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Justin finally got taste

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Iron Maiden are featured in the new video from Justin Timberlake – or at least one of their T-shirts has made it into the clip! Timberlake is seen chasing a girl down the street in the video for the song ‘I’m Loving It’ – and she’s plainly wearing a Maiden T-shirt.

Via: Totalnews

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  • I wouldn’t count this as a good thing. The last place I’d want to see metal gods like Maiden is in a Timberlake video. If anything, it’s just a cheesy nostalgia thing, or trying to jump on the old-school metal revival bandwagon, just so he looks like he’s on top of things.

    For the record, Jewel’s guitarist was also sporting a Maiden t-shirt on Wednesday night’s episode of WB’s Pepsi Smash. Jewel was not, but looked hot anyway.


    This is a travesty! We all know that if Justin listened to metal at all, it would be Winger or Warrant. But, dude, he got up on Britney, so he’s more of a man than any of us.