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Justin Bieber Hit With a Water Bottle (Viral Video)

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Honestly, there are some things I run across in this world that just make me shake my head and wonder…why?

The latest viral video to hit the Internet is of teen celebrity Justin Bieber getting hit in the head by a water bottle thrown from the audience during a concert. Yes, he’s a celebrity and fame brings its own inherent risks, and usually a certain amount of envy disguised as disdain. But is it really that amusing to see the kid get smacked in the head? More important, is it really so relevant that it needs to be picked up by news agencies?

justin_bieberAs I watched this on the news I couldn’t help but think of all of the adults tuning in to watch, a snicker and a smile on their faces. Have we really grown so immature that we actually enjoy seeing some kid get knocked upside the head with a water bottle?

And I also couldn’t help but wonder at an audience who would just sit there. Bieber says, “I don’t know why she just threw that at me.” Obviously he knew who threw it, so they knew as well. I remember a day when that type of behavior guaranteed someone a massive ass-beating from outraged audience members. Viva la Iron Maiden! Vigilante fan justice! I guess those days are gone.

Watching the crowd beat the crap out the bottle thrower would have been a far more interesting video, I think, or if it had been Paris Hilton getting clocked one…then yeah. That would be fun.

There is one good thing to come out of this though. Thanks to CBS’ fine in-depth reporting, I now know how to pronounce his last name.

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  • mc


  • melanie

    no, it should have been a bullet.

  • justin hater49

    from a fitty

  • Roger Steinbeck

    “Have we really grown so immature that we actually enjoy seeing some kid get knocked upside the head with a water bottle?”

    Yes. Moreover, it’s funny as hell!

  • Chloe

    Should have been glass xDD

  • tekitha x

    i love him i am 11 and im disapointed in you lot im yonger and i have more common sence the you lot ,who are obvisly older then me , fik you self lucky

  • alex

    We can see you’re 11 by your spelling its ‘sense’, ‘disappointed’, ‘younger’, ‘obviously’ and ‘think’. But yes, it was hilarious and it amused me, Immature is just a word boring people use to describe fun people; remember that

  • Ryan

    Hahaha tekitha x if you are going to try and troll, try and spell correctly so it doesn’t fail horribly.

  • Dougie

    That’s an 11 year old? Get thee arse to school child, and remember, spell checker is your friend.

    I don’t know who threw that bottle, but I’m thinking Major Leagues. What an arm. What precision. The Red Sux should sign her!

  • Rj

    Really? The kid’s 16. Show a little maturity, and stop bagging on the guy. Blame the business that makes him sing the crappy love songs. He makes little girls everywhere smile and clap for joy. How many of you do that? Get over yourselves.

  • Alice

    Tekitha x, first, you are a disgrace to eleven year olds around the world. Get out of the internet world, okay? Unless you learn how to spell. Then you are welcome to come back. Us eleven year olds don’t like nooblets.

    And not all eleven year olds are crazy about Justin Bieber. I, for one, don’t have any interest in him. Sure, he makes a lot of girls happy. Good for him.

  • asdgasdgasdfhadfhadfh

    i cannot believe that you just said viva la iron maiden, but you are standing up for justin bieber. just to let you know if metalheads knew liked that prepubescent girl they would kick your ass. goo fuck yourself

  • tink

    eRage much?

  • A…&W

    Watching the crowd beat the crap out of Beiber would have been funnier. What you call, ‘envy disguised as disdain,’ is, in alot of cases, just disgust. I hate pop music, along with pop stars, for very simple reasons, they act like a god. This kid doesn’t have the kinda of fans who defend him, because he attracts the lazy general population who’ll never do anything worth shit, exactly like him. There, I said it.

  • boing

    Watching the girl get beat up would be funnier? This was obviously written by a Bieber fanatic…

    But to answer, YES it was very fun to watch him get hit and here’s another viral video of him getting hit in head by angry young girl.

  • Holly Go Lightly

    Paris Hilton could take a beer bottle to the head and still not whine like he did.

  • fazzi

    WASTEMANSSSSS; STOP HATING ON AN 11 YEAR OLD! JB is amazing and his songs are wicked 🙂

  • Yshoulditellyou

    I think there’s something wrong w/ Justin’s voice. He should really go see a docter. A VOCAL docter. Really, he sounds like a girl. If i didnt know any better i’d say he WAS a girl. How he got famous who knows. And not everyone likes him. Everyone in my class hates him.

