page that you know how to write! And Aaman! Lighten up for crying out loud – do you talk like that at parties? And again you’re saying the exact same thing I am in different words – yes – heaven and hell exist inside us – you’re right! happy? I just woke up so this is the HELL side. Listen guys – I’m 5″4 weighing in at 130 – stay outta the kitchen if you can’t take the heat or go pick on someone your own size! I love this site!!

    Please feel free to keep commenting – it’s interesting to see why it’s taking so long to resolve the conflict and other world problems – your comments are just further proof that the world may not be ready for the truth yet ….

    Just wanted to mention (again) that the author -who is a scientist by the way – is presenting with the scientists from What The Bleep Do We Know next month in San Francisco…

    Have a great day!

    (go ahead – tell me what I screwed up in this post …)

  • My inner Zoroastrian Magus is offended by this entire thread and plans to errupt and excoriate you all when the planets are in the proper alignment.


  • Eric Olsen

    Josia, I would say your attitude convey that you “walk the talk,” and as far as I’m concerned that counts for a lot.

    I’m not sure identifying the layers of the self with the names of actual external religious groups is meaningful, but I have no problem with the concept of internal struggle which is present in most belief systems, from yin/yang to Hegelian dialectic

  • Thanks Eric – I am living the life everyone should be living – I know it sounds a bit like science fiction – but we’re getting a type of filling that is unattainable through any other method or belief system – all the shopping or partying in the world can’t give you the feeling we have. But like the great kabbalists always say – don’t believe a word of this – come see for yourself. If it speaks to your heart – great – if not – keep looking …


  • La la la la … this is a new Kabbalistic song … la la la la … 🙂


  • Thanks, Josia.

    ‘They are my own attributes, my own nature, which I must defeat inside me, and at the same time defeat it in the flesh.’

    Yes, except that defeating parts of ourselves continues the age-old win/lose dualistic struggle that is based on judgement and condemnation.

    The New Energy now supports integrating all aspects of ourselves so that real growth and partnership within can occur.

    This in turn leads not only to increased effectiveness in the outer realm but serves as a beacon, a lighthouse for other humans ready to express more of their own soul nature and purpose.

    Wonderful. Thanks again for sharing. Conversation of this kind is so important.

  • Angela Chen Shui: “The New Energy”? Tell me more! Please.

  • Josia, maybe this isn’t the place but I am interested in your reaction to something. When I was a child I used to listen to my Polish grandmother talk in her broken English about the ravages of war and communism. She knew first hand what it was like to be a victim of the Russian occupation and our family suffered mercilessly at the hands of the Germans in the Warsaw ghetto. Babci (“grandma” in Polish) told us stories of how in the Warsaw ghetto Jews, Catholics, homosexuals, Orthodox, people of many faiths and backgrounds all coexisted in relative peace. The slaughter of the Jews and others was something that remained with her until she died.

    There was one thing that I did not recall until I read an article last week about the dating of a skull in Ethiopia. She talked about the fact that the oldest known Jews came from Africa and many European Jews refused to acknowledge this point. She believed the “Promised Land” was not in Palestine but “on the other side of Egypt.” After reading about the oldest human skull discovery in Ethiopia, I started to research Ethiopian Jewry and became fascinated by what I found. I somewhat understand your reasoning of the internal struggle. But if what I have learned is true, would there not be an even larger struggle within the Hebrew faith? How can European Jews who have obviously practiced their own version of racism against Black Jews reconcile themselves in Kabbalah?

    You say, “Surprisingly enough, people who suffered personal tragedies do not wish to hear about supreme forces or the Creator, though that is precisely where their pain came from. But the truth is that it is troubles and pain that direct us to spirituality. It is impossible to escape that odd contradiction.” I believe that most humans follow some path to spiritual enlightenment at some point in their lives. I refuse to believe that there is nothing for us after we die a physical death. Perhaps that’s my instinct to survive, or perhaps it is because I feel that I am part of something greater than myself. Some of what you discuss from the aspect of Kabbalah reminds me of a book called “The Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes where he discusses the nature of things in terms of cause and effect. So, that being said, what is your perspective on the struggles within the Jewish community itself?