  • fazzi, if you think Bieber is amazing, you desperately need to get out some more…

  • dontgetmestarted

    You’re right. A viral video of Justin Bieber is not news and shouldn’t be treated as such, but this whole comment thread just proves the point that even respected, so called “News Services” need pop music freaks like Bieber, Lady Gaga, and yes, even Paris ‘if I only had a brain’ Hilton to sell themselves to the brainwashed masses. If they don’t cover it someone else will and they’ll get a million viewers. They’re no more than pop culture whores feeding of the names of celebrities who have accomplished nothing and who is more famous for being famous than any worthwhile talent they offer the world. This thread also proves that you’re no better than they are. If they’re media whores for using his name in the news clip to get viewers, then you’re a whore for using his name to get attention to your writing. Congratulations. You are now a real journalist.

  • Okay, so it’s not news. Okay, so I haven’t seen the video, but I still think it’s probably funny. But hey, Geek Girl – if you don’t think seeing Justin get smacked upside the head by a bottle, why would it be funnier with Paris Hilton? Is she somehow more deserving? Or is it funnier? Paris Hilton is so old news that seeing her getting hit with anything (those over 11 will understand…) isn’t funny anymore.

    Anyway. The video is funny (just watched it while writing this). At least a few hundred thousand people agree on that.

  • smoker74

    who is Justin Beiber? hahahahaha….oh wait, now I remember~a little boy that can fake his talent by the use of technology and make believe he actually is an accomplished vocalist, musician, or pop star? what a joke. guess that’s why someone whipped a water bottle at him, lolz

  • A Geek Girl

    I was being ironical. Hence, Paris Hilton would be funnier and bloody brawl would have been much more fun. It’s okay, I’m used to being misunderstood. Just my sense of humor.

    I have no idea who Bieber is, so amusing to me to see he actually made news headlines. You say he’s a singer, okay. I’ll take your word for it, though I’ve never heard him that I know of.

  • choose012e

    u guys vi love the guy i think he is awesome un dont have to be mean hes 16 im 9 and im that mature even if i did not like him i still would not say that stuff im nice

  • choose012e

    you guys r just mean i like him

  • the real bob

    Oh, forget Justin Bieber. Let’s have nominations for people WE’D love to hit in the head with a bottle. How about Jesse James and his assorted GFs? Tom Cruise? Someone who bugs you?

  • Jordan Richardson

    Mel Gibson, hands down.

  • Slander

    I really don’t like his music because all he seams to sing about is girls. Girls should not be your main goal in life! I apologize but I thought it was the best and funniest thing that ever occurred in his performance. Now I do like Justin Bieber (but still not his music) because he let the public hit him with water bottle and moved on like nothing happened..lol

  • justpassingthrough

    Yeah I don’t agree with anyone here. I personally don’t like Justin Beiber but I think it’s hilarious to see him get beamed in the head with a water bottle. Not just because it is him though if this was some other celebrity I would laugh just as hard.

  • A Geek Girl

    Jordan, Oh yeah. Def. and Alec Baldwin too.
    I’ve got water bottles–how’s your arm?

  • Jordan Richardson

    I’m warming up, AGG. 😛

  • Jimmy

    I’m sorry but I think it would be kinda funny is any star go hit by a water bottle at one of thier concerts…but because it was Beiber makes it funnier! It’s like ‘Why target Kanye West when you can target Beiber’! Oh and just to let you know I don’t hate Justin Beiber, I just find it funny on how many people do.

  • Ty

    Okay guys, look at it from this point. The author writes “envy disguised as disdain.” The only people who envy him are the teenage boys who aren’t getting any p***y because their gf are obsessed with this kid….The real problem with him is he ain’t done shit for society? Has he ever had to get up at 4:30 to get to a back-breaking job? Has he ever had to go into work on his day off and wind up getting verbally abused by his boss for 6 hours? Has he ever had to wonder how the fuck he will pay for vehicle repairs/rent with no money because work isn’t going well? No. Will he ever? No. Plain and simple.

  • A Geek Girl

    Lady Gaga hasn’t done much for society either, yet I disdainfully envy her her shoes. Just disgusting.

  • dylo sgambs

    justin beiber is so gay because his sings about girls and sounds like a girl . he diserved that drink bottle to the head.

  • Noobs

    11 year olds trolling, nice. I wish it was a brick instead of a bottle that hit him instead, might knock him into puberty. Why would you call the act of simply laughing at another’s embarassment immature? We all do it, regardless of age. Who cares if he’s a celebrity? He’s just a prick. He is not one bit more important than any other human on Earth, I hope he cried after that event.

  • Aubrey

    Thats Awful. Yes I said Awful. JB is young and talented. I think his music is great. I think It would BE HALARIOUS for someone to throw a bottle at Paris hilton. But Bieber had a strong skin and just said tht didnt feel good. POOR BIEBER! but he was strong. SHAME ON YOU WHO THINK ITS FUNNY. I GOT A MESSAGE FOR YOU… GROW UP!!!!!