  • Hi Silas –

    A million things to comment on in your post – the whole point of Kabbalah is that is it possible to attain enlightment here in our world – you don’t have to wait to die to reap the benefits – it’s all here and the method is plainly available (in 20 languages no less on http://www.kabbalah.info) and it’s all for free. Religious people tend to stick to the more traditional methods (that after you die you will be judged etc.) – which are much simpler and less demanding – please believe me I know because my whole family is religious – but the easier methods were meant for previous generations with much simpler souls than ours – we’re a much more sophisticated – actually the most sophisticated generation to ever inhabit the earth – and religious people are mainly concerned with mitzvot that you do with your body here in this world (lighting candles, praying three times a day, etc.)- kabbalists do these things in addition to doing a much more advanced type of mitzva i.e. working with the Light and a vessel – doing this properly connects us to eternity and enables us to receive the Light into our vessels. Both ways advance you – just one is like traveling on a donkey and the other is like taking a rocket ship. And that is Israel’s role in the world – to accelerate these processes – right now we’re not doing a very good job and that is why the whole world isn’t too happy with Israel these days.

    Communism is a very central theme here in what we’re doing – it failed in Russia (and Israeli kibbutzes) because they were missing the spiritual element.

    I don’t want to go into the whole history of the Jews and the issue of the holocaust here – there are millions of pages of material in English on http://www.kabbalah.info – just do a search for any of the terms you mentioned and you could be reading for days …

    All the best –


  • Hi again Angela –

    Before I got into Kabbalah I was very very deeply into all the holistic new age stuff – it was one of the most exhilirating times of my life – I was on a total cloud for about a year – and actually many of the people studying are people who’ve tried everything – and been through everything – traveled the world looking etc. – till they ended up here. The purpose isn’t for us to feel good or spread good in a way that satisfies our will to receive – our purpose here is much more complicated than that – it’s about transforming our nature to be completely the opposite of what it is right now – because we were created completely opposite to the Light – and the whole purpose of creation is to bring us back to the point where we are all equal to the Light. The Creator wants his kids to grow up and be exactly like Him! – that is why we’re here. And yes – part of this process involves “integrating all aspects of ourselves” or better yet learning all aspects of ourselves – mainly our true nature which is very opposite to the Light – and doing it with the spiritual goal in mind at all times – otherwise we’re doing it for the wrong reason and are bound to fail.


  • Religious people tend to stick to the more traditional methods (that after you die you will be judged etc.)

    Not quite true – Buddhism, for one, focuses on enlightenment in this life. Religion is not just a semitic invention.

  • I’m talking about religious Jews – sorry …


  • This is Borg-like – resistance is futile, et al

  • 🙂

    Hi, Josia… left new age long ago.. too spacey, not practical enough…

    the only thing in yr last post I’d comment on is: ‘mainly our true nature which is very opposite to the Light’.

    Our true nature IS what you refer to as Light, God, Life,,,whatever word one is comfortable with.

    In the biggest sense, we are each One with that Life, God, Light, when we Remember Who we are. The human journey is about leaving our complete knowingness of Who We Really Are to experience the the opposite… duality, separateness… what gets in our daily headlines… just to experience it… because there was nothing like that ‘there’… Home.

    We, the Gods that we are, are ready, to create ‘Home’ here… we’ve had our fill of the ‘experiencing of duality’ and will now help to create what each human being already knows at the soul level… Love, Light, Unity… blah, blah…. HERE.

    Israel and Palestine are wonderful examples of duality at work… same family fighting each other… the younger ones, the ones who are clearer on who they are, here, now… will shake hands with each other… when more of the old falls away. Not long now. The shift is 2007. By 2012 onwards, there will be so many basic shifts in how we organise life here, we’ll look back at history agog.

    I salute you. You are a holder of the Light in a very important part of the world.

    Espavo, my friend. (Lemurian for ‘thank you for taking your power’.

  • ‘Angela Chen Shui: “The New Energy”? Tell me more! Please.’

    Sorry.. forgot to reply to u.. is it ‘alienboy’? If so, love the nick.

    Basically the shifting to a more mature way of organising Life here, so that it works for everyone because each human remembers that they are God also.

    So it’s shifting from seeing God outside of self, to knowing oneself as one with all that is, Life, God, whateverrrrr…

    From there, it’s hard to ‘do harm’ eg. kill someone… u know u’re killing… yourself.

    A balancing of the masculine and feminine, on the individual, national and planetary levels.

    Any group of people who you now see in the ‘headlines’ are holding the energies for the resolution of this in often a dramatic way. Homosexuals, Arabs/Israelis, women.

    The traditional churches and their religions are holding most of the ‘stuck’ energies on the planet at this time. Most still teach that God is ‘up there’ somewhere, ‘outside’ of their followers.

    The New Energy is about each person fully accepting and embodying their own divinity and expressing that fully in their life.

    You asked, alienboy… 😉

  • Angela – I would much rather have you join me than salute me! Wanted to share here what I put in my blog today:

    Kabbalah Explains Our Purpose in Life:
    Today’s highlight of the morning lesson – words of the Kabbalist Michael Laitman PhD from Israel, broadcasted live every day on http://www.kabbalah.info

    …. advantage from the fact that the Creator reveals through a few people in our world in our time the desire and ability to reveal the purpose of creation – and somehow to rise up and come closer to it – is only because every one that is awakened must take upon himself to awaken the entire world – because the individual and the general public are equal – and it is impossible with a single solitary vessel to reach the implementation of the purpose of creation – that goes against the basic condition of ‘as one man with one heart’ & ‘ love thy neighbor as thyself’ – a complete vessel is equal to the Light – the bestowal of the creature and the bestowal of the Creator are equal – so a person cannot say I don’t care or I’m disconnecting from everyone and just looking after myself – because this is exactly the opposite of the target – a person (in the spiritual path) has to look after the whole world – and desire with all his heart to bring the entire world to the end of correction – and in the amount that he achieves this he becomes part of the world – and builds his own private vessel as well – and cannot build his own vessel until he has done everything in his power to further the general correction of the world. Because one is dependent on the other. He is not part of everyone with the intention to bestow to the Creator – did not reach implementation of ‘one man with one heart’ as a vessel for the revelation for the Light/Divinity if he didn’t do enough for the other souls to bring them closer to his desire. Because he has a desire in the form of a point in the heart to connect with the Creator – and to this desire he must connect all the desires in the world – as much as he is capable – as much as he receives this opportunity from Above – he doesn’t know how much the Creator is always adding more and more opportunities – and before he completes this – connecting with everyone – there isn’t a vessel for receiving the Light – it’s not enough that he is the only one receiving the Light – but must add to this as much as he is capable – under the conditions available – everyone else’s vessels as well.

    Link to today’s listening piece –

    The morning lesson is starting in half an hour on http://www.kab.tv

  • Just one comment. If mankind were to attain Tiphareth, then balance will reign. As above, so below. Malkuth and Kether are one, yet separate. Balance.

  • Eric Olsen

    how is this different from nirvana?

  • Eric it’s like asking which pronunciation of tomato is correct.My mind is all boggled with this profound dilemma 😉

  • Eric Olsen

    SP, exploring the rabbit hole can indeed be boggling, in fact might be the point of it!

  • Hi Eric – It’s the total opposite of nirvana where you lose the self – kabbalah is based on learning all the dimensions of our true nature – which is a will to receive (not a good thing)- it’s not about perfect bliss at all – it’s a scientific method for getting closer to the source and root of everything – it’s a very calculated and tangible process – not something abstract. Just to give you an example – everything we do is out of personal interest – if it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t move one millimeter – a mother looking after her baby is the most extreme example – but it’s true – try to think of one thing on earth we do without any personal interest at all – donate money? That’s the highest of all – donate money annonymously? – that’s considered the height of egoism according to kabbalah – because think about it – you do that to feel REALLY good about yourself. The whole point of kabbalah is transforming our nature – I don’t mean acting or behaving differently – that’s impossible – I’m talking about a very long and painful and complicated process where we actually transform our nature to be something opposite to the one we were created with – no other method on earth comes even close or is anywhere near as challenging. It’s very tough and not everyone can handle it – but the rewards are impossible to describe with words …


  • Eric Olsen

    if reality is in the shape of a sphere, then the opposites of nirvana and kabbalistic enlightenment (I don’t know what it is called) would curve around and meet each other

  • And not everyone has to study kabbalah – but the world needs to be aware that there is this group doing the work for all of humanity, (www.kabbalah.info) that is led by the ‘chosen one’ of this generation. The reason it’s not so well known is because they make zero profit from doing it.