  • AGG

    Careful there. Jordan’s arm is warm and I can hit 38 out of 40 moving targets with a yogurt filled water blaster.

  • Homos

    Aubrey, learn to spell before you tell people to grow up. While you’re at it tell Justin to grow a pair.

  • anon

    Yes, Bieber sounds like a girl, sings about girls, and has girls taller than him in his videos. I don’t like Justin Bieber’s songs, but I don’t think it’s right people to laugh at him for getting hit in the head. He’s just a kid; he has feelings too. And just because a young 11 year old happens to like a singer you hate doesn’t mean you can attack that girl. Grow up, people.

  • gabby

    Stop hating a little girl she’s just speaking her mind and for your info I think Justin Bieber is cute and I’m only 13 and I think that she is right you all act immature!

  • danielle

    i think justin is cute and sweet and who ever did that should had hav it thrown rite bak at them

  • trisha

    i can’t believe she did that and u guys r making a joke out of it!i’m a huge fan of justin bieber.put you’re self in his shoes,and if it was u who got hit with the boyyle u would’ve whine and feel shame..

  • tyiesha

    you guys are haters

  • Taytay=]

    Really?!?!?! saying it shouldve been a brick or glass or BULLET! was that really necessary?!?!! I bet you guys who talk crap about him are just jealous that you will never have his looks or be as amazingly talented as he is! I seriously doubt any of you have ever met the kid so saying all this stuff about him, saying he should’ve gotten shot is absolutley UNNECESSARY!!!! Grow up and get a fricken life! simple as that.


  • CarrieU_lover1234

    I ABSOLUTLEY agree with Taytay=]. Yup what a shocker right?? He is an amazingly talented person. and nobody should be saying those kinds of things, like him or not. keep the comments to yourself. There are Thousands, no MILLIONS of girls, AND boys that would back Me and Taytay=] up. So go on and hate on him, but its probably out of jealously like Tay said, but keep the rude comments to yourself please and thanks.

  • Doggy_loverlolzz=]

    ok Ty, he’s 16 years old why would he have to do that. I understand he’s a celebrity and he might not have to do those kinds of things, But if you actually see what he says in magazines and interviews and stuff he is a very down to earth person. I think he would absolutley do that if he had to. I’m not trying to be mean or anything it’s just im tired of people putting him down because of his fame and talent.


  • Kt Lou

    Ok. Honestly? Leave the poor kid alone. He’s 16. He’s a minor. I don’t understand why you’re all picking on him. Because he has a high voice? Whoop-de-doo find something real to complain about. I don’t like rap, but I have no right to go attacking rappers do I? So you don’t like his music. SO WHAT? Its an OPINION and you should really keep it to yourself.

  • Mason

    I thought it was fucking hilarious when he got hit in the face . . . : )

  • dayday

    who likes that 51year old man I. Heard that on YouTube …….hahahahaha so funny .

  • daiyonna

    Gabby stupid he will kill u u need special needs

  • JBlover!

    dayday, wtf he’s not 51 its a friggin rumor, i love how people automatically believe stuff they hear, especially on youtube! seriously people do that to get hits. it’s rediculous! he’s a 16 year old kid and people are making fun of him because his voice is apparently high. well he can’t help it and obviously its gonna change. people spread rumors that he’s gay, i don’t believe that’s true. but seriously why do people search him up if they dont like him? it makes no sense to me. people try to put him down but obviously it’s not going to effect him, he has millions of fans. and he’s not going to let anyone make him give up his career so seriously the people making fun of him need to SHUT UP ALREADY!

  • dulce huerta ;)

    no your mean he is cute and hot f….u…c….k…yall haters I AM 13 YEARS

  • 0970808

    justin beiber is a pussbag

  • ?4jb

    jusitn beibr will u marie me

  • americanidolstar

    I love justin bieber and he is hot

  • Chappy

    If Beiber wasn’t such a cocky punk it might not be as funny but since he’s known for pulling “jackass” style pranks on subordinates working for him, such as punching them in the balls, then I say stone the little pr@&k. What goes around comes around.

  • Bitch

    Seriously, all of you are fucking stupid.
    You’re all hating on an 11 year old girl, and a 16 year old boy (Justin) who is older than me. Everyone seems to think he’s so young and little and doesn’t know what love is so he can’t sing this kind of shit. He’s older than me, and I know what love is, have sex quite frequently and not a single person questions or judges me because of that…so why the fuck can’t he know about and do this stuff to when he’s fucking older then me?! Grow the fuck up people, and get a life. kthx.