  • Eric Olsen

    I am VERY leery of “chosen ones” of whatever stripe

  • It’s called ‘crossing the barrier’ dividing this world (the world of results) from the upper world (the world of reasons). Only a handful of people like that in the world at the moment … soon there will be many more.

  • I totally understand – but if you sat with him for a minute you’d get over that very quickly …

  • Eric Olsen

    that’s what they all say (smile)

  • The morning lesson starts in exactly 9 hours … 🙂 http://www.kab.tv

  • That dude Berg throws great parties, I hear and he strings people along too.

    Nice website –

    Error in last comment – I meant ‘nice website – kab.tv – good example of clean, simple site design. The inner pages do not link back to the home page, which is difficult to navigate.’

  • Lord, Goddess!! This is way past me…

    Josia, I’m not a joiner. I don’t ‘belong’ to any spiritual organisation and have neither a wish nor a need to.

    I do however salute and loosely support all persons who take the time to travel and BE on their own spiritual paths, whatever they choose that to be.

    No one ‘needs’ to know anything. Everyone already knows everything… the thing is for each of us to tune into and Be in that knowingness whenever we care to or feel the need to.

    I’m also not into ‘masters’ or anything that teaches that someone is ‘less than’ another, more ‘highly evolved’ other…

    I respect your beliefs as I respect you and enjoy conversations. If I sense even a bit of openness to get outside of the box of ‘belief’ and ‘teaching’ to the freedom of knowingness and personal application in real life, then I converse even more. That’s when it becomes fun!

    I also figure there’s enough evangelisation on the planet. And it hasn’t seemed to gotten us anywhere more balanced and supportive and respectful of difference.

    Different people will be attracted to different things, so once we’re busy being, expressing our own truth and enjoying who we are, we will naturally cross paths with others of the same vibration.

    The world is fine as it is. It’s all going to be ok. Collectively, we will all figure it out and be our own messiahs, especially if we keep conversing like this. 😉

  • Click on Kabbalah Site to get to http://www.kabbalah.info – and it’s Laitman …

  • I also figure there’s enough evangelisation on the planet. And it hasn’t seemed to gotten us anywhere more balanced and supportive and respectful of difference.

    Bravo, Angela. The three major religions (all of which are related whether they like it or not) are the belief systems which constantly threaten societal balance. Evangelization by any other definition is propaganda.

  • Which three?

  • Eric Olsen

    shiite, sunni and sufi, of course

  • Angela – it’s a comfort to know I’ll have someone to chat with if things take a turn for the worse – just kidding! But seriously – if I told you your house was on fire would you go on sitting there and saying this is lovely – all of us hanging out together in the flames – getting along nicely … who cares?? Once you understand the point of creation you want to do everything in your power to propell it forward. Sorry to be up there on my soapbox again! I’m just being perfectly honest.

    Just wanted to mention again that the kabbalist Michael Laitman – who is a scientist by profession – is presenting with the great minds of What The Bleep Do We Know? next month in San Francisco – admission is free.

    And the morning lesson starts in exactly 3 hours … http://www.kab.tv

  • Eric, I screamed out laughing at your answer for the three major religions.

    Actually the three I was referring to are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All three religions have the same patriarch: Abraham. All three religions worship the same God but may call Him by a different Name. Why these three faiths which have more in common than not have a difficulty co-existing is beyond me. Oh, I forgot, it’s not about saving human souls, it’s about money, power and corruption.

  • Finally someone with some real facts! (I also lost it – Eric is pretty funny.)

    Abraham was the first kabbalist to grace the earth – those people that used to visit and hang out in his tent were coming to learn kabbalah. I don’t want to mess this up so the safest thing in this case is to quote Laitman:

    “In accordance with the general law of nature, every person in the world will ultimately have to reveal his sixth sense and attain the entire universe in it. Based on this purpose of creation the Kabbalists are obliged to:

    Teach their own people the method of development of the sixth spiritual sense;

    Pass this method to the entire humanity.

    Failure to fulfill this mission is the genuine reason for anti-semitism, the grievance the peoples of the world have against the Jews for their misconduct, concealment of truth and goodness. As a matter of fact, the Jews themselves subconsciously feel this deep-rooted guilt.

    On the other hand, we may say that after the Jews had stopped consciously attaining the upper world through Kabbalah, Judaism (mass performance of rituals) sprang to life and was later followed by Christianity and Islam.”

    See the full article Kabbalah As A Modern Science for more – it also talks about Abraham –

    The men are eating breakfast right now – http://www.kab.tv

  • All three filched liberally from Egyptian cults.

    You ignore Hinduism, Shintoism, Taoism, animism, etc. and exhibit gross ignorance about world affairs

    I suggest you start by reading Joseph Campbell’s Masks Of God.

  • “Egypt symbolizes the supremacy of our egoism (it is, thus, known as Mitzraim, deriving from the words mitz-ra – the concentration of evil). Amalek represents the tribe that waged war against Yisrael (derived from yisra-yashar – straight and el-Creator, that is, those who want to steer themselves directly to the Creator). Amalek personifies our egoism, which under no circumstances wants to permit a person to become free of its power.

    Egoism is displayed (attacks) only in the desires of a person who attempts to depart from the Egyptian captivity (egoism). Even if a person is situated at the very beginning of his path, Amalek will immediately bar his passage.”

    This is an excerpt from Chapter 13 of Attaining The Worlds Beyond (free e-book on http://www.kabbalah.info) –

    See the full chapter –

  • Checked in Amazon: “This last volume of the Masks of God is a huge book that spans the efforts of artists to interpret the myths from early troubadour poems to Finnegan’s Wake. Just for the books it added to my reading list, this book was valuable.” You’re comparing this subject to MYTHS and poems??!! And the artist’s efforts to interpret them??!! Give me a break!! I’m talking about facts – scientific facts that explain every phenomena in the world.


  • Everything you’re describing is a myth too.

    Also, various volumes are about primitive early myths and religions like the ones we are discussing here. The relevant volume where Semitic religions/myths are studied is Occidental Mythology(isbn:014019441X)

    Do not dismiss Joseph Campbell without knowing who/what he has written. I am actively reading pieces from your site without bias

    Art is another way humans try to express their understanding of the universe.

  • I’m not describing some theory I’m talking about my life – about the filling we get from studying kabbalah – it’s a very tangible thing but only felt by people who have a sixth sense – see my last entry to my blog:

    Kabbalah Develops A Sixth Sense
    Interview with the kabbalist Michael Laitman in special kabbalah feature on Israel’s Channel 2:

    Kotler – Explain the difference between kabbalah’s god and the religious peoples’ god – I know that there is only one god – that’s what I was taught in grade one – is it one and the same?

    Laitman – No, first of all Kabbalah doesn’t explain what God is. Kabbalah is a system for knowing God. We can’t feel it because we’re missing a sense. I need to create/open/discover my soul – it’s a special vessel – a special sense from which I will feel something that is called Divinity. It’s impossible to convey to someone what it is without his having acquired the sixth sense.

    Kotler – So you teach your students how to acquire this sixth sense?

    Laitman – Exactly.

    Kabbalah is not a myth – it’s a scientific process of receiving the Light – please also have a look at these dynamic sketches on the site:


  • Aaman wrote:
    All three filched liberally from Egyptian cults.

    You ignore Hinduism, Shintoism, Taoism, animism, etc. and exhibit gross ignorance about world affairs

    I don’t know if this was directed at me but I was pointing out that the three religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism all have their roots in the days of Abraham. That, my friend, is fact. Christianity is practiced by 33% of the globe followed by Islam at 22%. The only reason I included Judaism lies in the fact that it is the root of the major religions. Hinduism and Buddhism combined do not surpass Islamics.
    The major faiths may have adopted a portion of their doctrines from Egyptian religions. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were trying to recruit new adherents. I readily admit my ignorance in my knowledge of the “lesser” religions.

  • What you call ‘lesser’ religions have been around way before those practicing your three ‘great’ religions had even learnt how to clean their butts let alone think about spiritualism.

  • Eric Olsen

    “myth” is what non-believers call religion

  • Good point, Eric. As far as my classifying any religion as “lesser,” let me emphatically state for the record that I don’t view these as being less than worthy of comparison to the “major” ones. Quite the contrary.