  • Lucy

    Just throw a grenade to hes head

  • alin

    the justin bieber haters are as immature and dumb as the justin bieber fans.

    you can hate him or his music or whatever man, but throwing water bottles to someone is just rude and uncivilized.

  • Dannielle

    Look ppl I am like his biggest fan ever so everyone STOP being soooo imature he’s only 16 no one deserves to be hit over the head with a bottle . N all the ppl who hate him why are u wasting your time looking him up

    Love ya JUSTIN xx

  • ;) Morgan ;)

    omg!!!!! wonder who f*** did it? i luv justin soooooo freken much!!! even if i am 15. justin is a ”sexy” guy with great hair!! y wasnt it Taylor lautner lmfao

  • justinlover01

    what did justin ever do to you.well beside being good looking.that doesnt give you da right to say that kind of stuff wat if that waz you who got hit in da head with a bottle. I bet justin wouldnt say anything like that. he is very nice unlike some of you f***en ppl

  • scarlet

    all of y’all need to just shut up dont be mean to him behind his back it just makes you look like crappy people

  • AGG

    For the love of God, I hope this is a joke.

    Terrifying to think these are the people who will be responsible for feeding me and changing my Depends someday, let alone running this country.

    If these are truly 11 year olds–which I highly doubt–I’d suggest getting off the computer and reading a book, a magazine, a comic book even. Anything that will teach you to speel guder.

    It hurts my head every time these comments come into my in-box.



  • Saint~J

    hey 11 year olds!….get off the komputer, eat a happy meal and accept that fakt that justin beiber is a japanease made android created by accidently mixing girly voices, feminism, beautifuly ugly hair piece, and a bad week in vegas (vegas weeks usually end up in unplaned pregnacies)
    and besides, who knows? maybe justin beiber was thursy??

  • aleyce mcclain

    let him do what he want to do!

  • Marisa

    If you like him, that is fine by me. waste your life worshipping and defending him. I, however, don’t like him, and even if it hit someone famous that I DID like, i would still laugh like hell. I would even laugh if someone snapped me in the head with a water bottle. And I really don’t care if 11 year olds like him, because they are too young to understand that his music is completely faked. Just my take on things. And, how would you even know that he’s nice? Clue: you don’t! You will never know what celebrities are really like, because they will never show their true colors. They’re all like “I love puppies” and “Global warming is bad”. Most of them are dumber than/ as dumb as Paris hilton, so you never know. and if you think he’s hot, fine, but i think he’s the ugliest guy in the world. That is just my opinion on things. And he definitely shouldn’t have complained like a baby. he needs to accept that all celebrities will have fans and haters. No one will ever have everybody like them. Try to look at it from other peoples point of view every once in a while, too, it might help you calm yourself.

  • Just Wondering

    Do you seriously have sex often? And you are not even sixteen? And you think you understand “love”? I thought stuff like that only happened in crappy chick flicks and poorly written romance novels.

  • Oops

    W-o-w! Way kul, I’m so lovin dis…. I rili nid2 c d vid, sure as hel must b funi, hehehe… Justin’s a cul kid but s0mewhat c0ncyted, he just nid2grow up.. Mayb dats y a water bottle landed on him, in hopes he’d b m0re human…… Xx

  • Thinker-Of-Justin-Bieber….NOT!


  • nicole

    “But is it really that amusing to see the kid get smacked in the head? More important, is it really so relevant that it needs to be picked up by news agencies?”

    umm…sorry but you yourself just criticized upon the matter…

  • rhiannon123590

    he is sooo gayyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  • rhiannon123590

    i will go to one of his movie screarings and kill him with a shotgun hahahaha

  • kayla11

    The ppl who hate jb well look at it this way what if u were hit in the head by wat ever he got hit by how would u feel

  • Chris

    I’m not immature, I don’t think a kid getting hit in the face with a water bottle is that funny. But watching JUSTIN BIEBER get hit in the face with a water bottle is hilarious. I don’t envy his fame, if you can call it that. I don’t want to be hated by a shit load of people after all. But he’s a commercial product, with basically no creative input of his own to his music, except for the odd bit of drumming. I just can’t respect someone like that. On top of that he’s so arrogant. He’s had a short career, yet he gets up on stage like he’s God’s gift to music. I’ll use Michael Jackson as an example. At 16, he’d been in the business for about 11 years, so he could afford to have a bit of a stroll on stage, since he’d earnt it. Whereas Justin Bieber swaggers onto the stage with a few years under his belt, rattling out commercial pop which has brought nothing new to the genre, and acting like he’s the next biggest thing in music. It pisses me off.