    The one thing that I find common to most religions I have studied is that they all share the Golden Rule in some way. That’s a very human rule and one that I believe all secular rules of law should reflect. Faith has its place in the lives of those who choose to accept it. On the secular side, I believe that we should be striving for character and integrity.

  • Eric Olsen

    I have always found it striking that the Golden Rules of Jesus and Confucius are identical other than Jesus states it positively (“do unto others …”) while Confucius states it negatively (“don’t do unto others …”)

  • I agree, Eric. Of course if one subscribes to the legend that Christ’s childhood was spent in the Far East or India, it is reasonable to conclude that some of His teachings were based in Oriental philosophy.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A person will worship something, have no doubt about that. We may think our tribute is paid in secret in the dark recesses of our hearts, but it will out. That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our lives, and our character. Therefore, it behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping we are becoming.”

  • Duane

    “…some of His teachings were based in Oriental philosophy.”

    Or maybe some of His teachings were based on plain old common sense. There’s nothing profound about the Golden Rule. It perfectly sensible, and any one living in an ancient agrarian society would have known this almost instinctively. “Gee, maybe I shouldn’t steal Og’s horses, and then he won’t steal my Brussels sprouts!” Oriental philosophy, my eye.

  • I wasn’t necessarily proposing that the Golden Rule is Oriental in nature. If that’s what you inferred, I apologize. You’re right that it is just good old plain common sense.

  • Duane

    No need to apologize, Silas. We’re just having a discussion, right?

  • Indeed we are, Duane! And what a lively discussion this has become.

  • lively… just catching up!

    Same basic truths in all religions… languaging changes with the age, culture… just get messed up with the human power agendas…

  • That’s right Angela – every generation gets what it is capable of digesting – and our generation is the most sophisticated to ever grace the earth – just knowing the stories in the bible won’t help us transform ourselves from egoistic to altruistic anytime soon – there is a much deeper message there that has been hidden behind those stories for thousands of years and ours is the first generation to have access to “the code” for understanding every phenomena on earth – that’s why kabbalah is above all religions – and why people come to our events from all over the world ….

  • I understand what you are trying to say, Josia, but I also have a problem with a religion claiming to be above the others. I’ve no doubt that kabbalah serves its purpose for those who choose to accept its teachings.

    I don’t believe for a moment that Christ is the only path to God. Nor do I believe that the Q’uran is God’s final Word to mankind. I do believe what you say about every generation getting what it is capable of digesting. But I think it is that way because what we are taught is based upon the limitations and customs of the times and the men/women who record the “Word”; consequently the Torah is more of a book of symbology than a recording of actual events. Many choose to believe otherwise and that is their right as long as they do not force me or other non-believers into submission.

    I believe in the Universality of the Living God. In my heart I believe that if I follow the Golden Rule and try to live a life where I do not hurt fellow human beings, then I have fulfilled my spiritual obligation. It’s not an easy journey attempting to adhere to those basic principles, and I don’t always succeed. You may not share that belief but in the final analysis I think that which I believe is pretty much a basic tenet in most religions of the world.

  • “the Torah is more of a book of symbology than a recording of actual events.” – that’s 100% true Silas – the Torah is the whole basis of kabbalah – (so is “love thy neighbor”) … “the word” is hidden inside it – the people who recorded the word weren’t limited in any manner – it’s our vessels that weren’t ready in previous lives. The stories are just stories and it’s not really important if they happened or not even though they did to a certain extent.

    About your beliefs – that’s a very nice and pleasant value system to live by – but do you have a tangible method for calculating if that is what the Creator really wants from you? Or do you think that because your life is pleasant that you must be doing the right thing – nothing could be further from the truth. The people who are awakened to study the source of all sources go through an intense period of “preparation” where they have a burning question inside for many years that cannot be filled – What is the meaning of my life?

    No offense intended at all but you’ll keep coming back again and again with that pleasant feeling and hopefully I won’t have to come back to this lowliest of all worlds – because I’m taking full advantage of all the right conditions for accelerating all the processes my soul has to go through RIGHT NOW – here in this world.

    And yes – there are certain souls that are more developed than others – take a look at your kids for example.

    The things you’re talking about are based on Kabbalah but not providing the whole picture – they’re the same as the traditional bible stories – not providing the sophisticated explanations that our generation is ready for.

  • http://www.kab.tv – Laitman is talking about all these things right now in the morning lesson on http://www.kab.tv

  • About your beliefs – that’s a very nice and pleasant value system to live by – but do you have a tangible method for calculating if that is what the Creator really wants from you? Or do you think that because your life is pleasant that you must be doing the right thing – nothing could be further from the truth. The people who are awakened to study the source of all sources go through an intense period of “preparation” where they have a burning question inside for many years that cannot be filled – What is the meaning of my life?

    It’s a value system I try to live by but have failed many a time, Josia. That’s the nature of humanity. I don’t know what the Creator expects from me and that is the path I have taken — searching in the wilderness like so many others. I know that there is a life beyond this world but my journey here is what will prepare me for the next.

    As I indicated to you previously, I find Kabbalah very fascinating. Einstein once said, “The most beautiful and deepest experience a man can have is the sense of the mysterious. It is the underlying principle of religion as well as all serious endeavour in art and science. He who never had this experience seems to me, if not dead, then at least blind.”

    I have no evidence upon which to base my beliefs except to acknowledge that all life originated from one place. Some elements went on to create what we see in the sky. Others combined with amino acids and other building blocks to create life in the simplest form like plankton to humankind. We all share a common bond and from a completely humanist standpoint we should be able to achieve some sense of harmony.

    On his show last night, Bill Maher talked about how the productions that come ut of Hollywood are a reflection of us. Couldn’t the same be said for religion? In the more militant, oppressed societies we see the manifestation of religion from the perspective of a vengeful God. While most Christians believe they are proclaiming the Good News of Christ, are they really walking the walk? That’s a matter for serious debate within the Christian community.

  • God is all good Silas – He is all about bestowal – while us humans are all about receiving – he wants us to grow up and be able to receive millions of times more pleasure/filling into our vessel than we are capable of in our childlike state. That’s all He is interested in – nothing else – that is the purpose of creation. There is no such thing as a vengeful God – the Tsunami’s and 9/11 are directing us to a better place – to fulfilling our true role here in this world. Most people prefer to just go on with life as usual but soon that won’t be so easy to do – or that much fun anymore – did you see the post in the movie section – The Joy Is Gone (from going to the movies…) It’s also a proven fact at this stage that people are moving around a lot from religion to religion in search of of something that their current religion can’t satisfy – all these things are good signs that humanity is almost ready for the 7th stage of development — spirituality. Laitman talked about it in the morning lesson that we can expect much bigger numbers joining us in the near future – up until now it was just individuals mainly – soon it will be entire countries.

    Here is something that sums things up nicely –

    According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, our entire world is ruled by the general law of the universe, which is destined to lead us back to the perfection of the Garden of Eden. And all that happens in our world is directed at the achievement of this goal. If we were as corrected and perfect as our original form, there would be no wars or suffering of any kind and everything would function in an optimal way. Until we reach this state, the same law automatically affects each individual and mankind as a whole to the extent of our development so that we can realize the necessity of achieving this goal.

    These consoling words are uttered by thousands of people across North America every day: “Lord! Give me strength to change the things I can change, give me courage to accept the things I cannot change, and grant me wisdom to know the difference”. Yet despite our sensation of having full control over our lives, our life experience proves that we essentially leave this world unchanged. Kabbalists on the other hand are people that fully attain that there is someone else running the show. They grasp God’s rule of the universe, justify all His actions, and adjust themselves to be included in these actions. By merging with Him, Kabbalists go from being involuntary participants in the process of evolution to become God’s active and intelligent partners. Such absolute accord between man and God is what our correction process is all about.

    The wisdom of Kabbalah describes the successive changes we have to go through in our world, which is governed by the general law of the universe. This law pursues one single objective – to make us equal to God. The influence of this law on us depends on the level of our development, meaning according to the development of our desires and aspirations, and is called “the world”. Since there are 5 levels in a desire, the influence of this general law on us from the level of Infinity is divided into 5 levels. The study and attainment of the worlds represents the research of correspondence between different levels of a desire, its transformations and the influence of the general law on it. In all there are 125 steps: 5 worlds with 5 levels, each consisting of 5 sub-levels. The description of our interactions with the law (God) on each level is what Kabbalah teaches us how to attain.

    Mankind is constantly moving towards the goal pre-determined by this all-embracing law. The goal is to lead each of us to the highest level (the 125th step) by allowing us to consciously and independently develop, in contrast to the way we evolve historically – unconsciously and uncontrollably. This is because we have no freedom in our earthly development; hence the general law affects us without asking for our consent. And we, presumably the most highly evolved creatures in the entire universe, are obliged to take its successive forms. Our spiritual attainment is so much different – fully conscious, independent, determined by us in each stage of our development. We essentially create ourselves. Each man on earth must achieve this degree of participation in his own evolution in one of his lives.

    Aspiration for the Creator is a fundamental law of nature. We have no freedom in this. Nature will compel us with sufferings to aspire for the Creator. Freedom consists in the decision to voluntarily choose the only existing path without waiting for sufferings. Until we willingly accept this path, nature will force us to wake up and take notice through the daily occurrences in our lives.

  • There is no such thing as a vengeful God – the Tsunami’s and 9/11 are directing us to a better place – to fulfilling our true role here in this world.

    Garbage – you have no business dragging disasters into your own version of religion. Go ask the survivors

    YOu have claimed your so-called religion is the best in the world. Statements like this do not reflect well on it.

    The disaster of 9/11 was not a natural disaster. It was a wilful, evil act of stupid fucked-up fanatics – driven by a distorted religious belief. Connecting it with the tsunami is puerile.

  • ‘I won’t have to come back to this lowliest of all worlds’

    ahhhhmmmm….;-) ‘lowliest’ only from the point of view of how strongly we set up the duality system here. We slowed down our creator gifts incredibly so that we could understand ..slowly.. in step-by-step detail… the intricacies of creating, of being God ourselves.

    When we graduate here, not from merely transcending duality, as previously taught by many systems, but by integrating duality itself within us, we blow out the old, clear the pathway for others and continue to serve in new or old ways.

    Angels, many across the veil, are already lined up to come in as soon as they can… the credits are so high when we do move through…


  • 1)It’s not a religion – it’s a science. 2) I totally understand where you’re coming from – but it all comes from the same source – you, me, the terrorists, the natural disasters – everything here comes from a single source – call it whatever you want – nature or God or whatever but it’s a fact.

  • I concur that it is more of a science than a religion. In many ways it seems to be a marriage of the two where science can embrace the concept of a Creator.

    The tsunamis were a natural disaster, not from a vengeful God, but from a living planet ever evolving. The 9-11 tragedy was inspired by humanity in its intolerance and inability to accept that every individual is entitled to their religious beliefs. The terrorists claim that they have respect for humanity but their respect is reserved for only those who subscribe to their brand of hate. Unfortunately this growing minority group within the Muslim world is almost to the point where it will become the majority. Then the real ‘Holy War’ may begin.

    You’ve provided an explanation for your perspective on the tsunamis and 9-11. Many from different faiths have the same or slightly different perspective. Sometimes it is necessary for an individual to dig into their souls to seek answers for tragedy. In the simplest terms I believe that from God we came and to God we shall return with each soul having its own journey mapped out. Is this basically what you are saying from a Kabbalistic standpoint?

  • Yup – pretty much – but we’ve got to return in equality of form – meaning transforming ourselves through this special process to acquire God’s characteristics – which means learning to bestow i.e. becoming altruistic. The First Man (Adam) split into 600,000 parts – and now we have to make our way back to becoming a single soul like we were before – all this is explained in great detail on http://www.kabbalah.info – everything outside of us is the Creator … each soul had its specific role in the grand scheme – people dying are simply going onto their next stage – it’s not a bad thing like we think – and I’ve lost many close people please believe me.

    And Aaman – sorry again if you found that offensive but I’ve been living in Israel for 30 years so I know what terror is about and what victims of terror go through – my mother was one of the first casualties of the antifada – she got an 8 kilo rock thrown on her windshield while driving home – it smashed her cheekbone and part of her face. It’s all from Above and sometimes we realize later on that the worst things that ever happened to us were for the best – imagine if you could do that every single second of the day because you could SEE the big picture in the same way the Creator does – He’s not some guy in the sky with a grey beard – he’s your next or higher step. Creator in Hebrew is ‘Bore’ – which seperated into two words also means – come see – in other words – come see your next step.

  • Talisman realy protect from evil eye?
    what do you think?